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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

  • Rate: 7.3/10 total 113,495 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music | Romance
  • Release Date: 18 April 2008 (USA)
  • Runtime: 111 min | 118 min (unrated version)
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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)


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  • IMDb page: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
  • Rate: 7.3/10 total 113,495 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music | Romance
  • Release Date: 18 April 2008 (USA)
  • Runtime: 111 min | 118 min (unrated version)
  • Filming Location: 1973 Palmerston Pl, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Budget: $30,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $62,877,175(USA)(6 July 2008)
  • Director: Nicholas Stoller
  • Stars: Kristen Bell, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd
  • Original Music By: Lyle Workman   
  • Soundtrack: Agua de Beber
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | DTS | SDDS
  • Plot Keyword: Hawaii | Resort | Hotel | Musician | Composer

Writing Credits By:

  • Jason Segel (written by)

Known Trivia

  • Screenwriter and star Jason Segel told New York Times interviewer Dave Itzkoff that both the naked breakup and Dracula puppet musical scenes were drawn from his real life experiences. In the article, Segel admitted that he really did once have a girlfriend who broke up with him while he was completely naked (although rather than being devastated during it, he thought to himself, “This is hilarious. I cannot wait for her to leave so I can write this down.”) And before he was a successful actor, Segel tried to write a musical adaptation of “Dracula” for puppets.
  • The numerous bottles of wine that Peter, Rachel, and Sarah go through at the dinner scene are all red wines from Clos du Val in Napa Valley, California.
  • The topless photo of Mila Kunis’ character was not real, according to director Nicholas Stoller.
  • Kristen Bell injured her knee whilst filming one of the horse scenes for the movie, which didn’t end up making it into the final cut. However, she can still be seen walking with a light limp in scenes towards the end of the movie.
  • Based upon script-writer Jason Segel’s experience of dealing with his break-up from Linda Cardellini, as well as three other breakups (with unspecified women) besides Cardellini. Segal has stated that the ‘naked breakup’ did not involve Cardellini.
  • Russell Brand, who plays Aldous Snow, revealed in his stand-up DVD Russell Brand: Doing Life – Live, while talking about making the film, that he fancied Mila Kunis, who plays Rachel Janson.
  • The state fish of Hawaii is truly the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, as stated in the movie.
  • The T-Shirt that promotes “Norman’s Rare Guitars”, worn by Jason Segel’s songwriter character in many Hawaiian scenes, is from a real store frequented by rock stars and musicians in Tarzana, California.
  • Aldous Snow is a member of the band Infant Sorrow. This is the title of a William Blake poem in the anthology “Songs of Innocence and Experience”. It is a counterpoint to the poem “Infant Joy”.
  • In at least two scenes in the film, a poster for the San Diego-based band The Rugburns can be seen hanging on the wall behind Peter when he is playing his piano. The Rugburns and their lead singer/songwriter Steve Poltz are known for their humorous and self-deprecating songs, much like the song Peter sings upon returning from Hawaii about needing to see a psychiatrist.

Goofs: Continuity: During the scene where Peter and Rachel are talking on the cliff, Rachel's shots are shot during a sunny day, while Peter's are when it is overcast. During the shots of Rachel talking, you can see direct sunlight on Peter's left shoulder. During shots of Peter talking, the sky is overcast, and there is no direct sunlight.

Plot: Devastated Peter takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know Sarah's traveling to the same resort as her ex … and she's bringing along her new boyfriend. Full summary »  »

Story: Peter is a composer and a likable sad sack who's devastated when his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall, the star of a cheesy CSI-style crime show, dumps him. He weeps, he rails, he mopes. Finally, his step-brother Brian suggests Hawaii, so Peter heads for a resort on Oahu where, as he's checking in, he sees Sarah and her new beau, Aldous, a polymorphously perverse English rocker. The weeping and moping start again, until Peter is rescued by Rachel, a thoughtful hotel clerk who invites him to a luau and to hang out. Although he constantly runs into Sarah and Aldous, Peter starts to come alive again. Will Sarah realize what she's lost, and what about Rachel?Written by <>  


Synopsis: The scene opens with Peter Bretter (Jason Segel of How I met Your Mother and Knocked Up) in his house. The house is kind of a wreck and hes eating a huge bowl of cereal. Hes watching Access Hollywood and they are recapping his five year relationship with Sarah Marshall (played by Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars) an actress who plays in a CSI type TV show. He writes the music for the show and they look really happy together. Following that is a music video starring Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Hes a British hippy-free-love type singer and is apparently considered very cool.

The phone rings and its Sarah calling to say shes on her way home. He quickly jumps up and starts to clean. He throws a bunch of stuff in the closet and then hops in the shower. He comes out of the shower in nothing but a towel. Sarah is standing there and says something along the lines of we need to talk. Peter drops his towel and the audience is given a full view of Jason Segals front side. Actually, pretty much this whole scene is Jason Segel walking around naked. Peter is upset and asks if there is someone else. Sarah says no. Peter says they should just hold each other like they used to and she would love him again. They hug even though hes naked and its incredibly awkward. Sarah finally admits that there is someone else and walks away.

Peter meets his step brother Brian (Bill Hader) at the bar. Brian thinks Peter needs to get over it. Peter thinks he just needs to sleep with someone since Sarah is already sleeping with someone so Brian agrees to help him meet some women. Peter ends up going home with one of the women. He starts crying afterwards when he has flashbacks of all he good times he had with Sarah.

Peter then goes to the doctor because hes paranoid that he may have an STD. The doctor is actually a pediatrician and tells Peter he should sleep with as many women as possible to get over his ex girlfriend. There is then a montage of Peter sleeping with various women.

Peter is still distraught and cant work. His brother Brian- comes over to his house and its a complete dump. Peter is trying to burn all the pictures he has of Sarah because shes everywhere and he cant get over her. Brian tells Peter that Sarah was always kind of a bitch to him and his wife. Peter gets mad and says that Sarah is better than Brians wife. Brian gets really mad and says that his wife is carrying his unborn child and that Peter is not even blood since theyre step siblings. Brian says that Peter should get away somewhere. Peter says that Sarah used to talk about this place in Hawaii that was really beautiful. Brian doesnt think thats a good idea but Peter says hes going.

Peter gets to Hawaii and goes to the hotel. There is a newly married couple in front of him Darald and Wyoma played by Jack McBrayer (of 30 Rock Kenneth fame) and Maria Thayer. The couple leave and Peter is greeted at the front desk by Rachel Jansen (played by Mila Kunis). He says he doesnt have reservations but he thought hed try his luck. She says that the only room available is the nicest suite in the house which costs $6,000 a night. He says he cant afford it, but just then he notices Sarah walking towards him. Rachel says that Sarah and her new boyfriend are staying there and that everyone is really excited. Peter tells Rachel that he and Sarah just broke up three weeks ago and he came here to get over her. Sarah walks up followed by her new boyfriend Aldous Snow and wants to know if Peter is following her and if hes staying there. He says that of course he isnt following her. Hes about to say that hes not staying there but then Rachel says that hes been booked for four nights into the expensive quite. Sarah looks put out and walks off. Peter tells Rachel thank you for saving his face but that he still cant afford it. She says he can stay there for free as long as he cleans up after himself since no one uses that suite but Oprah.

Peter calls Brian and Brian tells him to stop following Sarah and go to another hotel. Peter doesnt want to because it will look like hes running way. The audience sees that he continues to follow Sarah and Aldous up to their room which is at ground level. Sarah and Aldous start to make out but Peter clears his throat to get their attention and then walks on up to his room. He tells Brian that hes sure that he ruined Sarahs day. The next scene is Sarah and Aldous having sex in many different positions. Clearly Sarahs day has not been ruined.

Peter on the other hand is upstairs watching her TV show and crying like a baby. Rachel from the front desk calls and says that there are reports of a woman crying loudly. Peter denies that its him but the next scene is him curled in the fetal position on the floor crying loudly.

Peter goes to dinner at the restaurant and the host Matthew (played by Jonah Hill of SuperBad) makes him feel uncomfortable because hes there by himself. Then he seats Peter at the table across from Sarah and Aldous. Aldous offers Peter to join them. Peter says no but offers to buy them drinks. Aldous says that he is seven years sober and clean (he used to be an intravenous drug user) and shows seven bar tattoos on his neck that prove it. At the table behind Peter, a couple gets engaged. Peter leaves the table. Sarah comes after him and asks again if she followed him to Hawaii. He again denies it and thanks her for dating Aldous after him since Aldous probably shared needles. She asks how long he is staying. She is clearly unhappy. He tells her hes happy there and that hell probably stay for a while.

Peter gets drunk at the bar and is joined by Darald. We learn from flashbacks that he and his new wife are having difficulties in bed. The next morning Peter goes to breakfast and orders pineapple juice with Rum which the waiter brings him. He decides hes going to try surfing and goes to find Chuck (played by Paul Rudd). Chuck agrees to teach him how to surf and also offers him weed which Peter says no to. Chuck tells Peter that when life gives you lemons, you just have to throw the lemons out. Peter does not learn how to surf. Peter goes back to his room and talks to Brian through a webcam. Brian tells him he just needs to meet more people. Chuck thinks the people are weird but thinks he might ask Rachel out. Brian thinks its a bad idea but his wife thinks its a good idea.

Its the fourth of July picnic and Peter sees Rachel greeting customers. Hes about to ask her out but loses his nerve. He goes to sit down and Matthew (the host) tries to take his plate because hes seated by himself. There is a band playing but Matthew gets up on stage and asks Aldous to come up and play a song for everyone. Aldous agrees and comes up and sings a very sexual song for Sarah. Peter walks off towards the beach and talks to a guy who was serving food at the buffet that morning. (well call him Buffet Guy or BG for short) BG tells Peter he needs to stop telling people that he and Sarah broke up. He offers to let Peter help him prepare the pig for the luau that evening. Peter thinks hes talking about cooking the pig but Peter ends up having to help wrangle and then stab the pig. At the luau Peter finally asks Rachel out. She just wants to hang out as friends at beach party that evening.

At the beach, Rachel tells Peter that she was with this guy for two years and quit school and moved out here for him. Two weeks later she discovered him cheating on her. But shes happy where she is and doesnt want to go back to school. Peter admits that he hates writing for the TV show and really wants to finish his rock opera about Dracula made for puppets (I couldnt make this up). Just then, Rachels ex shows up and she tells Peter when she tells him to run, he should run. She gets up and wants to fight her boyfriend. BG steps in and ends up clocking the boyfriend while Peter drags Rachel off. Peter and Rachel go to a bar where a band is playing. Rachel says that she wants to go to the bathroom or get a drink (or something) and Peter offers to hold her purse. She says shes not that kind of girl. He has a flashback of all the times Sarah made him hold her purse and stand in the back ground while she took pictures.

Peter goes to the bathroom and there are a bunch of pictures of girls flashing including one of Rachel. Peter tells Rachel about it and she says she knows but that her boyfriend made her do it and now the owner of the bar wont give it back. He offers to take it but she says the owner would kill him. Just then, the band announces theyre taking a break but that Peter is going to come up and play a piece from his puppet/Dracula/rock opera. He plays the song and sings like Dracula. Rachel thinks its great and half the people like it, the other half dont seem to get it. Rachel drives him back to the hotel and both agree that they had a nice time. He leans over to kiss her but she moves away because she doesnt want to complicate things.

Peter goes up to the bar and Chuck is sitting there with Darald. Chuck doesnt have any idea who Peter is any more. Peter tells them that he just had a date with Rachel but they poo poo the idea and say thats not possible. The bartender says that shes in customer service and that he probably thinks strippers like him too. Daralds wife comes down and drags him back to their bed.

The next day, Sarah and Aldous are in their room when Sarah gets a phone call. She finds out that her show has been cancelled and shes somewhat upset. She tells Aldous and hes happy because he thinks shell go on tour with him now. She gets upset because he had not told her he was going on an 18 month tour of Europe and hes leaving in two weeks. She tells him she cant go because shes a working actress. He says shes not employed anymore and she can be the head of his groupies. Shes upset that he didnt tell her about the tour and he adds that he didnt tell her that he has genital herpes because hes not having an outbreak.

Peter sees Sarah sitting alone at the bar. She tells him about the show and he asks her if hes doing okay. She says yes but he tells her to cut the bull because shes not on access Hollywood. She tells him shes upset about and doesnt want to fade out of site. He makes some jokes and cheers her up. He has a flashback to him singing his rock opera song to her and she tells him that she doesnt get it.

Later, Peter goes up to Rachel and she asks him if he wants to hang out again that afternoon. He says he wants to go for a hike and asks her to come. She agrees but as theyre leaving they run into the bar tender whos dressed in a wet suite, he wants Peter to go snorkeling with him but Rachel drags him off laughing towards the trail. Sarah witnesses this and looks thoughtful.

Peter and Rachel walk up to top of a cliff that overlooks the bay. He talks about the fact that they are similar because theyve both been hurt. They feel impervious to pain. Like they could just jump off the cliff into the water and not get hurt. Rachel says they should just do it. Peter thinks this is a metaphor for them kissing and leans in to kiss Rachel as she jumps off the cliff into the water. She tells him he should jump too. He tries to jump but ends up half falling and almost killing himself. He eventually lets go and is not hurt. Rachel kisses him.

Sarah goes up to Rachel at the front desk and asks if theres a good Sushi place around there. She tells Rachel she saw Rachel and Peter together and that Peter is really great guy. Sarah tells Rachel that shes really pretty and then starts to cry.

The next day Peter wakes up and BG is standing over him (another naked shot of Jason Segal). Dakota Fanning needs the suite so Peter is going to have to move to a different room. The next shot is him in the patio next door to Sarah. He tells her it was the only room available.

Darald asks Aldous how he can please his wife. Aldous shows Darald how to have sex with his wife using giant chess pieces out on the beach.

Meanwhile Peter goes up to Chuck and tells him hes ready to surf. Chuck gives him the board and he paddles out into the water. Aldous is out there and they talk about the song Peter is writing. Aldous likes it. They talk about Sarah and Peter mentions they were together for five years. Aldous says that Peter has four years on him meaning that Aldous and Sarah were having sex for a year before she broke things off with Peter. Peter is royally angry and tells Aldous to get out of there. Peter finally is able to get on his surfboard when a wave comes up but he surfs right over Aldous and knocks him off his board. Peter pulls Aldous out of the water and Aldous is yelling that his leg hurts. There is a piece of coral in his leg which Peter pulls out. As soon as he does, the wound starts gushing blood which causes Peter to faint.

Peter wakes up in Sarahs room and she is sitting beside him. She did not want him to wake up by himself. He confronts her about her cheating on him and starts to storm out. She asks him to stay and talk to her and he does. She tells him that she tried really hard, but that she couldnt get him to come out of his shell. That he spent an entire week in sweat pants (funny montage of Peter in the same pair of sweat pants doing different things). She says she talked to a therapist, read books, and talked to her mom to try to help him, but she couldnt pull him out of his house. He storms offaround the corner to his patio.

That evening Sarah and Aldous are getting dressed for dinner. Aldous comes out in a sheer black button down shirt. Sarah wonders why hes not wearing the shirt she bought for him. He clearly does not want to wear it and Sarah remembers all the times she bought tacky clothes for Peter to wear and he wore them proudly because she had given them to him. The next scene is Aldous wearing a very tacky Hawaiian shirt that Sarah apparently bought for him and the two of them are walking towards the restaurant. Hes upset about having to wear the shirt.

As they walk up, Peter and Rachel are standing in line in front of them. The host Matthew just gave the last table to Rachel and Peter and is very upset that he has to tell his idol Aldous that hell have to wait five minutes for a table. Peter offers to let them sit with them which Sarah promptly accepts. Peter tells Rachel that hes sorry, he didnt think they would say yes. Rachel did think Sarah would say yes. Neither Rachel nor Aldous are very happy.

Dinner is awkward although there is a really funny scene where they make fun of a movie Sarah made about cell phones that kill people (Kristen Bell starred in a movie called Pulse which was about cell phones that killed people it didnt do very well at the box office). Everyone (except Aldous) is drinking way too much wine. Aldous tells the table that his theory of life is that you should have sex with as many people as possible as much as possible. Peter disagrees. Sarah is very upset at this point and takes it out on Rachel by saying something bitchy. Rachel responds with something equally bitchy and then leans over and kisses Peter. Sarah is not happy. There is also a montage during this scene of Darald and his wife having sex in many different positions and clearly enjoying it.

The next scene is Peter and Rachel making out in his room. He tells her shes too drunk but she wants to have sex anyway. They start to have sex and Sarah hears them in the next room. She wakes up Aldous so that hell have sex with her. She fakes an orgasm and yells really loud. Peter yells back while he and Rachel have sex.

Aldous pushes Sarah off of him and is very offended that she faked an orgasm with him. He says she isnt over Peter and that hes going to leave. Sarah gets mad and tells him that all of his tattoos are stupid and he responds by telling her that he had sex with their housekeeper.

Peter and Rachel wake up and agree that they really like spending time together. Peter then has a really fun day. He doesnt have anything to drink and is the life of the party at the pool. He runs into Aldous in the lobby and Aldous tells him that he and Sarah broke up. Aldous thinks Peter wants Sarah back but Peter doesnt think that he does.

Peter goes to Sarahs room to see how shes doing. She starts to cry and tells him she wants him back. She tries to kiss but he tells her no. Finally she says that shes really sorry so he starts to kiss her back. They try to have sex, but hes not turned on by her anymore. She even tries to give him a blow job, but it doesnt work.

Peter goes and tells Rachel what he did and shes incredibly hurt. She tells him not contact her ever again. Peter goes to the bar and takes the picture of her out of the bathroom. The bartender comes in and beats the tar out of him but he keeps the picture. He goes back to the hotel and gives her the picture without a word and then leaves.

Peter goes back home and finishes his rock opera. Rachel gets a flyer in the mail with the advertisement for the play. She doesnt think she wants to go but the bar tender convinces her that Peter clearly loves her and she should give him another shot.

The next scene is opening night of the rock opera. We get to see the closing scene and song of the play which is rather comical. Peter sees Rachel sitting in the audience and is very happy. Everyone likes the show and it gets a standing ovation. He meets up with Rachel after the show and she says shes in town to look at schools. He asks if she wants to hang out with him and she says yes. He asks if she still has his number. She leaves and he goes to the dressing room to take off his unitard. Rachel comes back to the dressing room just as he tries to call her. Hes naked again and the audience again gets a full frontal view. Rachel laughs and they hug and evidently live happily ever after.

During the credits there is an advertisement for Sarah Marshalls new TV show. It looks super cheesy and she plays a detective that can channel her dogs mind.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Judd Apatow known as producer
  • Shauna Robertson known as producer
  • Rodney Rothman known as executive producer
  • Richard Vane known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Jason Segel known as Peter Bretter
  • Kristen Bell known as Sarah Marshall
  • Mila Kunis known as Rachel Jansen
  • Russell Brand known as Aldous Snow
  • Bill Hader known as Brian Bretter
  • Liz Cackowski known as Liz Bretter
  • Maria Thayer known as Wyoma
  • Jack McBrayer known as Darald
  • Taylor Wily known as Kemo
  • Da'Vone McDonald known as Dwayne the Bartender
  • Steve Landesberg known as Dr. Rosenbaum
  • Jonah Hill known as Matthew the Waiter
  • Paul Rudd known as Chuck
  • Kala Alexander known as Greg
  • Kalani Robb known as Helpful Hawaiian Waiter
  • Francesca DelBanco known as Hostess at Buffet
  • Branscombe Richmond known as Keoki
  • Billy Bush known as Himself
  • William Baldwin known as Detective Hunter Rush
  • Jason Bateman known as Animal Instincts Detective
  • Peter Lewis known as Suspect on 'Animal Instincts' (as Peter Gray Lewis)
  • Trula M. Marcus known as Lawyer on 'Crime Scene' (as Trula Marcus)
  • Kirk Fox known as Mixer
  • June Diane Raphael known as Ann at the Bar (as June Raphael)
  • Ahna O'Reilly known as Leslie
  • Tanisha Harper known as Model
  • Carla Gallo known as Gag Me Girl
  • Murray Miller known as Photographer
  • Cynthia Lamontagne known as Female Bartender
  • Max Alexander known as Big Dracula Head (as Maxwell Alexander)
  • Kris Fitzgerald known as Man who Proposes
  • Brittany Ross known as Screaming Girlfriend
  • Kaleo known as Singer in Band (as Joe 'Kaleo' Kelii)
  • Peter Salett known as Keyboard Player
  • Gedde Watanabe known as Hotel Manager
  • Allan Jeff Ho known as Male Bar Patron
  • Chaunnel Salmon known as Female Bar Patron
  • Mervyn Lilo known as Fire Dancer
  • Philip Matila known as Luau Band Leader
  • Danielle Prem known as Hula Dancer
  • Tehina-Mai K. Mataele known as Hula Dancer
  • Agnes Matila known as Hula Dancer
  • Genny Wilson known as Engaged Luau Woman
  • Scott Francis Russell known as Engaged Luau Man
  • Kristen Wiig known as Yoga Instructor
  • Luis Accinelli known as Mr. Lopez
  • Carla Alapont known as Spanish Sex Girl
  • Carol Binion known as Puppeteer
  • Tim Blaney known as Puppeteer
  • Julianne Buescher known as Puppeteer
  • Leslie Carrara known as Puppeteer (as Leslie Carrara-Rudolph)
  • BJ Guyer known as Puppeteer (as B.J. Guyer)
  • Sean W. Johnson known as Puppeteer (as Sean Johnson)
  • Scott Land known as Puppeteer
  • Drew Massey known as Puppeteer
  • Michael Oosterom known as Puppeteer
  • Michelan Sisti known as Puppeteer
  • Kevin Carlson known as Puppeteer
  • Victor Yerrid known as Puppeteer
  • Don Abernathy known as Fan (uncredited)
  • Karen-Marie Ali known as Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited)
  • Max Decker known as Musical Actor (uncredited)
  • Massi Furlan known as Bar Patron at Table (uncredited)
  • Joy Gohring known as Willow (uncredited)
  • Heléna Guenzel known as Theatre Patron (uncredited)
  • Jean Huynh known as Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • Elizabeth Keener known as Flight Attendant (uncredited)
  • Jordan Kirkwood known as Hotel Luau Manager (uncredited)
  • Amanda MacLachlan known as Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)
  • Albert Miranda known as Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • Katharin 'Ladie K' Mraz known as Model (uncredited)
  • Sam Puefua known as Local (uncredited)
  • Kirsten Roeters known as Waitress (uncredited)
  • Phillip Sanchez known as Theater Group (uncredited)
  • Christopher Simms known as Man in Airport (uncredited)
  • E.J. Snyder known as Tourist (uncredited)
  • Channing Swift known as Club Patron (uncredited)
  • Caroline Timm known as Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • Brian Tochi known as Makani (uncredited)
  • Maria Zambrana known as Downtown Businesswoman (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Nathalie Allen known as makeup artist
  • Linda Arnold known as key hair stylist
  • Desne J. Holland known as makeup artist (as Desne Holland)
  • Tania Kahale known as hair stylist: Hawaii
  • Tracey Levy known as key makeup artist
  • Vickie Mynes known as hair stylist
  • Brooke Bell known as makeup artist (uncredited)
  • Leo Corey Castellano known as prosthetic design and application (uncredited)
  • Karen Iboshi Preiser known as makeup artist (uncredited)
  • Wendy Robin known as assistant makeup artist (uncredited)
  • Lotus Seki known as additional hair stylist (uncredited)
  • Leah Vautrot known as makeup artist (uncredited)

Art Department:

  • Alexander Aguilar Jr. known as labor foreman (as Alex Aguilar Jr.)
  • Alejandro Aguilar known as labor foreman: Hawaii
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  • Peggy Casey known as buyer
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Release Date:

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MPAA: Rated R for sexual content, language and some graphic nudity



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  1. unscripted1 from Chicago, IL
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    I often go see advance screenings in my area, especially now that Imust officially be on "the list" as I am constantly finding tickets inmy work inbox. This was the second Apatow production I've seen inadvance and just like "Superbad", this did not disappoint. At the sametime, while many of the cast members may be recognizable, there seemsto be something different about this installment than I've seen in thelikes of "40 Year Old Virgin", "Superbad", or "Knocked Up".

    For starters, there was a definite presence of the "TV actors on thebig screen" theme here, but I am pleased to report that Jason Segel,Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis take to movies like naturals. Like manyApatow productions, Segel penned the script and takes over as leadPeter Bretter, proving yet again that with this crew the writer is bestsuited for the leading role. Segel delivers a character we all know toowell from our own personal experiences and never breaks role from theshocking beginning to appropriate ending. I even give Segel extracredit for not completely victimizing his character and pointing outapparent flaws on both ends of the ending relationship.

    Kristen Bell plays Sarah Marshall, the iconic ex of the film, but herrole sits on the back burner along with the truly hilarious Aldous Snow(Russell Brand) to make way for a leading role in Mila Kunis. From thebeginning it is clear that her not-too-smart and shallow role of "That70s Show" didn't follow her to "Forgetting"'s script. Kunis playsRacheal, a hospitality girl for the hotel that "Forgetting" takesplace, and subsequently deals with Peter as he tries to get over SarahMarshall. Her character is intelligent, charismatic, and appreciativeof the good in people, a strong juxtaposition to the seemingly selfishstarlet Sarah Marshall. Kunis owns the role with pride, even slippingin gestures and glances that didn't seem to initially be in the script.Hopefully this will open her up for more serious roles than "AmericanPsycho 2" and the typecasting that often happens with TV actresses likeher.

    The star of the film, in my opinion, easily has to be Russell Brand,who plays the over-conscious over-sexed rock star Aldous Snow. Snowadds the necessary level of comedy that could have been missing fromwhat is truly a tragic plot. About halfway in the film, I couldn't helpbut snicker to myself just with the presence that Brand creates(complete with perfect costume choices). The only downfall to acharacter who is truly the Mercutio of this tragedy is that Brandclearly overshadows Bell's performance as Sarah Marshall, who isironically the most forgettable character of the film.

    The writing flows with well-timed jokes, apathetic digs, and shockingvulgar humor. There is even a few moments where you feel Segel wasdigging on the cast with jokes involving crime dramas (Segel did timeon "CSI") and TV actresses in horrible horror movies (Kunis did theatrocious "American Psycho 2"); not sure if it was intentional, but Icaught what I thought was a reference. Just as with most Apatowproductions, leave the kids at home. Unlike the rest, however, thecrude humor doesn't overflow and turn off most audiences (like Inoticed with "Superbad"). It also doesn't get very heavy in the least(which is what I felt hurt "Knocked Up"). I think Apatow has found agreat balance with this production and Segel's script. I also want togive credit to Nicholas Stoller , who proved that he can be successfulas a director after the hit he took from helping write "Fun with Dickand Jane".

    All in all, this comedy is just another example of a good time foradults. It keeps a consistently flowing script, unlike many recentcomedies that seem to lose pace as they close the story. While crude,the jokes are just light enough to appease most adult audiences and theshort 100 minute run time will ensure you won't be glancing at yourwatch waiting for it to end, just laughing hysterically.

  2. Cognition from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    This film was shown at my university tonight and Stoller was there fora Q&A after the screening. The film was the typical Apatow romp that wehave seen as of late (Superbad, Knocked up, etc.). There was the usualcrude and creative humor as well inappropriate sexuality to makeanother great Apatow team production. People should not come in withthe expectation that this is another romantic comedy reincarnation of"Knocked Up". This is more of a typical and organic romantic comedy.The heavy emotional weight and issues in "Knocked up" are not presentin "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". The casting and comedic pacing was donevery well and though it may not be a cinematic heavy hitter, it wasvery good for a directing debut and it was what movies all strive tobe, entertaining.

  3. roset3678 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    I'm going to be honest, walking into the advanced screening tonight Iwas expecting an overly chick flicky somewhat dull comedy. What I gotinstead was a pretty hilarious movie with just the right amount ofromance and a whole lot of vulgar comedy also. I can honestly say thisis the funniest movie of 2008 so far. The entire Judd Apatow crew hasoverall had about 4 or five great comedies in the last 3 years, puttingthem up with all the other great comedy film makers since 2005. Thismovie makes me feel like I can now trust any movie they make most thetime. When this movie hits theatres in April, GO SEE IT. I promise youwon't find a funnier movie out any time soon.

  4. bwymle from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    I know, I went for the obvious.

    I was lucky enough to see an early screening of "Forgetting SarahMarshall" a few days ago and I am more than happy to start spreadingsome buzz for this film. It was consistently funny and highly quotablewith a strong cast and well developed characters. I have beencontinually impressed with the multi-talented young actors under JuddApatow's wing and Jason Segel–who, I'll admit has been one of myfavorites since "Freaks and Geeks"–does not disappoint.

    There are many familiar faces here from other Apatow projects, but forgood reason. Paul Rudd, whom I love equally in comedy and drama (truefans must view "The Shape of Things" but be prepared to beuncomfortable), Bill Hadar, and Jonah Hill hit just the right notes intheir supporting roles. There's Russell Brand–whom I was unfamiliarwith but apparently evokes strong feelings one way or the other acrossthe pond–is hysterical and delivered some of my favorite lines.Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis are sympathetic straight women to the goofymen around them. It was particularly nice to Mila Kunis outside of the70's Show/Family Guy worlds. And, last, but certainly not least,there's 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer playing an equally lovable and funnynewlywed version of Kenneth.

    Though I did feel that the film ran a little long, it never oncedragged. There were also a few shots that I am sure will not beavailable until the unrated DVD hits stores because though they aretruly hilarious, they are essentially the only thing keeping the filmfrom a PG-13 rating.

    Finally, I will say, that those who liked Knocked Up, Superbad, and 40Year-Old Virgin, will certainly enjoy this movie. I, personally, wouldrank it above the other three and will enjoy debating my friends aboutthat come April.

  5. rzajac from Dongshih, Taiwan
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    I normally do not go out for sappy, romantic roller coaster romanticfare; and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (FSM) pretty much falls under theromantic "date flick" rubric.

    And I can't, for the life of me, quite figure out why I liked this somuch. I guess the filmmakers succeed in making the welter of comicbits, scenes, and images come across like genuine romantic sweet chaos.How they succeeded is beyond my comprehension.

    And maybe that's the point. Some films are good, some are bad, and someare sort of like miracles. Their power is inexplicable; and that's howFSM felt to me.

    It was boffo, a bit over-the-top, a tad muddled, a mix of characterstudy, revelation, and farce. And, as things unfolded, by dint ofpacing and sheer comic/character acting power, I came to really careabout the characters; and I loved it! I glowed through most of FSM.

    Here's a way of looking at it: FSM was sort of like Shakespeareanromantic farce. Maybe that explains why I liked it; because my mindalready has a little engine for processing this kind of narrativestuff, built up from past experiences watching Shakespeare In The Park!

    It also comes down to artistic sincerity. Most romance flicks are alittle insulting because they're not sincere. There was something, inthe end, believable and therefore redeeming about the characters andtheir silly little Hawaiian comedy of errors and feints.

    And that's a miracle, in my book! This is not an ordinary date flick.

  6. joestank15 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall – A slacker composer Peter (Jason Segel from"Knocked Up") has a breakdown after his girlfriend Sarah (Kristen Bellof "Heroes"), the star of a hit TV show, dumps him for a British popstar. Peter goes to Hawaii to try and forget about Sarah, which provesto be a poor choice when he finds Sarah is not only in Hawaii, but theyare staying at the same hotel. Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill andMila Kunis co-star.

    This was a funny movie! It's a more mature than your average comedy. Itsurvives comedically without leeching off too many other bits of popculture, unlike Knocked Up. There is the exception of some funny spoofsof CSI and Ghost Whisperer, two fatted calfs rip for killing. Everyoneis allowed to be funny, even the women, and they are. I enjoyed theoccasional "Scrubs" style cut-aways which were frequently funny. Thebest one has to be the week Peter spent in the same pair of sweatpants.

    This was a lucky stroke from from first time director Nicholas Stollerand first time writer (in addition to lead actor) Jason Segel. I hatemaking comparisons to other actors, but I kept thinking of JudgeReinhold when I saw Segel. Not that that's a strike against him.

    Segel is a fresh face in the comedy genre, and is adept at playingsympathetic slacker and funny man in one. Kirsten Bell acts much betterin this than Heroes, and it's a nice change of pace to not recognizePaul Rudd in appearance and character immediately. Bill Hader is funnyas always. What really comes across in this film is that everyone, evenSarah Marshall, seems like a 3-dimensional character. Hopefully thedays in comedies when people are bitchy or vile just for the hell of itare gone. Even the shallow pop star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), who isthe rival to Peter, is likable. There's no animosity between the twomen. It's nice to have a comedy where we don't have to demonize anyone.

    It's a cute film, sometimes hilarious, but the first half is definitelyfunnier than the second half. I might pick it up on DVD sometime.


  7. orrell-3 from Los Angeles, California
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    I'm not a big fan of Judd Apatow and his recent crop of movies.

    That said, I got to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" April 11 at apreview screening with some friends, and I was impressed. It's a jokemovie, but it has a story that pulls you along, and the jokes areoutrageously funny. I nearly died laughing. It doesn't try to push theenvelope of "How immature and disgusting can we be?", which was what Ihave come to expect from these sorts of movies. It's just funny actorsdoing a great job of telling a good story that most adults will relateto in some way. It's honest fun, and I wish there were more comedieslike this coming out.

    All my friends enjoyed the film, too (aged 20-27). It's a good datemovie, though certainly NOT one for the kids or younger teenagers.

  8. Kristine ( from Chicago, Illinois
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall, definitely the biggest movie that everyonewas looking forward to seeing this year. Apatow has had nothing but bigsuccess with his comedies: 40-year-old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad,Walk Hard, and now Forgetting Sarah Marshall, their next big hit. AlsoJason Segal's first major script brought to life, I have to say he'sgot talent, the reason I say that? These characters… they're likable!Not only are the likable, they are real and people you could relatetoo! For example, Sarah Marshall's new boyfriend that she broke up withPeter for, yeah, he's a little bit of a moron, but you know what? Youcould understand why people liked him, he was pretty cool, even thegirlfriend, Sarah, yeah, she was a jerk, but so real and also you don'tget too mad at her with her reason on why she fell out of love withPeter. Forgetting Sarah Marshall has great laughs and a fun story.

    Sarah Marshall: hot actress, beautiful, and a fun person, just broke upwith her musician boyfriend, Peter. He's just heartbroken and needs toget away for a while, so he goes to Hawaii, but guess what? Sarah isthere with her new rock star boyfriend, Aldous Snow, and things are notseeming to go his way. But when he meets Rachel Jenson, the nice andreally pretty hotel clerk, they go out and he ends up realizing thatmaybe this break up wasn't such a big deal after all.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a funny movie, I guarantee you are goingto laugh. I do have one complaint, the male nudity, now it's not thatI'm a prude at all, just this was more uncomfortable than funny withJason exposing all his assets. I don't know, just that type of humorisn't funny with me, male or female, just depending on the joke, butthis was more awkward. But I do think this is a fun movie, it has agreat story and really makes you laugh and just have a good time withthese characters, it's a good recommendation from me.


  9. rparham from Gainesville, Florida
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    Prior to the release of The 40 Year Old Virgin, it is likely that fewpeople knew the name Judd Apatow. Now, just three years later, thatname has become almost a stamp of comedy quality, with such films asKnocked Up and Superbad following on the heels of The 40 Year OldVirgin. Now, the Apatow steamroller moves forward with Forgetting SarahMarshall, and once again it has mined comedy gold, with lots of laughs,but also, as with many of the previous film's from Apatow's company, anice streak of sweet romance to go along with the laughs.

    Fogetting Sarah Marshall focuses on Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), aHollywood composer who's girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), isthe star of a CSI-style police procedural series. Jason is a bit of alayabout (who also isn't afraid to walk around his apartment naked),and Sarah has decided she has had enough of him, so she is breaks upwith Peter, leaving him in a seemingly unending pool of despair.

    To try to take his mind of Sarah, he takes an impromptu vacation toHawaii, but quickly discovers, to his horror, that Sarah is also at thesame hotel as him, with her new boyfriend, recently on the wagonBritish rocker Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). However, while doing hisbest to avoid Sarah, Peter finds himself falling for a hotel staffmember, Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis).

    As with such films as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, ForgettingSarah Marshall is a comedy that isn't afraid to mine the more vulgarfor comedy, nor does it shy away from some rather frank nudity,including plenty of footage of star Segel (who is also thescreenwriter). The upside is that, unlike many other sophomoriccomedies these days, the raunchier material actually produces laughs.Much of the film's best humor comes from Brand's performance as off thewall Snow. The character has lots of great scenes and lines,capitalizing on the characters seeming insatiable libido.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall doesn't just provide lots of laughs, it alsofeatures an involving and touching romance between Peter and Rachel.Both Segel and Kunis have a nice chemistry between them that fuels aninvolving romance. As the film progresses, we can't help but root forthe characters to find themselves together in the end.

    In addition to the previously mentioned Brand, the cast of ForgettingSarah Marshall gives us both great laughs and characters we can beinvolved with. Segel proves to be relatively low on insecurity as heputs himself almost completely on display (literally). His Peter is ancharacter whose rather unassuming nature wins you over. Kristen Bellmakes the films titular character at times apparently self-involved,but also someone who has a soft spot for her ex-boyfriend. Kunis'Rachel is a character that is both no-nonsense and full of sweetness.

    In the end, Forgetting Sarah Marshall proves to be another winner from"Team Apatow", and belongs right next to the previous hits from hiscreative team. If you are looking for both laughs and a dash ofromance, look no further than Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  10. refresh daemon from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 6:08 pm

    An amusing and sometimes awkward breakup film, this pic was written byand stars a long-time Apatow cohort, Jason Segel. The pic centers onlost, hypersensitive slacker Peter, who after being broken up with byhis TV star girlfriend copes with its end poorly, eventually escapingto Hawaii where he subsequently books himself into a hotel that she iscoincidentally staying at.

    Immediate warning to those sensitive to full frontal male nudity: it ispresent and more than once. That out of the way, the pic was prettyaffable, containing more than a handful of good laughs as well as morethan a lot of generally comically captured sex scenes. Many of thesecondary characters also play enjoyably silly roles. And there is afunny musical component to the pic that also includes an amusingrendition of puppet-related works.

    I suppose I do have to level a little criticism for the theme being alittle slight, but there still is something to be said for healing ofpersonal wounds and learning to "move on". Those that have seen otherApatow relationship pics will probably see a number of similarities(slacker dude learns to grow up, gross out comedy, etc), even thoughApatow didn't write or direct this piece. The film is also a bit on thelong side, like many comedies that come from the Apatow crew and you donotice it. Some judicious trimming and relegating of some scenes(including numerous flashbacks) to DVD extras would've been helpful.

    Finally, I wish that more character could be drawn from both SarahMarshall and Peter's newfound love interest, hotel employee Rachel asthey played fairly two-dimensional, but I'm glad that Sarah didn't endup a one-note character as well. I didn't love the conclusion of thebreakup story arc because I felt that it was a bit of a cop-out, but itdidn't ruin the film. Lastly, Peter was written a little on the edge ofbelievability in terms of being oversensitive, so you really have tobuy his character, otherwise the film will break on you.

    Essentially, this is a congenial, enjoyable, but rude/crude film with ashare of laughs and more Jason Segel than you probably ever wanted tosee. Recommended for those who like some story with their laughs andcan handle the vulgar, sexual, and nude content. 8/10.

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