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Enemy (2013)

  • Rate: 7.8/10 total 969 votes 
  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 14 March 2014 (Canada)
  • Runtime: 90 min
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Enemy (2013)


Enemy 2013tt2316411.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Enemy (2013)
  • Rate: 7.8/10 total 969 votes 
  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 14 March 2014 (Canada)
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Filming Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Gross: $18,000 (USA) (14 March 2014)
  • Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Danny Bensi  Saunder Jurriaans   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Based On Novel

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Javier Gullón  screenplay
  • José Saramago  novel

Known Trivia

    Plot: A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.  »

    Story: A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.


    Synopsis: We hear in voice-over the main character’s mother leaving a voice-mail message. It says that she does not like the apartment he has selected.

    Jake Gyllenhaal’s character (we don’t know which one, but find out later it is likely the actor), opens a small package, and removes a key. He opens a locked door and escorts some other gentlemen inside.

    The room is filled with men watching a girl on a stage, masterbating. The men are transfixed. Soon two women come on stage wearing nothing but high-heeled shoes. One sets down a covered silver tray. The lid is lifted to reveal a tarantula. One of the women raises her foot over the creature, as if to step on it.

    Jake Gyllenhaal is teaching a history class, and afterwards, a colleague suggests that he watch a light movie. Jake rents the movie on the way home. He goes home to his wife, who is tired and goes to bed.

    Jake watches the movie. In it, he notices a minor character that looks a lot like him. Teacher Jake goes to bed, and tries to make love to his wife. She gets mad, and storms out of the apartment.

    After searching on-line, Jake finds that the actor works through an agency downtown. When he goes to the agency, the security guard greets him as the actor, and gives him an envelope addressed to the actor’s home.

    Please fill in!

    – Teacher Jake calls, speaks with Actor’s wife- Actor Jake calls back, agree to meet- They are identical – right down to the same birthmark.- Actor’s wife looks up Jake, and covertly observes him- Actor Jake’s mother meets with him, and tells him to give up his "ridiculous acting hobby".- Actor Jake accuses Teacher Jake of "Fucking His Wife!" Demands a date night.- Teacher Jake heads over to Actor Jake’s apartment. He is let in by the securlity guard, who asks for another trip to the "club"- Very prego Actor’s wife calls Jake to bed. He reluctantly goes. She suspects he is Teacher Jake.- Actor Jake is having sex with Teacher Jake’s wife, and it is going very well – until she notices a tan line where his wedding ring had been. Teacher Jake didn’t wear a wedding ring. She realizes that she is doing it with Actor Jake, and gets upset.

    Actor Jake gets her into Teacher Jake’s car, and they go tearing off.

    Actor Jake’s wife seduces Teacher Jake, and they make love.

    Actor Jake loses control of the car, hits a concrete pylon, and rolls the car. It appears both are dead.

    Teacher Jake awakes the next morning, looking very content. He leaves the bedroom and calls to "his" wife. When she doesn’t answer, he peeks in – and sees a giant tarantula.

    Roll Credits


    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Fraser Ash known as associate producer
    • Luc Déry known as co-producer
    • M.A. Faura known as producer
    • Niv Fichman known as producer
    • Sari Friedland known as co-producer
    • François Ivernel known as executive producer
    • Kevin Krikst known as associate producer
    • Cameron McCracken known as executive producer
    • Juan Romero known as associate producer
    • Mark Slone known as executive producer
    • Isaac Torrás known as associate producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Jake Gyllenhaal known as Adam + Anthony
    • Mélanie Laurent known as Mary
    • Sarah Gadon known as Helen
    • Isabella Rossellini known as Mother
    • Joshua Peace known as Teacher at School
    • Tim Post known as Anthony's Concierge
    • Kedar Brown known as Security Guard
    • Darryl Dinn known as Video Store Clerk
    • Misha Highstead known as Lady in the Dark Room
    • Megan Mann known as Lady in the Dark Room
    • Alexis Uiga known as Lady in the Dark Room
    • Kiran Friesen known as Sad, Broken Woman (uncredited)
    • Stephen R. Hart known as Bouncer (uncredited)
    • Jane Moffat known as Eve (uncredited)
    • Laurie Murdoch known as (uncredited)
    • Loretta Yu known as Receptionist (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Catherine Viot known as makeup department head

    Art Department:

    • Carole Arpin known as assistant on set property master
    • Martin Handfield known as on-set prop master
    • Sam Hudecki known as motion graphics
    • Sam Hudecki known as storyboard artist
    • Anne Metheany known as painter
    • Aaron Morrison known as graphic designer
    • Martha Sparrow known as set designer
    • Tracey Strikwerda-Valeriote known as art department coordinator
    • Adrienne Trent known as on-set dresser




    Production Companies:

    • Rhombus Media
    • Roxbury Pictures
    • Mecanismo Films (in association with)
    • micro_scope

    Other Companies:

    • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix
    • PS Production Services  camera equipment provided by
    • PS Production Services  grip and lighting equipment
    • Vantage Film  HAWK anamorphic lenses provided by


    • Alfa Pictures (2013) (Spain) (theatrical)
    • Bir Film (2013) (Turkey) (all media)
    • Imagem Filmes (2013) (Brazil) (theatrical)
    • Filmes Lusomundo (2014) (Portugal) (theatrical)
    • A24 (2014) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Capelight Pictures (2014) (Germany) (theatrical)
    • E1 Films Canada (2014) (Canada) (theatrical)
    • Orlando Films (2014) (Israel) (theatrical)
    • Pathé (2013) (France) (theatrical)
    • Pathé (2013) (UK) (theatrical)
    • Filmfreak Distributie (2014) (Netherlands) (all media)
    • Madman Entertainment (2014) (Australia) (all media)
    • Noori Pictures (2014) (South Korea) (all media)
    • Seven Films (2013) (Greece) (all media)
    • Solar Entertainment (2013) (Philippines) (all media)
    • Solar Films (2013) (Philippines) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Rodeo FX (visual effects)

    Visual Effects by:

    • Valerie Andre known as digital compositor: Rodeo FX
    • Normand Archambault known as digital compositor: Rodeo FX
    • Loïc Beguel known as matchmover: Rodeo FX
    • Vincent Blanco known as system administrator: Rodeo FX
    • Robert Bock known as director of photography: Rodeo FX
    • Guillaume Champagne known as CG artist: Rodeo FX
    • Francis Clément known as production support: Rodeo FX
    • Marie-Cecile Dahan known as visual effects producer: Rodeo FX
    • Mikaël Damant-Sirois known as CG artist: Rodeo FX
    • Patrick David known as digital compositor: Rodeo FX
    • Jennifer Elena known as production support: Rodeo FX
    • Alan Fregtman known as CG artist: Rodeo FX
    • Roxanne Geoffroy known as production support: Rodeo FX
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    • Marjolaine Tremblay known as senior staff: Rodeo FX
    • Christophe Trepanier known as digital compositor: Rodeo FX
    • Matthieu Veillette known as matte painter: Rodeo FX
    • Fabrice Vienne known as CG artist: Rodeo FX

    MPAA: Rated R for some strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    Posted on March 18, 2014 by Harry in Movies | Tags: , .


    1. corrosion-2 from United Arab Emirates
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      Denis Villeneuve, whose last two films were the hugely impressiveIncendies and Prisoners, has concocted a real oddity here. If you canimagine David Lynch adapting a Kafka novel, then you will be in theright neighborhood! In Incendies and Prisoners,Villeneuve insertedserious moral and social issues in the context of first rate thrillers'Here he follows the same tradition but the tone is more abstract andabsurd. Neverherless, Enemy, adapted from a novel by the Nobel prizewinner Jose Saramago, is always gripping and totally fascinating. A man(Jake Gyllenhaal) gets a recommendation from a colleague to watch aparticular video. The main actor in the video appears to be hisdoppelgänger and the two agree to meet. To reveal any more would lessenthe enjoyment of this highly original film. Well worth catching.

    2. eliajh chaffins from Tennessee
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      nobody seems to understand enemy, I loved the movie personally and youunderstand it if you watch it twice and pay attention.

      okay ill try to explain it, it is about one man fighting with himself ,while it is portrayed as two people (Anthony/Daniel and Adam) only oneof them is real, and its Adam, I know this because in the beginning onthe phone his mother is speaking and says "Adam honey" and also lateron in the movie his mother also tells Adam (who is not an actor) togive up his dreams of being a third rate actor. now the story of thismovie is hard to understand , its about Adam and Helens marriage andthe remaining spark of an old affair, in the beginning you see it openwith Jake Gyllenhaal in what is presumably a strip club, eventually yousee a woman come out and step on a spider, the woman is Mary, Adam'saffair , after that it opens to Adam sitting in his car as you hear hismother leave a voice mail for him. Throughout the movie you seespiders, spiders represent his affair with Mary, and how he stillthinks about it, and when you see Adam with Mary he really isn't itsjust representing his still lasting feelings for her. you see when Adamcalls Anthony it really wasn't Adam, it never happened, the whole phonecall scene was his imagination, helping him realize he needs to forgetabout Mary. I'm gonna skip a bunch of unimportant things and try to goas chronologically as I can. At the point where Anthony tells Adam hesgoing to have sex with his girlfriend , that's really just Adamthinking to himself about him needing to get rid of Anthony and thememories of Mary. so when Anthony goes and takes Mary out that doesn'treally happen. whats happening is Adam is thinking that up to help inthe getting rid of memories, it is also revealed that Adam is the realperson when Adam and Helen lay down and Helen asks how was school . thescene of Mary and Anthony having sex and Mary freaking out is Adamrealizing he is married and needs to get rid of the memories, whenAnthony and Mary crash the car it is Adam killing off the memories ,squashing the spider per Se , this is supported when it zooms in on thecrashed cars window the crack looks like a spiderweb, when Adam wakesup the radio speaks of a car crash but it says no details so It islikely that was just chance. also Helen reminds him about his mothercalling him, which you should remember from the beginning of the movie.when Adam opens the letter and gets the key, it is a key to the stripclub place, and he says to Helen he might have to go somewhere tonight.he goes to look at her and she is a huge spider, this represents howhim going to the strip club would bring back the spider. during themovie the spider gets gradually bigger until it is huge and he cannotget it off his mind. so I hope I've explained well enough to help youunderstand what an amazing movie this truly is.

    3. trublu215 from United States
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      Enemy is the latest thriller from Canadian director Denis Villeneuve,and it stands as a hybrid mix of David Lynch and David Fincher at theirvery finest. Enemy follows Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) on a journey to findhis exact lookalike named Anthony, a terrible D-list celebrity. As hisinvestigation deepens, the mystery thickens and he is thrown into afray way above his head. What works in Enemy is Gyllenhaal's fearlessperformance as a man who is searching to find who he really is. Thereare a couple scenes that he has where is truly riveting and it becomesso hard to take your eyes off the screen. It really is an explosive yetvery contained performance that I feel needs a lot of recognition.Enemy marks itself as a film about identity and never knowing who youtruly are and the pressures of wanting to become something you're not.While it remains as a heavy message, it still makes for a film thatalmost demands repeat viewings. At 90 minutes even, the film moves andnever slows down enough for us to even breathe. Before we can evenquestion what is going on in one scene, Villeneuve throws us anothercurve ball to contend with. While that may bring confusion to manypeople, it is very welcoming to a viewer in the mood to do some seriousthinking. Anything beyond that, it may garner some negative responsesespecially if you're not paying close attention. Enemy works well as apsychological thriller, bringing some of the most disturbing imagesI've seen on screen in recent years. This film is NOT scary, but it isextremely uneasy and very creepy, especially towards the last twentyminutes of the film, which had me holding my breath as we finallydiscover the truth of what is going on.

      Overall, this is one hell of a film that really does almost require asecond (and possibly a third) viewing. I highly recommend it,especially to fans of David Lynch's Eraserhead. The images arememorable, the performances are very well rounded and this is just avery very well done film.

    4. reelscreenreviews from United States
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      *********This May Contain Spoilers******** "The Enemy" debuted at TIFF2013 and stars the on screen talents of Jake Gyllenhaal, MelanieLaurent, Sarah Gadon, & Isabella Rossellini. This film comes to us fromdirector Denis Villeneuve. He is the director of "The Prisoner" whichalso debuted in Toronto and also stars Gyllenhaal, and thewell-regarded "Incendies" from a few years back.

      This tale tells of two separate individuals that have absolutelynothing to do with each other, which is until one of them discoversthat they look and sound exactly alike. One of these guys is an actor &one is a professor, and one night while watching a DVD the professorrealizes that he has a doppelganger. The face and the voice of the twogentlemen are a spot on match for one another, and after they cometogether and become acquainted with each other the movie gets a littlebit weird. They begin an almost covert agreement that will place eachother in the opposite's life, and will this add to an existence ofintrigue or will it compound an already complex storyline.

      I actually find myself split on this one, but the more that I thinkabout this one the more I guess that I enjoyed it. I do have manythings to complement when it comes to this movie, but unfortunatelywhenever a filmmaker sets out to make a confusing or interpretive filmthey usually succeed in doing so.

      Well people I will begin with the positives and I must start withdouble lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal who does a fantastic job in this dualrole. He has the quirks and mannerisms down to a science, and he bringsthese characteristics to life in two different people. One is a veryunkempt looking and unconfident college professor, and the other is acock-sure actor that always knows what he is doing. Gyllenhaal shineson screen because you can tell which guy it is just by looking at him,and I mean down to the posture. He very much reminded me of MichaelKeaton from the over-looked gem "Multiplicity", because there as wellKeaton had the personalities down rock solid.

      I also need complement Melanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon who are thegirlfriend/wife of the duo, and each is a real person in this smallcast. Each one of these women is 10 times smarter than most loveinterests in film today, and it was cool to see such solid work fromsuch a small group of actors. Watching "The Enemy" the interior shotsfelt like I was viewing a live stage or theater production, and that isuntil we get to see the beautiful city of Toronto as the backdrop for"The Enemy". Credit director of photography Nicholas Bolduc forbrilliantly capturing this Canadian Metropolis, and after walkingaround this city for a week and half let me tell ya…he did in factrepresent the city of Toronto brilliantly. He added an orange tint or asepia tone to the wide exterior shots, and it gave the city almost awarmer feel. Ironically it was 95 degrees in the city on the day that Isaw this film, and not only did it look like the hottest day of theyear on screen but it actually was the hottest day of the year outsideas well.

      The filmmaker Denis Villeneuve definitely has a talent behind thecamera, and he very much gets the best out of his actors. It's justthat he so very much reminds me of the 2 eccentric directors DavidCronenberg & David Lynch. This film has "Naked Lunch" & "Dead Ringers"written all over it…and you can without question see many tributes toDavid Lynch every now and again.

      This takes me to the film's one drawback, and that is that I reallydidn't know exactly what was going on probably for more than half themovie. There are things that happen at the beginning of this film andyou're like "Alright", but then it is never fully explained. This plotpoint that I'm talking about is revisited in the middle of the film andthere is something in the film's finale about it, but I have no ideawhy it is there or what it even means? Then I don't believe that these2 lead personalities are twins because they cover that in the storywith one of guy's mothers, but in my opinion they still leave that opento some sort of interpretation. There are many spots in this film thatfeel like the end of "Lost in Translation", where you're not supposedto know specifically what it is, but it leaves itself open to analysis.

      At 90 minutes some will also complain about the "The Enemy's" abruptending, but that is another reason that I enjoyed it, because it wasabrupt. This film was short, sweet, and to the point, and you couldhave watched it 2 times in a row back-to-back and it still would'vebeen 15 minutes shorter than "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby". Ilistened to the filmmaker explain that basically there is noexplanation, which means I can't wait for someone's YouTube video about"The Real Clarification of 'The Enemy'" or "'The Enemy' Explained".This is one of those movies that if you caught it on the right night,and were under the influence of the correct substances, well you'reprobably going to enjoy this one. However I know for sure that thenon-certainties of the film will turn off quite a few. I am still verytorn between 2 ½ stars and 3 stars out of 4, but I am going to go withthe artistic value of the film and up it to 3 stars out of 4. Thatsolid recommendation is for the muddled but still technically smoothdrama "The Enemy".

    5. Allenfrodo27 from Canada
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      A excellent piece of film making, With excellent,Excellentcinematography and brilliant performances from its great cast. Allthough the film is definitely a thinker, Its a fantastic one. The filmgives small but good clues through out to really find out what's goingon, Once again the cinematography is fantastic, Their are great shotsof spiders lingering other the city, And haunting beautiful imagery tolook at, The directing is also excellent, As well as the complexconfusing script, That seems to know what its doing. Overall Enemy is afantastic well filmed, Brilliantly directed and performed movie thatwill sure to have you talking for days and perhaps even weeks to come =9.8/10

    6. katarinajesic from Canada
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      This is the worst movie I saw in a long time. First of all movie has noconcept, story is so stupid ending is worse, so cheaply made list goeson. When movie ended whole movie theatre had same reaction like WHATWAS THAT!!! I cant believe that Jake as a good actor actually agree tofilm this and b in this movie. Just so disappointed in this movie, justdon't understand this movie, what did director wanted to say. Iampretty sure in directors mind that it's easy to understand, but I thinkwhatever he wanted to say probably there was easier way. I just wishedI read more reviews before I went to see this movie, because it was notworth the money, I don't even think it's worthy renting it at home whenit comes out on DVD or worst buying it. All of all did not like it anddon't recommend it!

    7. sandrayoders-944-113896
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      This was the worst movie I have ever wasted my time on! From thebeginning with the naked woman stepping on a spider in front of a bunchof drooling men to the end where the pregnant woman becomes the spider.Nothing about the movie made sense. I thought that it would at a coupleof points but alas it just ended on the damn spider. Wasted $12.99 andone and a half hours of my life! My husband and father in law will bothwatch any type of movie and never complain. And they were horrified byhow awful this movie is. I am so disappointed that Jake Gyllenhall isin the movie. I usually like his movies. Horrible movie, terriblemovie, don't waste your time or money movie. There is nothing redeemingabout this movie, in my humble opinion.

    8. katie-sullivan-618-261903
      18 Mar 2014, 5:00 am

      This movie is so bad, I feel stupid for wasting my time. Is the writerand/or director laughing at everyone who watches this movie and ravesabout the artistry of it? Truth is Enemy is slow, morbid and pointless.I love a smart entertaining movie – this does not fall in thatcategory. Other reviewers have compared this movie to a David Lynchmovie. That is accurate – plot less, unlikable characters and an endingthat is just dumb – just like a David Lynch movie.

      What i don't get are the reviews – i always check IMDb before we ordera movie that i haven't heard of. I would have appreciated someonetipping me off about how totally UN- ENTERTAINING this movie is. i hopethis review helps someone before they start watching or order thismovie!

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