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Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011)

  • Rate: 4.0/10 total 564 votes 
  • Genre: Action | History | War
  • Release Date: 11 January 2011 (USA)
  • Budget: $50(estimated)
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Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011)


Pathfinders In the Company of Strangers 2011tt1260680.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011)
  • Rate: 4.0/10 total 564 votes 
  • Genre: Action | History | War
  • Release Date: 11 January 2011 (USA)
  • Budget: $50(estimated)
  • Director: Curt A. Sindelar
  • Stars: Michael Conner Humphreys, Christopher Serrone and Jon Ashley Hall

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Charlie Armstrong 
  • Curt A. Sindelar 

Known Trivia

  • The outdoor set being used for this film is one of the largest outdoor sets built in independent film history. It was designed to maximize both speed of production and cinematographic perfection.

Plot: Untold and lost history. A true story of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose… See more »  »

Story: Untold and lost history. A true story of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose deadly mission was to land 30 minutes before the Normandy invasion, locate and mark strategic "drop zones" and set up the top-secret navigation equipment needed to guide the main airborne assault on D-Day.Written by Charlie Armstrong  


Synopsis: June 5th, 1944… A secret mission is launched prior to the D-Day Invasion.

A small elite group of American paratroopers drop behind enemy lines and land right in the lap of the German Infantry. They are outnumbered, unsupported, and racing against the clock. Their sole duty is to stay alive long enough in order to find a strategic location and set up the Top Secret Navigation Equipment needed to guide in the main airborne assault on D-Day. Failure means the lives of thousands.

This elite group of American paratroopers is a mix of renegades from different military units. They are strangers to one another, thrown together at the last minute, with no time to prepare and with two different Commanding Officers. This is a recipe for disaster. It is a violation of all the rules of warfare and only a miracle is going to make this mission work.

Based on actual events. This untold story of these men, their mission and the facts behind it, has remained hidden for over 60 years.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Faouzi Brahimi known as associate producer
  • James Christopher known as executive producer
  • Hugh Daly known as associate producer
  • Donald B. Nixon known as associate producer
  • James Robinson known as associate producer
  • Curt A. Sindelar known as producer
  • Jacob Tiller known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Michael Conner Humphreys known as Eddie
  • Christopher Serrone known as Captain McRoberts
  • Jon Ashley Hall known as The Major (as Jonathan Hall)
  • Ryan Findley known as First Lieutenant
  • Suzanne Owens-Duval known as Beth's Grandmother
  • David Poland known as Beth's Father
  • Catherine Johnson known as Beth's Mother
  • Dick McMahon known as American General
  • Charlie Armstrong known as Wounded Major
  • Billy Reynolds known as Rigs
  • Ray Cunningham known as C47 Pilot
  • Conrad Joslyn known as Pathfinder 30
  • Philip De Lorenzo known as Francis
  • Rebecca Ovall known as Beth
  • Monterey Morrissey known as Grandpa
  • Travis Mason known as Pathfinder 33
  • Tom Neill known as Paratrooper
  • Dan Limb known as Doc
  • Emily Parker known as Party Guest 9
  • Donnie Edwards
  • Brett Goertemoeller known as Pathfinder 12
  • Tony Zilka known as In the Wrong Briefing Trooper
  • Richard Senzig known as German 'Welcome to Normandy'
  • Whitney Brown known as Party Guest 5
  • Dan Kyle known as Cicero
  • Kendall Fish known as Base Pathfinder
  • Joseph Cornwell known as Pathfinder 4
  • Brett Malone known as Rock Wall Paratrooper 2
  • Dave Austin known as Pathfinder 37
  • Eric Jones known as Second Lieutenant
  • Anthony Mino known as Pathfinder
  • Donovan Powell known as Orderly
  • Bram Davidson known as Light Operator
  • Hazel Findley known as Granddaughter
  • Russ Bevill known as MG42 Gunner
  • Pam Zolotko known as Party Guest 12
  • Hans Eleveld known as Pickles
  • Tim Mallow known as Pathfinder 31
  • Steve Averill known as Pianist
  • Lilli Turner known as Singer
  • John T. Toman known as Pathfinder 15
  • Glenna Harris known as Party Guest 7
  • Logan McQueen known as Wounded Paratrooper
  • Christian Snider known as Pathfinder 27
  • Butch Ayala known as Pathfinder 2
  • Frederick Bills known as German Infantry 3
  • Cael Kooken known as Pathfinder 34
  • Travis Millhouse known as Pathfinder 10
  • Adam Ross known as Base Pathfinder 4
  • Rodney Roycroft known as Pathfinder 16
  • Kyle Armstrong known as Grandson 2
  • Ralph Manley known as American Airborne Officer
  • Dion Gore known as Postman
  • Elizabeth Bourke known as Party Guest 4
  • Eloise Tiller known as Female Officer A
  • Charlie Bennard known as German Infantry 12
  • Cameron Milton known as Rizzo
  • Dalton Patronek known as Pathfinder 24
  • Kyle Erickson known as Paratrooper 1-.30 caliber
  • David Brothers known as Pilot
  • Trux Dole known as British Officer
  • Mark Bando known as Pathfinder 8
  • Martin Gerhard known as Navigator
  • Austin Lee known as Paratrooper 2-.30 caliber
  • Sean 'Schussler' Cruz known as Lead Assault German
  • Abby Burnett known as Party Guest 6
  • Ricky Thornley known as Base Personnel 2
  • Doug Houseman known as Base Pathfinder 3
  • Jason Wolcott known as Pathfinder 17
  • Stephanie Findley known as Party Guest 15
  • Cole Gibbs known as Young – Grenade – Pathfinder
  • Jeremiah Allen known as Henry The Boxer
  • Michael A. Montgomery known as Pathfinder 9
  • Aaron Orthmann known as Party Guest 8
  • Robert Shipp known as Hamilton
  • Ian Armstrong known as Grandson 1
  • Doug Welter known as Jump Master
  • Allen Thompson known as Jerrard
  • Zachary Davidson known as First Light Operator
  • Brian Healey known as All Ok Pathfinder
  • Breece Pickle known as Airborne Officer
  • William T. Smalley known as The Colonel
  • Matthew Gorewicz known as Pathfinder C47
  • Michel Entler known as Marshal 'You're Never Gonna Make It'
  • Peter Panacy known as Pathfinder 7
  • Darren P. Ferguson known as Party Guest 13
  • John J. Toman known as Pathfinder 14
  • Jackie Berrios known as Party Guest 3
  • Mark Cook known as Pathfinder 40
  • Luke Tedder known as Base Personnel
  • Jaime Chamberlain known as German Infantry 6
  • Peter Verdonck known as Pathfinder 29
  • Sean Mason known as German Infantry 9
  • Jordan L. Stray known as Base Pathfinder 5
  • Chad Francis known as German Sentry
  • Bill Wagner known as Party Guest 10
  • Josh Tener known as Pathfinder 20
  • David Laws known as Officer at Party
  • Jason Taylor known as British Officer 4
  • Jan Patrovek known as Pathfinder 23
  • Robert Harris known as British Officer 2
  • Joe Winder known as Pathfinder 13
  • Kelly Brown known as Air Corp Major
  • Richard Wolf known as Pathfinder 28
  • Paul Rasys known as C47 Pilot 2
  • Andrew Enright known as Knifed German
  • Mike Deakins known as Pathfinder 5
  • Matt Jones known as Pathfinder 36
  • Thomas Mason known as Pathfinder 32
  • Kalib Hanson known as German Infantry 14
  • Jeff Swanson known as Pathfinder 35
  • Robert Shire known as Naval Officer
  • Gary Underhill known as Pathfinder 18
  • Colby Smith known as German Infantry 13
  • Richard Mason known as German Infantry 8
  • Tim Snider known as Driver – German Car
  • Andrew Reed known as Base Pathfinder 6
  • Rosalind Fell known as Party Host
  • Jamey Billig known as German Infantry 2
  • Kevin Haeg known as Pathfinder 6
  • Alexander Almieda known as Base Pathfinder 7
  • Ronnie Thornley known as British NCO
  • Neal Maillet known as Officer at Party 2
  • Jaquin Findley known as English Boy
  • Amy Trapolino known as Female British NCO
  • Michael Brase known as German Infantry 5
  • Blake Nelson known as German Infantry 12
  • Bob Yarberry known as Pathfinder 11
  • Larry Jones known as British Officer 3
  • Matt Fladwood known as German at Stand-Off
  • Bryan Dribble known as Pathfinder 21
  • Eric Sorge known as Pathfinder 19
  • Jared Haeg known as Base Pathfinder 2
  • Susan Applegate known as Party Guest 2
  • Erich Liebgott known as German Mortar NCO
  • Dean Castellino known as Pathfinder 3
  • Colin Hutchings known as Machine Gunned German
  • Kevin Choukpon known as Pathfinder 42
  • Aaron Truman known as German NCO
  • Paul Mason known as Rock Wall Paratrooper Smoking
  • Kent Chipman known as Pathfinder 38
  • Gordon Stewart known as Pathfinder 41
  • Ryan Richardson known as German Infantry 10
  • Timothy Willard known as Party Guest 11
  • Andrew Merget known as German Infantry 15
  • Mellisa Anderson known as Party Guest 1
  • Chris McCoy known as Jeep Paratrooper
  • Bryan Yeilding known as Pathfinder 39
  • Jimmy Anderson known as German Infantry 1
  • Paul Knapp known as Rock Wall Paratrooper
  • Ken Hightower known as American Officer
  • Michael Lynn known as Tarmac Pathfinder Medic
  • Philip Moffitt known as Pathfinder 25
  • Steve Gomez known as Pathfinder 26
  • Anthony Bowman known as German Infantry 4
  • Reed Gibbs known as German sacrifices rifle
  • Adam Sessions known as German Infantry 11



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Alisa Ghiora known as makeup department head
  • Jane Holmes known as hair stylist
  • Kimberly Schauer known as makeup artist

Art Department:

  • Connie Thornly known as assistant art director




Production Companies:

  • Portland Independent Films (USA)

Other Companies:

  • Alpha Cine Laboratory  post-production facilities
  • Apostolic Faith Church  very special thanks
  • Cafe Du Berry  special thanks
  • DownStream Digital  post-production facilities
  • Film Emporium  film
  • Gearhead Grip & Electric  grip and lighting equipment
  • Mission Control  post-production facilities
  • Oregon Oils  very special thanks
  • Pacific Grip and Lighting  grip and lighting equipment
  • Picture This Production Services & Stage  special thanks
  • River View Cemetery  very special thanks


  • High Fliers Distribution (2011) (UK) (DVD)
  • KOAN (2010) (worldwide) (all media)
  • Schröder Media (2011) (Germany) (DVD)
  • Vicol Entertainment (2011) (Hong Kong) (DVD)



Other Stuff

Visual Effects by:
  • Mike Canty known as visual effects
  • Kate Reynolds known as visual effects
  • Sean Reynolds known as visual effects artist
  • Ethron T. Young III known as motion graphics artist

Release Date:

  • USA 11 January 2011



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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Posted on March 29, 2012 by Harry in Movies | Tags: , , , .


  1. (pmorris00) from United States
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    *Lousy acting (lots of unnecessary emoting) *Awful sound (muddled inparts, unnaturally sparse in others) *Questionable historicalsets/settings (is that even France?) *No directing (everything is inclose up!) *Laughable dialog ("Why, you're as ugly as soup!!") *Eventhe soundtrack is the wrong era (retro big band music??!).

    This is just a bad community college play captured on film.

    If this movie cost $50, someone spent $40 of it on hookers for thecrew.

    I understand that this is an Indy film and all, but come on, they madedecent war movies in the 50s and 60s with small budgets on the backlot. Why can't these folks (in 2011) come up with at least a watchablefilm about such an important story?

  2. reccewoody from France
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    I wanted to like this movie, but I'm afraid I just couldn't – sorry.Here are my main faults.

    1) Film-makers -here's a tip – the CLOSE-UP can be an effective tool instory telling, BUT if you ONLY use close ups and never any otherangles, it just ends up feeling like you are trapped in a cardboard boxwith the actors.

    2) The lighting – TOO DARK. I had to adjust the settings on my TV tomake out the action and in the end I just couldn't tell who thedifferent characters were. Which brings me to….

    3) Characters – except for 3 or 4 guys I just didn't know who was who.There was not enough time spent developing any personalities before wehead off to France and…..

    4) France – and particularly Normandy. Had anyone involved in the filmever been to Normandy? The roads, fields and countryside used forfilming look NOTHING like Normandy and what was with that brand newAmerican style wooden fence. There is NOTHING like that in Normandy.

    5) Acting – Now I know that I shouldn't expect Matt Damon and otherA-listers in every film. But where did they find this lot? Bar a coupleof exceptions they were all awful. Surely there are college actors outthere who don't sound like they are reading everything off idiotboards? As I say, I wanted to like this film, I know some of the guyswho were filmed jumping and others involved in the original concept.But, this truly is a piece of garbage. Well intended perhaps – but apiece of garbage nonetheless.


  3. david griffin ( from UK Midlands
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    I suspect due to a slight nostalgia mixed with patriotism – we find thevast glut of WW2 dramas and films receiving high ratings on places likeIMDb. Some deserve it – like Band of Brothers, other don't.

    This films diminished budget seems to have been an excuse to get badactors who can't deliver lines (but have been told to leave'poignant'…. gaps…. for dramatic effect). In addition the camerawork is bizarre – weird close-ups at strange moments, bad editing andsound that needs normalising to avoid you constantly having to locatethe volume control.

    Apart from that there's the odd bit of decent dialogue – but not much.The enemy Germans are portrayed in the usual manner all lazy war filmsdo… nothing to challenge the distortions of history here. Oh – andI'm sure I saw a British house looking very up-to-date with PVC windowframes – maybe they were back-engineering from alien window tech in the1940s??

  4. erostew from Canada
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    I'm probably in the minority here but I found this film to be asteaming pile of "could have". It could have been better, it could haveused a bigger budget, it could have used a better director and betteractors. And most of all it could have used a better cinematographer.

    From the very start of the film it's pretty obvious that this is anextremely low budget effort for the extremely ambitious story they aretrying to tell. And unfortunately this just is NOT done well. I've seenlo-budget war pictures before that ended up being extremely effective.In the main they used a fairly limited number of sets and actors andtried to tell "smaller" stories. Pathfinders is an attempt to tell avery large story on a shoestring.

    The opening of the movie has a woman singing a song that sounds nothinglike a period piece. The wardrobe is just barely up from Halloweencostume quality. And the acting is stiff and phony. And it doesn't getany better. Hiring a bunch of amateur hour actors so that you can spendmost of your limited budget trying (unsuccessfully) to make your filmlook authentic is a bad bad idea.

    Another irritating thing is the very initial premise of the movie. Theuse of Pathfinders before the D-Day invasion has been a secret for 60years. HUH??? Secret from who for crying out loud? Anyone with even apassing interest in WW2 history knows that. It may well be true thatnobody made a movie about just that exact facet of D-Day before but itsure as hell hasn't been a secret for 60 years. Pathfinders are atleast mentioned in several films, including The Longest Day.

    Despite all of the shortcomings of the film, my biggest gripe is withthe camera work. Why the heck are there so many needless closeups? Arethey trying to hide the shoddy quality of the sets and wardrobe?Honestly this is not the worst film I've ever seen. If it was just alow budget effort with some shortcomings I'd probably give it a 5 or 6out of 10 rating. BUT it's a movie that never should have been made forthis kind of budget! There are some things you just cannot pull offsuccessfully without money. And the people behind this film would havedone a lot better if they had tried to work within budget limitations.Ignoring the small budget and trying to do it anyway is just a case ofstupidity and arrogance.

    3 out of 10.

  5. fajarsantoso from Netherlands
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    I just finished watching this movie (well actually not as I stoppedwatching after 50 minutes) but in my opinion, this was one of the worstWW2 movies I have seen recently (and I have seen a lot as I have avested interest in WW2).

    Regardless whether the movie was shot on a low budget, a movie thatcovers such an important moment in history should just not have beenshot.

    I will not bother the reader to write down an endless list (because itis really endless) of complains and why I gave this movie just 1 out10. If you have nothing to do and you would like to waste 1,5 hours ofyour time, I would advise you to watch this movie. If not, you betterchoice another movie.

  6. hgasnier from United Kingdom
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    I like a good war film and this is not a good war film. Awful close upsall the time. They should be used for dramatic effect not in everyscene or cutaway. Terrible sound as if recorded in a toilet. This wasshot on 35mm? What a waste. Civilian period costumes awful. The Englishcountry house? Obviously set in in USA. We did not have double glazedfront doors, Lelandi firs, and a totally terrible period interior.Dialogue lacked lustre and to be quite honest I didn't care what theysaid after an hour of meaningless trite dialogue.Acting from the schoolof bad acting.Fast pace? What movie were you watching? Lighting donewith a forty watt bulb and at other times with a exterior floodlightfrom the Home Depot. The locations were a joke. Have you ever been toNormandy or even researched the locations? They don't have are-occurring picket fence and country paths but high hedgerows and flatplains. It looked as if it was all filmed on someones country estate.As for the largest exterior set used in a low budget film, I would askfor a refund. Didn't you you do any research yet again. I note the DOPis not mentioned in the enormous credit list. I take it he was tooashamed to put his name to it. Everything was seriously flawed in oneway or another and I could go on and on but I have wasted enough timeon this already. Why did I give it a 2? The aeroplanes, you could havemade more of them.

  7. markleachsa-1 from United Kingdom
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    From the first note of the opening song, this film blunders fromanachronism to anachronism with the gay abandon of a film club of 10year olds. Carefully chosen music that wouldn't be heard for 40 years;vehicles chosen perhaps for comfort rather than any likeness toanything that may have been seen in the US Military; a fascinatingvariety of guns, most of which bear more resemblance to plastic toysthan actual weapons; military huts ordered direct from today's DIYcatalogues; trees and casual wild life purportedly in England thatnever grew outside North America. In the end it's more a game of spotthe idiocy than watch the film. Lighting and cameras compete with thedirector to find the most artistic shots, that of course don't work asart or film, and simply mystify as to their part in a plot which isharder to find than the Pathfinders' actual landing point. Tension iscreated more by having actors squabble than from real tension points.Characters you don't care about, in places that never existed, doingthings that don't make sense … badly. War films are just toowell-researched and lovingly and accurately put together these days forthis rubbish to shine in anything except … well … a rubbish dump!This is an insult to the real people who really suffered doing realheroic deeds.

  8. Gareth James from United Kingdom
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    This is awful. Having read the other reviews I decided to summarise myopinion to that simple statement. OK watched a bit more now and amcompletely frustrated by continuity errors such as the wrong grenadeson the German soldiers, the Americans shouting after the Germans havewalked passed, all the wounded getting executed by the Germans becauseobviously they don't want to know why they are there or who they are,intel obviously isn't important to the German army. Why do the Germanshave cow bells on? they rattle like a Spanish goat heard as they moveand many many more issues. My 12 year old son has made better filmswith his hand held camera.

  9. Daniel Beacham from United Kingdom
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    I have never posted before, never seen the point as some one else tendsto have said what I think already but after watching this film I feltcompelled to say something.

    The only positive comments seem to stem from the amount of time spenton the film and/or the small amount of money it cost so let me tacklethis first.

    Time spent on the film: If the film took this long then why did it looklike it had been improvised the day before? The script was shocking.Why were the camera angles so bizarre and laboured? Where is theevidence of this?

    Size of budget: I have not been able to find anything saying how bigthe budget was so cannot provide a definitive comparison. That saidthere are numerous examples of people taking small budgets and workingthem into something that the actors can say they have been in withpride. A small budget does not equal a poor film any more large budgetsguarantee a good film. Money should not have made as much of an impactunless it meant that they obtained the services of a director, scriptwriter, camera man etc really cheap because they were in a coma. Icould have forgiven you a few small inaccuracies with kit due to asmall budget but the deficiencies with the film far exceed anything todo with money.

    I have seen excellent performances within theatre performed entirely byamateur dramatists that are on par with professional pieces. You haveto take account the woeful script but big questions need to be asked ofthe person in charge of casting & the director. I'm not going to attackthe actors here (though the performances were poor) because even thebest performances possible would have been lost within the putrid mireof the rest of the production.

    As said previously I would never tell someone not to watch a film but Iwould strongly recommend thinking again before watching this. Even'Teeth' (normally my lowest marker) was better than this.

  10. Anthony Bertolo from United States
    29 Mar 2012, 5:25 pm

    Alright, so I was at one point a part of this production. I actuallyintroduced them to their first (and apparently only talented) composer,and was cast as one of the lead roles. After a month I had a potentialopportunity in San Diego, and at the same time they decided that Ididn't look "old" enough to play the part of someone, who in real lifelooked younger. I didn't actually find out they had re-casted the partuntil a couple weeks of not hearing from the Director. Only one of theoriginal cast members made it to the final cut.

    Pretty much what happened here is a group of people with an honest goaldecided they knew more than they did. Let's put it this way, I had onlydone stage acting to this point, wasn't bad, and one of the firstmeetings with the Director I had, he told me "You don't have to be agood actor to be in film, you just have to look the part."….. Thatexplains the whole movie really.

    In the end it looks like I really dodged a bullet with this one. Lookslike they could have made use of my acting though. They only havethemselves to blame.

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