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The Big Gay Musical (2009)

  • Rate: 6.1/10 total 601 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music | Musical | Romance
  • Filming Location: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
  • Gross: $15,973(USA)(20 September 2009)
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The Big Gay Musical (2009)


The Big Gay Musical 2009tt1332100.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: The Big Gay Musical (2009)
  • Rate: 6.1/10 total 601 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music | Musical | Romance
  • Filming Location: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
  • Gross: $15,973(USA)(20 September 2009)
  • Stars: Celina Carvajal, Daniel Robinson and Joey Dudding
  • Soundtrack: I Will Change
  • Plot Keyword: Off Broadway | Angel | Bible | One Night Stand | Bible Stories

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Fred M. Caruso  divinely inspired through

Known Trivia

  • All the stage performances were shot at the Actors Playhouse in West Greenwich Village, NYC.
  • Shot over a period of 17 days.
  • The scenes in Central Park were shot on the fly there as the crew did not have the requisite permits to film there.

Goofs: Continuity: While singing "Musical Theatre Love Story" "Adam" and "Steve" go from dancing in shorts to dancing in underwear between shots with no time to have taken them off.

Plot: Paul and Eddie have just begun previews for the new Off-Broadway musical "Adam and Steve Just the Way… See more » |  »

Story: Paul and Eddie have just begun previews for the new Off-Broadway musical "Adam and Steve Just the Way God Made 'Em." Their lives strangely mirror the characters they are playing. Paul is looking for the perfect man and Eddie is dealing with how his sexuality and faith can mix. After yet another disastrous dating experience, Paul has an epiphany. He is done dating and just wants to be a slut like the sexy chorus boys that share his dressing room. Eddie has to tell his parents that he's gay and is starring in a show that calls the bible the "Breeder's Informational Book of Living Examples". Eddie comes out to his family and Paul goes on Manhunt. Eddie's parents are destroyed by the news and Paul can't even have a good one-night stand. But after musical numbers with scantly clad tap dancing angels, a retelling of Genesis, tele-evangelists, a camp that attempts to turn gay kids straight…Written by Fred M. Caruso  

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Thomas Ackley known as executive producer
  • Casper Andreas known as producer
  • Jay Arnold known as co-producer
  • Fred M. Caruso known as line producer
  • Fred M. Caruso known as producer
  • Tom D'Angora known as co-producer
  • Michael Duling known as co-producer
  • Nathan Gardner known as associate producer
  • Simon Jorna known as executive producer
  • Mich Lyon known as executive producer
  • Edward Miller known as executive producer
  • Mark Stiffler known as executive producer
  • Adam Weinstock known as associate producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Celina Carvajal known as Wife / Eve
  • Daniel Robinson known as Paul / Adam
  • Joey Dudding known as Eddie / Steve
  • Jeff Metzler known as David
  • Liz McCartney known as Patty-Maye
  • Brian Spitulnik known as Michael
  • Andre Ward known as Jose
  • Steve Hayes known as God
  • Jim Newman known as Bruce
  • Michael Schiffman known as Charles
  • Marty Thomas known as Dorothy
  • Kate Pazakis known as Herself
  • Sean Paul Lockhart known as Hustler (as Brent Corrigan)
  • Jack Aaronson known as Himself
  • Casper Andreas known as Usher
  • Jordan Bass known as Gym Boy
  • Jeff Binder known as Eddie's Dad
  • Todd Buonopane known as Dante
  • Fred M. Caruso known as Drunk at Bar
  • Denise Cormier known as Eddie's Mom
  • Jason Courson known as Counselor
  • Rick Crom known as Other Drunk
  • Joshua Cruz known as Sebastian
  • John Hillner known as Benny
  • Clover Honey known as Paul's Date
  • Matthew Kilgore known as Dancer 1
  • Michael Lazar known as Paul's Trick
  • Timothy Mandala known as Bartender
  • Edward Miller known as Stage Manager
  • Michael Musto known as Himself
  • Ryan Overberg known as Scott
  • Constantine Rousouli known as Mormon Boy
  • Brandon Rubendall known as Dancer 2
  • Ben Ryan known as Go-Go Dancer
  • Tommy Scrivens known as Dancer 3
  • Rick Skye known as Slice O'Minnelli
  • Traci Leigh Taylor known as Waitress
  • Ben Thompson known as Husband / Straight Adam
  • Aurelia Williams known as The Diva
  • Carlin Langley known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Jana Mattioli known as DJ (uncredited)
  • Adam Shapiro known as Audience Member (uncredited)
  • Jeremy J. Sullivan known as Singer (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Nicole Daya known as hair / makeup
  • Chad Hayduk known as key hair stylist
  • Chad Hayduk known as key makeup artist
  • Lair Paulsen known as wig master

Art Department:

  • Miguel Blanco known as graphic designer
  • Scott Fowler known as graphic artist




Production Companies:

  • Big Gay Musical Productions

Other Companies:

  • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix


  • Bounty Films (2010) (Australia) (DVD)
  • Bounty Films (2010) (UK) (DVD)
  • Breaking Glass Pictures (2010) (USA) (DVD)
  • CMV Laservision (2010) (Germany) (DVD)
  • Embrem Entertainment (2010) (USA) (DVD)
  • Eureka Entertainment (2010) (UK) (DVD)
  • Gravitas Ventures (2010) (USA) (video) (VOD)
  • Optimale (2009) (France) (all media)



Other Stuff

Release Date:
  • USA 20 July 2009 (Philadelphia Q Fest)
  • USA 9 August 2009 (Provincetown, Massachusetts)
  • USA 11 September 2009 (Outflix Film Festival)
  • USA 11 September 2009 (New York City, New York)
  • USA 13 September 2009 (Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival)
  • USA 18 September 2009 (Reel Pride Film Festival)
  • USA 19 September 2009 (Living Out Loud Gay Film Festival)
  • USA 19 September 2009 (Downtown Dayton LGBT Film Festival)
  • USA 2 October 2009 (Atlanta Out On Film Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 4 October 2009 (Portland LGBT Film Festival)
  • USA 8 October 2009 (Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 9 October 2009 (Image Out Film Festival)
  • UK 10 October 2009 (Iris Prize Festival)
  • Canada 13 October 2009 (Winnipeg International Film Festival)
  • USA 16 October 2009 (Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
  • USA 18 October 2009 (Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 22 October 2009 (Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
  • Canada 23 October 2009 (Image+Nation Montreal Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 23 October 2009 (Reel Affirmations International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 23 October 2009 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
  • Germany 24 October 2009 (Hamburg Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
  • Spain 2 November 2009 (Madrid Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 5 November 2009 (Reeling Chicago Gay Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 12 November 2009 (Out Takes Dallas Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
  • USA 13 November 2009 (Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival)
  • USA 13 November 2009 (Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival)
  • USA 19 November 2009 (Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 18 December 2009 (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • USA 9 January 2010 (Palm Springs International Film Festival)
  • Spain 22 January 2010 (Festival Del Sol)
  • USA 28 January 2010 (Loft Fest Contest, Loft Cinema Tucson, AZ.)
  • USA 29 January 2010 (Gay Charlotte Film Festival)
  • Belgium 6 February 2010 (Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • Israel March 2010 (Tel Aviv Film Festival)
  • Australia 5 March 2010 (Mardi Gras Film Festival)
  • Australia 18 March 2010 (Melbourne Queer Film Festival)
  • USA 20 March 2010 (Cleveland International Film Festival)
  • USA 28 March 2010 (QFest)
  • UK 30 March 2010 (London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
  • Switzerland April 2010 (Pink Apple Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)
  • USA 6 April 2010 (DVD premiere)
  • Australia 11 April 2010 (Brisbane Film Festival)
  • USA 16 April 2010 (FilmOut San Diego)



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. hotkeyz-721-360406 from Australia
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    Call me cliché, call me gay, call me what you like, but I quite enjoyedthis movie. Contrary to other reviews I read before deciding to givethis film a chance, I was pleasantly surprised by 'The Big GayMusical.' Having seen many movies with a gay theme – many of which Iwill never miss seeing again – I was happy to spend several hours of myprecious free time on this one.

    I though the casting choices were very good, and the quality of theacting was commendable. The reality is that for someone looking in fromoutside the gay culture there is a tendency to focus on key plot pointsof the story line – call them cliché – and review them negatively.Unfortunately this only underlines a lack of understanding, and missesthe important messages of the sub-plots to the people for whom thismovie has ultimately been made.

    The Broadway style vocals and musical styling were a true reflection ofwhat I would expect from a modern off-Broadway musical. Although therewere variations in the appeal of the featured music, there were severalsongs and performers which were inspiring. The love song delivered byMichael Schiffman's character Charles was uplifting, as was LizMcCartney's performance of "As I Am."

    All in all it's an entertaining story about that old gay cliché aboutmusicals. The use of numerous gay clichés throughout the storyline wasamusing, and sometimes thought provoking.

    I don't believe this is the type of film intended to communicate deepphilosophical messages about the gay world. It's a film that's supposedto challenge your beliefs about gay stereotypes and profiling whilstalso making you feel good about yourself. And it did.

  2. ekeby from wisconsin
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    I enjoyed this, and lord knows I didn't expect to. It's exactly what itsays it is, a musical about being gay, stereotypes and all.

    The premise is a show within a movie. The off-b'way musical in themovie maintains that god created adam and steve because he found adamand eve boring. Adam and steve are transported to modern times and haveto deal with Christian guilt and self-hate. There's a lot of that.Maybe a tad too much.

    The characters who play the leads in the musical have problems of theirown, mirroring, to a degree, those of the characters they play. Well,one of them does, anyway. And, yes, the leads are gay stereotypes, asare most of the other characters in the movie.

    But you know what? Stereotypes are based on truth. What that means isthat the actors playing the stereotypical roles have to work a littleharder to make the sell. I think they accomplish that in this movie.

    The singing and dancing is all perfectly competent. The choreographyblends a lot of trademark routines from hits shows of the last 40years. It's kind of funny, actually. You just wish they had a slightlylarger stage to work on.

    Unlike the other reviewer here who hated the music and lyrics, Ithought they were just fine. I found the songs pleasant, if notparticularly memorable. So if you approach this not expecting Sondheim,you might find that aspect tolerable and maybe even entertaining. Idid.

    Plus the boys are all adorable.

  3. mtj05 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    So, I've noticed that some people try to put this movie-musical downand I really can't understand. I consider myself very knowledgeable ofmusical theatre (with my embarrassingly large collection of over 200different cast albums) and this is certainly not bad! It's on par withsomething like Reefer Madness.

    The songs are campy. They were meant to be. They do pay homage, andparody existing theatre pieces, and they do it well. The singers aregood, if over processed which bothered me. But if you wanted bigproduction numbers, my question is, "why?" They're in a tiny off-Broadway theatre. Of course the songs are smaller numbers. If the"show" made it to Broadway for real, the songs would bere-orchestrated, and changed to make them huge.

    The acting is spot on. The characters that are supposed to be shalloware just that! And though some people would say that this paints a badpicture of gays, well… gays in the theatre are very often incrediblyshallow. But there is depth of character in the important roles. Andthe actors are very honest in their approach. It's quite nice. Ofcourse, they all play a bit over the top when they're 'on stage'. Andlet's be honest, they're acting in an off-Broadway show, so they wouldso be over the top.

    Overall, this was incredibly entertaining. I laughed, and even gotemotional at the end when the Tammi Faye character sang one hell of ashow stopping number. I am going to make all my friends watch this! Andif I could get this on Broadway, I would!!!

  4. Wayne Malin ( from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    This is a story behind the making of a gay musical called "Adam andSteve: Just the Way God Made Them". It follows the backstage lives ofAdam/Paul (Daniel Robinson) and Steve/Eddie (Joey Dudding). Paul wantslove and commitment but seems to only find guys who want meaninglesssex. Eddie is gay and still a virgin and hasn't told his parents he'sgay–but they want to see him in his first big role. Throughout thefilm we see songs and numbers from the musical itself.

    OK–this technically doesn't deserve 10 stars. The acting isn't thatgood, some of the actors REALLY overdue the gay stereotypes and a lotof the back stories are woefully underdeveloped (especially the onewith Eddie and his parents). However all the songs are good, everybodycan sing and even the dancing is GREAT (the tap dancing angels werejust incredible). Also the leads are attractive (especially Robinsonwho's all pumped up), the chorus boys are all good-looking and muscularand there's some REALLY hot guy on guy sex here (nothing hardcorethough). Also gay porn star Brent Corrigan pops up (and is very good)as a hustler and Michael Schiffman is incredibly charming as Charles.Also there are happy endings all around. AND the movie isunapologetically gay and goes after the Catholic Church, the Bible andhomophobes but in a kind manner. A very gay, very sexy and just greatgay musical. I give this a 10!

  5. Cold Comfort from Nigeria
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    I will be generous with this film because it is a light confection thatsparkles, if you watch it with a bottle off wine at hand. AngelDorothy's big number is very well done, but Steve Hayes as God is alittle underused (he was great in 'Trick') and finally, the 'I wanna bea slut' song should have been a little more salty and prominent.However, if I did have cause to buy DVD's for a troubled teen, I wouldcertainly get this and 'Rock Haven' as both are indeed quite familyfriendly and unpretentious and handle the issues of 'coming out' and'faith' in a fairly sensitive manner. I did enjoy it, and yes "As I am"is very well sung at the end.

    It is a shame to say but too many people will be too jaded toappreciate this kind of movie. The age of the big musical is gone,perhaps for good, but the cast is entertaining and more than competentand I think this is well worth a viewing.

  6. Kevin-94 from Boston
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    Although ultimately well intentioned, the film depicts a ratherdepressing image of what it means to be gay. If the film is to bebelieved, being gay means a life filled with religious-based bigotry,disease, a de-humanizing dating scene, low self-esteem, rejection fromfamily and obsession with the body.

    As a gay man living in a big city and working in the theatre, I cantell you that there's more to gay life than that. There are gay peoplein happy long-term monogamous relationships. Most gay people I know areinvolved with community activism and have rich, rewarding lives.

    I belong to a gay Christian church, and I know that God loves everyoneand that anti-gay bigotry is not consistent with Christ's ministry.

    As a film, "The Big Gay Musical" is passable entertainment. The acting,writing, directing and music are average.

  7. fubared1 from Boston, Ma
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    Just for the misuse of his name in this pathetic attempt at a'musical'. I'm gay and I'm an actor and a singer so I have done a LOTof musicals, and this is just pathetic. About the only thing'realistic' about this are the 'chorus boys' and gay porn star BrentCorrigan as a hustler. As to the musical numbers, well there is alittle going on in about 2 of the songs, but the rest are just abysmal,and in keeping with the current Broadway trend of decidedly lamemusicals. They would have done better to take established songs and doa 'parody' or do something a la 'Avenue Q'. I've seen amateur dragshows with more energy than the abysmal 'musical' in this tired, tritefilm. How anyone got the backing to do this is beyond me. And theacting is horrid for the most part, especially the 2 leads. As to the'sex'…YAWN!!! They do it better on QAF. I guess I was hoping for toomuch when I saw the title. And since when can't good friends also belovers…and vice versa? Oh, and why did they have to make 'God' a fat,ugly, old queen who couldn't act his way out of the proverbial paperbag. I mean I'm gay, fat, old and ugly, but at least I know how to actand not act like a raving queen…and I can sing.

  8. jm10701 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    The short "small straight play" intro with Michael Musto was so freshand funny that I was really excited to see the Big Gay Musical thatfollowed. Unfortunately, the Big Gay Musical was even worse than thesmall straight play: a lot stupider, a lot more irritating, and a wholelot longer. Within about five minutes I felt just like Musto, exceptwhat I wanted to scream was, "Bring back Michael Musto and the smallstraight play!"

    While the small straight play was cleverly dumb, the Big Gay Musicalwas just dumb, grossly overblown, and so strident, shrill andheavy-handed in its anti-God anti-Bible theme that it almost made mewant to turn on Pat Robertson just to clear my palate. Hatred ishatred, and I'm sorry, but gays hating Christians is no better thanChristians hating gays. I am happily gay and I love musicals and I lovegay movies in principle, but this one promised a lot and delivered justa sour taste in my mouth. If it was supposed to be lighthearted satire,it failed miserably.

    The off-stage story was better than the on-stage musical, which is whyI gave the movie three stars instead of one. If the Big Musical had notbeen so heavily, excessively obnoxious, I might have liked the GayMovie that went along with it.

  9. (jalupsurtin) from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    Superficial and stereotypical. No substance of any kind. Not up to datewith the times. As someone else wrote. Move along. The musical numbersshould never long and boring, especially in something billing itself amusical. Not what people want to see these days. When the acting isso-so, not the storyline indeed nothing can hold interest. Stereo typesbe it southern accents or whatever … and such cannot save what couldhave been a worthwhile venture. If it had only sought to distinguishitself in some way that modern audience could relate to. That's not tosay there is not a small niche audience. There clearly could be anaudience for a collection of show tunes done by unknown or little knownartists. But this would be quite small. Those expecting something truly'big' will be disappointed? Too much emphasis on bodies and hook-upsmoves any movie away from something to be taken seriously and into justan excuse to show these things. That is never a good thing to projectto the serious movie going public. In a musical, singing and dancingshould be first rate, the story should be engaging and if in fact it isbased on cliché, at least it could be original in scope and context,not the same tired venues and story lines that someone would expectfrom similar projects 20 years ago. If you are looking for a musicalthat is significant to life in the 2000s, then you may better offlooking elsewhere.

  10. hnballet ( from Texas
    30 Mar 2012, 1:48 pm

    This movie is superficial in every way possible. Characters completelyundeveloped. Story non existent. As for the script, it's possible tohear more meaningful dialog between two drunks after 2:00am in the mostlooser laden gay dive than in this shallow attempt at a musical.Speaking of music, it's terrible in this "musical". It begins and endsas a meaningless parade of gay stereotypes and cliché plot points: Cuethe promiscuous sex, AIDS panic, and familial redemption.

    A few unsuccessful shots are taken at religion but with nothing morethan over done makeup and southern accents they just fall flat. There'sa lot of skin and sex between guys, which for porn might be enough butfor a feature length "film" seems a little out of place since there isbasically no established characters with any depth or a plot line withany interesting detours. It's possible to tell this story in ameaningful way and even put it too song. But this movie falls flat inevery possible way, bad script, bad music, bad acting, and wistfulBroadway type vocals. It's actually difficult to comment on this moviebecause it's barely worth the effort. Bottom line, when a movie doesn'tgive you any reason to care about anything or anyone in it thenthere's, nothing to see here. Move along…

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