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Tutta la vita davanti (2008)

  • Rate: 7.0/10 total 1,004 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 28 March 2008 (Italy)
  • Runtime: 117 min
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Tutta la vita davanti (2008)


Tutta la vita davanti 2008tt1075114.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Tutta la vita davanti (2008)
  • Rate: 7.0/10 total 1,004 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 28 March 2008 (Italy)
  • Runtime: 117 min
  • Budget: €5,440,000(estimated)
  • Director: Paolo Virzì
  • Stars: Isabella Ragonese, Massimo Ghini and Valerio Mastandrea
  • Original Music By: Franco Piersanti   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Call Center | Smoking Marijuana | Fired From The Job | Boss Versus Worker | Female Nudity

Writing Credits By:

  • Francesco Bruni  screenplay &
  • Paolo Virzì  screenplay &
  • Michela Murgia  novel

Known Trivia

    Plot: A brilliant recent graduate struggles to find work. After falling into a babysitting job, she is introduced by the child's mother to the world of the international call center, its employees, and the fast pace that drives them. Full summary » |  »

    Story: The vicissitudes of a newly graduated girl in the universe of the precarious work. Marta is a well- educated girl; she is curious and silent one, which finds work in the call center of a company that sells a futuristic appliance. So she finds out a new fantastic world formed by young telephone operator and fanatic seller, corporate jingle, motivational dance, prize giving, ovation and penance. A bittersweet picture of modern society narrated through the eyes of a funny young philosopherWritten by Chiara Foglia  

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Guido Simonetti known as line producer
    • Paolo Virzì known as producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Isabella Ragonese known as Marta
    • Massimo Ghini known as Claudio
    • Valerio Mastandrea known as Giorgio Conforti
    • Micaela Ramazzotti known as Sonia
    • Elio Germano known as Lucio 2
    • Sabrina Ferilli known as Daniela
    • Laura Morante known as Voce narrante (voice)
    • Giulia Salerno known as Lara
    • Edoardo Gabbriellini known as Roberto
    • Valentina Carnelutti known as Maria Chiara
    • Caterina Guzzanti known as Fabiana
    • Elena Arvigo known as Moglie di Giorgio Conforti
    • Paola Tiziana Cruciani known as Madre di Sonia
    • Raffaele Vannoli known as Assistente Claudio (as Lele Vannoli)
    • Mary Cipolla known as Madre di Marta
    • Luisa Battaglia known as Catena
    • Tatiana Farnese known as Signora Franca
    • Valeria Colangelo known as Telefonista Alessia
    • Veronica Corsi known as Telefonista Antonella
    • Serena Silvani known as Telefonista Sabrina
    • Alessia Cardella known as Telefonista Vanessa
    • Francesca La Monica known as Telefonista Elisabetta
    • Francesca De Francesco known as Milly
    • Alessandro Roja known as Tecnico Assistenza
    • Niccolò Senni known as Sebastiano
    • Bob Messini known as Cliente di Sonia
    • Giorgio Algranti known as Cliente di Sonia
    • Teresa Saponangelo known as Attrice Comica – Telefonista
    • Francesca Cutolo known as Attrice Comica – Casalinga
    • Edoardo De Nicola known as Figlio di Claudio
    • Maria Grazia Nazzari known as Moglie di Claudio
    • Stefano Pinto known as Venditore Christian
    • Francesco Brandi known as Coinquilino Gaetano
    • Claudio Fragasso known as Capo Servizio Cultura
    • Daniela Terreri known as Impiegata Postale
    • Pierpaolo Benigni known as Matteo
    • Martinha Do Amor Divino known as Inserviente
    • Astrid Meloni known as Giornalista
    • Piero Chieti known as Preside Facoltà
    • Caterina Sylos Labini known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice) (as Caterina Silos Labini)
    • Cinzia Mascoli known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice)
    • Chiara Claudi known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice)
    • Laura Giannatiempo known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice)
    • Isabella Carle known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice)
    • Cristina Puccinelli known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice)
    • Adamo Dionisi known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice)
    • Marco Alfieri known as Voci dei Clienti Multiple (voice)
    • Francesca Archibugi known as Herself (uncredited)
    • Serena Dandini known as Herself (uncredited)
    • Antonietta de Lillo known as Herself (uncredited)
    • Renato De Maria known as Himself (uncredited)
    • Francesco Lagi known as Himself (uncredited)
    • Teresa Marchesi known as Giornalista (uncredited)
    • Andrea Purgatori known as Himself (uncredited)
    • Stefano Rulli known as Himself (uncredited)
    • Paolo Virzì known as Himself (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Giuliano Mariano known as assistant hair stylist
    • Alessandra Venzi known as makeup artist

    Art Department:

    • Davide De Stefano known as assistant production designer




    Production Companies:

    • Motorino Amaranto
    • Medusa Film
    • Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (MiBAC) (support)

    Other Companies:

    • Roma Film Orchestra  music performed by


    • EuroVideo (2010) (Germany) (DVD)
    • Medusa Film (2008) (Italy) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Ghost SFX
    • M.A.G. Special Effects

    Visual Effects by:

    • Marsio Bellizzi known as online artist
    • Paradisi Miconi Carlo known as visual effects coordinator
    • Pasquale Di Viccaro known as digital compositor
    • Fathima Feminò known as compositor
    • Christian Gazzi known as digital color grading
    • Marco Geracitano known as digital artist: Proxima
    • Fabio Luongo known as digital compositor supervisor
    • Maura Manfredi known as digital compositor
    • Lorenzo Moneta known as main titles designer: Proxima
    • Adriano Mulè known as digital compositor
    • Claudio Napoli known as visual effects producer
    • Pietro Orlandi known as compositor
    • Pablo Mariano Picabea known as data management
    • Pablo Mariano Picabea known as film recording
    • Proxima known as visual effects
    • Marco Ruggieri known as digital conform
    • Paesani Sara known as digital compositor
    • Giuseppe Squillaci known as digital intermediate supervisor: Proxima
    • Paolo Zeccara known as visual effects supervisor

    Release Date:

    • Italy 28 March 2008
    • Portugal 9 April 2009 (Italian Film Week)
    • Czech Republic 8 July 2009 (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)
    • Russia 8 October 2009 (limited)
    • Canada 21 November 2009 (European Union Film Festival)
    • Germany 18 March 2010
    • Austria 28 May 2010



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. Pietro from Italy
      30 Mar 2012, 11:43 pm

      Preamble for you foreign viewers: this movie is about the so called"permatemps"; that's temporary workers who effectively do the job of apermanent worker, but can be fired anytime and have no benefits at all.In the last 5-6 years in Italy, temporary job laws were introduced andhad a devastating effect on society, especially on younger generations.

      Finally a movie with heart about temporary workers, very well writtenand directed. You will be taken through the odyssey of Marta, a younggraduate in philosophy who cannot find any job related to her studies,so to keep herself alive, she has to take a temporary job as atelephone-marketer.

      While in the process of descending this inferno, she will get in touchwith a wide spectrum of persons and situations, that will keep youinterested in the story.

      The writer/director does a very good job in building the story, youwill really care for all the characters, even the two villains, who bythe end of the movie show their human side.

      My only remark to the script is when Marta engages in a totallygratuitous sex act that is very clichè, and the fact that the storydoes not really tackle with all the problems that a temporary workerhas to face in Italy, mainly the inability to get any mortgage to buy ahouse, or the mandatory periods of time when the worker is left homewithout pay and then hired again later through a different mediatingagency, which is the standard workaround to avoid the rather feeblerestrictions imposed by the law.

      Overall, this is a great movie that I recommend, it is an universalstory about the de-humanization of people, that every viewer in thewestern world will feel connected to. Yet it still manages to be funnyat times and rather moving.

    2. DICK STEEL from Singapore
      30 Mar 2012, 11:43 pm

      Here's the pragmatic approach that parents tell their children here -study the sciences because that will provide you a job. For Marta(Isabella Ragonese), even a top degree with honours in Philosophy failsto land her a permanent job, drawing some sharp contrast against peerswho have dropped out of college, but steadily climbing the careerladder. The film has intent to examine the plight ofpermanent-temporary workers, you know, those who are under temporarycontracts, but have to perform tasks and take on responsibilities justas how a regular staff would, but minus the staff perks.

      I suppose companies take this approach with an eye wary on their bottomline, and sees this staffing strategy as something that's costeffective, virtually eliminating benefits from the payroll. The filmmight have been effective, with the introduction of unionist Giorgio(Valeno Mastandrea) who tries to understand the plight and conditionsin the fictitious company Multiple (manufacturing who knows whatproduct), but somehow lost its mission objectives midway because of acomplication in matters of the heart, thereby relegating its ownsubplot.

      This film is about the surreal journey of Marta as she tries her bestto seek out a job, believing that her academic qualifications wouldopen door. Contrary to her beliefs of course, Fate comes into play tointroduce her to a single mom Sonia (Micaela Romazzotti) who works as atele-marketer for Multiple, and recruits her into this really strangecompany with a very wide male-female division of the sexes, andfeel-good ra-ra practices such as singing motivational songs at thestart of each shift, and the receiving of cosmetic, encouraging SMSesin the morning everyday.

      In other words, they operate much like a cult group, where performersget rewarded with dubious prizes, and laggards in the company getshipped out unceremoniously, with little dignity. Such is the sweatshop that Marta finds herself in, if not for her intellectual abilityin internalizing the process in double quick time, and innovating inher job so as to perform with moderate inputs. For those who haveworked in companies, or amongst peers who require you to jump, sing,shout, dance out loud in celebration of your employment or to serve asa mental prep booster before you commence each day, this film woulddefinitely ring a bell.

      And while the narrative might seem all over the place, it is preciselyhow director Paolo Virzi coaxes a coherent and at times zany story outof the multiple events, and myriad of characters. There's Daniela(Sabrina Ferilli) the floor supervisor who's a control freak, andharbours the hots for CEO Claudio (Massimo Ghini) who on the surface isthe typical all- caring boss with a finger on the company's pulse. Thenthere's the romantic knot that Marta inadvertently gets herself into,and fellow sales partner Lucio 2 (Elio Germano) who preps himselfalmost all the time to think that he's the best of the best.

      Throw in plenty of song and dance, self-reflection moments, gratuitoussex and nudity, changing relationships, and you have a film that triestoo hard to cover a wide spectrum of ideas, but end up missing thebullseye more often than not. The film has its moments, but nothing toomemorable besides those song and dance numbers that make the Beach Boysand some folk songs hip again.

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