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Super Capers (2009)

  • Rate: 3.7/10 total 623 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
  • Runtime: USA:98 min
  • Filming Location: Santa Clarita, California, USA
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Super Capers (2009)


Super Capers 2009tt1161064.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Super Capers (2009)
  • Rate: 3.7/10 total 623 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
  • Runtime: USA:98 min
  • Filming Location: Santa Clarita, California, USA
  • Budget: $2,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $30,955(USA)(19 April 2009)
  • Director: Ray Griggs
  • Stars: Justin Whalin, Ray Griggs and Danielle Harris
  • Original Music By: Nathan Lanier   
  • Soundtrack: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Superhero | Gold | Time | Hope | Castle

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Ray Griggs  writer

Known Trivia

    Plot: A good guy with no powers joins a superhero team with no clue against a bad guy with no shame. Full summary »  »

    Story: Would-be superhero, Ed Gruberman, who possesses no super powers must join a team of misfit heroes-in-training known as The Super Capers. Having only faith, Gruberman must travel through time to uncover an evil plot involving some gold bullion, a fiery femme fatale, and a criminal mastermind with a dark secret about Ed's past.Written by Ray Griggs  


    Synopsis: A wannabe superhero joins a team of bumbling heroes-in-training on a time traveling mission to thwart an evil plot in this high-flying comedy featuring Clint Howard, Adam West, Tom Sizemore, and Doug Jones. Ed Gruberman (Justin Whalin) may not possess any actual super-powers, though his passion for fighting crime rivals that of even the greatest comic book do-gooders. When Ed becomes a member of The Super Capers, an oddball team of aspiring superheroes, it seems as if his dream of fighting crime for real is about to come true. Upon discovering evidence of an evil plot involving gold bullion, an alluring femme fatale, and a powerful criminal mastermind, Ed travels back in time to prevent a disaster the likes of which the world has never seen. [D-Man2010]

    Though Justin Whalin may be best known for playing Jimmy Olsen on LOIS & CLARK, the actor gets to wear a cape in this superhero comedy. Ed Gruberman may just be an average guy, but he imagines himself to be a crime-fighting superhero, and that desire lands him in trouble with the law. Forced to enlist in a group of sub-par superheroes, Ed finally gets the chance to join the battle in good versus evil, but its not everything he had imagined. SUPER CAPERS also stars Michael Rooker, Jon Polito, HELLBOYs Doug Jones, and Adam West. [D-Man2010]


    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Michael Kim Binder known as executive producer
    • Ray Griggs known as producer
    • Reuben Lim known as producer
    • Fiona Walsh known as line producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Justin Whalin known as Ed Gruberman
    • Sam Lloyd known as Herman Brainard (as Samuel Lloyd)
    • Ryan McPartlin known as Will Powers
    • Danielle Harris known as Felicia Freeze
    • Ray Griggs known as Puffer Boy
    • Pancho Moler known as Robo
    • Bobby 'Slim' Jones known as Cretan
    • Tommy 'Tiny' Lister known as Sarge
    • Chris Owen known as Igniter Boy
    • Oliver Muirhead known as Herbert Q
    • Michael Rooker known as Judge / Dark Winged Vesper
    • Christine Lakin known as Red
    • Jon Polito known as Captain Sludge
    • Clint Howard known as Mugger
    • Tom Sizemore known as Roger Cheatem
    • Adam West known as Manbat / Cab Driver
    • Doug Jones known as Special Agent Smith #1
    • Isaac C. Singleton Jr. known as Special Agent Smith #2
    • Taylor Negron known as Chauffer
    • June Lockhart known as Mother
    • Pat Crawford Brown known as Gertrude
    • Beverly Long known as Marge
    • Eva Pigford known as News Reporter (as Eva Marcille)
    • Paul Terrell Clayton known as Police Officer #1
    • George Stults known as Police Officer #2
    • Steve Braun known as Agent Guard
    • Thomas M. Ficke known as 60's Mugger
    • Camille Solari known as Lady in Distress
    • Brian Cummings known as Robot (voice)
    • Trevor Binder known as Young Ed Gruberman
    • Aaron Skinner known as Police Officer in Tent
    • Susie known as Circus Elephant
    • Gary Sievers known as Hobo Sleeping in Alley (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Adam Brandy known as makeup artist
    • Tyler Ely known as key hair stylist
    • Maggie Hayes-Jackson known as hair department head
    • Barry R. Koper known as makeup artist
    • Brad Look known as key makeup artist
    • Lisa Rocco known as makeup artist
    • Traci E. Smithe known as hair stylist

    Art Department:

    • Angela Cimarusti known as paint foreman
    • Joseph Myles Edelson known as property master
    • Andrew Guinn known as set dresser
    • Jason Hatfield known as swing gang
    • Alan D. Laslovich known as general foreman
    • Martin Leon known as swing gang
    • Tom Richmond known as illustrator
    • Jorge Rodriguez known as set dresser
    • Ivan Romero known as concept artist
    • Greg Scharer known as assistant property master
    • Jefry Shebroe known as swing gang
    • Manny Silvia known as construction coordinator
    • Cory Speer known as leadman
    • Drew Struzan known as poster artist




    Production Companies:

    • RG Entertainment

    Other Companies:

    • Central Casting  extras casting
    • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes
    • IndieClear  script clearance
    • PES Payroll  payroll services
    • Park Road Post  digital intermediate
    • Radar Multimedia  Blu-ray mastering
    • Warner Brothers Scoring Stage  sound post-production
    • Wow & Flutter  sound post-production
    • Wow & Flutter  sound re-recording


    • Roadside Attractions (2009) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment (2009) (worldwide) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Amalgamated Dynamics

    Visual Effects by:

    • Craig Crawford known as digital compositor: ICO Entertainment
    • Metin Gungor known as matte painter
    • Jessica Hee known as digital artist
    • Chris Holmes known as visual effects supervisor
    • Merlin Lepper known as digital artist
    • Michael Morehouse known as matchmove artist

    Release Date:

    • USA 20 March 2009 (limited)
    • France 13 May 2009 (Cannes Film Market)
    • USA 21 July 2009 (DVD premiere)

    MPAA: Rated PG for mild language, some rude humor and brief smoking



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. equazcion ( from NYC
      30 Mar 2012, 1:59 pm

      The cast is what made me give this a shot.

      Where to begin… God, this movie is just so bad. The humor isterrible, predictable, and it's all been done before. And been donebetter.

      The acting was so overdone, even for a parody movie. In fact,everything was overdone. This should have been a Disney Channeloriginal movie. It even has those constant cartoonish sound effects,probably intended to be cute, that just come off as childish.

      Two stars for quality of the photography, sound work, background music,etc. Meaning that basically it doesn't look like an independent homemovie, but rather does look like it cost some substantial money tomake. But a Hollywood budget does not a good movie make, and if thatneeded proving, this movie's done it.

    2. chicagorob1 from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 1:59 pm

      Don't get me wrong, I love spoof films. Well, good spoof films. ButSuper Capers isn't a good spoof film.

      Sure, it has a slightly recognizable cast, with some surprising cameos.And sure, the genre is ripe for a good spoof, and there are a couple(maybe 1 1/2) moments of true humor, but Super Capers just plain missesthe mark most of the time.

      The use of stupid sound effects, giving Whalen the lead and the totallack of any powerful super-villains (a bad guy who waddles really,really fast and a cool looking minotaur) shows that the creator didn'treally know what to do beyond "Let's make a movie!".

      Where did the Writer/Director/Producer/Actor come from? Ray Griggs'only other real production is a 7 minute test reel for a movie aboutLucifer that is still "in production" after three years.

      Where in the world did Griggs get the backing and support to make sucha bad "big" movie? These things aren't cheap. If only Neill Blonkamp of"District 9" fame had gotten this kind of backing, he wouldn't have hadto waste his time working in the system for over 10 years.

      If you want a good superhero spoof movie, check out Superhero Movie.It's not Shakespeare, but at least they were a lot closer on the spoofmaterial.

    3. ltlacey from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 1:59 pm

      First off, I do not know how to rate this movie. If this was supposedto be a parody, spoof or a satirical take on super heroes and superhero movies it was palatable, but just barely as had its moments thatwere not too bad. If it was supposed to be a "serious" (I use this termloosely) super hero movie, then I'd give it a -4. The Moviemeter showsit up almost 7400% for the week (HELLO???!!!), so someone is watchingthis bomb and either likes it, or gets it, or is too wasted to care (mychoice; and maybe what one needs to do is be wasted before watchingthis movie!). Or the entire system is rigged (my personal belief on howmovies are rated on….). That this movie actually had a plot, thoughstolen from too many movies to list, makes me think they were tryingfor a spoof, but unfortunately did not quite hit the mark. Too bad, asit could have been a fairly okay movie.

    4. Roland E. Zwick ( from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 1:59 pm

      A movie virtually guaranteed to wind up in the DVD bargain bin inrecord-setting time, "Super Capers" is an indescribably awful attemptat superhero parody. It features a group of inept comic book figures,clad in ill-fitting get-ups, who bumble and stumble their way tovictory against a passel of toothless bad guys.

      The movie's idea of humor consists mainly of goofy sound effects andcorny musical cues playing on the soundtrack, though I suspect thattheir sole function is to alert us as to when we should be laughing(there's really no other way for us to know, since, unlike a TV sitcom,it doesn't come equipped with its own laugh track).

      Out of respect for any possible careers they may still have ahead ofthem, the actors shall remain nameless, though Adam West (TV's Batman)and June Lockhart stop by to show us just how far has-been actors canbe forced to lower themselves when there simply aren't any decent rolesleft for them anymore.

      At the end, the director of this fiasco, Ray Griggs, thanks the"directors who inspired" him during his childhood, namely George Lucas,Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and Peter Jackson. Sounds like themakings of a good class-action lawsuit, if you ask me.

    5. Vincent Black from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 1:59 pm

      Once upon a time at a college party, four highly intoxicated frat boysbegan writing a movie script. They sat around laughing about farts andhow cool it would be to have a superhero whoopee cushion. One of theothers managed to log on to the internet and send the whole script theywrote, yes all eight pages, directly to Ray Griggs. Who stole someadditional lines from "Return of the Jedi", "Empire Strikes Back","Star Trek", and "Back to the Future". But Ray needed funding. So heconvinced Reuben Lim, Michael Kim Binder, and Fiona Walsh to help fundthe movie about a superhero who receives his powers from God andprayer. Ray was also convinced this would assure his movie would bepicked up as an option by CBN. This is where Ray really began to shine,he had to find actors just slightly better than the local weatherman,willing to flush any hope for a future in acting, just for a paycheck.Meanwhile back at the frat house the four boys barely remembered thatnight they almost ruined their lives by having their names attached tothis pathetic turd.

    6. Silver Surfer from Ccpur, India
      30 Mar 2012, 1:59 pm

      This got to be one of the worst movie I've seen so far.How can a movielike this hit the Big Screen is a mystery. It's more like a home-madevideos, made especially for KIDS. And I'm really surprised at seeingsome of the cast, or is it because they have some personal commitmentto fulfill, that they were forced into acting in this "Z-Graded movie".There's nothing at all worth mentioning in this movie. The jokesweren't funny, the sound effect was silly,the plot was non-existentetc… Anyway I couldn't watch till the end, because I knew i was gonnabreakdown, as it was sheer torture for me. The title of the movieshould be 'Super Flopper'. Normally spoof films are bad but this one issuper bad. If you enjoy this movie then I recommend – Loony tunes show,Weather Report, watching a grass grow and so on..

    7. akmafaz_144 from Sri Lanka
      30 Mar 2012, 1:59 pm

      First off, let me say, so many people on IMDb just don't know how tocomment on a movie or even rate it, personally, I watch a lot of moviesand I was quite reluctant to watch this movie as it was a low budgetmovie but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Sure, maybe the actingis not the greatest but it was actually quite funny and a great movieto watch if you have nothing else to watch. I'm pretty sure the aboveraters are grumpy old 40 year olds, but I assure you, this movie isworth the time, it wouldn't live up to standards of major flicks, butit would be a great great family movie. I especially loved the way itwas made like a comic, with occasionally words like "ping" and "whack"appearing on the screen, which gave it an extra effect and funny soundsthat made it "funny".

      Its a good watch, and if you have kids, WATCH IT, but if you are "OLD"and are very serious and think movies should be "REAL" then KEEP AWAYand stop writing negative comments.

      I have to add though, the ending was somewhat disappointing, I wantedto give it an eight but it dropped a mark for the ending.

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