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La Linea – The Line (2009)

  • Rate: 5.2/10 total 1,958 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date: 22 December 2011 (South Korea)
  • Runtime: 95 min
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La Linea – The Line (2009)


La Linea The Line 2009tt1111918.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: La Linea – The Line (2009)
  • Rate: 5.2/10 total 1,958 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date: 22 December 2011 (South Korea)
  • Runtime: 95 min
  • Filming Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Budget: $7,500,000(estimated)
  • Director: James Cotten
  • Stars: Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia and Esai Morales
  • Original Music By: David Torn   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Assassin | Mexico | Tijuana Mexico | Mexican Border | U.S. Mexico Border

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • R. Ellis Frazier  writer

Known Trivia

    Plot: The unstable new kingpin of a Tijuana drug cartel is targeted by an assassin for elimination. Full summary » |  »

    Story: The story centers around veteran assassin Mark Shields as he tracks down, Pelon, the elusive head of the Salazar Crime Cartel. Through twists of fate, Shields ends up with a local woman, Olivia who is also fighting her own demons for the sake of her daughter. Set in the rich and atmospheric backdrop of Tijuana, Mexico, La Linea (The Line) is full of action, drama and finds its soul in the plight of the characters that inhabit the most dangerous city in North America.Written by Anonymous  

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Jacov Bresler known as line producer
    • Dennis Cox known as executive producer
    • Bob Dziadkowiec known as executive producer
    • R. Ellis Frazier known as producer
    • Ray Liotta known as executive producer
    • Oscar Lopez known as Production Cordinator
    • Delfino López known as consulting producer: Tijuana
    • Marlon Parry known as producer
    • Geoffrey Ross known as producer (as Geoffrey G. Ross)

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Ray Liotta known as Mark Shields
    • Andy Garcia known as Javier Salazar
    • Esai Morales known as Pelon
    • Armand Assante known as Padre Antonio
    • Valerie Cruz known as Olivia
    • Jordi Vilasuso known as Diablo
    • Kevin Gage known as Wire
    • Bruce Davison known as Anthony
    • Joe Morton known as Hodges
    • Danny Trejo known as Mario
    • Gary Daniels known as Martin
    • Michael DeLorenzo known as Pablo
    • David Ackert known as Mohommad
    • Jason Connery known as Randall
    • Victoria Elizabeth known as Ana
    • Antonio Jaramillo known as Raul
    • Geoffrey Ross known as Mr. Water (Assassin #1) (as Geoffrey G. Ross)
    • Matthew R. Anderson known as Loo (Assassin #2)
    • Jonathan Fraser known as Bartender
    • Dominik García-Lorido known as Woman in the Red Dress (as Dominik Garcia-Lorido)
    • Pablo Orrantia known as Boy on the Bike
    • Kahlil Joseph known as Omar
    • Joe Ordaz known as Giant Guy
    • Barbarella Pardo known as Hotel Reception – Hooker hotel
    • Hector Hernandez known as Taco Vendor
    • Naureen Zaim known as Seductress #1
    • Kerry Song known as Seductress #2 (as Kerry Kaili Song)
    • Harry Yi known as Asian Leader
    • Victor J. Ho known as Asian Leader
    • A.J. Castro known as Hispanic Leader
    • Anthony Ledesma known as Hispanic Gang Member
    • Mario Loya known as Cop
    • Josue Aguirre known as Mexican Teenager
    • Jonathan Durante known as Male Nurse
    • Miguel A. Saldaña known as Arms Dealer (as Miguel Angel Saldana)
    • Cinthya Banuelos known as Hooker 1
    • Violeta Monroy known as Hooker 2 (as Violeta Monrroy)
    • Joaquín Garrido known as Taxi Driver (as Joaquin Garrido)
    • Wes Martinez known as Border Agent
    • James Chahine known as Cop (uncredited)
    • Antonio Munoz known as Limousine Driver (uncredited)
    • Erik-Alexander Sanchez known as Gangsta (uncredited)
    • Trevor Lance Scott known as Airport Security (uncredited)
    • Angel Soto known as Mexican Cop (uncredited)
    • Carlos Zapata known as Henchmen (uncredited)
    • Poco Zocko known as Church Member (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Samantha Wade known as key hair stylist
    • Gigi Williams known as personal: Ray Liotta
    • Natalie Wood known as key makeup artist

    Art Department:

    • Barry Boen known as set dresser
    • Bill Davis known as props consultant
    • Chad R. Davis known as on-set dresser
    • Jen Fiedler known as set dresser
    • Tommy Gutman known as assistant property master
    • Tommy Gutman known as on-set dresser
    • Thomas Knight known as set dresser
    • Matt Muschamp known as set dresser
    • Andy Reyes known as props
    • Jeffrey Reyes known as property master
    • Jeramey Rund known as leadman




    Production Companies:

    • Project One Films
    • Baja Films Internacional
    • Ronin Film and Media Group (funding)

    Other Companies:

    • American United Entertainment  funding
    • Central Casting  extras casting
    • Creative Clearance  script clearance
    • Dragonfly Sound  sound post-production
    • Endeavor Agency  producers rep
    • Film Source  additional film
    • Smooth Moving Productions  Steadicam equipment provided by
    • Smooth Moving Productions  wireless video
    • Underscore Media  sound post-production


    • Amazing D.C. (2011) (Japan) (DVD)
    • Ascot Elite Home Entertainment (2009) (Germany) (DVD)
    • Eagle Films (2008) (non-USA) (all media) (Middle East)
    • Maya Entertainment (2009) (USA) (all media)
    • Midget Entertainment (2009) (Denmark) (all media)
    • Multivision (2009) (Italy) (DVD)
    • Noble Entertainment (2009) (Sweden) (DVD)
    • Transeuropa Video Entertainment (TVE) (2010) (Argentina) (DVD)
    • VVS Films (2009) (Canada) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Release Date:
    • USA 5 November 2008 (American Film Market)
    • Germany 6 February 2009 (European Film Market)
    • USA 14 May 2009 (Little Rock Film Festival)
    • Denmark 28 July 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • USA 2 August 2009 (New York International Latino Film Festival)
    • Australia 4 August 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Sweden 12 August 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Hungary 4 September 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • USA 4 September 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • USA 9 September 2009 (Dallas, Texas)
    • Portugal 15 September 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Finland 18 September 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Czech Republic 21 September 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Germany 5 November 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Canada 10 November 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Italy 15 November 2009 (Rome) (premiere)
    • France 2 December 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • UK 18 January 2010 (DVD premiere)
    • Italy 27 January 2010 (DVD premiere)
    • Argentina 10 February 2010 (DVD premiere)
    • France 16 May 2010 (Cannes Film Market)
    • Japan 2 September 2011 (DVD premiere)
    • South Korea 22 December 2011

    MPAA: Rated R for violence, sexual material, language and drug content



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. psmith1658 from San Diego
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      La Linea is a great film, but it is also a bit of a trick, which mayhurt the film eventually. No doubt that the distributors and theHollywood machine will try to market this film as a topical action filmsnatched right out of the headlines. In actuality, La Linea is aclassic character study of several complex people who converge and/orcollide in the very dangerous city of Tijuana, Mexico.

      Ray Liotta plays a hired assassin (whose paymaster we don't know untilthe end), who heads down in the underbelly of Tijuana to track down athe newly installed head of the Cartel (Esai Morales). The problem isthat Esai Morales' character is trying to move the Cartels businessfrom Cocaine (which, in this story, is approved by the US government),to Afghani Heroin. This decision sets into motion an internal strugglefor control of the crime syndicate, as well as triggers the USgovernment to send in assassins to get rid of the problem.

      Sounds like an action movie for Dolph Lundgren, right? No.Interestingly enough, La Linea is really a multiple character study: Anassassin haunted by guilt. An uber-violent Cartel leader that has to goto confession everyday. The assassins sidekick who is more interestedin local hookers than getting the hit done. A local prostitute andsingle mother who takes a stranger in and cares for him. These are allstory lines that thread through this very dark tail. I did enjoy thefilm, and I would definitely recommend it. My only hope is that thepowers that be market the film for what it is, so that people who arelooking to see a Dolph Lundgren film, don't pick it up and aredisappointed. This is a very well done film, with beautifulcinematography and from what I understand, completely independentlyfinanced. We need more like it.

    2. martin-ortiz from Mexico
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      It is very difficult to give something new to the audience. Speciallywhen talking about such a controversial topics as Drug dealing, mafia,terrorism, cartels Etc.

      Being Mexican myself I looked forward to see how a new director wouldportray this "not to take lightly" topic. The first impression I got asI began to watch the movie was the serious influence of StevenSoderbergh's "Traffic", a fabulous movie which provides an unusualvision of the drug underworld. As the movie continued it was notdifficult to identify some the similarity with some other movies, notonly character wise, but also concerning plot, conflict and evencinematography.

      Shields' character is a weird mix of Denzel's Creasy in Man on fire andPierce Brosnan's hit-man in Matador. Both very well structuredcharacters, but when combined do not have the same effect.

      It is difficult to be bring something new to Drug dealing movies,particularly because everything has pretty much been said about dealingdrugs; so when a director tries to give some extra dramatic flavor, ithas a contradictory effect, It is appealing but not very coherent.

      Check out this movie it is not completely dismissible, specially if youtake into account its independent nature. But do not expect to seeanything worth referring to in the future.

    3. richardwi2001
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      La Linea, like so many "production line" films was so disjointed that Iwant to find a website that is entitled, "What was that movie about?" Iwatched it once and was very confused by all of the characters' names.Who was who? Who was working for/with whom? Who was the woman inShield's (Ray Liotti) dreams/flashbacks?…and on and on.I watched itagain and wrote down the characters' names and a description. When allwas said and done (the end), I still couldn't figure out therelationships between many of the characters. It is my opinion thatHollywood needs to go back to a time when twists and turns and "theplot thickens" is understandable. Why does understanding a film, like"La Linea", have to be so mind boggling? It's always fun to have tothink a bit, but not have to take notes. What was this film about?

    4. ColonelFaulkner
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      I'd never heard of this film at all but snapped it up when I saw thecast and read the back of the jacket. Suffice to say it didn't quitelive up to expectations and once again proved the age old adage of'don't judge a book (or a DVD) by its cover'. Watchable for the mostpart, this is a film that adds up at the end to a little bit less thanthe sum of all its parts. I guessed correctly that the director waspretty new to this game and I must say those behind the scenes didpretty well to secure Liotta, Garcia and Asante for this.

      In a nutshell, when the Taliban attempt to form an alliance with apowerful northern Mexican drug cartel, supplying drugs in exchange forbeing able to use their smuggling network, they attract the attentionof US intelligence agencies and the covert ops heat is brought down onthem (or so it appears). At the same time there's a power struggle forcontrol of the cartel amongst the heirs apparent to the throne. Littleis seen of officialdom and we are instead treated to localoperatives/soldiers of fortune and their controllers south of theborder.

      There is no shortage of violence, tempered by the character of Liotta,a man haunted and tormented by the female victim of a previous hit.Naturally he's seeking some kind of redemption which is nicely andconveniently laid out at the end of the film along with a twist thatmerely serves to undermine much of any credibility previouslyestablished throughout the rest of the film.

      The film is short of dialogue and any real character development,instead relying on visuals and the score to create atmosphere, setscenes and keep the story moving along, Some of the editing and camerawork seems a bit attention deficit disorder orientated as well, withperhaps a time limit of a couple of seconds placed on any one shot. Ididn't find it too much of a problem but I know that it's a majorannoyance for some people.

      This film was let down badly both with the twist ending and theinclusion of a 'Taliban' plot, both of which were unnecessary and Ithought damaging to the credibility of the rest of the film. Not onlythat, but after an hour and a half or so of portraying Tijuana as aseedy sh!th0le full of thugs, thieves, gangsters and hookers, thedirector had the audacity to insert a big 'what a wonderful placeTijuana is and what wonderful people live there' message just at thestart of the closing credits. I thought this summed up the wholeproject quite well, not quite doing what the makers thought they weredoing.

      Worth a look, but not a must see.

    5. ledandreas from Greece
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      Normally I wouldn't’t write anything about this movie. The time I’vealready spent on watching it was way too much. But come on…9.3rating??? It’s kind of intriguing… A some-kind-of-USA-secret-agencyjust spotted some Afghans that they try to deal with the last big drugcartel in Mexico, Tijuana. Are they going to let the deal take placebetween the Mexicans with the “Afghan-terrorists”? Of course not. Forthat they recruited a retired undercover agent to stop them, who inturn recruited two supposedly unstoppable and unmistakable head-huntersto kill the head of the Mexican cartel, who took leadership notactually being part of the Family and is in rivalry with the stepson ofthe Godfather for taking the leadership of the cartel, who Godfather isin his last days dying and a very good friend with the local priest,who take cares of the soul of the not-from-the-Family leader of thecartel. Where was I? Oh, the two head-hunters are messing up the jobbecause a sniper shoots them, who sniper also tries to kill thenot-from-the-family-leader of the cartel but a vision of a woman thathe killed in a previous job haunts him just at the moment he wassupposed to pull the trigger, which woman was killed by him and filledthe sniper with guilt because no one cared about her death. Doesanything of the above make any sense? If not add one whore that takescare of the sniper, one good friend of the sniper who gets killed bythe cartel, also add that the stepson of the godfather is actuallycrying with every line he says, add that the Mexicans speak Spanishlike a Chinese should speak in Greek, also add that the priest turnsout to be the personal Godfather’s killer boy, who Godfather is notactually sick at all but pretends to be, add that both thenot-family-leader and the stepson get killed, also the sniper getskilled and that the Godfather is cooperating with thesome-kind-of-USA-secret-agency mentioned at the beginning. Confusing?Yes. Unanswered questions? Yes. Idiotic plot? Also. Action movie withno action? You guessed right. Good actors acting worse than me? Sad buttrue. The bottom line is that I will give 1.000$ if anyone watches thefilm and makes more sense than these that I have already written.

    6. rlange-3 from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      This movie had a great deal to be excited about, including the settingin TJ, some fine actors who actually turned in excellent performances,a few memorable vignettes that built expectations, and a plot flip latein the movie that was well executed.

      Unfortunately these component parts were hashed together into anagonizingly slow moving hodgepodge world where nothing made much sense.It was difficult to build tension, or even interest as a multiplicityof characters were tossed into the mix without clear purpose or clearconnection to the main storyline, and the storyline itself includedmajor elements that made no sense at all. I don't claim to be the mostobservant person in the world but I spent most of the movie wonderingwhat the heck was happening. What was the relationship between Liottaand Cruz? Why did she take care of him? Why bring a hired gun into yourhome with your little girl and get involved in some kind of fightbetween cartels? Cruz was cast as a big hearted street-wise prostitute,so why would she act so stupidly? And there was no chemistry at allthere, so what's the point? Then we have supposedly highly skilledassassins trying to 'get' one kingpin and they take on about 20 guns ina parking lot — two of them. Really slick. And Liotta, theprofessional's professional suddenly goes rogue and single handedlytakes on a building full of thugs like something out of a Rambo movie.Give me a break. Don't lure us into believing this is some kind of athinker's gang movie, then toss in some silly one man against the mobaction scene.

      It's worth watching for the scenery, the vignettes that work, and someof the acting. But don't get your expectations up too high. There isn'tenough action to make this really exciting, and the ploddingsentimentality of much of the plot is sundered by the absurdity of someof its elements.

    7. rcreekmur from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      This is one of those films that has so many characters in it that it'svery easy to lose track of the plot as people discuss their intricaterelationships and interactions. I enjoyed the film and was engrossed init, but frequently lost due to the many twists and turns. Of coursepart of the appeal is wondering just who is doing what to whom and why,so perhaps this isn't as much of a problem as I'm making it out to be.

      It's a very well-made, well-acted film with a great cast and exotic,frightening location. I doubt it will do much for tourism to Tijuana,but it is a very taut, timely movie that will hold your interest. Thereare a few typical clichés (the hooker with the heart of gold – Mexicanswho speak English to each other even when there are no native Englishspeakers around), but these are kept to a minimum. Ray Liota is one ofthe producers of the film, but it's not "his" movie. In fact, AndyGarcia does a superb job of being quietly creepy and even a bitsympathetic.

      If you're looking for a powerful, somewhat dark drama, The Line fitsthe bill excellently.

    8. Klover70 from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      I was invited to a private screening of "La Linea" here in Los Angeles,but really didn't know what to expect. I have to say though that Ireally thought the film was something special, it reminded why I loveindependent film so much. From the intelligent, refreshing plot,layered and interesting characters,to the beautiful cinematography(reminiscent of Traffic, Man on Fire, etc). I also thought the musicwas really cool in the film (will have to check out who did it). I justthink La Linea delivered on all fronts, and truly deserves all theaccolades and attention I feel it will receive.

      Im looking forward to seeing it again when it comes out.

    9. ajs-10 from United Kingdom
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      On the face of it this looks quite good, an interweaving plot involvingdrug smugglers, a bounty hunter, the CIA and some terrorists.Unfortunately it didn't live up to its potential. But more of thatlater, here's a bit about this complicated plot first, without givingtoo much away. It is modern times and the location is the Mexicanborder town of Tijuana.

      Mark Shields is a bounty hunter, he has been employed by… well let'ssay by parties as yet unknown, to kill the current leader of a drugsmuggling ring, Pelon. The previous leader, Javier Salazar, is very illand has brought Pelon in to oversee his business much to the disgust ofhis son, known as Diablo. To help him, Mark has employed Wire, anotherAmerican. The American authorities are also looking into the smugglersactivities, especially since they have word that they are about to do adeal with some Afghani poppy 'farmers' to get their product into theUnited States. The route they use is known as 'The Line' of the title.Mark is haunted by visions of a woman from his past and, at times, heloses grip on reality. He is befriended by Olivia, who takes him inafter he is mugged. But he still has a job to do… I won't say any more,I think that's enough for now.

      Quite a well made film which gave you a good flavour of life on theseedier side of the streets of Tijuana. Quite a slow deliberate pacethat, I felt, didn't really help the telling of the story. Having saidthat, decent performances, with Ray Liotta as Mark Shields and ValerieCruz as Olivia standing out for me. Honourable mentions also go to;Andy Garcia as Javier Salazar, Esai Morales as Pelon, Armand Assante asPadre Antonio, Jordi Vilasuso as Diablo and Kevin Gage as Wire.

      At the end of the day I felt this wasn't a great movie, the slow paceand the over-complicated plot made for a bit of a damp squib. There isa neat twist at the end, but by then I had stopped really caring. Theplot centred too much on the bad guys which I found a little offputting because I really couldn't engage with them. Over all, not greatand not recommended.

      My score: 4.6/10

    10. jimmyiowa from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 10:40 am

      Wow, it's getting to where I really can't trust IMDb ratings to decidewhat to watch anymore. This movie is underrated. I suspect many peoplewho rated it low, wanted more explosions and car chases. This is not anaction film. It is a subtle yet intense look at how a person can beextremely tough yet so very vulnerable at the same time. There are nofeel good characters. No role model action heroes. No clear cut linesbetween good and bad.

      Other reviewers have noted that it was confusing. Admittedly the scriptwas confusing at first. It wasn't clear who was motivated by what, andwhat flashbacks meant what to whom. But about halfway through the filmit starts to come together beautifully and continues to do so to theinteresting and somewhat moving end. If you stop waiting for thegratuitous action scenes which never happen, and just watch the story,it works well. Yes, some plot points seem a little unrealistic, butthat's why I put the story at only a 7.

      While the story is good, the acting is all around superb. I have neverbeen the biggest Liotta fan. He's good, but like a lot of tough guycharacter actors, sometimes his tough guy persona crosses the line intobluffery in my opinion. Not here. He was near perfect. Almost everyonewas, including minor characters played by people I have never heard of.No fake looking bluffery, nothing overdone. I would give this a 7 forstory and direction, but the acting puts it up to 8.

      Also, the music was as wonderfully chosen as the actors. There was apoint in the middle of the movie where one character began to cry. Wearen't shown explicitly why, no details, but we are shown enough tounderstand and fill in her story for ourselves. I found that one scene,with the song from Melody Gardot, particularly beautiful.

      In a nutshell, I would describe this as a smoulderingly intense drama.If you are looking for an action thriller you will be disappointed.

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