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Deadlands 2: Trapped (2008)

  • Rate: 4.1/10 total 203 votes 
  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Runtime: USA:82 min (HD-DVD Version) | USA:85 min (theatrical version) | USA:87 min (Director's Extended Edit)
  • Filming Location: Arlington, Virginia, USA
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Deadlands 2: Trapped (2008)


Deadlands 2 Trapped 2008tt1103262.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Deadlands 2: Trapped (2008)
  • Rate: 4.1/10 total 203 votes 
  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Runtime: USA:82 min (HD-DVD Version) | USA:85 min (theatrical version) | USA:87 min (Director's Extended Edit)
  • Filming Location: Arlington, Virginia, USA
  • Budget: $5,800(estimated)
  • Gross: $2,950(USA)(6 November 2008)
  • Director: Gary Ugarek
  • Stars: Jim Krut, Joseph D. Durbin and Chris L. Clark
  • Original Music By: Marq-Paul La Rose (original score music) Gary Ugarek (original score music) Brian Wright (original score music)  
  • Soundtrack: Fear of Changing
  • Sound Mix: Dolby (RCA Sound System) | Dolby Digital (RCA Sound System)
  • Plot Keyword: Zombie | Trapped | Government | Gore | Micro Budget

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Gary Ugarek  writer

Known Trivia

  • During the filming of Trapped, which was only on weekends, the main set location was an actual operating 10 theater cineplex located in Hagerstown, MD USA. On the 5th weekend of shooting the theater closed its doors to the public because of poor management and financial trouble. The production continued in the building but was frequently interrupted by local residents who didn’t know the theater closed to the general public. As of October 2007 Director Gary Ugarek is in talks to take over the theater and re-open it showing both first run features and dedicating one of the digital auditoriums to indie films.
  • Director Gary Ugarek used his own car in the film, a 2007 Mustang GT, when it came time to film the scenes involving stunt driving or burn outs, he would not let the actors perform the stunts insisting “If anyone is going to wreck my car, it will be me”.
  • Director Gary Ugarek was offered an additional $10,000.00 for the budget of this film by a private investor, but refused the money because he wanted to bring this film in at a lower budget than his first project Deadlands: The Rising. The estimated budget for Trapped was $6300.00USD, the original budget for Deadlands: The Rising was just under $11,000.00 USD
  • Approximately 4 days prior to shooting the ending, Writer/Director Gary Ugarek changed it at the last minute. He originally envisioned 3 separate endings being filmed, then decided to combine two of the endings together to make just one ending. The cast received the script for the new ending with less than 48 hours notice.
  • During production filming stopped twice. Once because actress Ashley Young separated her shoulder in an accident off set, and the second time to take a break through the winter months because director Gary Ugarek said “it is too hard to get people to come out and freeze their asses off just to play a zombie for free.” Ironically, in 2004 Director Gary Ugarek drove to Toronto, Ontario Canada in mid November to play a zombie in George A. Romero’s ‘Land of the Dead’ (2005) although the nightly temperatures were in the high 20’s he never complained about the cold.
  • Filming began the weekend of September 29th 2007, and continued every weekend until December 3rd 2007. The production took a 3 month hiatus, and resumed filming March 14th 2008, and filming wrapped on 4/26/2008.
  • When filming at the movie theater and bar locations, the production would go in after hours (12 midnight Theater, 2:30 am Bar) to start filming and would wrap each morning at around 8am or 9am.
  • The director of photography, Krystian Ramlogan, and the camera operators were film majors at Howard University in Washington, DC. During production writer/director Gary Ugarek would sub as the cinematographer when the crew from Howard University were unable to attend filming because or prior commitments.
  • On any given filming weekend the cast and crew could number as low as 10, to as high as 175. Because the cast and crew worked for free they were allowed to miss filming to take care of personal business, or prior commitments. On many occasions, Director Gary Ugarek and Producers Chris Kiros and Elias Dancey would be the only film crew the production had.
  • On the last night of shooting 6 make-up artists were assigned the task to costume 125 extras whom played zombies. The make-up department would start at 9pm and the majority of the zombies would be ready by 2am and immediately sent to the filming set to be used while the fake blood and make up were still wet and fresh.

Goofs: Crew or equipment visible: During the meeting to commence the exercise of releasing the toxin on the public the boom mic and a crew member are visible in a reflection from art work used on the set.

Plot: When the US gov't tests a highly secret nerve gas on the residents of Hagerstown, MD the side effects bring down a world of horrors for 6 strangers trapped inside a movie theater. Full summary » |  »

Story: The United States Government has developed a highly effective nerve gas that is unleashed upon the residents of a small Maryland City. During the top secret exercise the infected citizens begin to convert each resident into a sort of living zombie, until the remaining town residents, 6 total strangers, are trapped inside a movie theater cineplex.Written by Gary Ugarek  


Synopsis: When the US government opts to test a new highly contains nerve toxin for its effectiveness they release it upon the unsuspecting citizens of Hagerstown, MD. The toxin turns each person it infects into a blood crazed zombie like killer. During the outbreak 6 strangers seek refuge in the towns movie theater cinema while they formulate a plan of escape.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Joseph Carney known as executive producer
  • Elias Dancey known as producer
  • Damien Donnelly known as executive producer
  • Monique Gata Dupree known as associate producer (as Monique Dupree)
  • Philip Greene known as executive producer
  • Julian Kelly known as associate producer
  • Chris Kiros known as producer
  • M.T. Smith known as associate producer (as Matthew T. Smith)
  • Victoria Terry known as executive producer
  • Thomas Touhey known as executive producer
  • Gary Ugarek known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Jim Krut known as Dr. Robert Mitchell
  • Joseph D. Durbin known as Sean
  • Chris L. Clark known as Chris (as Christopher L. Clark)
  • Josh Davidson known as Jack
  • Ashley Young known as Casey
  • Corrine Brush known as Shelly
  • Alexa Davidson known as Little Girl
  • Dave Cooperman known as Dr. David Robbins
  • Eric Shawn Thomas known as Tim – Gun Store Owner (as Eric S. Thomas)
  • Lee Tanner known as Male Police Officer
  • Megan Atwood known as Female Police Officer
  • Chris O'Brocki known as Chuck
  • Harold Frazer known as Willie
  • Chris Kiros known as Joseph
  • Greg Rice known as Gun Store Customer
  • A.J. Faraj known as IT Associate
  • Michael D. Hiatt known as Male Associate #2
  • Gavin Peretti known as Rapist
  • Kerry Kearns known as Rape Victim
  • Gita M. McCarthy known as Female Executive
  • Philip Greene known as Male Associate #3
  • Thomas Touhey known as Male Associate #1
  • Cindy Marie Martin known as Helena – Hussy of Horror (segment "Introduction")
  • Michelle Wright known as Michelle
  • Anthony Cecchetti known as Zombie with Glasses
  • Shaina Adams known as Zombie
  • Donald Aines Jr. known as Zombie
  • Jenny Alderton known as Zombie
  • Bayburn Allen III known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Ricky Allison known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Danny Amburn known as Zombie
  • Kali Amburn known as Zombie
  • Russ Anderson Jr. known as Zombie
  • Kathryn Baker known as Zombie
  • Paul Jason T. Baker known as Zombie
  • Joseph Balinas known as Zombie
  • Timothy Banks known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Teri Barnett known as Zombie
  • John C. Barylick known as Zombie
  • Tracie Lynn Bates known as Zombie
  • Alice Battista known as Zombie
  • Seth Bauer known as Zombie
  • Andrew Baughman known as Zombie
  • Thomas Bean known as Checkpoint Cop #4
  • Michael Becvar known as Zombie
  • Jacob Beed known as Zombie
  • Sherry Billings known as Zombie
  • Syrus Black known as Zombie
  • Benjamin Boger known as Zombie
  • Amanda Boston known as Zombie
  • Christopher Boutin known as Zombie
  • Brian Boyer known as Zombie
  • Meara Elizabeth Brady known as Zombie
  • James Brammer known as Zombie
  • Bobby Brown known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Jbrgan Brown known as Zombie
  • Marcie Brown known as Zombie
  • Penny Brown known as Zombie
  • Ana Bruder known as Zombie
  • Michael Brunetto known as Zombie
  • Bryan Jay Buchanan known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Susan K. Buchanan known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Wesley Burket known as Zombie
  • Abby Burtner known as Zombie
  • Victoria Buskirk known as Zombie
  • Kim Byrnes known as Zombie
  • Juan Cabungcal known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Barbara Caine known as Zombie
  • Michael Cameron known as Zombie
  • Melanie Canter known as Zombie
  • Kenneth Carbaugh known as Zombie
  • Lisa Carey known as Zombie
  • Juan Eloy Carrera known as Bar Patron (as Juan Carrera)
  • Brian Carswell known as Zombie
  • Tiffany Carswell known as Zombie
  • Joe Cary known as Checkpoint Cop #3
  • Matthew Casella known as Zombie
  • Amber Cecchetti known as Zombie
  • Jason Adam Chaffin known as Zombie
  • Alec Christian known as Zombie
  • Amanda Chuzi known as Zombie
  • Lisa R. Clark known as Zombie
  • Joisan Clemenzi known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Richard W. Coleman III known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Lynda R. Coleman known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Rachel Coleman known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Amy Jenelle Colie known as Zombie
  • Frank Collazo known as Sgt. Williams – Military Leader Roadblock
  • Jackie Collins known as Zombie
  • Devin Cookson known as Zombie
  • John Cotner known as Roadblock Zombie
  • John R. Cotner known as Checkpoint Cop #2
  • Kris Cox known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Casey Cregger known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Justin Creswell known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Joshua Crunkleton known as Zombie
  • Camille Curro known as Female Government Executive
  • Richard Curtis known as Zombie
  • Justin R. Cutler known as Zombie
  • Jerry Dathe known as Zombie
  • Danielle Daughty known as Zombie
  • Thomas Davy known as Zombie
  • Carmen W. DeCruz known as Zombie
  • Heather DeHaven known as Zombie
  • Chantel Delulio known as Zombie
  • Lee Delulio known as Zombie
  • Jason S. Delzell known as Zombie
  • Julius Diggs known as Zombie
  • Amanda Dingess known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Justin Dolisa known as Zombie
  • Joseph Downey known as Zombie
  • Emerson Doyle known as Zombie
  • Charlie Draper known as Zombie
  • Robert Duca known as Zombie
  • Amanda Dujardin known as Zombie
  • Suzie Dundas known as Zombie
  • Brandon Dunlow known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Darren Duvall known as Zombie
  • Rachel Eckenrode known as Zombie
  • Nicklas Edminster known as Zombie
  • Krystal Eldred-Rieman known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Chris Embrey known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Jennifer Engel known as Zombie
  • Brian Engler known as Zombie
  • Rowan English known as Zombie
  • Terry Evans known as Theater Zombie (Male #1)
  • Sherry Fairlady known as Zombie
  • Keith Fanjoy known as Zombie
  • Dennis Farrell known as Zombie
  • Derrick Ferguson known as Zombie
  • Rick Ferrell known as Zombie
  • Lorin E. Fields Jr. known as Zombie
  • Jennifer Fiery known as Zombie
  • Brian Fisher known as Zombie
  • Eric Fleck known as Zombie
  • Joseph P. Footen known as Zombie
  • Roberta Footen known as Zombie
  • Dawn Foster known as Zombie
  • Charity N. Franklin known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Wesley Fry known as Theater Zombie (Male #2)
  • Samuel Fulks known as Zombie
  • Adam Dominic Garcia known as Zombie
  • Lori A. Garner known as Zombie
  • Dan Gilbert known as Zombie
  • Lindsay Glenday known as Zombie
  • Emilee Grahl known as Zombie
  • Martha Grahl known as Zombie
  • Rob Grant known as Zombie
  • Wes Grant known as Zombie
  • Eddy Green known as Zombie
  • Alice Groesbeck known as Zombie
  • Dorothy Groesbeck known as Zombie
  • Robert Group known as Zombie
  • Meriah Haberlein known as Zombie
  • Andrea Halagna known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Travis-Knowles Hale known as Roadblock Zombie
  • William Hale known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Amanda Hamilton known as Zombie
  • Erica Handleman known as Stop Light Zombie
  • Benjamin H. Hannah IV known as Zombie
  • Deana Hannah known as Zombie
  • Kelsey Hannah known as Zombie
  • Steve Hardin known as Zombie
  • Keith Harding known as Bar patron
  • Ralph Harless known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Mark Allen Harrison known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Scott Harvey known as Zombie
  • Chris Havelt known as Zombie
  • Jennifer Heimbuch known as Zombie
  • Aaron Hetzer known as Zombie
  • Rick Higgins known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Michael Hodge known as Zombie
  • Andrew Hoffman known as Zombie
  • Joseph J. Hofmann known as Zombie (as Joseph J. Hoffman)
  • Loudan Hoosier known as Zombie
  • Michael Hoosier known as Zombie
  • Charles House II known as Zombie
  • Hannah Hunt known as Roadblock Zombie
  • J. Stephen Hvy known as Zombie
  • Kaitlyn Hyler known as Zombie
  • Ray Ippolito known as Sniper Cop
  • Adrienne Jackson known as Scared Female Cop On Radio
  • Eric Jobes known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Bethany Johnson known as Zombie
  • Jennifer Jurek known as Zombie
  • Pete Karas known as Zombie
  • Leah Kelley known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Douglas Kipps known as Zombie
  • Sean LeeRoy Kraemer known as Zombie (as Sean Kraemer)
  • John D. Krysiak Jr. known as Zombie
  • Michael Kyne known as Zombie
  • Nicole Lafferty known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Sarah Lamb known as Zombie
  • Anthony Lapalomento known as Zombie
  • Sam Larsen known as Cop Attending to Injured Girl
  • Kimberlin LeMatin known as Zombie
  • Aaron Lennox known as Zombie
  • Holly Lennox known as Zombie
  • Chris Lewis known as Zombie
  • Sean Lewis known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Lori A. Listman-Mack known as Zombie
  • Chris Luensman known as Zombie
  • Andrew MacWilliams known as Zombie
  • Jarrad Maiers known as Zombie
  • Jeffrey A. Marcum known as Zombie
  • Erin Martin known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Philip J. Martin known as Paul Sobol
  • Erica Mastricole known as Zombie
  • Kwanzy Mccullough known as Zombie
  • John McGovern known as Zombie
  • Lee McGraw known as Zombie
  • Sean McNally known as Face Biting Zombie
  • Will Meeks known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Ashley Messinger known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Michael Mongrain known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Katie Morton known as Zombie Bride #1
  • Ali Mostrom known as Zombie
  • Adrian Nanney known as Bar patron
  • Kimberly Nealon known as Zombie
  • Jack Nehemias known as Zombie
  • Christopher Newberger known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Cody Newberger known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Silas Newsome known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Linda Ntner known as Zombie
  • Amanda O'Connor known as Zombie Girl
  • Thomas A. O'Reilly known as Zombie
  • Ray Oberg known as Zombie
  • Jeremy Paris known as Zombie
  • Maryline Patten known as Zombie
  • Jose L. Penaranda known as Zombie
  • Colleen Perry known as Zombie
  • Michael Pierce known as Zombie
  • Rashad Polk known as Zombie
  • Nathaniel Potts known as Zombie
  • Carl J. Rauscher known as Zombie
  • Mark T. Reed known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Luke Joseph Rieman known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Martin Rieman known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Anna Rigizadeh known as Zombie Girl
  • Stephanie Rigizadeh known as Zombie Girl
  • Karen Riley known as Theater Zombie (Female)
  • Elizabeth Roberts known as Zombie
  • Zachary Rocchetti known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Jennifer Rochel known as Zombie
  • Patricia Roper known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Timothy Rossiter known as Zombie
  • Jesse Rowton known as Zombie
  • Mark Richard Royka known as Checkpoint Cop #1
  • Kevin Ryan known as Zombie
  • Sean Ryan known as Zombie
  • Horal S. known as Zombie
  • Mark A. Sandell known as Zombie
  • Crystal Sayenga known as Roadblock Bride Zombie
  • Erik Sayenga known as Zombie Husband
  • Benjamin J.G. Schultz known as Zombie
  • Jennifer Scribner known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Amiee Scutt known as Zombie Girl
  • Rebecca Selzer known as Zombie
  • Wayne Selzer known as Zombie
  • Dameion David Shore known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Beth Shriver known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Kristeena Sigler known as Zombie
  • Lawrence Sikes known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Gregory Simmons known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Alexandra Slick known as Zombie
  • David Slick known as Zombie
  • M.T. Smith known as Vomit Zombie (as Matthew Smith)
  • Ryan Sonnenbrot known as Zombie
  • Lori Sparks known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Kate Spencer known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Mike Struharik known as Zombie
  • Katherine Svabada known as Zombie
  • Debbie Svendsgaard known as Rolling Curler Zombie
  • Jason Svendsgaard known as Zombie
  • Thor Svendsgaard known as Zombie
  • Joshua Switzer known as Zombie
  • Sophie Terbush known as Zombie
  • Dylan Thackston known as Zombie
  • Suzanne Thackston known as Zombie
  • Dayne Thomas known as Zombie
  • Ryan Thomas known as Zombie Cop
  • Scott Thomas known as Zombie
  • Audrey Tolland known as Zombie
  • Kim Tolland known as Zombie
  • Matt Tolland known as Zombie
  • Bruce H. Voge III known as Zombie
  • Samuel C. Wagner known as Smashed Window Zombie
  • Brandon Walea known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Brittany Anne Walea known as Injured Girl
  • Ashley Watson known as Zombie
  • Thomas Weaver known as Zombie
  • Justin Weeks known as Roadblock Zombie
  • Sybille Wehrli known as Zombie
  • Ron West known as Zombie
  • Julia Williams known as Zombie (as Julia Meredith Williams)
  • James Winans known as Zombie
  • Kathryne Wren known as Zombie
  • Rachael Yost known as Zombie
  • Joel Young known as Zombie
  • Gary Ugarek known as Gun Store Customer – leaving (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Ashley Brunacci known as makeup artist
  • Michael Cohen known as makeup artist
  • Billy D. Davis known as special makeup effects artist
  • Andy Fabich known as special makeup effects artist
  • Paul Goldblatt known as special makeup effects artist
  • Charles House II known as special makeup effects artist
  • Brian Marinelli known as makeup artist
  • Chris O'Brocki known as assistant makeup artist
  • Chris O'Brocki known as special makeup effects artist
  • Lucas Page known as special makeup effects artist
  • Christian Quarantillo known as makeup supervisor
  • Erik Sayenga known as makeup artist
  • Erik Sayenga known as special makeup effects artist
  • Scott Simpson known as makeup supervisor
  • Crystal Soveroski known as special makeup effects artist




Production Companies:

  • Art Held Hostage
  • Wetnwildradio Films

Other Companies:

  • Combat Solutions  tactical stunt coordination
  • Momma May's Catering  catering
  • Serious Grip & Electric  grip and lighting equipment


  • Wetnwildradio Films (2008) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Anthem Pictures (2009) (USA) (DVD)
  • Anthem Pictures (2009) (USA) (DVD) (HD DVD)
  • Tempe Entertainment (2010) (USA) (DVD) (extended version)
  • Tempe Entertainment (2010) (non-USA) (all media)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Gore FX Productions (make-up effects)
  • Spaghetti Industries

Visual Effects by:

  • Gary Ugarek known as visual effects

Release Date:

  • USA 31 October 2008 (limited)
  • USA 8 November 2008 (Queens International Film Festival)
  • USA 15 August 2009 (Fright Night Film Festival)
  • USA 27 October 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • USA 30 July 2010 (Louisville, Kentucky Fright Night Film Festival)
  • USA 19 October 2010 (uncut version)



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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Posted on March 30, 2012 by Harry in Movies | Tags: , , , .


  1. Stanley Bates from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 7:45 pm

    Let me start off by saying I am not a frequent poster to IMDb, I amlurker, who uses the place as a reference tool and in fact I have neverregistered an account until I decided I just had to say my peace aboutthis film. I am not going to go into the story or plot, you can see thesummary and it pretty much explains everything that happens.

    With the inventing of, and cost effective nature of the Mini DV camerasystem, everyone now thinks they are the next Scorsese, Baz Lurhman,Christopher Nolan, or George Romero. Only a handful of people who havemade low budget films can lay claim to fame as maybe being the next bigdirector, then there are those who should have no business eventouching a camera, writing a script, or directing a movie. This was thecase with Gary Ugarek's 2006 offering "Deadlands: The Rising". One ofthe most wretched low budget, shot on DV zombie horror films ever made.

    The original Deadlands clocked in at around an hour and no matter howhard you try you will never get back that hour of your entire life. Thefilm wreaked of amateur directing, writing, acting, cinematography, thelist just goes on and on. So when word hit in 2007 there would beanother zombie from that director I immediately searched out a vomitbag, and banged my head against the counter asking why? why? why? Youshould not be making movies. As time went on and updates were given Istuck my guns.

    Well, I can admit when I am wrong, and recently, I was lucky enough tosee a work print screener of the film for the purpose of doing a filmreview for one of the online horror websites. Originally titledTrapped, the film took on the Deadlands title in early 2008 accordingto the films press-kit because it turns out that Deadlands: The Risingturn out to be some sleeper hit for its distributor, so in businessterms it was better to brand the film with the Deadlands moniker. OK, Ican buy that, but how much of hit was Deadlands: The Rising? Anyway,doesn't matter. What does matter is that this new Deadlands film,Deadlands 2: Trapped, completely blows away the first film, while thatis not a hard task, even a nut-less monkey could do, the newest filmsshow the director finally got his head out of his ass and turned outsomething watchable.

    I rated the film a 7, and I did this for a couple of reasons. 1. I wasso shocked at how much better the film was in terms of story andtechnical work that it deserved an extra point for that. 2. The filmactually keeps you interested. Especially in a time when low budgetzombie films are a dime a dozen, so I added points for that. 3. Thezombies were actually brutal, and unforgiving, which most people whomake low budget zed films seem to forget to do. Zombies need to bemenacing.

    Deadlands 2 should really be somewhere between a 5 and 6, but like Isaid I was very impressed at how much better this film was over thefirst that it actually showed that maybe this guy might get it right onhis next film, whether or not he does a third or not and that alone wasworth me giving it a 7, for now.

    The movie has some problems, the acting is very uneven, but it makes upfor the fact there was no real acting in the first. The worst of theacting coming from the character of Sean, played by Joe Durbin. Thebest of it coming from Casey, played by Ashley Young.

    Pacing, the story does slow down at times, but it does keep youinterested, but the one outstanding feature of this film is thelocations. One medium complaint is the choice to shoot hand-held, whichat times is a little too much to handle, but it does work to an extentin the final product.

    The gore, while on display, is sparse, which is more effective, themusic effectively creepy, and the atmosphere, dark and dismal. Onecan't help but to notice the many nods to great 80's horror flicks. Thefirst to come to mind is Demons (1985), and the second is Return of theLiving Dead part 1. In fact, it seems Deadlands 2 highly referencesthis film in terms of story and plot, but changes it just enough toavoid straight out plagiarism. I guess if you're going to give a nod toother zombie films you have to do a little copycatting here and there,but it works and thats all that matters.

    In the end, this film will be easier to sit through and stomach, andthe final output is not as amateur looking as some films in the genredone on low budgets. The films vibe and final look and felt very 80'scheap as chips film stock, but thats a good thing because some of thebest horror came from the 80's.

    Deadlands 2 is Rated R and runs 85 minutes. Recommended for all zombiehorror fans.

  2. Heislegend from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 7:45 pm

    I have to say that I'm writing this solely because one of the veryfirst reviews I ever did on IMDb was for this film's predecessor"Deadlands: The Rising" and it was an awful review. Seriously…it wasterrible and I still stand by it. But redemption can be sweet (even ifthe person getting it doesn't care at all about the person giving it,as is surely the case here). Deadlands 2 is by no means a great movie,but it's certainly watchable and a HUGE step forward for the director.Yes, it's still a low budget zombie movie, but it's better in prettymuch every aspect.

    The plot is pretty straight forward for a zombie movie. Throw a fewstrangers into an enclosed space and watch them battle wits with theundead. A bit derivative, but it's leaps and bounds better than thelast film. One pitfall avoided that many directors fall into that isavoided here is the desire to use tons of blood/gore. Don't get mewrong, I love gore. It's just that it can make a low budget film lookcheap and cheesy. Hell, even the zombies looked 10 times better. In thelast movie they were just regular folks with white grease paint ontheir faces and black around the eyes. Looking like rejects from aMisfits album cover is no way to make zombies.

    All in all the movie is flawed and if you don't know it's a low budgetflick you might be disappointed. I, however, was pleasantly surprised,knowing full well the horrors of the previous film (sorry guys, I stillthink it was just terrible).

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