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Endless Love (2014)

  • Rate: 5.8/10 total 1,181 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 14 February 2014 (USA)
  • Runtime: 103 min
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Endless Love (2014)


Endless Love 2014tt2318092.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Endless Love (2014)
  • Rate: 5.8/10 total 1,181 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 14 February 2014 (USA)
  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Filming Location: Conyers, Georgia, USA
  • Gross: $13,380,000 (USA) (14 February 2014)
  • Director: Shana Feste
  • Stars: Gabriella Wilde, Alex Pettyfer, Bruce Greenwood | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Christophe Beck   
  • Soundtrack: All Our Endless Love
  • Sound Mix: SDDS | Datasat | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Remake

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Shana Feste 
  • Joshua Safran 
  • Scott Spencer  novel

Known Trivia

    Plot: The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart. |  »

    Story: The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Pamela Abdy known as producer
    • Michael Bederman known as line producer: additional photography
    • J. Miles Dale known as executive producer
    • Tracy Falco known as executive producer
    • Stephanie Savage known as producer
    • Josh Schwartz known as producer
    • Scott Stuber known as producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Alex Pettyfer known as David Elliot
    • Gabriella Wilde known as Jade Butterfield
    • Bruce Greenwood known as Hugh Butterfield
    • Joely Richardson known as Anne Butterfield
    • Robert Patrick known as Harry Elliot
    • Rhys Wakefield known as Keith Butterfield
    • Dayo Okeniyi known as Mace
    • Emma Rigby known as Jenny
    • Anna Enger known as Sabine
    • Fabianne Therese known as Checka
    • Mike Bland known as Harry's Friend
    • Jake Schultz known as Harry's Friend
    • Jeff Pope known as Mechanic (as Jeff Wayne Pope)
    • Zechariah Pierce known as Waiter
    • Ryan Lewis known as Maserati Driver
    • Dan Triandiflou known as Manager
    • Stephanie Northrup known as Dawn
    • Andrew Masset known as Joe
    • Patrick Johnson known as Chris Butterfield
    • Alexa Rachelle known as High School Girl
    • Jonathan Velasquez known as Party Boy
    • Marie L. Burke known as Gwen (as Marie Burke)
    • Danielle Rodas known as Dancing Party Girl
    • Tallie L. Brinson known as Dancing Party Boy
    • William Henry Milne known as Boy in Pool
    • Sonia Rose known as Girl in Pool
    • Joey Nappo known as Charlie
    • Jimmy Gonzales known as Cop
    • Michelle Brzenk known as Hospital Receptionist
    • Sharon Conley known as Dr. Nesbitt
    • Matthew Withers known as Miles
    • Alexandra Bartee known as Kelly
    • Jon Menick known as Professor
    • Nelson Bonilla known as TSA Agent
    • Nathan Standridge known as TSA Agent
    • Skip P. Welch known as Fire Lieutenant
    • Judith Weston known as Pastor
    • Lisa M. Barfield known as Teacher at Graduation (uncredited)
    • Chance Bartels known as EMT (uncredited)
    • Jonny Beltran known as Graduation Parent (uncredited)
    • Candace Blanchard known as Young David's Mom (uncredited)
    • Kenesha Bolton known as Parent or Guardian of a Child (uncredited)
    • Becky Boyd known as Graduation Parent (uncredited)
    • Wadette Bradford known as Airport Traveler Wife (uncredited)
    • Haley Covalli known as Teenager (uncredited)
    • Haley Craft known as Painting Girl #2 (uncredited)
    • Mariama Diallo known as Jenny's Friend (uncredited)
    • Paisley Scott Dickey known as Child in airport (uncredited)
    • Andrea Douglas-Marchman known as Concerned Neighbor (uncredited)
    • Jacklyn Edney known as Goth (uncredited)
    • Alexandra Ficken known as Hope (uncredited)
    • Gabriela Fraile known as Cafe Waitress (uncredited)
    • Jeff Matthew Glover known as Principal Moss (uncredited)
    • Hunter Goligoski known as Taylor (uncredited)
    • Chip Gunnell known as Book Store Patron (uncredited)
    • Mallory Haller known as Pedestrian / Car Driver (uncredited)
    • Chas Harvey known as Vista Boy (uncredited)
    • Christian Higgins known as Partier Pushed Into Pool (uncredited)
    • Mary Ellen Itson known as Parent at Graduation (uncredited)
    • Adam C. Johnson known as Graduate (uncredited)
    • Malcolm F. Johnson known as Server / Graduate Student (uncredited)
    • Key Jones known as Girl in Cab (uncredited)
    • Jesse Kindred known as Bicyclist (uncredited)
    • Kristi Lauren known as Woman on Trampoline (uncredited)
    • Marc-Henry Lazarre known as College Student (uncredited)
    • Scott Ledbetter known as Cab Driver (uncredited)
    • Anissa Matlock known as Pool Jumper (uncredited)
    • Taylor McPherson known as Hipster (uncredited)
    • Garrick Parks known as Flight Attendant (uncredited)
    • Jessica Pressley known as Fountain Kid (uncredited)
    • Manuel Rodriguez known as Barbecue Party Guest (uncredited)
    • Valeri Rogers known as Girl at Cyclorama (uncredited)
    • Patrick Rokn known as Graduate / Partier / Concert Goer (uncredited)
    • Martin Seifert known as Parent at Mansion Scene (uncredited)
    • Laura Stetman known as Graduate (uncredited)
    • Josh Turner known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
    • Shayla West known as Airport Patron (uncredited)
    • Bryan Williams known as Teenager (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Lance Aldredge known as hair stylist
    • Randi Owens Arroyo known as makeup artist
    • Carla Brenholtz known as key makeup artist
    • Valerie Patterson known as makeup artist (as Valerie Patterson)
    • Dionne Pitsikoulis known as makeup artist
    • Tina Roesler Kerwin known as makeup department head

    Art Department:

    • Todd Bridges known as props assistant
    • Danny Brown known as assistant art director
    • Nathan S. Clark known as set dresser
    • Connie Dominey known as graphic designer
    • Jennifer Fleury known as on set dresser
    • Shane Garner known as set decoration buyer
    • Shane Garner known as set dresser
    • Craig Gilmore known as storyboard artist
    • John Hemphill known as key greensman
    • Jen Hicks known as property master (reshoots)
    • Kristen Hunsicker known as art production assistant
    • John Paul 'J.P.' Jones known as property master
    • Julie Kobsa known as assistant property master
    • Chelsea Leonowicz known as art department coordinator
    • John Moredock known as set designer
    • Jason Negron known as set dresser
    • Katherine Skinner known as set dresser
    • Brandon Smith known as set dresser
    • Mary Stacy known as set decoration buyer
    • Lindsay Tomlinson known as assistant prop master: additional photography
    • Willa Whalen known as construction production assistant
    • Willa Whalen known as production assistant
    • Nina A. White known as art department assistant




    Production Companies:

    • Bluegrass Films
    • Fake Empire
    • Universal Pictures

    Other Companies:

    • BT Industrial Supply  expendables
    • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera car (uncredited)
    • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes (uncredited)
    • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera dollies
    • EFilm  digital intermediate
    • Film Art  art consulting
    • Scarlet Letters  title design
    • Transportation Resources  transportation equipment


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    • Solar Entertainment (204) (Philippines) (theatrical)
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    • United International Pictures (UIP) (2014) (Philippines) (theatrical) (as UIP-Solar Entertainment)
    • United International Pictures (UIP) (2014) (Singapore) (theatrical)
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    • Universal Pictures International (UPI) (2014) (Germany) (theatrical)
    • Universal Pictures International (UPI) (2014) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
    • Universal Pictures (2014) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Zon Audiovisuais (2014) (Portugal) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Mr. X Gotham

    Visual Effects by:

    • Mike Borrett known as visual effects producer: Mr. X Inc.
    • Wilson Cameron known as visual effects producer
    • Andy Chan known as senior visual effects compositor: Mr. X Inc.
    • Becca Donohoe known as compositing production manager
    • Wes Dorough known as data wrangler
    • Oliver Hearsey known as tracking supervisor: Mr. X Inc.
    • Marco Lee known as digital compositor
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    • D. Eric Robinson known as visual effects supervisor
    • Milan Schere known as senior matte painter: Mr. X Inc.
    • Arthur Zajac known as visual effects cinematographer: lola vfx

    MPAA: Rated PG-13 for sexual content, brief partial nudity, some language and teen partying



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. shawneofthedead from http://shawneofthedead.wordpress.com/
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      Hollywood has been running out of ideas for years – remakes, sequels,prequels and reboots now seem to be the order of the day. What's hardto imagine is why anyone thought a remake of Endless Love was necessaryin the first place. The 1981 film of the same name – based on a pulpy,albeit well-regarded, novel by Scott Spencer – wasn't even that good tobegin with. At least that version of the story had the distinction ofstarring a young, nubile Brooke Shields, not to mention a title songthat became more famous than the movie itself. This remake manages tobe both extremely bland and painfully melodramatic, bled of almost anyhint of controversy or genuine complexity and darkness.

      Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) is the quintessential poor littlerich girl: a beautiful, blonde ice princess who has shut herself inwith her parents, Hugh (Bruce Greenwood) and Anne (Joely Richardson),after the untimely death of her brother Chris. David (Alex Pettyfer) isa kid from the poorer side of town who has nursed a crush on herthroughout high school. She's college-bound, he just wants to work inhis dad's (Robert Patrick) workshop. When they finally connect, sparksfly and Jade starts to re-think the safe, perfect future she's plannedwith Hugh.

      It's all very cookie-cutter high-school romantic melodrama. Nothingabout this film feels particularly fresh or smart, although it doesstart out a little better than you'd expect. But, after the initialmeet-cute between Jade and a thoroughly smitten David, Endless Lovequickly descends into trashy predictability: Hugh does everythingwithin his power to get rid of David, but the spark of love and lustbetween the star-crossed couple burns so hot and bright that nothingwill stand in their way.

      What's frustrating is that the film has almost completely excisedanything even remotely complex about its plot and characters. The 1981movie may have been faintly terrible and soapy, but it at least made astab at psychological darkness, suggesting that the 'endless love' ofthe title bordered more on creepy, damaging obsession than sweet,romantic love. There's no such suggestion here: David is troubled butultimately noble; Jade is purely, truly in love; and it's thecurmudgeonly Hugh who must realise the errors of his ways.

      The cast is watchable but not really memorable. Pettyfer broods as ifhe knows he's meant for better things. Wilde is effortlessly, oftenstunningly beautiful, but doesn't have much to offer beyond that.Greenwood has the most scenery to chew – he practically twirls aninvisible moustache and cackles at some points – but it's Richardsonwho walks away with the film's few affecting moments (even though hercharacter loses much of its shock value in morphing into the archetypalloyal, loving housewife).

      You would imagine that, in a cinematic landscape overrun by remakes,these films would – at the minimum – have something interesting to sayabout the times in which we live now. They can make a case for theirexistence, perhaps, by being a little edgier than the original films:explaining why there's a need to tell this old story again. EndlessLove doesn't really manage that. Instead, by forgoing depth anddarkness for schmaltz and sentiment, it ends up being even safer andsweeter than a movie shot over thirty years ago.

    2. joshwesselius from United States
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      Do you remember "Safe Haven"? Yeah, that soppy romantic drama last yearthat ended with (SPOILER ALERT if anyone cares) Robin Scherbatsky'scharacter being a ghost that wanted her former husband to find truelove again.

      Safe Haven is several times better than Endless Love, and I hated SafeHaven.

      Endless Love is a movie so mind-bogglingly inept, so blissfullyunaware, so morally empty, and so raucously confident that if it (Godforbid) took the form of a human being, you would alternately want toweep for her, educate her, and bash in her skull with a bowling ball.This movie takes place in a world that is structurally unsound and ispopulated with aggressively stupid characters whose actions areunjustifiably opposed to sound logic and good morals.

      Yes, Endless Love is a film aimed at a very particular target audiencewith a very specific goal in mind, and therefore its flaws mean littleto the filmmakers or to the numerous squealing 13-15 year old girls atmy showing. However, that does not excuse it from following film rulesthat, when broken, force a viewer out of the entertainment experienceand instead force them to put their head in their hands in disgust.

      1. You need a strong lead character. Jade Butterfield is the oppositeof a strong lead character. She is a selfish, spoiled, and ignorant17-year-old who falls head-over-heals for a stranger and then proceedsto give up everything (from body to future) to this reckless young manwhose first impression on her is taking a client's car for a joyrideand then assaulting the man. She treats her father awfully even beforehe turns into a dominating jerk and she says stupid things like, "Let'sbe young and dumb" and "I want to go sneak into a zoo and get high withpeople I don't know and I demand you go with me!" Okay, maybe Istretched that last one. Also, don't even try to consider the boyfriendas the main character: he is two-dimensional, un-complex, artificiallyconstructed and a poor excuse for a human being, whose purpose is tomake the target audience swoon and be severely disappointed with realmen.

      2. You need convincing conflict. Jade's father is not convincingconflict. He seems like a genuinely good father whose good charactertraits seem to reflect his inner love nature and his negative traitsare unconvincing and contrived in every sense. This is especiallydisplayed in his affair, the provocation scene against Jade's lover,and the scene where he almost beats said lover with a baseball bat.These scenes are in direct contrast to scenes that describe a man wholeft his job to support his dying son, who constantly wants to help hisdaughter succeed, and is wary of a violent young man who hides with hisdaughter in closets during parties. To any logical viewer, it is mucheasier to side with a hurt father figure who only wants a bright futurefor his children (as opposed to a mother who only wants her children tofind "true love" and to get "good at getting their hearts broken") andnot a mindless 17-year-old caught up in a week-old infatuation and whois insisting that she found the love of her life. And don't even get mestarted on the living son and his girlfriend, whose characters areentirely irrelevant and whose sole purpose seems to be to force theaudience to believe the dad is the bad guy.

      3. In a romance aimed at tweens and teens, you need some underlyingmorality or a subtle message to "do what is right". This movie knowswhat is right and what is smart, identifies it, and then promptlylaughs in its face and grinds it into the dirt. It is NOT okay for ayoung girl to ignore the violent tendencies of her boyfriend beforeintending to give up her life for him. It is NOT okay for a mother tobe jealous of the "love" between 2 teenagers that just met and be upsetwith the father when attempts to break it off. It is NOT okay to stealpeople's cars because they are jerks towards you. It is NOT okay tosneak into people's houses that don't like you and have sex withsomeone you hardly know. It is NOT okay to say "screw you" tointernships and opportunities you have committed to when teenage loveshows up: that's not how life works. It is NOT okay to say it is moreimportant to seek out a lover before deciding what to do with yourlife. It is NOT okay to smoke weed in the elephant's exhibit. It is NOTokay to make out with an old boyfriend while you are in a relationshipand then promise to run away to the other side of the world in themiddle of college, with no money or plans or future. None of what thismovies says is okay, is okay.

      There was so much wrong with Endless Love, but my space is quitelimited so I touched upon my biggest gripes. As a college student soonto be engaged, this type of movie should appeal to my inner romantic atleast on some primal level and instead, both my girlfriend and I leftthis movie embarrassed to have spent money in this film and laughing atthe sheer ridiculousness of the film's messages and characters. As mygirlfriend said, "I have never enjoyed the trailers before the moviemore than I enjoyed the movie until I saw Endless Love".

      As a postscript: dear filmmakers, teenagers coming from a party thatjust got busted by the cops aren't going to go to a new party withadults and then play games that involve choreography and a boombox andthen go home nicely when told to by the adults. Nice try.

    3. kayles115 from Australia
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      This is basically a good romantic movie. If you are hoping for moredepth, more story or more anything you will be disappointed. But forwhat it was, I enjoyed it.

      The acting was solid, I really liked Gabriella Wildes performance. Shewas fresh faced and innocent. I was really not interested in AlexPettyfer's performance prior to watching it, but he proved me wrong andwas believable and you found yourself with a vested interest in theirrelationship.

      If you are after an escape into a good romantic movie, I think this oneis worth the effort…

    4. bradleyponzio96 (bradleyponzio96@aol.com) from United States
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      I just watched this movie yesterday and I must say that it was simplyfantastic. It so well documented and the director makes sure that heties up loose ends by the end of the movie. I do recommend this moviefor teens and young adults since it strikes a younger audience ratherthen the older audience. This movie is full of joy and you areguaranteed to walk away with your money's worth. both guy and girlactors were very good at their roles and they did a splendid job onmany of the more intimate scenes! When I first walked in I thought thatthe movie was just going to be another spin off of The Notebook or DearJohn but I must admit that I was surprised and happy that my money wentto such a good movie. I haven't seen a good movie in a long time so Iam happy to give credit where it is due!

    5. ggibson63 from USA
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      You have to realize that the targeted audience for this movie is youngteenage girls, but with that said, I'm a 19 year old girl, and I stillfound parts of this movie to be cheesy and cliché and predictable attimes. But it's still a decent, enjoyable movie. It was beautifullyfilmed, and the actors did a great job. The problem I had with thismovie was how quickly their romance began. It was only around 3 scenesinto it when they started to "fall in love" and honestly it felt kindof rushed. And I hate how they make her Father out to be the bad guy,when I agree with him for the first half of the movie. I don't thinkany parent would like to see their daughter throw away a once in alifetime internship opportunity for a stranger she barely knows who isa criminal and has had a violent past. Any parent would react the wayhe did, if not worse. I also don't like how they make it seem like it'ssuch a horrible thing for her to spend her time reading books insteadof "living", like she's a 17 year old girl, it's not a crime for her tostay in and not have sex and party.

      There are a couple scenes that made me cringe due to how cheesy theywere, like when she walked into the café/restaurant and saw him sittingin the booth with that other girl, and of course she jumps toconclusions and thinks there is something going on, when clearlyabsolutely nothing was going on. It was very over dramatic, and duringthat scene they said the most cliché lines ever like "I'm just not goodenough for you", and "You're a coward, you need to fight for love" andvarious things like that, and it just bothered me.

      Other then the cliché scenes and some predictability, it was still oneof the better modern teen romance movies I've seen. Typically, modernteen romance movies these days are just horrific, but this one wasn'tas bad as people are saying it is. But what I don't understand ispeople comparing this to The Notebook. The Notebook is the king of allromance movies, and it's offensive to compare the greatest love storyof all time to a movie like this. Not to mention, I didn't getemotional once during this movie, which is rare because I'm anemotional person, so I found that odd.

      I would still recommend seeing it. It's a decent movie, and it's not asbad as the critics and everyone says it is. I just really wanted tolove it, and I only liked it.

    6. JSplend954 from Salisbury, MD
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      "Endless Love", is about two young teenagers who fell madly in lovewith each other at first sight.

      The original "Endless Love", was an early 80's movie, which had asimilar concept. This was a lot different than most reproductions oforiginal movies, which is actually good, as the original "EndlessLove", was nothing to write home about.

      I'm not even sure why they had to have any correlation to the originalmovie, as this was a totally different plot than the original. But, forsome reason they used some of the original screen names, and there wasa fire, and the young female was riding on the handle bars of abicycle, being driven by her boyfriend.

      Both Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde give a pretty solid performanceas the young couple. Pettyfer plays the sensitive boyfriend and helooked a lot more comfortable in this role than in his previousperformance on "Magic Mike". Gabriella Wilde shows a lot of emotion,but she comes off as a little naive. I thought Robert Packer, whoportrays David's Father, was the most convincing as a single parentthat is very supportive of his son.

      Overall, I'm glad this was not a replica of the original.

    7. samantha wilde from United States
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      When i saw this movie only got a 5.8 out of 10, I was shocked. I triedto think of reasons why people could have been disappointed with it butcame up with none. So I read through some of the reviews and completelydisagreed with them. I've never seen the original movie so I cant sayanything in comparison to it. However, what I do know is that thismovie was truly amazing. Maybe its just because I am a hopelessromantic but this movie was different from other romance movies. Itmade me see things from a different perspective. David and Jude's loveseemed so real and I found myself continuously getting caught up in themovie. When the movie ended I instantly wished for there to be a secondmovie. The movie seemed so short and there was no part in the moviethat made me uninterested or bored. I would definitely recommend thismovie and I would even go see it again.

    8. Slasher_Lover23 from United States
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      The film follows David (Alex Pettyfer) who has had a long-lasting crushon beautiful rich girl Jade (Gabriella Wilde). It is on the day oftheir high school graduation when their two worlds collide. As the poorcity boy and the sheltered rich girl's love begin to grow, thedisapproval of Jade's father (Bruce Greenwood) does as well. He willstop at nothing to keep the two young lovers apart, and it will testthe limits of how strong David and Jade's love truly is.

      Endless Love definitely follows the footsteps of previous romancefilms, despite being a remake and an adaptation of a book of the samename. However, that doesn't prevent the film from being a powerful lovestory on its own. The characters are so lovable and more than anythingyou want their love to prevail and want everything to work out forthem. We watch as they begin their cute encounters upon first meeting,and we gradually see their love grow more and more, and as the storygoes on, we can literally feel the love between them despite theobstacles. It's definitely not a fresh love story, but anyone with aheart and has a strong belief in love can see so much deeper into his.Despite what critics and other reviews say, this is a powerful lovestory that shows how powerful love can be and how much we want to givethat love to someone else.

      Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde have AMAZING chemistry, enough towhere it really helps you believe this couple is in love. Not sinceRyan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook has one been able toliterally feel the love and chemistry two actors have to display onscreen. On their own, the two actors do just as an amazing job. Wildeprovides a lot beauty and innocence to her role as the girl who wantsto throw away her sheltered and rich life to be with the one she lovesmost. Pettyfer proves a strong performance as a guy who will stop atnothing to be with the one he loves. He displays his full range as anactor when it involves his character confronting his past demons anddeeper emotions.

      Despite the harsh reviews that will come its way, Endless Love is atruly powerful love story that only people who are deeply in love, havedeeply loved, or strongly believe in love will appreciate. It is onlythose like critics and those who haven't experienced love or reallybelieve in it that will be blinded to the film's overall meaning. Ontop of that, we have the two solid performances by the leads to liftthe film up to higher standards than most recent romantic dramas.

      My Rating: 10/10

    9. Sean Stephenson from Chicago, IL
      18 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

      ***Spoiler Alert*** I found this movie to be rather refreshing, Many ofthese reviews to be scathingly harsh. I thought who quickly the maincharacters fell for each other was brilliant. Most movies drag it onforever, where as this one it was rushed but it didn't feel rushed. Youcould tell there had been a backlog of feelings that were suppressedthat once they came out they flourished. The movie also reminded me ofjust how dedicated true love could be, which was nice to see in aromantic genre movie. While cheesy and cliché have been tossed around,it was done rather well and exceeded my expectations. Yes, some momentswere predictable but 99% of this genre is. I do think it would havebenefited from slightly more action/drama added to the plot line.Overall B+

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