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Smash Cut (2009)

  • Rate: 3.6/10 total 625 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
  • Runtime: 86 min
  • Filming Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Smash Cut (2009)


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  • IMDb page: Smash Cut (2009)
  • Rate: 3.6/10 total 625 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
  • Runtime: 86 min
  • Filming Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Budget: $CAD350,000(estimated)
  • Director: Lee Demarbre
  • Stars: David Hess, Jesse Buck and Michael Berryman
  • Original Music By: Michael Dubue   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby
  • Plot Keyword: Body Part | Stripper | Strip Club | Sexy Nurse | Topless Dancing

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Ian Driscoll  written by

Known Trivia

  • This film was shot in 20 days.
  • The exteriors for the movie theater scenes were shot at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • David Hess came up with the idea for the audience members to be wearing clown make-up at the sneak preview for Able Whitman’s latest film.
  • Jennilee Murray chose Sasha Grey’s peach earrings.
  • The gore set pieces were all shot at the end of production. Moreover, real animal guts were used for said gore set pieces.
  • Michael Berryman worked only one day on this film.
  • David Cronenberg was originally considered for the role of Able Whitman.
  • The suit Michael Berryman wears in the movie was the same suit he wore at his wedding.
  • Most of the fake posters featured in the film are alternate titles that weren’t used for this movie.
  • The character of film critic Gretchen Gregorski was a man in an earlier draft of the script. The role was changed to a woman so actress Guen Douglas could be cast in the picture.

Goofs: Continuity: In the final part of the film, when they're at the theatre to watch at the screening of "A Trilion Leaning Towers" it's clearly dark, but when they get out, after only a few minutes, there's daylight already.

Plot: After his latest film is met with horrible reviews, Able Whitman sets out to prove the critics wrong by finding inspiration in his cast and crew. Sometimes great art requires great sacrifice- and the director always gets final cut! Full summary » |  »

Story: Frustrated with his most recent film doing poorly, film director Able Whitman finds himself at a strip club where he meets and takes home one of the strippers, Gigi Stops. They have an accident on the road which kills Gigi leaving Able to figure out what to do with the body. He conveniently decides to "disguise" the body parts as set pieces to his new horror film. When this new design style is met with much praise, Able decides he needs more parts to fulfill his new "project".Written by rivethead808  

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Curtis Crawford known as associate producer
  • Pierre David known as executive producer
  • Sarah Deline known as associate producer
  • Joe C. Dwek known as executive producer
  • Robert Menzies known as producer
  • Donald Osborne known as associate producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • David Hess known as Able Whitman
  • Jesse Buck known as Isaac Beaumonde
  • Michael Berryman known as Philip Farmsworth Jr.
  • Ray Sager known as Reverend Roscoe Boone
  • Sasha Grey known as April Carson
  • Jennilee Murray known as Georgina Carson / Gigi Spot
  • Michael Dubue known as Alan Dackman
  • Barry Blake known as Armand Parys
  • Parisa Kasaei known as Intern
  • Peter Michael Dillon known as Oswald 'Ozzie' Kohlberg
  • Meghanne Kessels known as Mitzi Jackel
  • Jeff Lawson known as R.L. Smith
  • Mercedes Papalia known as Doctor / Stripper
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis known as Fred Sandy / Radio Announcer
  • Cinthia Burke known as Starla
  • Guen Douglas known as Gretchen Gregorski
  • Guy Buller known as Bartender
  • Matthew Stefiuk known as Grober
  • Rylan O'Reilly known as Allan
  • Cathy Symonds known as Marlene
  • Robert Reynolds known as Rummy
  • Richard Kaulbars known as Projectionist
  • Jade Carpenter known as Young Female Actress
  • Ian Driscoll known as Limousine Driver
  • Kathy Logan known as Woman in Movie Theatre
  • Wayne Wilson known as Man in Movie Theatre
  • Petr Maur known as Television Camera Operator
  • Anna Sharrett known as Cue Card Girl / Protester
  • Marc Charron known as Farnsworth Painter
  • Rusty Nails known as Fred Sandy's Assistant
  • Peter Piening known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Mark Pollesel known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Anita Lee known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Carmel Purkis known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Sara Menzies known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Robert Menzies known as Crowd in movie theater
  • Layla Brown known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Christopher Prevost known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Sergey Minko known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Danielle Gauthier known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Nick Taylor known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Andrew Lapointe known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Diane Stephens known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Adam Murray known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Steve Keating known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Elora Grace known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Joady Thompson MacIntosh known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Lauren Beatty known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Bridette Depape known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • John Paille known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Simon Seline known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Amber Peters known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Shawna Cameron known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Matthew 'Target Boy' Deline known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Christine Demarbre known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Danielle Woodhouse known as Restaurant patron
  • Ryan Wood known as Restaurant patron
  • Andre Coutu known as Restaurant patron
  • Csaba András Kertész known as Restaurant patron (as Csaba Kertesz)
  • Eszter Kertész known as Restaurant patron (as Eszter Kertesz)
  • Ibitsam Saab known as Restaurant server
  • Phil Caracas known as Jail Cell Criminal
  • Jeff Moffet known as Jail Cell Criminal
  • Josh Grace known as Jail Cell Criminal
  • Dan Dalski known as Ass Menagarie patron
  • Paul Stewart known as Ass Menagarie patron
  • Lee Warrysh known as Ass Menagarie patron
  • Julia Gauthier known as Ass Menagarie server
  • Carolyn Arbuckle known as Ass Menagarie server
  • Robin Elliot known as Ass Menagarie server
  • Alex Azam known as Ass Menagarie bouncer
  • Saed Fadlalah known as Ass Menagarie bouncer
  • Amanda McPherson known as Protester outside the Ass Menagarie
  • Jesse Clark known as Protester outside the Ass Menagarie
  • Mariah Soper known as Protester outside the Ass Menagarie
  • Saskia Jarvis known as Protester outside the Ass Menagarie
  • Ian Cinnamon known as Protester outside the Ass Menagarie
  • Stephen Kieswetter known as Crowd in movie theatre
  • Adam F. da Silva known as Man in Theatre (uncredited)
  • Douglas Kidd known as Alternate Announcer (uncredited)
  • David Lipman known as Walter (uncredited)
  • Dennis Stamp known as Greg (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Lizzie Ciesluk known as key makeup/special effects makeup
  • Angie Reid known as key makeup artist
  • Angie Reid known as special makeup effects artist

Art Department:

  • Bobby Baker known as daily art department assistant
  • Barry Belshaw known as assistant property master
  • Dave Cherry known as carpenter
  • Alex Drapeau known as daily art department assistant
  • Cody Johnson known as daily art department assistant
  • Eszter Kertész known as assistant art director
  • Francis Lapierre known as assistant graphics
  • Jordan MacDonald known as daily art department assistant
  • Petr Maur known as graphics
  • Lisa Soper known as key set decorator
  • Mariah Soper known as art department assistant
  • Tonie St-Onge known as daily art department assistant
  • Tim Walton known as property master




Production Companies:

  • Zed Filmworks

Other Companies:

  • Zed Filmworks  post-production facilities


  • Accent Film Entertainment (2009) (Australia) (DVD)
  • Kam & Ronson Enterprise Co (2010) (Hong Kong) (DVD)
  • Lionsgate Home Entertainment (2009) (UK) (DVD) (as Lions Gate Home Entertainment UK Limited)
  • Media Blasters (2010) (USA) (DVD)
  • New KSM (2009) (Germany) (DVD)
  • Prime Time Entertainment (2010) (Netherlands) (DVD)



Other Stuff

Release Date:
  • Canada 18 July 2009 (Fantasia Film Festival)
  • UK 29 August 2009 (Frightfest)
  • UK 31 August 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Greece 24 September 2009 (Athens Film Festival)
  • USA 25 September 2009 (Austin Fantastic Fest)
  • Spain October 2009 (Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema)
  • France 24 October 2009 (Sainte Maxime International Horror Film Festival)
  • USA 5 December 2009 (Whistler Film Festival)
  • Netherlands 17 June 2010 (DVD premiere)
  • Italy 29 December 2010 (DVD premiere)



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. Craig McPherson from Montreal, Canada
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    For a porn actress seeking to cross over to the mainstream, taking arole in a B-(or less)-movie might seem like a heaven-sent opportunity,but if your name's Sasha Grey (real name Marina Ann Hantzis), you mightwant to think twice about appearing in a Lee Demarbre flick.

    For the uninitiated, Demarbre is a Canadian film maker whose creditsinclude the cult film Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, which was shot on abudget of $45,000.

    His latest offering, Smash Cut, which made its world debut atMontreal's 2009 edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, is an equallylow budget nod to schlock impresario Herschell Gordon Lewis (TwoThousand Maniacs, The Wizard of Gore). While such a film would seemlike a natural opportunity for someone from the adult film realm to useas a segue into the mainstream, a later production – StevenSoderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience" also starring Grey – wasreleased well before Smash Cut, making this look like her second massmarket role, when, in fact, the reverse is true. All of which is toobad for Grey, who is the only member of the cast who displays anythingremotely approaching acting talent.

    The story, such as it is, is thin, and one can suppose that Demarbrewas merely looking for a vehicle for tongue-in-cheek humor and gore. Adown on his luck director by the name of Able Whitman (played byveteran shock horror actor David Hess of original Last House on theLeft fame), dismayed by the critical reception to his cheap filmsspecial effects, decides to use real human body parts to impartrealism. His first victim turns out to be a relative of April Carson(Grey), a reporter for a local television station. With the backing ofher station manager (H.G. Lewis) she sets out to infiltrate Whitman'sproduction by responding to a casting call.

    None of this really matters, though, as the film's true mission is toemulate the low budget schlock of Lewis' films, which it does admirablyand is about the only critical compliment I can give this film.

    Overall the story is poorly executed trash. In keeping with the Lewisfactor, everyone involved with the exception of Grey seems to be tryingto outdo each other on the bad acting scale. Lines appear to be notmerely improved, but takes are used that show actors struggling on thefly to think them up.

    Grey, whose acting is wildly uneven, is the only cast member who showsany potential of being able to believably take on a role, whether ornot this was by choice or accident, given the atrocious performancesturned in by the rest of the cast, is a matter for further debate.

    What's unfortunate, however, is that this movie will be released afterGrey's performance in Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience", andlook like a step down from a promising debut.

    What's not in question here is Grey's acting ability, but the projectsshe chooses to appear in from here on in. Some of this may not bewithin her control, given her ongoing career in the adult realm, butchoosing to appearing a mainstream film that has all the look, feel,and production values of a porn film (minus the sex) can hardly betaken as a wise career move.

  2. t-birkhead from United Kingdom
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    I was surprised with just how much fun I had with this one. Now theplotting and writing isn't the best and there seemed to be at least oneblatant plot hole, plus the film did have the odd more general issuewith it but once it really got geared up it was a blast for me. Itopens with some very stylish credits and a cast to really get the mouthwatering, then swiftly gets down to business. It tells of horror hackdirector Able Whitman (David Hess) who is most upset by the bad reviewsand general disdain for his work. After an unfortunate accident he seesthe light though and decides to start using genuine body parts for thegore in his movies, something which of course requires killing. Thefilm is something of an in joke for old school trash fans, as well asThe Hess there are also appearances for Herschell Gordon Lewis, MichaelBerryman and Ray (Montag The Magnificent) Sager. And also chic pornohottie Sasha Grey as a young journalist who gets an acting role onWhitman's latest film in order to investigate the disappearance of hersister. The chief sticking point is that there is a good deal less gorethan one might expect, its there and there's some amusing bloodshed aswell, but things take a while to hot up and there are really only threescenes of proper old school fake yet queasy gore of the HG Lewisvariety. Fortunately the film is largely driven by The Hess, who letsgo in an immensely entertaining performance, moving between passion,pathos, humour and derangement in always entertaining fashion. SashaGrey isn't much of an actress but is watchable enough and the cameosare ace, especially Berryman. Barry Blake is also pretty fine as aclassy and decent cinematographer, really the only role that I didn'tlike was Jesse Buck as a flamboyant private investigator, though Iguess he was written irritating. Director Lee Demarbre conjures asuitably trashy feel whilst injecting random moments of neato style andwhile the film is certainly indulgent keeps it fast and fun. Alsothere's a really ripping score from Michael Dubue, perfectly suited tothe film. The film isn't some great classic of cinema, or even aserious gore film and some will likely find it weak, irritating or bothbut after negotiating a shaky first half or so I thought it was apretty sweet time. Worth a look for fans of the cast and trashaficionados.

  3. mayhembegins from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    If you love low budget films, this is an absolute must-see. I lovedevery minute of it, every bad line of dialogue, every bad joke, everypredictable plot device, even the ridiculous costumes.

    On the "B" movie scale I give it 8 out of 10.

    The cast and director are (mostly) very experienced, if you think for aminute that the camp and cheese is accidental, you should probably renta Van Damme flick next time.

    Incidentally, it was filmed in my hometown, so I enjoyed seeingfamiliar landmarks. Most notably the famous Bytown Theater is featuredin several scenes.

    I read the other reviews on here and really, if you don't like "B"movies, don't write reviews on them… If you know what to expect fromthis film, you will love it.

    OK, actual critical stuff… The opening and closing credits were bothabsolutely first rate. The score is brilliant, really ties the filmtogether very nicely. The cast is full of familiar faces for horrorbuffs, which is a real treat. Sasha Grey performs excellently, and Ilove that the director never sexualizes her (except for a cute nurseoutfit).

    Watch this movie in the right frame of mind and you will have a blast!

  4. Prolox from Canada
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT'S (1972) own David HESS stars as ABEL WHITMAN, aschlocky, bad B movie director, who's films are constantly booed byhorror fans & film critics (& if you see one of his movies, that playsduring the beginning of the film, in the theatre, you'll see why), allof whom complain about the bad acting, directing, writing & cheap goreeffects, in fact he makes EDWARD D. WOOD JR. look like ORSON WELLS. Onenight, he snaps after a car accident that kills his girlfriend. Insteadof going to the police, he keeps her corpse around for "inspiration" &then goes on a killing spree, using real body parts as props & wrackingup the body count as he kills a lecherous studio head, hisscreenwriter, his special effects artist, his D.P., his producer & bestof all, a snooty female critic! From there a reporter goes undercoveras an actress in the hopes that it will lead to some answers to hersisters disappearance, that she feels Abel may be a part of. Will she &a private detective she has hired be able to stop Abel? or will theytoo wind up as "props" for his new horror spectacle KILLER TOY 2? SMASHCUT, is a loving tribute to several things, bad B movie cinema & thepeople who make it, the kinds of people in the industry who are only init for profit & not the love of the films they are presenting, gorefilms, horror hits of the 70's & 80's & H.G. LEWIS films. The lattermore so, since it's obvious H.G. was a clear inspiration for thefilmmaker, SMASH CUT, is very bloody, filled with horrible acting & thedirecting is similar to that of H.G. himself. Still while this couldhave turned out to be a bad thing, SMASH CUT actually is enjoyable,it's not scary or suspenseful, certainly not, but it's cheesy B moviefun, that pokes fun at the conventions of horror cinema & has a cheap,grainy feel similar to porn films of the 70's & Grindhouse Cinema, infact this should have been played along with Robert Rodriguez's PLANETTERROR instead of Quentin Tarintino's really bad DEATHPROOF (in factthis film felt more like a Grindhouse feature than DEATHPROOF).Definitely recommended to only die hard horror fans, since they will bethe only ones to catch the films many jokes & fully appreciate what thefilmmakers were trying to do here.

    *** stars

  5. kosmasp
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    Watched this one at the Fright Fest in London. I enjoy David Hess andhis performance. Unfortunately the movie itself is just way too silly.And even though it is quite likable, in it's low budget way, most jokesjust don't work (for me). I appreciate the effort (look out forgazillion posters hanging around, with awesome movie titles, thathaven't been used yet), but on the other hand, you really have to setyour expectations low with this one.

    Another revelation, but unfortunately of the bad kind, is the actressSasha Grey. Although famous for her adult roles, she came (no punintended) to the attention of the mainstream public audience, with herlanding the role in the new Soderbergh movie (Girlfriend Experiment).While I haven't watched that movie yet, her performance in "Smash Cut"is really bad! While it isn't a movie to really judge someones actingabilities, she has a major role here and does disappoint. But I'm stillcurious of the Soderbergh movie, so I'm looking out for that. Thismovie can only be enjoyed, if you are in a really good/silly mood

  6. Scarecrow-88 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    "I need inspiration." Poor Able Whitman(David Hess)is a filmmaker whosehorror movies are rejected as worthless tripe(is this loosely based onUwe Bol?)and he drowns his sorrow away in alcoholic pity at the localstrip club(where he often finds his actresses!). A tragic eventyielding a dead stripper's body may just be the inspiration Whitmanneeds to bring more authenticity to his work! The lingering shot of thedead body at his disposal creates an enthusiasm in his producersdemanding product just as presented to them. Desperate for recognitionafter being long criticized, Whitman is so willing to present real,he'll draw his own blood for a "blood shower" set up written on script.Anyway, the dead stripper's sister and a detective join forces to findher whereabouts, following all the leads which will inevitably lead toWhitman. Meanwhile, Whitman descends into madness, killing those in hiscrew in order to further add realism to his bloody horror movie.

    Someone has done it! Maybe this means little to nothing if you are notan admirer of Herschell Gordon Lewis, but for those who love the guy,"Smash Cut" could be worthwhile. I imagine that this movie will be ofspecial interest to the David Hess fan club because he is the starheadlining the movie along with gorgeous porn star Sasha Grey . SeeingHess in clownface alone will be enough I think for his faithful tocheck this out. That or when he pulls the arm accidentally off astripper who is killed in a car crash, Hess completely distraught. Thescene where Hess collapses after the incident where he drew blood is ahowler! Oh, and Hess even gets so worked up while gathering up his bitsand pieces for his movie(from the car crash victim!)that he uses thesevered arm's shirt sleeve to wipe his sweaty brow! Jesse's detectiveBeaumonde is a character of the HGL grand tradition..he's obviouslymodeled after Frank Kress from The Gore Gore Girls(he even carries acane and is sure in love with himself). I have to say that this may bethe first time, the avid horror fan that I am, I've actually seen avictim held captive in a film vault. Oh, and how Hess' director goesinto hysterics regarding how Hamlet is in essence a horror film whenthis is challenged by April(Grey as a woman seeking a part in Whitman'snew movie so she can follow him more closely)is quite a hoot. Or, themacabre scene involving April unknowingly holding her dead sister'sdecapitated head while quoting a line from Hamlet. Hess has a lot ofkill scenes where he follows up his grisly antics with some goofyline("It's gut check time!" "I always knew you had a good eye" "I havefinal cut!")to cement each demented act of violence. Lots of blackhumor on display. Is there anything more cool than HGL opening thefilm?! To have the godfather of gore a part of your splatter moviemust've been a great honor for both sides, the one for which the filmis dedicated to and for the director to have his hero present and partof "Smash Cut." Michael Berryman, in a ridiculous wig, is Hess'not-so-bright producer, pairing together two memorable exploitationicons in scenes where they can send up their image. Ray Sager is areverend who enlists boycotts of Whitman's movies and gets caught withhis pants down by Beaumonde during the investigation. The violence ispurposely low-tech, particularly an absurd scene where canons of bloodgusher after Whitman chops off the hands of a screenplay writer with acleaver. I'm a little kind to this movie because it was such a pleasureseeing Hess having such fun in quite a wacky role..and, nope, hedoesn't rape anybody. While I think the image of Sasha Grey in a nurseuniform covered in blood is an attractive one, I found her lacking inpersonality. Still, she's mighty easy on the eyes, and I imaginethere's a place in the horror genre for her if she ever decides toleave pornography behind.

  7. trashgang from Midian
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    Just before the movie starts Herschell Gordon Lewis pops up on thescreen to warn you about you will see. For me that was the moment tonot take the movie seriously. I guess a lot have done that by readingtheir reviews! The score is what made me remind of Blood Feast. Thescript is so seventies low budget style, man, this is just back tomemory lane. Do not to attempt this flick with a feeling of nowadays.That it is an ode to Herschell becomes clear with a headline in anewspaper, Gruesome Twosome is written, do I need to say more. Due thefact that they made it exploitation style the acting is total crap, butstill okay if you know what I mean. It's nice to see David Hess againand Berryman. I guess they had a lot of fun while filming. Of coursethe effects used are also old school seventies style which means, cheapbut effective. You can see clearly that it is a manikin's arm used orwhatsoever but the blood flows on a regularly base and a bit of gore isadded. The only thing it lacks from is nudity, especially with thescene's in a strip joint and the appearance of Sasha Grey, know for hernudity activities and hard core flicks. Still, if you are into a goodjoke and an ode to the pre old school horrors than watch it, if you areinto the torture porn or slashers, leave it.

  8. Paul Andrews ( from UK
    30 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    Smash Cut is set in Ottawa in Canada where hack horror film directorAble Whitman (David Hess) attends the world premiere of his latest filmTerror Toy to disastrous audience reaction who scream for his blood &their money back. Dejected & down Able heads on over to a strip club &meets up with stripper Gigi Spot (Jennilee Murray) & hires her for thenight, however while driving home with Gigi in his car Able has a crash& Gigi is killed. Having looked for inspiration for his next film Ablesuddenly finds it in the corpse of Gigi, Able realises that this iswhat modern audiences want. They want real death & real blood & thanksto Gigi's death he now understands, at first he drains some of his ownblood but it's not enough to make a gore soaked horror film so goeseven further by murdering people such as critics, rival director's &even his own crew. However Gigi's sister April (Sasha Grey) hires thefamous private detective Isaac Beaumonde (Jesse Buck) to find out whathappened to her sister & they are soon come to suspect Able…

    This Canadian production was directed by Lee Demarbre & is the worstkind of low budget, poorly made crap that thinks itself is clever &funny & paying homage to classics of the genre of but is in fact a realpain to sit through & offers next to nothing in terms of entertainmentvalue. Judging by the silly nature of Smash Cut I assume it was meantas some sort of horror comedy but fails miserably in both regards, notonce did I find the one-liners funny or was convinced by the story.Smash Cut is very predictable, Smash Cut actually reminded me of thefilm Color Me Blood Red (1965) directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis whoSmash Cut is 'dedicated to' (I'm sure he's flattered, not!) & actuallyhas a small cameo (although I think even Gordon may have been slightlyembarrassed to put his name next to this) with the only differencebeing that in Color Me Blood Red an obsessed artist killed people &used blood to paint pictures rather than an obsessed director makinghorror films. There are supposed to be plenty of film related puns &gags but as I mentioned they fall totally flat, at only 80 minutes longyou would wonder how Smash Cut could end up being boring but it is, thestory which is obviously light hearted sucks & I couldn't get into itat all or like it. What else can I say? I really didn't like it, Ithought it was a chore to sit through & it's badly made as well.

    Smash Cut has a strange look, although set in contemporary times someof the clothes & props (just check that radio out in the waiting room)are obviously 60's inspired which gives it an uneven look & feel Ididn't like at all. It's almost as if the makers wanted to make aperiod horror film yet could only afford a few outfits & the odd prop.Despite featuring several porn stars there is no nudity here at all.The blood & gore is fake looking & not that impressive, a guy has hishands chopped off, a woman has her fingers & head cut off, there are afew dead bodies, some severed limbs are seen & there are a fewstabbings (including one by harpoon) but little else besides someterrible special effects work as a guy has his eyeballs poked out witha scalpel but none of it looks any good or is filmed with any degree ofsuspense or style. Forget about any scares or tension or atmosphere orgenuine laughs as there aren't any.

    Apparently shot in just twenty days on location in Ottawa in Canadathis looks cheap from start to finish, the production values, specialeffects & grating music are less than impressive. Having made loads ofporn films (she made her debut in Tight Teen Twats 2 (2006), it's on my'to watch' list) the gorgeous Sasha Grey is easily the best thing aboutSmash Cut, genre regular David Hess is terrible & plays it so over thetop at times he becomes laughable rather than menacing, MichaelBerryman turns up in a small role while the original The Wizard of Gore(1970) Ray Sager turns up as well.

    Smash Cut is a really terrible film with only a short run time & thelovely Sasha Grey to recommend it which ain't enough. Even the title iscomplete crap, I mean what the hell is Smash Cut meant to mean anyway?Do yourself a favour & avoid this one.

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