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Radio Free Albemuth (2010)

  • Rate: 6.2/10 total 165 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Filming Location: 24/7 Productions, 1413 Cole, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Budget: $3,600,000(estimated)
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Radio Free Albemuth (2010)


Radio Free Albemuth 2010tt1129396.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Radio Free Albemuth (2010)
  • Rate: 6.2/10 total 165 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Filming Location: 24/7 Productions, 1413 Cole, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Budget: $3,600,000(estimated)
  • Director: John Alan Simon
  • Stars: Jonathan Scarfe, Shea Whigham and Katheryn Winnick
  • Original Music By: Ralph Grierson  Robyn Hitchcock   
  • Plot Keyword: Alternate Reality | Vision | President | Friend | Writer

Writing Credits By:

  • John Alan Simon (screenplay)
  • Philip K. Dick (novel "Radio Free Albemuth")

Known Trivia

  • First production to film at the Los Angeles State Historic Park which had just opened. The park was the former site of The Cornfield, a maintenance yard for the Southern Pacific.
  • Colin Farrell was a frequent visitor to the set to visit his friend Shea Whigham during filming.
  • Filming took place during some of the worst fires in Los Angeles County history affecting the films locations and schedule including having to completely find replacement locations.

Plot: Berkeley record store clerk Nick Brady (Jonathan Scarfe) begins to experience strange visions from an… See more »  »

Story: Berkeley record store clerk Nick Brady (Jonathan Scarfe) begins to experience strange visions from an entity he calls VALIS that cause him to uproot his family and move to Los Angeles where he becomes a successful music company executive. With the help of best friend, science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick himself (Shea Whigam) and a mysterious woman named Silvia (Alanis Morissette), Nick finds himself drawn into a dangerous political-mystical conspiracy of cosmic proportions. The story is set in an alternate reality America circa 1985 under the authoritarian control of President Fremont, a Nixon-like clone (Scott Wilson).Written by Radio Free LLC  


Synopsis: In this alternate history the corrupt US President Ferris F Fremont (FFF for 666, Number of the Beast) becomes chief executive in sixties. The character is best described as an amalgam of Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon, who abrogates civil liberties and human rights through positing a conspiracy theory centred around a fictitious subversive organisation known as "Aramchek". In addition to this, he is associated with a right-wing populist movement called "Friends of the American People" (Fappers).

Ironically enough, the President’s paranoia and opportunism lead to the establishment of a real resistance movement to him, which is organised, through eponymous radio broadcasts from a mysterious alien satellite, by a superintelligent, extraterrestrial, omnipotent being (or network) named VALIS.

As with its "successor", VALIS, this novel is autobiographical. Dick himself is a major character, though fictitious protagonist Nicholas Brady serves as a vehicle for Dick’s alleged gnostic theophany on February 11, 1974. In addition, Sadassa Silvia is a character who claims that Ferris Fremount is actually a communist covert agent, and that her mother recruited him for the Soviet Union after she joins the resistance.

As with Valis, the book deals with his highly-personal style of Christianity (or Gnosticism), as well as with the moral repercussions of being an informer for the authorities, and his dislike of the Republican Party, satirizing Nixon’s America as a Stalinist or neo-fascist police state. Eventually, Fremount captures and imprisons Dick and Brady after the latter produces and distributes a record that urges subliminal messages of revolt to the Fremount dictatorship. Brady and Silvia are executed, and Dick narrates the concluding pasage about his life in a concentration camp, where "his" latest work is penned by a ghost writer and regime-approved hack. Suddenly, he hears other music, with another subliminal message. As Dick hears children singing the tune, he realises that all may not be lost after all.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Joseph Devan known as line producer
  • Elizabeth Karr known as co-producer
  • Philip Kim known as executive producer
  • Stephen Nemeth known as producer
  • Dale Rosenbloom known as producer
  • John Alan Simon known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Jonathan Scarfe known as Nicholas Brady
  • Shea Whigham known as Phil
  • Katheryn Winnick known as Rachel Brady
  • Alanis Morissette known as Sylvia
  • Hanna Hall known as Vivian Kaplan
  • Elyse Ashton known as Waitress
  • Carol Avery known as Jan
  • Tom Beyer known as Presidential Aide
  • Nancy Linehan Charles
  • Joseph Cintron known as Prisoner
  • Frank Collison known as Leon
  • Scott Cordts known as Body #4
  • Mason Vale Cotton known as Ezra
  • Maxwell Perry Cotton known as Young Nick
  • Robert Dolan known as Police Guard
  • Jonathan Eudowe known as FAP Guard
  • Jon Felix known as Recording Engineer
  • J.G. Franklin known as Cabinet Onlooker
  • Lindsey Ginter known as FBI Agent
  • Ashley Greene known as Rhonda
  • Paul Gutierrez known as FAP Guard
  • Malek Hanna known as Prisoner
  • Kelly Hare known as Tour Guide
  • Rosemary Harris known as Light Angel
  • Bruce Hensel known as Newscaster #2
  • Hugh B. Holub known as Doctor
  • Kenny Hunt known as Prisoner / White House Photojournalist
  • Elizabeth Karr known as Mrs. Brady
  • Philip Kim known as Personnel Manager
  • Brian Kratz known as Jesus Freak
  • Matt Letscher known as Mr. Brady
  • Michael Lovern known as Prisoner
  • Franceska Lynne known as Veterinarian
  • David Madison known as Guard 2
  • Kevin McCorkle known as News Anchor
  • Angela McEwan known as Mrs. Aramchek
  • Joel McKinnon Miller known as Detective
  • Patrick Ian Moore known as FAP Guard
  • Kenny New known as Prisoner
  • John Prosky known as Dr. Goldfarb
  • Alex Reed known as Teenager
  • Joseph D. Reitman known as Prisoner # 1
  • Gene Richards known as Prisoner
  • Bob Ross known as Prisoner
  • Michael Rothhaar known as Herb
  • Will Rothhaar known as Ted Pollet
  • Matt Santoro known as White House photojournalist
  • Shakey known as Domino
  • Holly Sherman known as FBI Secretary
  • Laura Siegel known as Teenager
  • Rich Sommer known as FBI Agent
  • Julie Warner known as Newscaster
  • Alexander Wells known as Police Guard
  • Russell Whaley known as FAP Guard
  • Isaac Wilson known as Freddy
  • Scott Wilson known as President Fremont
  • Brett Hunt known as Pizza Guy (uncredited)
  • Jon Tenney known as FBI Agent (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Jevon Douglass known as assistant hair stylist
  • Lauren Ernsdorf known as key hair stylist
  • Sharon Simon known as makeup department head

Art Department:

  • Elizabeth Cummings known as buyer
  • Gershom Acuña Hyldreth known as leadman (as Gershom Hildreth)
  • Mario Osuna known as set dresser
  • Carlton Rude known as property master




Production Companies:

  • Open Pictures
  • Radio Free
  • Broadstroke Entertainment
  • Discovery Productions
  • Rhino Films

Other Companies:

  • Locations Hollywood  location management
  • 24/7 Productions  production offices
  • Burbank Casting  extras casting
  • Hollywood-DI  digital intermediate services
  • PES Payroll  payroll services
  • Panther Dollies & Cranes  grip and lighting equipment (dolly)
  • Smooth Moving Productions  Steadicam equipment provided by
  • Thomson Grass Valley  camera equipment provided by



Other Stuff

Visual Effects by:
  • Aaron Peak known as colorist: Hollywood-DI
  • Aaron Peak known as main title designer
  • Aaron Peak known as vfx colorist: Hollywood-DI
  • Neil W. Smith known as DI supervisor: Hollywood-DI
  • Elliot Worman known as visual effects supervisor

Release Date:

  • USA 25 February 2010 (Sedona Film Festival)
  • UK 29 April 2010 (Sci-Fi-London)
  • USA 7 October 2010 (Gotham Screen Film Festival)



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. slisak from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 2:02 am

    Wow! I just saw this movie (Radio Free Albemuth) at the Sedona FilmFest and it blew my socks off! I've been going to the Sedona Film Festfor years, and this movie by far was the best independent film I'veseen there. This movie is based on a book by Philip K. Dick, who was asci-fi writer famous for Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, and othergreat novels. In this story, he actually writes himself as one of thelead characters in it. It is intellectual, spiritual, political, andreflects many present day situations and controversies. I have not readthe book, so am not sure how closely it relates to the movie, but I'mdefinitely going to read the book now. Hope this movie will beavailable on DVD so I can purchase for myself and friends. Great Job!

  2. danielassael-1 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 2:02 am

    John Simon did a great job directing and writing. I would recommend itto a friend. it is intellectual and it got me thinking. I can't waitfor it to come out so all my friends can see it. Most of the actors arenot well known but they did a great job and I hope this sparkssomething for there careers. I really cared about the characters.

    Everyone involved in this project should be proud of themselves for thejob they did. i think Philip K. Dick would be proud. I hope this is thefirst of many more to come. I wonder if Alanis is going to put outsoundtrack? that would be really cool. I'm really glad that movie wasunder two hours and Simon didn't go on and on. I was intriguedthroughout the film.

  3. Scott from Dallas
    30 Mar 2012, 2:02 am

    I was worried about having too high an expectation of this film since Ihad been waiting so long to see it and considering the fact that it'sthe first time anyone's every attempted to tackle PKD'ssemi-autobiographical works…well, I was not disappointed. This filmwas the best book-to-film adaptation of PKD's work I've seen yet. AScanner Darkly was the closest anyone's come before. The fact that thiswas a "low budget" film actually helped it stay true to the book sincethere was no need to insert the obligatory car chase scenes, etc.,expected in the big budget Hollywood movies that are so disappointedthese days.

    We got to meet the director after the movie and I could already tell bywatching the movie that he was an avid PKD fan. He was very personableand answered all of our questions about the movie. It was very cool toget to discuss such an amazing film with the director in person! Ican't wait to get the DVD so I can watch it many more times and show itto friends.

    Great job and looking forward to more PKD films from John Alan Simon!

  4. dcemayflower from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 2:02 am

    I saw this moving at the Gotham film festival in New York City and I amglad I made the 2-hour trip. The acting was solid and the adaptationwill make Philip K. Dick proud,John Alan Simon stayed faithful to thebook.Giving the fact that most of us were cheering Egypt on as thetopple their dictation, this is the perfect time for this story to hitthe big screen.. The movie gave me a lot to think about especially withregards to collectivism versus individualism and I bet it will get youthinking as well,So go see it! It was also great to finally get avisual image of Valis (the being that was communicating with Nick andSilva).P.S To Alanis Morissette fans- She rocked her role as Silva. Youhave to see her in this movie. I also enjoyed Jonathan Scarfeperformance as Nick Brady.

  5. Greg Atkins (gregoryno6) from Australia
    30 Mar 2012, 2:02 am

    I saw RFA at the Revelation Film Festival here in Perth two nights ago.I haven't read the book, but Dick fans in the audience seemed wellpleased. One said he was surprised at how much of the book had made itinto the film. Translating any book to the screen is difficult, but abook by Philip K Dick would be doubly so. After seeing Blade Runner Iread Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and found the detachment andlack of emotion very off-putting. For example, Roy Baty doesn't delivera stirring monologue in his final moments. His death is reduced to onecold sentence – something like, "Deckard went into the room where Roywas standing, and retired him." On the basis of the Dick novels I haveread, I would say that John Simon, the scriptwriter and director, addedjust the right degree of emotional tension. Ambiguity is another commonfeature in Dick's writing. In the book Do Androids etc, Deckard is leftwondering whether one of his co-workers is a replicant. This is thequestion that Ridley Scott transferred to Deckard himself in the movie.Radio Free Albemuth left me wondering again and again, were thesepeople really hearing divine voices? Or were they just a bunch offree-ranging nutters? 9 out of 10 for a well made and thought provokingfilm.

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