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Detroit Metal City (2008)

  • Rate: 6.8/10 total 1,123 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Music
  • Release Date: 23 August 2008 (Japan)
  • Runtime: 104 min
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Detroit Metal City (2008)


Detroit Metal City 2008tt1142972.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Detroit Metal City (2008)
  • Rate: 6.8/10 total 1,123 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Music
  • Release Date: 23 August 2008 (Japan)
  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Filming Location: Nikkatsu Studios, Tokyo, Japan
  • Director: Toshio Lee
  • Stars: Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Yoshihiko Hosoda and Ryûji Akiyama
  • Original Music By: Takayuki Hattori   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Metal | Death Metal | Tokyo Japan | Based On Manga | Based On Comic

Writing Credits By:

  • Kiminori Wakasugi (manga)
  • Mika Ohmori (adaptation)

Known Trivia

    Plot: Soichi Negishi moved to Tokyo to chase his dream of becoming a musician playing stylish, Swedish-style pop… See more »  »

    Story: Soichi Negishi moved to Tokyo to chase his dream of becoming a musician playing stylish, Swedish-style pop. Instead, he finds himself leading the death metal band Detroit Metal City, or DMC, as the costumed and grotesquely made-up "demon emperor" Johannes Krauser II. Although he hates the role and the things he has to do as a member of the band, he has a definite talent for it. Adapted from the hit Japanese comic book by Kiminori Wakasugi, the movie follows Negishi's antics as he tries to reconcile the two very different sides of his life and find out what it really means to achieve his dream.Written by GO TO DMC  


    Synopsis: The film opens with Soichi Negishi (Kenichi Matsuama) walking along side his mother to a small country train station. Negishi hopes to move to Japan, and realize his musical dreams, as a pop singer. As he rides away in the train, he sees his younger brother wave to him from a field.

    Now we are taken to a dark alleyway, where many alternative Japanese youths are entering a club called "Hell’s Gate." Inside we see a death metal band(in rather flamboyant attire, and black and white make-up) preforming for a large crowd. This band, is Detroit Metal City. The singer, is then revealed to be Negashi, and why crowd surfing he narrates of his dislike of what he has become.

    The opening credits roll.

    We now see Negashi removing his makeup with a rag, and talking a fellow band mate, which is his lazy, bloomer obsessed drummer Terumichi Nishida . He begs Nishida to return a video-game he had let him borrow, out of fear of him losing it. Now the band’s bassist Masayuki Wada speaks to Negashi about how well he believed the show had done.

    The dressing room door bursts open, and with a wild laugh the President Of Death Records(who also seems to be the band’s manager) enters, and tosses a cigarette into a ash tray that Wada held, but it simply bounced out and went out of frame. She told them of how well they did, but in remorse Negashi played for her a tape of the pop music he wishes to make. Displeased, she kicked him.

    Now with a swollen mouth, Negashi leaves the dressing room in his normal attire, and pushes his way through the crowd of oblivious screaming fans, hoping to get a look at the band. He is hit, and begins to bleed from the nose.As he made his way up the stairs, he heard the fans talk of rumors they had heard about the lead singer Krauser, such as his ability to rape many women.

    Negashi is now on the street, and he is playing his pop music on an acoustic guitar, with people only stoping to glance at him, and then walk away. He stops playing and hears some pop music being played around the corner.As he goes to investigate he sees that the lead singer of the band was an old college friend, and then that a woman standing near him was his college crush Yuri Aikawa.

    He reflects on the old days, of them all sitting around playing music together, and of his quote "No music, No dream."

    He is soon at a record store, looking at the latest fashionable cd covers, when he sees Aikawa, and they began to chat, and make plans to meet later at a cafe. Then a blast of near-by music startles him, and he walks to the next isle to investigate. Several DMC fans had gathered to celebrate the release of a new single with head-banging, and loud music. Negashi dislikes the album cover, and complains about a quote that was in his name, that he never said. Aikawa then tells him of her distaste for metal, and how unfashionable she finds Detroit Metal City.

    Negashi is now in full attire with his band, doing an interview about the new single. His mind is off daydreaming about Aikawa when he realizes it is time for their date and he runs out of the interview to meet her. Negashi is now constantly going back and forth between the date, and the interview, each time forgetting to remove more and more of his DMC attire. With a feeling that negashi was going into the near-by club, she enters in hopes of finding him, but meets Krauser crowd surfing. Negashi in fear, tries to get the crowd to move him away from her, but the get him closer and closer, until he felt his wig began to slip off. The only thing he could do to cover himself, was to lift up her dress, showing her underwear. She calls him a pig, and walks out.

    Now Negashi is outside of a cafe, and is banging on the wall in rage, thinking she figured him out, and he was ruined. A family inside was in terror of the metal monster banding on the window at what they thought, was them.Then Negashi gets a phone call, and it was from Aikawa. She had not found him out, and despite the awkwardness of the day, she asked him to meet her at one of the most fashionable cafes in Japan, for more proper date. So filled with happiness he jumps up at down waving his arms around, and everyone in the cafe screams and runs out, thinking he was telling them to flee or be killed.

    Now at the fashionable cafe, they talk of old times, and of music, then Aikawa introduces him to a fashionable fashion designer/talent agent. The Agent then asks Negashi to play him a song, so he can judge if Negashi was worthy of a record deal. When he plays, he is laughed at and called a joke. Negashi then runs home in shame.

    Why at home, he hears a knock at the door, and when he answers, it is his manager. She sees how laid back his apartment is, and in disgust, destroys it with the help of her dogs. Why holding down Negashi, Aikawa gazes in the open door, and thinks they are engaging in some kind of sexual activity, so she runs away.

    Negashi’s apartment is now covered in chains and skulls, most of his valuables are shattered, and the walls covered in vulgar language that she spray painted on them. He was then face down on the floor, and sobbing. A sudden burn of rage fills him, and his personality changes to that of Krauser, and he grabes a red marker and over top a magazine article, writes a song titles "Should I Take Revenge?"

    We are now back in the club, and DMC is playing the new song, the crowd was screaming and full of love for the band.

    DMC toured all over Japan, defeating one band after another, and becoming the top in the country.Out of happiness the Manager returns to her office, and sees a news story on the television. Her inspiration, Jack ill Dark (Gene Simmons), a famous metal guitarist from America, was retiring, but not before destroying all other leading metal bands in the world. It was his last tour, and DMC was on the list of targets.

    She called a meeting, and told the band of what was to come, that they finally had the chance to become the best. Negashi asked who Jack was, and in displeasure once again told her of his lack of interest, and wish to go into pop music. She kicked him again, but this time below the belt, and the makes his way out of the room.

    Negashi is now walking the streets, and when he comes to another performance by the pop band, he stops to watch, and then sees Aikawa watching as well. She notices him, and tries to run away, but he tells her that it was his land lady, and she abuses him like that whenever he is late on the rent. She accepts this, and they go on talking of other things. She tells him that the Designer had asked her on a date, and if he thought she should go.He once again lied, and said he thought it was a great idea.

    Now following the two on the date, Negashi tried to hide behind objects to keep his trailing them a secret, but the lead singer of the pop band/old college friend of Negashi noticed him hiding, and chased him into the mens restroom.

    Negashi hid in a stall, and changed into his Krasuer costume. When meeting Krauser, the pop singer was very surprised, but told him of how much he admired his work, and then how nervous these shows made him. Krauser told the pop singer then, to sing before he went on stage, it would ease his nerves. The two began to sing a pop song together, Krauser dancing why singing, and the pop singer playing the tambourine why singing. Other members of the pop band entered the bathroom in search of the singer, and were thrown back at the sight of the two together. They then left.

    Krauser walked down the street, still in costume, and noticed Aikawa and the Designer holding hand. He charged at them, knocking over the pop singer, and sending his tambourine flying.

    The two now sat, watching a play version of the Power Rangers, when Krauser angrily entered the stage. The red ranger stared at Krauser in amazement, for he was a fan of DMC that attended every show, and was sure his love and faith in the band had summoned the singer to him. A little boy ran up to Krauser and tried to punch him, thinking he was a villain in the play, but the red ranger grabbed the boy, and told him if he ever touched Krauser again that he’d kill him. The crowd then ran away. As the two tried to leave the scene Krauser ran up to them and grabbed Aikawa by the shoulder. She creamed and The Designer grabbed Krauser and told him to stop. The red ranger ran up to the Designer and head butted him in the skull, causing his collapse. The other rangers cheered, and jumped up and down. Aikawa sopke to Krasuer, telling him she thought his work was pathetic, and took away from society. The wind blew, and a figure of the red ranger fell down towards her. Krauser jumped on top of her, and shielded her from the blow, and looking up, she noticed the man resembled Negashi under the paint. Krauser walked away from her, as she screamed his real name.

    He now walked home in the rain, drowning in his own sadness.

    He decided to leave Japan, and go back home, to live on the farm with his family. None of his dreams would ever come true.

    Aikawa entered his empty apartment, and saw his manager standing at the window. Aikawa asked where he went to, and the manager replied she did know, but that it was a great loss, for he brought so many dreams to the people.

    Negashi arrived home, and saw his mother wearing a DMC shirt. He thought he had been found out somehow by her as well, but then a blast of an old DMC single came from the back of the house. His younger brother came out, with a drastic new appearance and behavior. His hair was now very long, and he cursed at his mother for wearing his shirt. Negashi was very displeased, that his own brother had become a follower of Detroit Metal City.

    The brother received a phone call from a stranger, and it told him to come out to the field outside.

    With a bat in hand, he went into the field, yelling for the stranger to show himself. In a square of light, Krauser emerged from a near by hill. The brother then dropped the bat, and stepped back, for he thought his love of DMC has summoned Krauser from hell. They spoke for a moment, and Krauser told him that good skills at harvesting with a scythe would help him cut off the heads of his foes, and good work in school would help him be like Krauser, who was not only the master of hell, but the master of learning. Their mother came out, and noticed Krauser. She looked closely at him, and smiled, then invited him and her son in for dinner.

    At the dinner table Krauser pointed out a photo of Negashi, and the brother made a comment about his hair looking like a penis. Krauser was quick to correct him, as he said it was in fact an official death metal hair cut.He also told the brother that a true demon always respects his parents, and finishes his meal.

    A following morning Negashi’s mother gave him a large package addressed to Krauser, and Negashi told her he must have left it, and she did not question him, but just left with a smile. The package was full of fan letters begging Krauser to come back, because they loved him, and he gave them dreams like no other. In tears he left to find his mother, and they went to a near-by wishing shrine. He noticed his mother make a wish on a piece of paper and when he read it, it said she hoped all of his dreams to come true. He turned to her, and told her that he must return to Japan, for he did not feel his work done there.

    Now he rushed back through Japan, running to the concert hall where Jack ill Dark awaits. The further he ran, the more of his fans joined his run, until he finally had a mass following ensuring his arrival at the hall.

    Detroit Metal City opened the battle with a well know song, but Krauser was still no where to be seen. In mid-song Jack burst onto the scene with his anthem "Fuckingham Palace". DMC fell back as Jack released his "Death Metal Bull" and they hid behind the drum set. Krauser then appeared, with his make-up slightly altered to read "kill" on his forehead in english, just for Jack(Which was originally done in a common writing style in Japan).Krauser jumped onto the stage and tamed the bull, just as he would a cow back at the farm. Unamused Jack began to once again play the riff of his anthem, and Krauser grabbed a microphone and sang the song, his vocals against Jack’s guitar. The faster Jack played, the faster Krauser had to say "fuck", until Jack’s fingers began to bleed, and Krauser’s words became faint gasps. Jack then in one last attempt to overpower Krauser, hit his distortion peddle, but his over working the guitar caused a small explosion, sending both of them flying back. They both stood, barely bale to move, and made their way back to the center of the stage, where a second explosion occurred which sent them both even further back then before. Krauser lay unconscious, with a charm his mother had given him close by.

    Aikawa was in the crowd, and all in unison as they said "Go to DMC" she joined, and the sound of her voice caused Krauser to open his eyes, clutch the charm and recite to himself "No music No dream" as he stood. he made his way to the front of the stage and everyone cheered, but then Jack stood behind him, and held out his guitar. Krauser flinched, for he though Jack was going to hit him, but instead Jack yelled "take it!" and Krauser removed the guitar from his hands. Jack had admitted defeat, and was going to leave the metal world to DMC.

    Krauser knew then, that this moment, with more fans then he had ever had before, he could show them the music he loves. So on the death metal guitar he played his favorite original pop song, and everyone just stared at him.From her high post, the Manager screamed "Fucker!" and through her cigarette across the massive crowd, which struck Krauser directly on the forehead. He let out a massive scream, and the band began to play, he struck his guitar, and the crowd cheered, the entire hall filled with music, and then Aikawa stepped onto the stage and said to Krauser "You’re Negishi right?" He glared at her, at threw her dress into the air, once again showing her panties, and as she screaming "Disgusting!" He realized what he had done.



    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Yûka Higuchi known as producer
    • Minami Ichikawa known as executive producer
    • Genki Kawamura known as executive producer
    • Yoshihiro Suzuki known as producer
    • Yasuhiro Tsukada known as executive producer
    • Akihiro Yamauchi known as executive producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Ken'ichi Matsuyama known as Sôichi Negishi / Johannes Krauser II
    • Yoshihiko Hosoda known as Masayuki Wada / Alexander Jaggi
    • Ryûji Akiyama known as Terumichi Nishida / Camus
    • Rosa Katô known as Yuri Aikawa
    • Yasuko Matsuyuki known as Boss
    • Adeyto known as Kennie Il Dark
    • Ken Ayugai
    • Cynthia Cheston known as Reporter
    • Niclas Ericsson known as Journalist
    • Ryo Kato known as Toshihiko Negishi
    • Jun'ichirô Kishi
    • Minami known as Nina
    • Yoshiko Miyazaki known as Keiko Negishi
    • Masami Nagasawa
    • Yoshinori Okada known as Detroit Metal City fan
    • Gregory Pekar known as Journalist
    • Gene Simmons known as Jack Il Dark
    • Kazuma Suzuki known as Hidetaka Asato
    • Shelley Sweeney known as Main News Reporter
    • Issei Takahashi known as Hidenori Saji
    • Yôsuke Ôchi known as Susumu 'Kiba' Kibayashi
    • Kôji Ôkura known as Detroit Metal City fan
    • Nobuhiko Ôtani known as DJ Raika




    Production Companies:

    • Dentsu
    • Hakusensha
    • Horipro
    • Nippon Shuppan Hanbai (Nippan) K.K.
    • Parco Co. Ltd.
    • S.D.P.
    • Sony Music Entertainment
    • Toho Company
    • Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co.
    • d-rights

    Other Companies:

    • Continental Far East  Dolby consultant
    • Hoei Sangyo Co. Ltd.  film supplied by
    • Omnibus Japan  camera equipment provided by
    • Tokyo Laboratory Co. Ltd.  prints


    • Encore Films (2009) (Singapore) (theatrical)
    • Golden Village Pictures (2009) (Singapore) (theatrical)
    • Toho Company (2008) (Japan) (theatrical)
    • Nihon Eiga Satellite Broadcasting (2009) (Japan) (TV)
    • Panasia Films (2008) (Hong Kong) (all media)
    • Panasia Films (2009) (Hong Kong) (DVD)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Omnibus Japan

    Release Date:

    • Japan 31 July 2008 (Tokyo) (premiere)
    • Japan 23 August 2008
    • Canada 5 September 2008 (Toronto International Film Festival)
    • Hong Kong 30 October 2008
    • Taiwan 16 January 2009
    • Singapore 19 March 2009
    • South Korea 21 May 2009
    • UK 16 November 2011 (Leeds International Film Festival)



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    Posted on March 30, 2012 by Harry in Movies | Tags: , , .


    1. doug-697 from Canada
      30 Mar 2012, 11:55 pm

      Soichi is a young man who leaves home a wide-eyed innocent with dreamsof being a star in a form of sickly-sweet wholesome pop music which hecalls "trendy" music, but somehow finds himself getting fame in aviolence laden heavy metal band. In real life he's a complete innocent,vaguely reminiscent of a young Jerry Lewis, but when he's in the rockband Detroit Metal City he transforms into the personification of themisogynistic, sociopathic rock star.

      I've always found Japanese humour as rather broad and this is noexception here, except it entirely works in this movie. Ken'ichiMatsuyama, apparently a star in Japan who sends girls into fits ofscreaming, does an excellent job here and is entirely convincing eitheras the innocent young man or as the rock star. In fact, he is achinglyhilarious when he's singing the "trendy" music that he loves. There areseveral moments that will have you convulsed, but I don't wish to giveanything away by describing specific scenes, except to say that it'sthe humour that pushes the movie past the level of the ordinary.

      However, despite being a comedy the film is completely faithful to thespirit of heavy metal music. This is not Spinal Tap. Unlike Spinal themusic in this movie sounds convincing and very much like good rockmusic. Whenever it comes out on DVD you'll want to turn up thesubwoofer!

      I saw this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival and thecrowd I saw it with was very receptive, despite likely not being thetarget audience for the film. Even the director before the movie saidthat it premiered the previous night to a very enthusiastic crowd andhe joked that he hoped we'd liked it since we seemed so much older.That got a big laugh, but I still was surprised to see so many peoplepast middle age who clearly enjoyed this movie. It was almost certainlythe humour and the likability of Matsuyama and the entire cast that wasthe responsible.

      This feels like something that almost has to be re-made by Hollywood.However, you should try to see this version first before anywatered-down North American version hits the screens.

    2. Lo_behold from Toronto, Ontario
      30 Mar 2012, 11:55 pm

      I saw this film during midnight madness at the Toronto film festivaland right from the beginning moments, I knew I would be having arollicking good time. The film is a charmer from start to finish. It'salso one of the funniest films I have seen in a long time. My friendsaid he hadn't laughed so hard, possibly, ever. And that's not astretch; the film was ridiculously funny. The audience completely ateit up. The film is a self-parody of the Japanese from beginning to end(Soichi dreams of making 'trendy' j-pop, wearing 'trendy' clothes andliving in a 'trendy' apartment). It's like watching the Japanese hold amirror up to themselves and mocking every detail. Watching Soichi tryto reconcile his 'true' wannabe pop star self with his newly acquiredand undesired status as death metal god is priceless. He spends hisnights dressed as a 'demon' singing songs about rape and murder (thefilm mocks heavy metal in such a comical and respectable way that evenserious metal fans can't help but roll with laughter), and his days onstreet corners singing sweet-sounding pop songs about love and, um,rainbows. Katsuyama had fantastic comic timing as Soichi, andcompletely won over the audience. It was a hoot to watch him totallycommit himself to his metal persona while on stage, but beingcompletely miserable and lovelorn (the girl he likes hates metal andknows nothing of his metal persona) after taking his make-up off. Histwo sides are completely different and you wonder if he'll ever justembrace his metal god status and give up his pop star dream. Of course,that's the journey the director wants to take us on. And it is one hellof a ride.

      Some films are so ridiculous that it's just nonsense. DMC manages to beridiculous and sublime at the same time. The film is a guaranteed goodtime and I can't imagine anyone watching it without a huge grin ontheir face afterward.

    3. 8thSin from Tokyo / Toronto
      30 Mar 2012, 11:55 pm

      I don't like death metal, I thought Matsuyama Kenichi is a weak actorwho can only handle supporting roles, the main character reminded me of"Densha Otoko" who annoyed me very much, and they went overboard withthe comedy. Personally, nothing was going right for this film, but itturned out to be one hell of a movie.

      The theme for this movie is "Dream", and it is cheesy as it sounds, asexpected of a anime-based movie. However, the movie had the energy andits fast pace in addition to the interesting setting quickly drew meinto the story. It is apparent a lot of effort was put into the SFX andproduction of this movie.

      Matsuyuki Yasuko seemed totally out of place in a bad role, but she wasabsolutely hot. There were many stupid moments, but I found myselfconstantly laughing, even at dirty jokes. This film has the magic,there is no other way of explaining it. Other than its excessivelycheesy "showdown" scene at the end, this movie was perfect in everyway. Good enough to satisfy even the harshest doubters (i.e. me).Highly recommended.

    4. Harry T. Yung ( from Hong Kong
      30 Mar 2012, 11:55 pm

      Noticing that the only two comments on IMDb are from users who havewatched DMC at the TIFF's Midnight Madness, I can't help but regretthat I didn't go for it then and there. The sheer atmosphere in thecinema would have multiplied the enjoyment manifold.

      Both meanings of the word simple are intended in my summary line.First, the plot line is reduced to bare necessities. An innocentcountry boy Soichi Negichi goes to Tokyo for university ends up beingthe lead singer of a heavy metal death band. The irony is that hispassion is for saccharin-sweet love ballads, which he writes and singsat street corners, very often to a lone audience of a little dog, thatis, when he is not in his alter ego Johannes Krauser II, garbed ingrotesque costume, complete with long wig and a face painteddeath-white. Secondly, this Jekyll-and-Hyde protagonist is portrayed byKeniche Matsuyama with exaggerated idiocy (facial expression as well asbody language), and it works. Negichi becomes instantly lovable andthat goes a long way in gaining the audience's acceptance of the movie,even those not in the targeted age group, as one comment points out.

      The identity charade is exploited to the fullest in this movie, andsuccessfully so. Those who have read the immensely popular manga alsovouch for the movie's authenticity. You just can't praise enoughMatsuyama's superb performance. And one does not have to be a heavymetal fan to be swept along by the exciting finale of a musical duelbetween Soichi and the reigning global heavy metal king Jack II Dark(played lovingly by Gene Simmons of KISS, after which DMC is modelled).

      There is no need to philosophize the purported probe into the dualityhuman nature or the universality of music. DMC is a movie to beenjoyed, and simple does it.

    5. DICK STEEL from Singapore
      30 Mar 2012, 11:55 pm

      And I felt the filmmakers nailed it squarely on the head with thecasting of Ken'ichi Matsuyama, more famously known these days as theteen detective L from the Death Note series. In that film he haddisappeared behind a stoic and serious demeanour behind a lithe frame,being quite fleet-footed while snacking on sweet food. Here, Ken'ichiagain disappears and in more challenging terms, being on opposite sidesof the spectrum from the meek to the flamboyant, and if you're notimpressed by his L, his turns here would impress as being a consummatecharacter actor capable of fleshing out characters very convincingly.If it's a chameleon actor you're looking for, look no further thanMatsuyama.

      As Negishi, his mushroom cut hairstyle sported fits the character to atee. A mild mannered sissy nerd, he shuffles his feet from his hometownvillage to the bright city of Tokyo in the hope of fulfilling his dreamof being a trendy pop singer. You know, the one who belts out bubblegumpop tunes about first love and sweet kisses. He lives by the mantra of"No Music No Dream", and inspires his fellow peers to do the same andseize the day. Just so to tell you he's still a straight characterdespite his effeminate ways, he's attracted to Aikawa (Rosa Kato, whoresembles a little like Aoi Miyazaki, who's starring in yet anothersimilar music- based movie in Shonen Merikensack which I am lookingforward to). Who wouldn't?

      But an unexpected opportunity to join a band, he soon finds himselfmanipulated by his female boss (Yasuko Matsuyuki) into becoming thefrontman for the heavy metal band Detroit Metal City (DMC) as JohannesKrauser, the long haired, pale skinned singer from the depths of hellwho sings raged filled songs and preaches satanism, hate, anger, murderand rape. He garners a country-wide following filled with rabidgroupies, and is more wildly successful as part of the engineered metalband, than trying to strike out on his own as a frivolous pop singerthat's a dime a dozen.

      It's an excellent contrast of characters, but more so, an examinationof self and the personas we adopt in different situations. It mighteven be a classic case of Schizophrenia for Negishi, because asKrauser, he's really good at what he does, and almost comes secondnature as that sissy man who had found an avenue to unleash his pent upfrustration and hit back at the whole world, and get adored for that aswell. Cursing and swearing comes second nature, and he can get reallyconfused at times if his interests got mixed – romancing his lady lovewho abhors metal music, and satisfying his legion of fans with a publicappearance. Unlike the Incredible Hulk within whom Bruce Bannerdisappears, it's interesting here because Negishi has full consciouscontrol over Krauser, but allows himself to cut loose and live up tothat masked persona even if it means having to embarrass the woman heloves.

      It's about striking a balance between living your dream, and beingpractical about it. As Krauser, he inspires others into living theirs,even though he doesn't exactly get to do the same. But only because hedoes what he does best, even though he doesn't exactly subscribe to it.He commands his unwavering fans for whom he inspires, though in somenegative ways, but what better than to express one's rage through musicand at the concert venues only rather than to hit back in society – wedon't see any of the metal fans causing trouble, and the amount ofclout one has in influencing his followers to live for the better. It'sthis realization and awakening that Negishi understands his calling inlife, that he cannot live a life that's for selfish personal interest(in throwing away Krauser just so he can pursue his love) over that ofthe benefit for the masses and those who adore him.

      It's like a superhero story of sorts as well, where the hero disappearsinto his sanctuary by having an alter-ego within which he can operatenormally without the pressures of expectations. We become somebody elsevery easily when we have ourselves hidden behind a costume incognito,and can carry out feats which we normally wouldn't do for fear ofidentity, repercussions and of course shame if something goes wrong.The white face makeup is Negishi's secret formula in transformationfrom geek to devil, without fear of his family discovering his secret(he tells them he works at a floral shop) and disappointed his parentsthat he's a preacher for hate, in direct contradiction to thegentlemanly ways he's brought up in.

      But of course like any other movie, this one is not perfect. There werea number of scenes that were played out purely for laughs, butsometimes fell flat on its face for its repetitive nature. Such ashaving his boss from hell come trash Negishi's pastel colouredapartment just so that she could awaken the devil in him permanently,and provide for some misunderstanding between Negishi and Aikawa. Orthat inexplicable scene of running with his legion of fans for milesbefore reaching a concert venue. One could actually tell Ken'ichiMatsuyama was panting under that thick makeup and heavy costume.

      To no surprise, DMC attracted more female fans than the male ones inthe screening I attended, despite having metal music blaring thatdegrades the female of the species, so that can only attest to themagnetism that Ken'ichi has over his fans. It isn't exactly about metalmusic, nor is it about the comedy here, but it's about self and themasks we all wear. For that, this comes definitely recommended in thedilemmas that we lead our lives under from time to time.

    6. elanorshadowdancer from Turkey
      30 Mar 2012, 11:55 pm

      In order to accomplish his dream, to become a fashionable pop musicsinger, Soichi Negishi leaves his hometown and in Tokyo he studiesMusic while he makes also friendships with other people of his musicdelight.Though after his graduation he finds himself as the vocalist ofa widely known demonic metal band,called Detroit Metal City. While hetries to find out where he made it all wrong,he learns what it reallyis to be a musician. This movie is a very good example of Japanesehumour based on conflicts. I must confess that to me the story was notthat attractive at first but after watching it I saw that I was totallywrong. The story contained a balanced amount of romance,humour and avery good catchword. Not only the shot but also the music was prettygood, and the acting of Ken'ichi Matsuyama was eye catching. I haveseen other movies of him and I think that this one is of one his bestperformances,since he acted such different characters from before. Thecostumes and stages were pretty successful as well. I am neither a poplover nor am I a heavy metal fan but I have to admit that I sometimesmutter the main song of the band…

    7. coligny from Japan
      30 Mar 2012, 11:55 pm

      Bad clichés, misogynist beyond anything that could be considered ashumour or hidden statement. I've seen scat-vomit midget porn moviesthat were less insulting to human intelligence or film-making.

      Stick to the manga, not a masterpiece but much less of anembarrassment…

      It's not just so bad that it's good, its 'star wars Christmas special'bad…

      (spoilers warning, because just reporting how crippled this movie iscan be considered as revealing most of its core).

      The kind of jokes, homophobic clichés, patronizing attitude, might havebeen all the rage… somewhere on this planet… certainly long enoughago to have been forgotten. But nowadays. It's borderline on criminal.

      My comment refers to the original Japanese version, and not to anyenhanced/censored translated version. I've seen more than often rapesjokes being totally erased in English version, because you know… onlyJapanese people can understand how funny gangraping can be… (in caseyou are thick headed, I was being cynical)

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