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Bad Biology (2008)

  • Rate: 4.9/10 total 1,700 votes 
  • Genre: Fantasy | Horror
  • Release Date: 6 June 2009 (Japan)
  • Runtime: USA:84 min | Germany:85 min (European Film Market)
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Bad Biology (2008)


Bad Biology 2008tt0974977.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Bad Biology (2008)
  • Rate: 4.9/10 total 1,700 votes 
  • Genre: Fantasy | Horror
  • Release Date: 6 June 2009 (Japan)
  • Runtime: USA:84 min | Germany:85 min (European Film Market)
  • Filming Location: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
  • Director: Frank Henenlotter
  • Stars: Charlee Danielson, Anthony Sneed and Mark Wilson
  • Original Music By: Josh Glazer  Prince Paul   
  • Soundtrack: ANGEL PRAYERS
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Full Frontal Nudity | Clitoris | Dead Woman On Floor | Buxom | Erection

Writing Credits By:

  • Frank Henenlotter (written by) and
  • R.A. Thorburn (written by) (as R.A. 'The Rugged Man' Thorburn)

Known Trivia

  • Lead actor Anthony Sneed was discovered on MySpace.
  • Batz was originally going to live in the basement of an apartment, but the guy who owned the basement location asked for too much money. The location was switched to a mansion instead.
  • A fire broke out at the mansion location during one day of shooting. Director/co-writer Frank Henenlotter had to extinguish the fire with cans of Diet Pepsi because there was no running water in the mansion.
  • This film was shot on short ends.
  • Frank Henenlotter was diagnosed with cancer a month prior to the shooting of the picture. Every morning he would get radiation treatment for the cancer and show up at the film set by 9:00 a.m. to do a day’s shooting.
  • Rapper/actor Remedy who plays the part of ‘Location Manager’ was one of the films actual location managers.
  • 10 minutes before shooting the scene makeup artist/actress Brittany Moyer was asked to play one of the topless ‘Vagina-Faced Model’s’ when one of the hired actresses went missing for the day.
  • A good majority of the movie was filmed in the supposedly haunted Brooklyn mansion that was once owned by infamous preacher Father Divine also known as Reverend Major Jealous Divine.
  • Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks had a cameo, has a song on the soundtrack and also put up some money for the film.

Plot: Driven by biological excess, a young man and woman search for sexual fulfillment, unaware of each other's existence… See more » |  »

Story: Driven by biological excess, a young man and woman search for sexual fulfillment, unaware of each other's existence. Unfortunately, they eventually meet, and the bonding of these two very unusual human beings ends in an explosive and ultimately over-the-top sexual experience, resulting in a truly god awful love story….Written by Anonymous  

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Gabriel Bartalos known as executive producer
  • Nick Deeg known as associate producer (as Nicholas Deeg)
  • Shane L. Kessler known as executive producer
  • Vinnie Paz known as associate producer
  • Anthony Sneed known as associate producer
  • R.A. Thorburn known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Charlee Danielson known as Jennifer
  • Anthony Sneed known as Batz
  • Mark Wilson known as Pool Player
  • John A. Thorburn known as Junkyard Owner (as Staff Sgt. John A. Thorburn)
  • Remedy known as Location Manager
  • Tom Kohut known as Jennifer's Assistant
  • James Shell known as Junkyard Stud
  • Vivian Sanchez known as Junkyard Model
  • Jessie Jayne Clancy known as Young Jennifer
  • R.A. Thorburn known as Ex-Boyfriend (as R.A. The Rugged Man)
  • Bjorn Milz known as Perfect Urban Gentleman
  • Laura Pelage known as High-School Girl 1
  • Megan McGee known as High-School Girl 2
  • Pete Dicenso known as High-School Boy
  • Ginger Starr known as Porn Model
  • Vladislav S. known as Porn Model
  • Jzone known as Dealer
  • Jude Angelini known as Crackhead 1 (as 'Rude' Jude Angelini)
  • Big Earth known as Crackhead 2
  • Eleonore Hendricks known as Crackwhore
  • Vinnie Paz known as Himself
  • Reef the Lost Cauze known as Himself
  • Connie Renda known as Publicist
  • Tina Krause known as Herself
  • Carolyn Thompson known as Vagina-Faced Model
  • Brittany Moyer known as Vagina-Faced Model
  • Vicky Wiese known as Hooker
  • Beverly Bonner known as Neighbor Lady (as Casey Belial)
  • James Glickenhaus known as Magazine Editor
  • Krista Ayne known as Woman in Penthouse
  • Mar Sirivanh known as Woman on Couch
  • Rachael Robbins known as Woman in Kitchen (as Rachel Robbins)
  • Alicia Hastings known as Woman in Closet
  • Jelena Jensen known as Woman in Shower
  • Richard Gladys known as Bartender
  • Byata known as Pool Player's Homie
  • Marc Klapper known as Pool Player's Homie
  • Johnny Omar known as Pool Player's Homie
  • One-Eye Jay known as Pool Player's Homie
  • Anthony Palmer known as Pool Player's Homie
  • Andre Parker known as Pool Player's Homie
  • Prince Paul known as Pool Player's Homie
  • White Gary known as Pool Player's Homie
  • Dennis Sean Baquiran known as Photo Victim
  • Ethan Blum known as Photo Victim
  • Danny Capodonico known as Photo Victim
  • Chris Cawley known as Photo Victim
  • Chris 'Solo' Cerchio known as Photo Victim
  • DJ City Rich known as Photo Victim
  • Charles Kangas known as Photo Victim
  • Toshi Kondo known as Photo Victim
  • Craig Knight known as Photo Victim
  • Amal McCaskill known as Photo Victim
  • Chauncey Nikkles II known as Photo Victim
  • Jed I. Rosenberg known as Photo Victim
  • Dante Ross known as Photo Victim
  • Peter Toh known as Photo Victim
  • Craig Velez known as Photo Victim
  • Uschi Digard known as Porno Loop Actress (archive footage) (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Sandy Andrle Roffman known as key makeup artist (as Sandy Andrle)
  • Gabriel Bartalos known as special makeup effects artist
  • Brittany Moyer known as additional makeup artist
  • Laura Neal known as additional makeup artist

Art Department:

  • Sam Sleazebag Fenneli known as special props




Production Companies:

  • Bad Biology


  • Iae (2009) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • King Record Co. (2009) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • King Record Co. (2009) (Japan) (DVD)
  • Media Blasters (2010) (USA) (DVD)
  • Night Visions Distribution (2010) (Finland) (all media)
  • Revolver Entertainment (2009) (UK) (DVD)



Other Stuff

Visual Effects by:
  • Al Magliochetti known as visual effects

Release Date:

  • Germany 8 February 2008 (European Film Market)
  • USA 4 April 2008 (Philadelphia International Film Festival)
  • Netherlands 18 April 2008 (Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival)
  • Canada 11 July 2008 (Fantasia Film Festival)
  • France 30 January 2009 (Gérardmer Film Festival)
  • UK 16 February 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Japan 28 February 2009 (Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival)
  • Japan 6 June 2009
  • France 18 August 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Canada 26 January 2010 (DVD premiere)
  • USA 26 January 2010 (DVD premiere)
  • Finland 27 October 2010 (Night Visions Film Festival)



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. Mifro666
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    Henenlotter returns after a long hiatus to give us this poorly directedand horribly acted poop. Charlee Danielson is the lead and she'sgawdawful, speeding through her narration like a crystal meth queen ata Gay pride white party. The screaming babies are hilarious BUTDanielson, who dominates the movie, is grating and nothing worthlooking at.

    The movie is about a girl with a seven clitoris vagina whose insatiableappetite for sex is fueled by a bizarre hormone abnormality that causesher to give birth to mutants in a two hour span. She goes through anextended catalog of lovers, who end up dead and/or unwillingparticipants in her pretentious photographic portraits of themselves inthe middle of orgasm. She can't tame her wild beast and she ultimatelyseeks a goal to get f*cked by God. It could've been much funnier,disturbing and enjoyable if only the direction wasn't so lazy and theacting atrocious.

    I truly hate being disappointed by movies made by filmmakers whose pastwork I love and respect. BRAIN DAMAGE, BASKET CASE and especiallyFRANKENHOOKER are really great and enjoyable throwbacks to the era of42nd Street cinema laced with a wild sense of humor. But after 15 yearsof waiting for Mr. Henenlotter to make another movie, this result is soabysmal, so wretched, that disappointment could only trigger anejaculation of the black sperm of disappointment. Shame on you, Frank!

  2. Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    Amongst the true die-hard fanatics of trashy grindhouseexploitation/horror cinema, a select but obsessive alliance of whichI'm a proud member, the comeback of writer/director Frank Hennenlotterwas pretty much of one the most anticipated events of the newmillennium. The legendary director of trash-classics like "BrainDamage" and "Frankenhooker" hadn't made any films since thedisappointing sequels to his classic "Basket Case" in the early 90's.It may have taken Hennenlotter 16 years to direct another film, but hecertainly hasn't lost his sense of tastelessness yet. Quite thecontrary, I'd say, "Bad Biology" is probably the trashiest and mostlurid film in many years. Not bad for a nearly 60-year-old director whohasn't been active in all those years. Right from the opening monologuealready, you know exactly what type of movie this will be. A younggirl, named Jennifer, enlightens us about her unusual anatomiccondition: "I was born with seven clits". The poor girl is sexuallyinsatiable, obviously, and often becomes so involved in the act thatshe murders her bed partners. If that isn't enough yet, she also givesbirth to creepy mutant babies barely two hours after intercourse. Withher job as erotic photographer, Jennifer comes into contact with hermale antipole. Batz has a monstrous penis, a result of steroid overdoseas a teenager, with a mind and sex hunger of its own. The penis causesprostitutes to have orgasms that last hours and goes out alone at nightfor a raping stroll.

    Although I overall really enjoyed my viewing of "Bad Biology", I can'tsay it was the successful return feature that I wanted it to be. Thefilm contains a handful of terrific basic ideas (like the mutantbabies) and some hilarious sequences (throbbing penis penetrateswalls), but the wholesome feels somewhat too forced. Hennenlotter triesa little too hard to demonstrate that he is still his oldsick-in-the-head self or even that he has become even more pervertedduring his absence. The main storyline, appropriately described in thetagline as "one god-awful love story" is too thin and Hennenlotterdoesn't succeed in holding the viewer's attention until the ending. Thewannabe blackly comical jokes and situations often miss their effectand the script is actually at its funniest when reverting to blunt andtasteless images, like a POV shot from inside a vagina or the sight ofa man wrestling with his own penis. "Bad Biology" is gory enough tosatisfy trash-lovers, with some stupendously over-the-top andgratuitous make-up effects and crazy scenery. Even at barely 85 minutesof playtime, the film contains quite a lot of pointless paddingfootage, like a couple of teenagers discussing legendary porn star JohnHolmes in a snack bar and a couple of crack-addicted junkies arguing toeach other. All the players were amateurs with zilch experience, so Iguess the acting – albeit very bad – could even have been a lot worse.I'm glad Hennenlotter returned, and I enjoyed his bonkers film a lotmore than I enjoyed the nowadays overload of remakes and stupid teenslashers, but regretfully his comeback isn't the trash-triumph it couldhave been.

  3. avenuesf from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    As much as I enjoyed "Basket Case" and "Frankenhooker," I thought "BadBiology" was a disappointing mess. It seemed to be working very hard atattempting to shock, but just came across as crude and poorly thoughtout instead. The lead actress overacts ridiculously and a great deal ofthe movie didn't make sense to me… (possible minor spoilers ahead) asan example, how does a man's penis disengage itself from his body inorder to attempt to terrorize/rape unsuspecting women? The prop itselflooked ridiculously fake and unreal, like something out of a badfifties or sixties horror flick, and maybe that was intended; but inthis day and age of CGI, it's just not campy enough to work anymore. Iwas even able to spot a shot that had some jumpy stop-animation as itcrawled across the floor. On the plus side, the lighting andcinematography were beautifully done; but the plot itself seemed soconvoluted and unsure of where it was going that it ruined the film.I'm sure a lot of viewers will find this movie reminds them of"Teeth…" the difference between a great picture like that one and"BB" is a well-thought out script and some fabulous acting from agood-looking actress.

  4. NuclearSoccerMom from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    "I was born with seven clits." That's all the real info about thismovie you're going to find in this review. That is the opening line inFrank Henenlotter's long awaited return to film making. With a scriptby R.A. Thorburn, this film is all kinds of twisted, and if you're afan of either artist's work, you're going to have a good time. This isthe kind of movie that you're going to watch, and realize you'll neversee anything like it again. It's that unique, and that makes it a hardfilm not to like.

    Shot on 35mm, the film looks fantastic. With a location in a 23 roommansion in Brooklyn that once belonged to cult figure Father Divine,this film's aesthetics will not disappoint. And with appearances bysome of hip hop's most talented artists, this film hits on so manylevels. The soundtrack, put together by Prince Paul, complements theway the film was shot, these elements create a style of horror that Ihonestly have not really seen much of, well save "Leprechaun in theHood," or its disappointing sequel "Leprechaun : Back 2 tha Hood."That's a reference to a series that Gabe Bartalos did some great workfor that seemed appropriate, but in reality, it's in a league of it'sown, and I should feel ashamed for comparing it to those two films inany way, shape, or form.

    The special effects from Gabe Bartalos are going to leave a mark onyou, possibly making you feel like you need to take a cold shower whenyou get home. But, while you are under that cold water, you'll realizethis movie will not leave your head. It will invade you much likesomething you'll see in a pretty ridiculous, in a good way, montage,you'll know what I mean when you see it. Speaking of which, I don'tknow when it will be released, but when it is, I would suggest seekingthis film out. I think this film has earned my 10, and I think you'llfind yourself wanting to see it again, and again, simply put, a modernday cult classic.

  5. tyler-and-jack from Edinburgh.
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    What would the world be like without Frank Henenlotter? A safer place?A place with a lot less mutations in it? Or a duller, mundane placewhere claymation creations don't get to come to life and nobody everhas to wrestle with their gigantic killer penis? If you chose the lastoption then congratulations, you're a fan of Bad Biology.

    It's been a while since Henenlotter (creator of the bonkers andbrilliant Basket Case movies, Brain Damage and Frankenhooker) gave fansany more of his demented greatness and this movie perhaps tries alittle bit too hard to please and to show that he still has such anoff-kilter selection of ideas to film for us.

    Charlee Danielson plays Jennifer, a young woman born with sevenclitorises (clitori? clitoratti?? I have no idea if my pluralisation iscorrect and am quite thankful of that fact) who struggles to findsexual fulfilment in her life and, in doing so, often leaves someweakened man dead while she heads off to have a mutant baby in recordtime thanks to her strange and mutated, superfast fertility cycle. Whenher life brings her in close proximity to Batz (played by AnthonySneed) it seems like fate may be smiling upon her. Batz has his ownparticular pants-related problem and no way to cure it, despite thevarious drugs and methods of release he has tried. So far so standard.But it gets worse.

    To say any more would be to spoil some particularly enjoyable andabsolutely loony moments from the movie so I will leave the rest foryou to find out on your own. Needless to say, only those not easilyoffended should apply.

    The acting is as bad as it usually is in a Henenlotter movie, thescript is alternately amusing and crude and the look of the thing showsoff it's limited budget to great effect (take that however you want totake it, I simply mean that fans rarely watch Henenlotter movies forthe high-class, glossy visuals). There are some pleasing, trippyvisuals reminiscent of his work in Brain Damage and some entertainingclaymation work reminiscent of his work in . . . . almost everything hehas ever done so those who are worried that the millennium would see arestrained, new man need not fear at all. The gore on display islimited and most of the more horrific acts are actually played out witha streak of black humour running through them. In fact, the majority ofthis movie is more comedy than horror but there are certainly somedisturbing moments amongst the levity.

    A hard one to recommend but fans of Henenlotter shouldn't really findtoo much to complain about here. It may not be a return to his top formbut it IS a return and, for that at least, we should be grateful.

    See this if you like: Frankenhooker, Brain Damage, Pervert!

  6. Indyrod from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    You know, I'm still trying to think of how to review this movie. It'sdisgusting as hell, and also about as sleazy as you can get, but that'sexactly what Frank Henenlotter was shooting for, and he exceeds asalways. We start with the story of a woman that has seven clits, and isconstantly getting off, or looking to get off. And not only that, butafter each time she gets it on with a guy, she has a mutant baby withintwo hours, which she just flat out discards. Now that should be enough,but nope, there is also a dude that has a huge penis that pretty muchthinks for itself, and requires constant stimulation to keep the dudefrom going insane. So he has this jerking off machine which is a hoot,and also plenty of drugs from his fixer to keep him totally screwed up,which helps in handling his huge, and I mean HUGE monster penis. Sohere we have, a woman with a 24 hour a day sex drive, and a man withthe male equivalent. Perfect match so you say?? Not so fast…. By thetime they meet, the monster prick has taken off on its own, leaving thepoor dude behind. Yep, a monster prick that goes around searching forwomen, and having not much of a problem finding them. So how does thisall end? Well, that's why you watch the movie. Frank Henenlotter isdefinitely a unique filmmaker, with a few of the most amazing gorefilms ever made, and I love his work. This movie is a little different,because it was basically written by a rap artist, who is also theproducer. The commentary explains all of that, because it's him andFrank doing the talking, and they seem to be having fun. Many of theroles in the film are also rap artists, and the music is pretty muchall rap or close to it. It doesn't make much difference, because thereare so many naked gorgeous women mostly with large breasts in thismovie, that I didn't pay a lot of attention to the music. Some peoplemight almost call this movie soft porn, and I doubt the filmmakerswould disagree, but it does have a big Frank Henenlotter blood and goreelement to it, and also all that strangeness we find in only hismovies. For me, I like it, it's certainly a lot better than "BlackDevil Doll", which I have still not reviewed. Those two movies arereally not that similar, but they do both feature a lot of naked womenwith large breasts. Soooo, yes, you definitely need to have this one inyour collection, if for no other reason, than it's a Frank Henenlotterfilm, and those are far and few between, which is sad to me, because itis definitely a one of a kind.

  7. Paul Andrews ( from UK
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    Bad Biology is set in New York where Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) lives& works as a fashion photographer, Jennifer is unique in that she hasat least seven clits & a large sex drive. However normal men don'treally satisfy her, after having sex she usually kills the man & thengives birth to a mutant bay within two hour's which she then leaves todie. Jennifer is only looking for love & happiness & when she findsBatz (Anthony Sneed) during a photo shoot Jennifer believes she hasfound the answer to her prayers. Batz has a huge penis, a penis createdby pumping it full of hormones but the penis has developed a mind ofit's own & will stop at nothing to satisfy itself & it's sexualdesires…

    Co-written & directed by cult filmmaker Frank Henenlotter I personallythough Bad Biology was crude, juvenile rubbish that is neither scarywith it's terrible looking living killer penis nor funny with it'sconstant sex gags. The script is certainly different, Bad Biology couldbe described as some twisted romantic comedy horror that failsmiserably on all fronts. You can probably tell already that I didn'tlike Bad Biology, the jokes are lame, next to nothing happens apartfrom unfunny monologues by unlikable character's & it doesn't seem tohave any real purpose. At just over 80 minutes long at least it's quiteshort & if you can get into the story & character's & find theschool-ground humour funny then you might enjoy Bad Biology but foranyone looking for a good film with a decent story & some intelligence& dignity then you will probably dislike it as much as I did. I can'tsay that I laughed or even smiled once during Bad Biology, I justthought it's lame bad taste humour & random plot that lacks a strongcentral story added up to a waste of 80 odd minutes.

    Much more restrained than Henelotter's previous films Bad Biology isfar more interested in sex & nudity than blood & gore. There are lotsof naked bodies on show & several (lame) sex scenes that means it'sprobably not wise to watch this in your room on your own as people passoutside the door & constantly hear sexual grunting & groaning! Thekiller penis stop motion animation at the end is poor but at least it'snot CGI. One-Eyed Monster (2008) is a much better & funnier killerpenis sex comedy (look at that, your wait ages for a killer penis film& then two turn up in the same year…). In a cinematic first BadBiology is probably the only film that has a 'Victim Photos by' creditduring the opening titles.

    Probably shot on a low budget most of Bad Biology was apparently filmedin the supposedly haunted Brooklyn mansion that had belonged topreacher Father Divine. Quite well made for what it is I suppose butnothing special, the acting is alright & there are some nice lookinggirls here I suppose. A lot of the minor roles are filled by rappers.

    Bad Biology is a childish sex comedy that tries to crank up the badtaste & crude sexual humour but it came across as unfunny & ratherpointless. If this sort of lowest common denominator humour appeals toyou then Bad Biology might be worth watching but if not then give it amiss.

  8. from Belgium
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    Director Frank Henenlotter is best known for his horror cult movies"Brain Damage" and "Basket Case". My favorite is "Brain Damage" which Istill consider a classic. But it was "Basket Case" which spawned 2sequels. Bad Biology is a mix between horror and comedy, just likeHenenlotter's "Frankenhooker". But the combination rarely really works,and on "Bad Biology" it certainly doesn't. This was truly awful. Fromthe moment the lead actress looks in the camera and talks about thedeformed baby she just walked away from, 5 minutes into the story, themovie is shot. What a waste of time. No frights, no fun, just a belowaverage cast (some are really annoying) and a dull story. The only realspecial effect is a spawned penis who attacks naked girls to haveintercourse (this is not a joke, it really happens…).

    I have no idea what came over Mr. Henenlotter to direct this piece ofs**t. Don't bother, even if you're a fan of the titles named above.

  9. kitschherr from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 9:57 pm

    I just got back from the 2008 Phillyfest! There were some great moviesthere- South Korea's EPITAPH was refreshingly violent and THE FORBIDDENKINGDOM was awesome….but the best part of the festival was attendingthe screening for Frank Henenlotter's BAD BIOLOGY.

    It has been sixteen years since his last movie and Frank has onlygotten more demented with age. This flick is totally hilarious and justas smart as you would expect a horror story to be by Henenlotter. Thistime Henelotter has teamed up with rapper R.A. "The Rugged Man" whoco-wrote the script and contributes to the soundtrack. Once again Frankenlists the talents of one of the masters of Make-Up Special Effects -Gabe Bartalos (Matthew Barney's CREMASTER CYCLE and Kevin Tenney'sBRAIN DEAD). Bartalos' creations are so out there yet completelycomplimentary to Frank's warped vision. It is proof once again thatwhen Henenlotter and Bartalos are working together…WOW.

    It's great to have you back, Frank!!

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