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Grand Piano (2013)

  • Rate: 6.0/10 total 1,937 votes 
  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 25 October 2013 (Spain)
  • Runtime: 90 min
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Grand Piano (2013)


Grand Piano 2013tt2039345.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Grand Piano (2013)
  • Rate: 6.0/10 total 1,937 votes 
  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 25 October 2013 (Spain)
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Filming Location: Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Gross: $2,964 (USA) (7 March 2014)
  • Director: Eugenio Mira
  • Stars: Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Kerry Bishé | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Víctor Reyes   
  • Soundtrack: Motherless Child
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Stage Fright | Composer | Piano | Murder | Heist

Writing Credits By:

  • Damien Chazelle (written by)

Known Trivia

    Plot: Moments before his comeback performance, a concert pianist who suffers from stage fright discovers a note written on his music sheet. |  »

    Story: Moments before his comeback performance, a concert pianist who suffers from stage fright discovers a note written on his music sheet.

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Gabriel Arias-Salgado known as associate producer
    • Rodrigo Cortés known as producer
    • Alex Corven Caronia known as line producer
    • Mercedes Gamero known as executive producer
    • Adrián Guerra known as producer
    • Axel Kuschevatzky known as associate producer
    • Mikel Lejarza known as executive producer
    • Miguel Nadal known as associate producer
    • Myles Nestel known as executive producer
    • Nicolás Tapia known as line producer (as Nico Tapia)
    • Núria Valls known as executive producer
    • César Vargas known as associate producer
    • Lisa Wilson known as executive producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Elijah Wood known as Tom Selznick
    • John Cusack known as Clem
    • Kerry Bishé known as Emma Selznick
    • Tamsin Egerton known as Ashley
    • Allen Leech known as Wayne
    • Don McManus known as Reisinger
    • Alex Winter known as Assistant
    • Ricardo Alexander known as Executive (as Richard A. Newby)
    • Dee Wallace known as Marjorie Green
    • Jim Arnold known as Janitor
    • Jack Taylor known as Patrick Godureaux
    • Beth Trollan known as Emma's Publicist
    • Rachel Arieff
    • Angie Arieu known as Emma's admirer
    • Chris Bobrowski known as Chaz – The Lords of Uifam band member
    • Julius Cotter known as Insurance Agent
    • Stephanie Garvin known as Theatre Guest
    • Eric Goode known as Tom's Chauffeur (as Eric L. Goode)
    • Harris Gordon
    • John Hugill known as Gaffer
    • Christopher Kahler known as Squinchy – The Lords of Uifam band member
    • Don Kress
    • Brian Lehane known as Mover
    • Joe Lewis known as Double Bassist
    • Mino Mackic known as Theater Security
    • Jose Mellinas known as Bystander
    • Andrew Moczarnik known as Axe – The Lords of Uifam band member
    • Brendan Murphy known as Mover#1
    • Benjamin Nathan-Serio known as Usher
    • Nuria Pascual-Andujar known as Emma's Friend #2
    • Jeff Sealy known as Snake – The Lords of Uifam band member
    • Vince Tolentino known as Taxi Driver
    • Joshua Zamrycki known as Crew Member
    • Roberta Chung known as Pedestrian (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Ana López Puigcerver known as makeup designer
    • Belén López Puigcerver known as hair designer
    • Carolina Madera known as assistant makeup artist
    • Natalia Montoya known as assistant makeup artist
    • Irene Navarro known as assistant hair stylist

    Art Department:

    • Pau Albin known as set dresser
    • Joxean Goya known as set dresser
    • Montse Soler known as property master




    Production Companies:

    • Nostromo Pictures
    • Antena 3 Films (in association with)
    • Telefónica Producciones
    • Grand Piano Productions
    • Nostromo Canarias 1 AIE

    Other Companies:

    • Cohen & Gardner  production legal
    • Cutting Edge Group  music services by
    • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix
    • Stone Management  product placement


    • Magnet Releasing (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Shaw Organisation (2014) (Singapore) (theatrical)
    • Showgate (2014) (Japan) (theatrical)
    • Viva Films (2014) (Philippines) (theatrical)
    • Eagle Films (2012) (Non-USA) (all media) (middle east)
    • Luminor (2014) (France) (DVD)
    • Magnolia Home Entertainment (2014) (USA) (DVD)
    • Solution Entertainment Group (2012) (Non-USA) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Visual Effects by:
    • Llorenç Borràs known as visual effects artist
    • Jacob Carmona known as visual effects artist
    • Kepa Casado known as cg supervisor
    • Jonatan Catalan known as visual effects artist
    • Txetxu de la Portilla known as junior compositor
    • Carlos de la Sotilla known as digital compositor
    • Carlos de la Sotilla known as visual effects assistant
    • Yusef El Khadir known as matchmove artist
    • Roberto García known as digital compositor
    • Eduard Puertas known as digital compositor (as Edu Puertas)
    • Carolina Salvador Simon known as digital compositor
    • Roger Serrabassa Vilar known as digital compositor
    • David Vico López known as digital compositor
    • Àlex Villagrasa known as visual effects supervisor

    MPAA: Rated R for some language



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. markhopski from Spain
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      My wife and I just saw this at the Sitges Festival and wereunfortunately very disappointed in the movie. Elijah Wood is the focalpoint of the film and frankly, the script nor his ability were able tocarry the movie to an even reasonable level of interest for us (letalone tension, suspense or anything near the edge of the seat). Acritic stated this is Speed but with a piano. I say it is Speed at therelative pace of a piano. This really comes down to the story at handand can a single scene movie keep someone interested to the point ofbeing called a thriller? I really do not believe so and especially feelthat way after seeing the film. The movie was just flat out boring.Very disappointing start to the SFF.

    2. reev0 from United Kingdom
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      A film that has clearly started with a high concept – like Speed butplaying a piano rather than driving a bus – and the plot has beenfitted round that. Having started from that fairly ludicrous premise,you might hope that the film would either embrace it and not takeitself seriously, or find clever twists to add. Unfortunately it doesneither. It's short enough to avoid being boring, and competently shotand acted, but really has very little to offer.

      It's hard to think of the target audience for this – a run of the millthriller based around classical music? – and I am mystified by itsinclusion at the London Film Festival.

    3. David Mustard from Amsterdam, Netherlands
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      I kept on expecting something to happen. It didn't. The plot was thinto the point of idiot transparency. The build-up was muddled and didn'thave a great deal to offer. You just couldn't understand why this maincharacter was actually going to all the bother of performing again.

      And coincidentally he didn't. The plot just didn't develop. It startedwith the basic bones of the film story and just stuck there. No greatsuspense moments, no breath-holding divulgences, no way was theaudience anxious for any of the characters' safety. It just deadlinedinto nothingness.

      The final denouement (read the threatened consequence of the film) hadno purpose either. The resulting closure of the film happened as if thedirector, writer and financiers had become bored with it as well andthe plug was pulled firmly.

      I say don't bother unless you are a die-hard masochist. Shame, but Mr.Wood is better in a hairy costume, hooves and a tail. He doesn'tdeliver and my favourite in the whole entire cast was the Piano itself.

      Even The Piano looked embarrassed.

    4. Chris Tazz from South Africa
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      "Grand Piano" has a certain resemblance to "Phonebooth".

      1 selected victim, 1 anonymous perpetrator, 1 hostage.

      It's a solid thriller and contains some very nice cinematography andset design, however, the end was not satisfying enough. It left toomany questions open. It was meant to be left open, yet didn't comeacross that well.

      Elijah Wood's scared performance (and his gazing blue eyes) weredefinitely an asset to the movie. John Cusack on the other hand wasquite the disappointment.

      Still, worth a watch.

    5. dickhappee
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      Really good movie, it deserves a better rating than a 6, my ten is tobump it up. From a literal frame of reference, some of it isunbelievable, like how he is talking and texting while playing the mostdifficult piano piece in the world….but I think people are missingthe real beauty of this piece (movie). The movie itself is like a pieceof music, rising and falling with a continual rise to the crescendo.All of this action and suspense/tension could very well have beentaking place in the mind of the main character. You sense from the verystart how neurotic and anxious he is about his career and hisscrew-ups. The way the movie unfolds make you feel like you are insidethe mind of the pianist as he is playing the most difficult piece ofmusic in the world. So the director NAILED it, if that was his intent.People don't see the underlying meaning to things, or how art can be ametaphor, for the human mind. Finally, throughout the starting about 5people tell him to BREAK A LEG…haha. When he ends up falling andactually breaking his leg, I had totally forgot about that buildup, andit was genuinely GENIUS. A perfect ending to this intelligent thriller.

    6. zif ofoz from United States
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      Suspenseful? — not so much. But you will want to watch to the endbecause there is just enough happening to keep your attention.

      This is an odd little movie with Wood playing a rather nervous pianistabout to perform one of the most complex and challenging musiccompositions ever written. Then he discovers his life is on the line.

      My problem was the constant running off and on stage during theperformance because he appears to suffer more from a bowel or bladderissue. He is constantly up and down and running around throughout theconcert but always back — just in time for his piano playing! It gotfunny after awhile.

      The set is pleasing and there aren't many surprises in the plot … butwatch to the very end because something happens!

    7. zhihanglow from Malaysia
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      I saw this at the BFI London Film Festival last month, it was great!

      I'm not going to go into much detail about the plot, it's basically TomSelznick (Elijah Wood), a classical pianist, being threatened by asniper (John Cusack) who is in the theatre while he's performing. It'soutlandish, but handled well.

      Grand Piano is a thrill ride, it's fast-paced, stylish, hasover-the-top scenes, is anchored by a great central performance by Woodand a strong direction from Eugenio Mira. The movie is mostly in realtime and happens while Wood's character is playing the piano. The plotshave twists and turns and it's just a very fun and entertaining movieto watch.

      Now this was screened at the festival under the "Cult" category and Ithink it fits well into it. This movie has it's HOLY SH*T moments. It'svery much a director's movie and clearly Mira had his own vision incrafting the film.

      Eugenio Mira introduced the film and stayed after for a Q&A session.He's a very humble and humorous guy. I'm sure that if the script fellinto the wrong director's hands it would not have turned out thisgreat, I hope it gets a release here so I can watch it again!

    8. 3xHCCH from Quezon City, Philippines
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      Tom Selznick is an acclaimed concert pianist. However, after messing upa key performance, he withdrew from the public eye. He agreed toperform again at a concert-tribute to his departed mentor. But as hebegan to play, he noted a threat written on his sheet music. He shouldplay perfectly to the note, or his wife will die.

      Elijah Wood plays Tom with his trademark wide-eyed style of acting.This film is practically a one-man show for Wood as all the focus wason him as he played for his wife's life while trying to psych out hisunseen adversary. The constant look of fear on his face made this filmwork. For a non-piano player like myself, Wood's piano playing lookedwonderfully realistic.

      The villain was played by John Cusack, whom we only hear for the mostpart as his chilling voice dictated what his captive should do. Cusacksucceeds to convey that sinister feel by his vocal inflections alone.We only see his face for a brief while towards the end which washonestly a bit anti-climactic.

      The glamorous Kelly Bishe plays Tom's wife Emma, a celebrated actresswho organized Tom's comeback event. Too bad, there really was not muchfor her to do here. I have to say though that I loved her hauntingvocal solo (if that was actually her singing).

      Actually the whole situation was impossible. While Tom was passionatelyplaying complicated pieces, he was in constant communication with hishostage-taker via an earpiece. During certain movements in theconcerto, Tom was actually able to run off the stage to go to thedressing room to investigate. He can even text while playing piano!

      I don't really know what kind of superhuman ability Tom has to keep onplaying perfectly while all of this stressful things were swirlingaround him. If you are able to suspend your disbelief in the incrediblyimprobable flow of events unfolding on the screen, you will get drawninto the excitement and tension of it all.

      This film is not very long, only an hour and twenty minutes. The wholesituation was bordering on the absurd, yet the way director EugenioMira staged it, urgent suspense still prevailed. The cinematography waslush. The editing was well done. The music was otherworldly in itsbeauty.

      I enjoyed it. The middle section really had me on the edge of my seat.The concluding act was rather over-the-top, but overall this was a neatthriller that is worth to check out. 6/10.

    9. moviefansme from United States
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      "Phone Booth" (2002) on a concert stage, "Speed" (1994) on a piano,this is the type of suspense thriller where the antagonist tells theprotagonist "Do what I say or die" and so that's just what our herodoes. I find that premise implausible; why not just refuse? In thismovie, the premise is ultimately justified with an intriguing–ifagain, implausible–explanation. Meantime, the plot fits the premise,where our hero jumps through the unseen villain's hoops while lookingfor opportunities to cheat and ultimately a way out.

      The technical challenges in making this film must've been significant.It features a lot of symphony music that is probably an original score,so someone had to write it and an orchestra had to play it. Elijah Wooddid look like he was playing the piano passionately and furiously,which must require a mix of convincing acting, strategic use of a bodydouble with piano skills, and perhaps CGI for his hands.

      Story-wise, our hero shows a lot more tension than the audience feels.The movie seems to have been sponsored by a certain cellphone maker asthe characters keep turning to technology with prominent productplacement to advance the plot.

      A story is made or broken by its ending. This one's beginning makes itlook like the whole plot may be about little more than facing (andovercoming?) stage fright, so it's a welcome relief when the antagonistfinally shows up. While the movie's climax is rather inevitable, theending does a nice job of wrapping up the story and is one of the beststaged parts of the film.

    10. MovieLord23 from San Antonio
      12 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      Grand Piano can easily be described as Phone Booth in a concert withsome speed thrown in for good measure. It goes for the enclosed raceagainst time plot line to deliver its thrills and it succeeds somewhatthanks to a game Elijah Wood and some good direction.

      Good: Elijah Wood plays a competent hero here. He's understandably onedge, but he's resourceful enough to not make him totally incompetent.Wood does good in raising the stakes. the direction is the highlightwith the movie moving at a tight pace with plenty of cool camera anglesand use of colors.

      Bad: It does fall apart later on when the perpetrator is revealed andthe motive is brought to light which seems like a lot of unnecessarywork for the end result. The wife character seems like padding muchlike two friends that are just dumb comic relief.

      Overall, it's a competent movie. There's enough thrills to make itentertaining, but it lacks real suspense and a strong ending to matchthe premise.

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