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The Waiter (2010)

  • Rate: 6.3/10 total 204 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date: 14 March 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 92 min
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The Waiter (2010)


The Waiter 2010tt0934981.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: The Waiter (2010)
  • Rate: 6.3/10 total 204 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date: 14 March 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Filming Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Budget: $1,235,000(estimated)
  • Director: Jason Konopisos
  • Stars: Charles Durning, Jason Konopisos and Glenn Morshower
  • Soundtrack: Untitled
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Suspense | Hitman | Fight | Tough Guy | Mafia

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Jason Konopisos 

Known Trivia

  • The script was written in seven days.
  • The film was shot entirely on a Panasonic AG-DVX100A digital camcorder that was modified with after-market components. The camera was upgraded with a system able to pull true HD straight from the CCD chips, and was also fitted with a 35mm lens adapter. So, when accompanied by a five lens primes package, the camera produced an amazing film look.
  • Many of the cast members are very successful character actors in Hollywood. Largely, the cast worked for well below typical wages given the strong interest they had in the script.
  • The writer of the script received three death threats during the shooting of the film. Although not specifically tied to the production, the threats are believed to be in response to the film’s topic.
  • During the shooting, several near disasters took place, including one of the leads having two strokes. Two cast/crew members were arrested, and the police were called on the production four times.
  • The film was shot on a new technology called Andromeda. This was the first time a narrative feature had been shot using this system.
  • The film was shot on uncompressed 4:4:4 HD. To give you an example of the amount of data, Star Wars was reported to have had 2.9 Terabits of storage. The Waiter had around 7 Terabits of storage.
  • During shooting, the lead was hit in the face with the weights used on the crane arm. It split his eye and left him with a black eye.
  • The film was shot utilizing 22 locations in 23 days, 200 extras, and nearly 50 speaking parts.

Plot: A man travels through corporate corruption and his own sin to find his soul. Full summary » |  »

Story: The Waiter is a man who has lost his purpose in life. While being pushed from job to job he realizes the errors of his ways, but only when he is in the depths of his own hell. Now he must battle for his life and the lives of other innocent people around him.Written by Jason Konopisos  

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Dave Avera known as executive producer
  • Remy Carter known as producer
  • Jerri Duddelsten known as producer
  • John William Galt known as associate producer
  • Jick Hill known as co-producer
  • Jason Konopisos known as producer
  • Crystal Mantecon known as assistant producer
  • Jim Moore known as associate producer
  • Glenn Morshower known as co-producer
  • Daniel Nossa known as co-executive producer
  • Muffopolous Potterstiniki known as executive producer
  • Michelle Rogers known as associate producer
  • Allan Schnitzer known as co-executive producer
  • Marilyn Stepp known as co-executive producer
  • Richard Zavaglia known as associate producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Charles Durning known as Frank 'The Handler' Maro
  • Jason Konopisos known as Actor
  • Glenn Morshower known as Nigel Hamilton
  • Dan Lauria known as Father Parks
  • Dan Braverman known as Kinsky
  • Robert Z'Dar known as Lester Maleck
  • James Handy known as The CEO
  • Randal Reeder known as Ivan
  • Julie Martin known as Tiffany
  • Crystal Mantecon known as Saree
  • Ryan Wickerham known as Ford Bynum
  • Lawrence Varnado known as Hector
  • Jesse De Luna known as The Shooter
  • Berge Boghossian known as Sergi
  • Jenna Craig known as Chloe
  • Michael Basnight known as M Bar Doorman
  • Peter Blackwell known as Burglar #1
  • Gene Bolton known as Hamilton Bodyguard #1
  • Jonathan Brook known as Hamilton Bodyguard #2
  • Anthony Campise known as Alexi
  • Kristin Chamberlain known as Girl In Line #2
  • John William Galt known as Radio Newscaster
  • Annette Kovac known as Center Stage Dancer
  • Asad Durrani known as M Bar Security #1 (as Asad Latif)
  • Michael Berry known as Maro's Assistant
  • Daniel Nossa known as Courier
  • Cliff O'Quinn known as Hamilton Limo Driver
  • Glen Philip known as Angry Bus Stop Guy
  • Mikhail Sebastian known as Radinoff
  • Julia Sherman known as Hotel Desk Person
  • Hank Sinatra known as Frank Gallizi
  • Angela D. Smith known as Cinnamon the Dancer
  • Eric Walker known as Burglar #2
  • Richard Zavaglia known as Vito Tieri
  • Ruao Afuenteo known as M Bar Patron #16
  • Justin Alexander known as M Bar Patron #30
  • Adrienne Andres known as Girl In Line #1
  • Staci Benoit known as M Bar Patron #22
  • Tim Boanton known as M Bar Patron #24
  • Jessica Brogan known as Art Gallery Patron #1 (as Jessica Kindred Brogan)
  • Ashlee Bryant known as Nude Bar Dancer #1
  • Robert Chamberlain known as M Bar Patron #33
  • Melody Chase known as Cocktail Waitress
  • Joseph Cintron known as Cafe Patron #6
  • Greg Clark known as Cafe Patron #5
  • Jonita Daniels known as M Bar Patron #10
  • Yvette Delapat known as M Bar Patron #13
  • Jaime Diaz known as M Bar Patron #14
  • Mindy Castellanos known as M Bar Patron #32 (as Mindy Dudek)
  • Sarah Evidy known as Nude Bar Dancer #4
  • Shah Fahad known as M Bar Patron #2
  • Fernando Gomez known as M Bar Patron #20
  • Jennifer Gomez known as M Bar Patron #15
  • T. Green known as M Bar Patron #8
  • Christy Guevara known as M Bar Patron #5
  • Miriam Habib known as Club Groupie #3
  • Cassie Harris known as M Bar Patron #21
  • Kylyn Hemphill known as Cafe Patron #1
  • Matt Hendun known as M Bar Patron #18
  • David Hill known as M Bar Patron #28
  • Brandon Holley known as Nude Bar Patron #3
  • Natalie Jenkins known as Art Gallery Patron #7
  • Ben Joslin known as M Bar Patron #19
  • Kelly Lacy known as M Bar Patron #1
  • Yvette Lemon known as M Bar Patron #29
  • Jessica Limbrick known as M Bar Patron #34
  • Rocfielle Living known as M Bar Patron #12
  • Kirk Longmire known as M Bar Patron #7
  • Phillip Mantecon known as M Bar Patron #11
  • Jennifer Mergele known as M Bar Patron #23
  • Christoph J. Millett known as M Bar Patron #25
  • Luna Musa known as M Bar Patron #26
  • Nicole Obrien known as Club Groupie #1
  • Jeff Ott known as M Bar Patron #31
  • Jeffrey Ott known as Cafe Patron #4
  • Lauren Patzer known as Cafe Patron #2
  • Kristen Philips known as M Bar Patron #6
  • Cesar Portillo known as Coffee Server
  • Glenn Ramsey known as Nude Bar Patron #4
  • Homer L. Randle III known as Nude Bar Patron #2
  • Rascal known as Nude Bar Patron #1
  • Audi Resendez known as M Bar Patron #4
  • Chris Rivem known as M Bar Patron #3
  • Lutfi Rukab known as M Bar Patron #27
  • Janine Sherman known as Art Gallery Family Mom
  • Rosie Sherman known as Art Gallery Family Kid
  • Steven Sherman known as Art Gallery Family Dad
  • Lauren Sullivan known as Art Gallery Patron #2
  • Jia Taylor known as Art Gallery Patron #9
  • Michael Wayne Thomas known as M Bar Patron
  • Laura Thorsten known as Art Gallery Patron #3
  • Dennis Tipton II known as Cafe Patron #3
  • Hanh My Tran known as Art Gallery Patron #6
  • Milvia Twaddle known as Nude Bar Dancer #2
  • Michelle Vanegas known as Bathroom Girl
  • Iyesha Walken known as M Bar Patron #9
  • Brianna Warren known as Art Gallery Patron #5
  • Tina Warren known as Art Gallery Patron #4
  • Nichole Welch known as Club Groupie #2
  • Gervais Woodard known as Art Gallery Patron #8



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Aimee Carr known as makeup artist
  • Sara Eudy known as makeup artist
  • Anne Rogers known as assistant makeup artist
  • Andrea Schutter known as key makeup artist

Art Department:

  • Ami Carter known as set designer




Production Companies:

  • Bacchus Entertainment



Other Stuff

Release Date:
  • USA 14 March 2010



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. Chris Renker from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    In the past 3 years I have heard a lot of hype about several Houstonlocal low budget films. Due to the hype I had to check them out! All ofthem didn't live up to the hype, but finally this one did. Now keep inmind when you go to an indie and there is hype it still is an indiewith no money. A lot of people hear hype about an indie and they expectLord of the Rings.

    I saw "The Waiter" at WorldFest Houston along with about 5 other films.It was really cool to see parts of Houston used. Other parts of HoustonI didn't recognize, but it said it was entirely filmed in Houston.Before I saw the film I really didn't hear much about it. The plot wascool, but the main thing was IT LOOKED LIKE A REAL MOVIE!!! I was likewow, this is a real movie. I heard the budget after the film and waspretty impressed. The acting was really strong and I recognized almostthe entire cast from other stuff, including the priest from EveryOneLoves Raymond. There were a couple cool effects that you don't expecton the budget and all in all I would say if you are an indie film buffit is a must see!

    After the film the director thanked us all for coming, and shook myhand. He seemed really nice and humble. Which none of the otherdirectors I have met seemed to be. I would highly recommend this film.Don't expect a huge blockbuster action film, but you get a lot of bangfor your buck!

  2. patricia-menchavitz ( from Miami, United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    This film premiered at Palm Beach Film Festival, which I attended inBoca. I was attracted to this film as a fan of the work of CharlesDurning. The film, however, was a far different film than I was use toand expected from him. The festival did a poor job of informing theattendees of what the film was about. The film was very violent andhard. Not at all my cup of tea, I was expecting a film paying homage tofilm noir from the way it was presented.

    I can understand how this might please a much younger crowd, however Ifound it difficult to keep up with. I will say that the dialogue wasclever, acting very strong, and the shot composition was reallyimpressive.

    Despite my mixed feelings about the 'raw' nature of the film I have togive it very high marks. The director spoke after the screening andexplained the film and it honestly brought my feelings of it to ahigher level. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to actually have to thinkabout what I was seeing. It was a refreshing change of perspective, butit made me appreciate what I had dismissed before as mindless killingsand vulgarity.

    For the amount of money and experience that the director had the filmlooked very sharp and sent a powerful message.

  3. Mike Turvis from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    I met the director via a good friend of mine in Austin. We were able tosee one of the last cuts of the film, the director said there was onemore round of edits to be made. I typically don't take the time to putmy two cents into the world, but we asked him to see the film and Ipromised I would give him an honest review of the film. Overall thefilm was very interesting, I am a big conspiracy theory buff. The filmrequires a great deal of attention and deliberation, but for those whoaren't into that there is some flash and a TREMENDOUS amount ofkilling. The sound had some problems, but he said that that was beingtaken care of, it didn't strike me as anything that someone withexperience couldn't fix. For the budget I thought the film was veryimpressive, the locations, the look, and especially the cast. I reallywas pretty blown away by the cast, really well constructed and solidactors. Didn't care for the lead female's acting, but she was eye candy'enough' for the part. Probably the best part of the film is the storybehind it, and the making of the film. I suppose this will get somesort of distribution and they will include the extras about how theymade it, and if they do I would recommend that highly. The directortalked to us for about 3 hours about it and it put the film in anentirely different light. Judging the film among it's peers that I haveseen from the Austin indie world in this budget range, I would say it'sa strong 9… or maybe a 10.

  4. mlister713 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    Several months ago an article caught my eye in the Chronicle, it was ashowcase of Charles Durning and being a huge fan of Attica and Dog DayI read on. From this article an interest in a locally producedindependent film spawned and I have followed that film for quite sometime. I am a student of cinema and often I take great interest in thebeginning works of directors. I was able to view the film and conversewith the director and found it quite refreshing for the budget. Heasked that I not repeat the budget, so I will honor that request.However, I will say that the accomplishment of producing this film isin relevant terms one of brilliance. Yes, the film has some faults, butI would have to give many of them a pass due to the limited funds. Tothose true cinephiles and beginning film directors I would highlyrecommend you view this film.

  5. Ryan Wickerham from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    Don't let the studio looks or stars fool you. The Waiter is a labor oflove "indie" style. Shot outside the confines of LA and overblownbudgets of the millions with similar results…this LOW six figureproduction takes…and clearly makes it's mark with a stellar cast(unheard of for the budget constraints) and helmed by the very ableProducers including Jason Konopisos on his Directorial debut. With hisremarkable and seasoned crew, Mr. Konopisos takes the audience on ajourney into the viceral elements of the human soul. "The Waiter's"crippled take on redemption through the eyes of this true anti-hero isone only Dante could relate to in the midst of Purgatory. A sweet blendof mythology and modern Western society. Joseph Campbell fans…this isa must see. Filmmakers…this is a true lesson in making an indie film.

  6. theartofbeingart from L.A.
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    My buddy Randal, the big bad mo-foe, was in this film and so I got togo to a screening of it in LA. This is some cold blooded, twisted"sheee-it!" Attention to all conspiracy theorists and haters of the newworld order this film will open some eyes. If you get a chance to checkit out I highly recommend it, not just cuz my buddy is in it, it is areally good indie flick. This is basically all I wanted to say, butthey say I gotta put in more than ten lines to have this post. So youcan stop reading now or you can keep reading this. After we watched thefilm the director showed some comic book drawings, I think you can findthem on the net. He wants to make a comic book, video game, and twoother sequels. They sounded pretty cool, I hope he gets money for them,maybe I can get a job!

  7. Jarred Smith from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    Okay, so as indie's go I have seen this year, I can't hate on them,they good actors, cool locations, good effects, and the productionvalue is high it looks like a real film. I could do without all thespiritual, religious, and philosophy bs. But the film aside from thatwas cool in it has some action and it is twisted in a cool sort of way.I won't ruin it, but it is really sick in some parts, the guy that madeit seemed a little off, but that is another conversation. I wouldrecommend it when it comes to the video store. I don't think it is bigenough to go to theatres. The girls in the film are 7,8,9's no realsmoking hot babes. I was thinking he was going to off the naked chickon the stage but he let me down. At any rate, check it out.

  8. DAvera-1 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    Let me just say that if Entertainment Tonight got wind of the budget ofthis film and the cast it has and the story it tells, they would berunning to do interviews with the people behind it. Most everycommercial you see has a bigger budget than this film but not afraction of the entertainment value. I think if it was marketed rightit could become one of the biggest profit margins in movie history andpeople would look back and say, "The Waiter" pioneered in a new era inmovie making.

    What I really love about the film itself is the way you need to thinkwhile you are watching it. If you are one of those mindless zombietypes watching a movie, this may not be the film for you. This movie isso deep on so many different levels. It's one of those movies that youwill catch something different every time you watch it. I can't wait tosee it in the theater again like I did at the World Premiere inHouston.

  9. breadnbuddah from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    I attended a private screening of this film in Los Angeles last week.The screening went very well and the director took time to talk toeveryone that was willing to talk to him. I was very impressed with theoverall production of this film. Many of the people attending were abit over the top with praise of the film. However, this is not to saythat I think they were wrong in this level of praise. The film was agood film, very deep yet still entertaining. The most remarkable aspectof the film was the budget and the conditions by which these filmmakerscompleted this monumental task. I have been in production for nearly 15years and the only comparison I could draw would be that of ElMariachi. I would say that this film wins out in acting performancesand level of talent they were able to attract for little money. Thelook and production value also were outstanding. With that said, thefilm had the typical low budget production flaws. The lighting wasgood, the picture the camera gave was great, sound was good (howeverthey said it hadn't been completed yet so I expect it will be verygood), coverage could have been better, however the shots were at timesvery captivating. The thing that struck me most about the film and thereason why everyone seemed to be jumping on the band wagon was moreabout the charisma of the director. The film at times was vague andobtuse and demanded the audiences full attention. Many attendees Iliterally saw light bulbs appear above their heads during the Q&A. Thedirector had a very strong vision and was extremely articulate in hisanswers. All in all, I would say that this film will probably have astrong DVD release, there is some dark humor so maybe even a cultfollowing. I do think that the director and his partners will be verysuccessful given the projects to come that he presented at thescreening. I recommend any aspiring film makers or students rent thisfilm, or buy it, it will show you a lot about how to do it right thefirst time.

  10. timothygballas from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 12:05 am

    At first glance this film looks like a well funded indie feature withit's sharp poster and trailer. I was invited to a small screening andthe first thing I saw was the poster. It struck me as a typical actionexploitation flick. It does have some elements that lean towards actionand it also has some sexuality, however it is a very art house work.The story is intriguing and the film interesting. It did have somejumps, one especially that was pretty unexpected. Had a chance to talkto the film's very talkative director. He explained in detail a greatdeal of the film's metaphors and philosophy. In addition he explainedhow the film was made, which when they get released that will be worththe cost of rental or buying the DVD. I wasn't blown away by the film,but I was blown away by some elements of the film and definitely by thestory behind the film. I would recommend it to indie buffs.

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