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Golmaal Returns (2008)

  • Rate: 4.6/10 total 1,541 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date: 29 October 2008 (India)
  • Runtime: 135 min
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Golmaal Returns (2008)


Golmaal Returns 2008tt1092005.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Golmaal Returns (2008)
  • Rate: 4.6/10 total 1,541 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date: 29 October 2008 (India)
  • Runtime: 135 min
  • Filming Location: Goa, India
  • Gross: £192,842(UK)(2 November 2008)
  • Director: Rohit Shetty
  • Stars: Amrita Arora, Leigh Barwell and Robin Bhatt
  • Original Music By: Pritam Chakraborty  (as Pritam) 
  • Soundtrack: Tu Saala
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Police Officer | Mute | Sequel | Spoof | Beach

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Indie  lyrics
  • Rumi Jaffery  writer
  • Ashiesh Pandit  lyrics
  • Yunus Sajawal  screenplay (as Yunus Sejawal)
  • Sameer  lyrics
  • Neeraj Shridhar  lyrics
  • Neeraj Vora  dialogue

Known Trivia

    Goofs: Revealing mistakes: The murder victim's eyes are blinking when he is shown as dead in the ambulance.

    Plot: Obsessed with day-time TV soaps, Ekta Santoshi starts suspecting her husband, Gopal, of having an affair with an unknown woman… See more » |  »

    Story: Obsessed with day-time TV soaps, Ekta Santoshi starts suspecting her husband, Gopal, of having an affair with an unknown woman. Not satisfied with his explanations, she decides to investigate, setting off a chain of hilarious events. These involve her dumb brother/hair-stylist, Lucky; her sister-in-law, Esha, who loves ACP Madhav Singh Ghai; two individuals both named Anthony Gonsalves; amongst many others that result in a hapless Gopal's arrest for the homicide of his co-worker, Subodh Mehra.Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)  

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Dhilin Mehta known as producer
    • Kulthep Narula known as line producer: Thailand

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Amrita Arora known as Esha Santoshi
    • Leigh Barwell known as Drowning lady
    • Robin Bhatt
    • Ajay Devgn known as Gopal Kumar Santoshi
    • Vrajesh Hirjee known as Anthony Gonsalves / Atmaram
    • Siddharth Jadhav
    • Celina Jaitly known as Mira Nair (as Celina Jaitley)
    • Kareena Kapoor known as Ekta G. Santoshi
    • Ram Kapoor known as Jai Walia
    • Tusshar Kapoor known as Lucky
    • Ashwini Khalsekar known as Munni / Mira Nair
    • Sanjay Mishra known as Subodh Mehra
    • Ashish R. Mohan known as Hiren
    • Sharat Saxena known as Babloo Paschisia
    • Murli Sharma known as Sawant, MD of Golden Fisheries
    • Upasna Singh known as Lucky's customer
    • Anjana Sukhani known as Daisy B. Paschisia
    • Shreyas Talpade known as Laxman Prasad Apte / Anthony Gonsalves
    • Rakhee Tandon known as Julie Gonsalves (as Rakhi Tandon)
    • Mukesh Tiwari known as Vasuli
    • Sherveer Vakil
    • Arshad Warsi known as ACP Madhav Singh Ghai




    Production Companies:

    • Indian Films
    • Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision (as Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Limited)

    Other Companies:

    • Benetone Films  production services: Thailand


    • PVR Pictures (2008) (India) (theatrical)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Pixion

    Visual Effects by:

    • Shruti Banta known as digital compositor
    • Sudeepto Bose known as lead visual effects artist
    • Devrishi Chatterjee known as digital compositor
    • Ritu Chaurasia known as digital compositor
    • Jayesh Chavan known as visual effects artist
    • Nishit Dayal known as visual effects
    • Sarang Deshpande known as lead digital compositor
    • Chetan Gaur known as digital compositor
    • Avinash Gupta known as digital compositor
    • Ilamuruguselvan known as visual effects artist
    • Pankaj Kalbende known as digital compositor
    • Sunil Kamath known as digital intermediate conformist
    • Rohit Karkera known as digital intermediate conformist
    • Himanshu Khurana known as visual effects artist
    • Shashi Kiran known as lighting artist
    • Anup Kumar known as digital compositor
    • Kumaran known as digital compositor
    • Denny L. Laloo known as digital intermediate line producer
    • Vinod Mannem known as digital compositor
    • Arun Mendon known as digital compositor
    • Sanjiv Naik known as digital compositor
    • Paul Naveen known as visual effects supervisor
    • Dayal Nishit known as visual effects
    • Ranen Nongmaithem known as compositor
    • Hanuman Patel known as digital compositor
    • Uppu Pavanrajesh known as lead visual effects artist
    • Ranadheer Reddy known as visual effects
    • Kaushal Shah known as digital compositor
    • Qaish Shaikh known as digital film scanning
    • Naveen Shukla known as digital compositor
    • Naveen Shukla known as matte painter
    • Ashwin Singh known as digital compositor
    • Gaurvendra Singh known as digital compositor
    • Balakrishna P. Subaiah known as digital compositor
    • Suchita Suryamurty known as visual effects coordinator
    • Ashok Uchil known as digital compositor
    • Joginder Singh Varna known as digtial compositor
    • Joginder Singh Varna known as main title design
    • Joginder Singh Varna known as online artist
    • Joginder Singh Varna known as titles designer

    Release Date:

    • India 29 October 2008
    • Ireland 29 October 2008
    • Pakistan 29 October 2008
    • UK 29 October 2008
    • Kuwait 6 November 2008



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. springsunnywinter from United Kingdom
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      I just don't know that why everyone hates this movie so much becauseit's a million times better than the recent rubbish comedies thatlacked a single decent joke and had no story like Singh is Kinng &Dostana. Golmaal Returns surpassed the original and was so painfullyfunny that I had a sore stomach.

      The story of the film is about Gopal (Ajay Devgan), who lives with hiswife Ekta (Kareena Kapoor), sister Esha (Amrita Arora) and a dumbbrother-in-law Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), gets stuck in a yacht one nightafter he saves an attractive young woman Meera (Celina Jaitley) fromthe dreaded goons, while on his way back home from office. Due to thecircumstances, both of them stay back on the yacht.

      When he arrives home the next day, his over suspicious wife Ekta, ahard core saas-bahu serial's fan, suspects him of flirting around withhis female employees. Gopal thinks that it's difficult to convince herby telling her about the incident that actually took place the priornight and hence, he invents a story about spending the night with afictitious friend named Anthony Gonsalves. Ekta does not believe hisstory as she knows that he never had a friend by that name, and hence,she decides to write to Anthony to come and visit her.

      Gopal then convinces one of his juniors, Laxman (Shreyas Talpade) whois Meera's boyfriend, to pretend like Anthony, and thus convince Ektathat he was indeed telling the truth. Laxman agrees to do so, andeverything goes according to plan until the address on which Ekta hadwritten a letter to Anthony turns out to be real. Meanwhile, Gopalfinds out that a dead body was found at the same location where hesaved Meera from the goons. The Investigating Officer Madhav (ArshadWarsi), who also happens to be Esha's boyfriend, does not get alongwell with Gopal. He finds out that Gopal was missing from his home thatvery night and that the dead person was Gopal's colleague and Gopal hadthreatened to kill him over a spat. Madhav also finds out that Lakshmanis not the real Anthony. He asks Gopal to get Meera to the policestation to prove that Gopal had been with her, not murdering hisemployee. In panic, his friends hire a woman called Munni who needsmoney to get her boyfriend Vasuli (A character from the previousGolmaal) out of jail. But Munni is kidnapped by the murderer.

      In a rage, Vasuli comes to Gopal's house, where Gopal, Lakshman andLucky learn the woman was none other than Meera. After an initialshock, they decide to go to the police station. However, Vasuli kidnapsMeera in anger, and they follow him, along Madhav, Esha and Ekta. Gopallearns that this was a plot concocted by his employer to frame him forthe murder. Through a series of comic events, Ekta gets back with Gopaland they have their happy ending.

      The music is also really good and the best song is Tha Karke and it isprobably the most expensive song in the history of Bollywood with abudget of 10 crore. Overall Golmaal Returns is simply the comedy of theyear and is one of the only films that made me laugh after a long timeprobably after The Simpsons Movie.

    2. kavismita from United Kingdom
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      Leave your brain at home and have a blast. This is what we call anentertainment. Just go and watch this film with your friends and have agreat time together. This is what escapist fare means for ordinarypeople.Trust your instinct and enjoy this ride. Golmaal returns withits sequel Golmaal Returns. From its promos, it turned out to be moviewhich I was looking forward to watch. In fact gags shown on promos wereall so good that I wondered if they had left any gag for us to watch inmovie or not! Since movie is sequel of 2006 Golmaal which was alaughing riot, so this movie i.e. its sequel had to lot of expectationprior to watch. It is advertised at better than Golmaal, so obviously Iwas expecting more and it did turn our pretty nice.

      The star cast of the movie now includes more name like Kareena Kapoor,Amrita Arora, Celilna Jetley and now famous comedy guy Shreyas Talpade.So how much this movie succeeded on expectations. Well, talking aboutthe performance of movie, movie is great to watch and you will enjoy itthroughout but hilarious ride is not consistent and this is the biggestlet down of the movie. Most probably, bad script is what we can callthe culprit.But did i say to leave your brains at home?

      The movie has enough twists to make it fun to watch, Ajay Devegan asGopal has a wife Ekta (Kareena Kapoor)who finds everything suspicious.Incidentally one day while trying to save a woman named Meera (Playedby Celina Jetely) from some violent stuff he ended up spending a wholenight on a yacht along with Meera. Now next day when he get back to hishome, he has to answer his wife Ekta but he can't tell the truth as herwife will take it otherwise. So he ended up making a fake story that hespent a night with his old time (fake) friend Anthony. She is notconvinced and she ask him to call his friend to visit home. To make upthe things, Gopal convinces one of his work place guy to play Anthonybut meanwhile Ekta is able to contact a real person on the fake addressGopal told her for Anthony. To make things worst, it is found that theat place where Gopal spent night police had recovered a dead body.

    3. bobbysing from India
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      Rohit Shetty, chooses to remake an old bollywood comedy in the form ofhis "Golmaal Returns". The story is heavily based on an under-rated,1973 released, Bollywood comedy called "Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar" featuringKiran Kumar, Radha Saluja, I. S. Johar & Asrani. In fact Asrani alsogot a Filmfare Award for his performance as "Champak Bhumiya".

      The plot revolves around a suspicious wife (Kareena) and her husband(Ajay Devgan). To explain, why he was out of the house a whole night,Ajay makes up a story and then it goes on & on creating newdifficulties for him. Actually Ajay was stuck while saving CelinaJaitely from some bad elements and had to spend a night in a friend'splace with her. However in the original movie, the real happening wasmore innovative, where the hero gets stuck on a giant wheel (in anamusement park) whole night with a young girl, due to power failure.

      So the idea of first main scene, borrowed, was not adapted well.Feeling a low, I still had expectations from the movie as it wasprogressing, but coudn't find much to laugh and enjoy since the plotwas not new for me. Rohit, the director, could not create the same oldmagic, which was there in his first part. The film goes on & on with nostrong storyline up and makes un-impactful attempts to make you laugh.

      The two people who give some scenes to enjoy are Tushar & Shreyas.Tushar still shows the magic in his funny language and Shreyas displayshis great talent for comedies again. Ajay Devgan was OK in his partwith no support from Arshad Warsi. In simple words, Arshad is wasted inan underwritten role and has got nothing to show. Kareena plays therole of a suspicious wife in a good way, but the role was not meant forher and it looks like she was added to the cast only for morecommercial values. Celina Jailtely, Amrita Arora & Anjana Sukhani, allare simply there to fill up the screen space with nothing reallywritten for them in the script.

      Instead of an original "Champak Bhumiya" (in Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar), thistime we have "Anthony Gonsalves" as the imaginary character who turnsout to be existing live. The name and the act done by the comedian is agreat let down if compared to the original source. Whereas in the firstpart "Golmaal", there are rarely scenes that make you bore, here inthis sequel you find it tough to find the scenes you can enjoy with agreat laughter. So it is not a well made sequel, quality wise. Thoughit has a more glossier star-cast this time. As usual, songs are justthrown away in unwanted places just to give you break for your snacks.And moreover no particular song registers itself in your mind.

      The climax is the most annoying part and is quite similar to like youhave earlier seen in many "Priyadarshan" comedies. Where the entirestar cast comes together on the screen and tries to generate laughterindulging themselves in some funny sequences. But here it fails tocreate a similar impact. So in all, the movie fails to keep the promiseits name suggested, "Golmaal Returns".

      However, like the current trend, if the film-makers are only interestedto get a good initial in the first 3-4 days and don't care about whathappens to the film later on, then "Golmaal Returns" may give them backtheir money. But quality cinema is no where in the frame here.

    4. silvan-desouza from India
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      Oh man!!!!!!Seems like the sequels are going overboard with the successof PHIR HERA PHERI, KRISSH, DHOOM 2 But this film thankfully didn'tbecome a big hit The film is nothing but actually a typical senselessbrainless comedy Actually nowadays it's become a formula for a hitcomedy: It should have 4 actors It should have some heroines who getsome scope here and there it should have senseless running around jokesIt should have jokes on other actors and films oh damn This film hasall this in excess The film is a copy of AAJ KI TAAZA KHABBAR(1973), Afilm i came to know only when i read about it on the newspapers andreviews after this film released The film is just boring sadly, none ofthe jokes made me laugh mostly there are some funny ones like Ajaychanging channels of the TV and then some more But mostly the film hasc grade type of jokes already done to death What with, Tusshar andShreyas doing a tom and jerry type cartoon comedy in their first scenetogether The story is non existent, comedy is unbearable and not evenfunny mostly Many scenes are just unwanted and the much hyped THA KARKE comes across as stupid and forced

      he climax is one of the worst climaxes of all time, actually takes thefilm to the death completely

      Rohit Shetty should get off his comedies and try something better Musicis okay, luckily only 1 song in the screenplay

      Performances Ajay Devgan doesn't overact, and does well in some scenesbut his role is hardly that great, for him Shreyas Talpade is quitefunny at places, especially in the scene where he acts like a girl

      Tusshar repeats his GOLMAAL act with even more weird noises ArshadWarsi seems to have just seen a DVD of a Marathi comedy film, or somesouth comedy and overacts and hams so badly it hurts Vrajesh Hirjee isboring Kareena is unbearable, she doesn't impress Amrita Arora andAnjana are as good as not there Murli Sharma just repeats his earlieract Sanjay Mishra is typecast, while Celina Jaitley has her moments

    5. Vinit Menon from India
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      I had expected a lot from this movie seeing the casting and previousrecord of Golmaal. But have to admit this is not up to the mark.Kareena, Tushar does a lot of over acting. A lot of Daily Soap stuffwhich I did not like. Predictable story line. A bit of Adult Humour.

      Dressing style of Tushar is not to the mark. Moreover this is the FirstSpoof Movie of Bollywood with some spoofing of Tashan, Black, Sawariyaa bit action copied from Hollywood Movie "Wanted". A slow story but nottoo much slow. Keeps u occupied till end. A complete time pass movie.Would suggest u all to go and watch it in morning show just to save fewbucks..

      No twists like we saw in first part..

      Ending is quite predictable with complete Bollywood stuff of happyending.

    6. checkin24 from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      This is an excellent example of comedy movie for bollywood's pathetic,brainless comedy filmmakers.

      Certainly Golmal Returns is very up-scale in bollywood comedy, a REALcomedy in recent days. It was really funny, and entertaining with agood repeat value. It took great effort from every aspect of filmmaking, right from actors to screenplay, direction, carefully crafteddialogs with great timing, and sound effects. Ajay, Shreyas, Tushar,Karina did a wonderful job.

      There are many so called "comedy movies" made in bollywood having bigstar line like Salman Khan, Akki, Govinda and recent new comers. Theythink we viewers are stupid and they can through any BS at us. Wherethe only good thing in the movie is their expensive star line andeverything else is from gutter, no sense in the story/script, nodirection, no dialogs, the "monkey comedy".

      Anybody who wants to produce a comedy movie in bollywood should learnfrom Golmal Returns. 10 out of 10.

    7. cybersupam from Bangalore
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      Golmaal Returns is back again with full of entertainment and enjoyment.I had to clear at first that Golmaal was not in my comedy hit listsince I didn't really like it although it was positively received. Tome it was a damn senseless and boring story, also performances were notdeeply committed by the actors.

      But this second version of Golmaal is quiet hilarious and hope it canbe one of the best comedies of 2008. The most noticeable case withdirector Rohit is that he mostly repeats his favourite cast in hisevery movie. That includes – Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Mukesh Tiwari,Sanjay Mishra etc. This time he made a bit masala of suspense andaction than Golmaal but comedy is still his favourite subject. Thescreenplay and dialogues are really impressive, which ignite toconcentrate on the story. The new additions to this series are ShreyasTalpade, Anju Shuklani and Amrita Arora who were not in Golmaal. ButShreyas strongly proved that he is not less than Sharman who wasoriginally casted as Laxman Prasad in the first version. Thisdifference of casting was also handled differently by the director in the story where Gopal (Ajay) meets Laxman (Shreyas) and asks his name,when after learning he replied there was also another Laxman Prasad whopassed away. He takes out the picture of Sharman and shows to Shreyas.

      Arshad Warsi as inspector Madhav also performed superbly better thanGolmaal, where as Tusshar is the best in his role as a deaf but trueromantic barber. And as Gopal done by Ajay Devgan, I had to say this isone of his best comedian parts he has offered in his career. Heimproved a lot after his previous comedies like Pyar To Hona Hi Tha,Ishq, Sunday, Hum Kisise Kum Nahin or Golmaal.

      There is no doubt that Golmaal Returns is a clean and fresh moviewithout any dark side. This made the movie to be successful withmajority of audiences.

    8. shrinivas_venkatesh from India
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      Pros:1.Great performances by Shreyas and Tushar. Tushar brings a smileon your face with his antics. 2.Crisp dialogues are a highlight of thisfilm. 3.Ajay Devgan essays his role very well. 4.On the whole, veryfunny film. Cons:1.A very weak script spoils the film. 2.Film isdragged in the second half. 3.Some characters are unnecessary. 4.ArshadWarsi is wasted. 5.Music is one dimensional. Verdict: Overall, it is anentertaining film to say the least. However, some poor editing and badscript writing are blemishes on the film. To cut a long story short, GRis NOT a worthy sequel to Golmaal-1. You can watch it, if pure humourand baseless entertainment is your cup of tea.

    9. Shariq Khan from Canada
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      This movie is so stupid that it's funny.I was expecting this movie tobe like golmaal-fun unlimited but what I got was all comedy showswrapped into one.I had a blast with this movie.The jokes areclassic.The story lacks some stuff but with the funny chaos going inthe movie you have to love it.The music is average with tha kar ke andthe title song being the favorite.Performances of Ajay,Shreyas,Tussharand Arshad are superb.Although Arshad doesn't get a lot ofscope.Kareena is the best of the girls.Celina and Amrita are strictlyokay.The rest of the cast is good. In conclusion leave your brain athome and have a blast.Golmaal Returns does return and is bigger andbetter.

    10. Apurv Nagpal from India
      30 Mar 2012, 11:50 pm

      The rating is so high just because they made me laugh – a lot ! Itsasinine for most parts, there are a lot of PJ's thrown in, the plot hasmore holes than my socks and it drags a bit towards the end. Yet itmanages to entertain, crack enough good ones, poke enough fun at theproducers, Saawariya or Balaji films to keep us in a state of mildamusement throughout with several sharp upwards spikes in the middle.Thankfully, they chose to abandon the earlier storyline and most of thecharacters – keeping just a few (I thought the first Golmaal wasterrible) so you can peacefully watch it without being at a loss.

      Ajay Devgan is married to Kareena, named Ekta in the film just to allowsome merciless leg pulling of Ekta Kapoor and her inane serials. Theylive with their siblings, Kareena's brother Tusshar (who's mute) andAjay's sister, Amrita Arora. Kareena always suspects Ajay of havingaffairs and so one night when he doesn't return as he was rescuingdamsel in distress, he prefers to lie rather than risk the truth. Thatlie leads to a lot of complications, some of which involve, ArshadWarsi as the cop who doesn't like Ajay but is in love with his sister,the snake-tattooed guy, a Rani Mukherjee from Saawariya clone, a deadbody, men in drag etc etc.

      Some of the best moments come when they're ripping off something –there's a hilarious sequence when they're going hell for leather behindthe Kingfisher tune (ooh lala le oleo), another where Ajay spoutsdialogue mentioning every one of his films, again when Kareena uses allthe Hindi serial names or when they use music from 'Tashan' and towardsthe end when they start beating Tusshar just because he's from BalajiProductions (in real life).

      Ajay was very good in this one, Arshad seems to have re-discovered hisspontaneity (had been a bit flat in some of his earlier ones), Tussharwas good though I think they over did the mute jokes while Shreyas waswasted in his role – it was too slapstick for his talents. Amongst thewomen Kareena looked hot (though do you also feel that she's lost toomuch weight ?), while Celina, thankfully in this one, keeps her clotheson.

      I'll leave you with a couple of PJ's that are used – they're bothquestions really. What would Lara Dutta be called if she married BrianLara ? Whats the difference between a secretary and a personalsecretary ? If the answers (the first one is obvious) can make yousmile, then you have a hope of enjoying the film. Else save yourselfthe effort or the expense. More reviews at ApurvBollywood at blogspot

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