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At Middleton (2013)

  • Rate: 6.8/10 total 751 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
  • Release Date: 5 September 2013 (Poland)
  • Runtime: 99 min
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At Middleton (2013)


At Middleton 2013tt1483324.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: At Middleton (2013)
  • Rate: 6.8/10 total 751 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
  • Release Date: 5 September 2013 (Poland)
  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Filming Location: Spokane, Washington, USA
  • Budget: $2,500,000 (estimated)
  • Director: Adam Rodgers
  • Stars: Andy Garcia, Vera Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Arturo Sandoval   
  • Soundtrack: Musical Chairs
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: One Word Title

Writing Credits By:

  • Glenn German (written by) &
  • Adam Rodgers (written by)

Known Trivia

  • Although they play mother and daughter, Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga are actually sisters in real life. 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |

Plot: Two parents fall in love over the course of a single day while playing hooky from their children's college tour.  »

Story: Two parents fall in love over the course of a single day while playing hooky from their children’s college tour.


Synopsis: EDITH MARTIN (Vera Farmiga) is a strong-willed, free-spirited and successful businesswoman whos taking her hyper-achieving, 18 year-old daughter AUDREY (Taissa Farmiga) on a tour of potential colleges.

GEORGE HARTMAN (Andy Garcia) is a buttoned-up heart surgeon accompanying his not-very motivated son CONRAD (Spencer Lofranco), on a similar tour.

Their paths cross at idyllic Middleton College, nestled in the picturesque Pacific Northwest. At first, all things point to this being the kids story but it quickly becomes clear that Edith and George are the heart and center of the film.

As the campus tour gets underway, and their well-intentioned support turns clumsy in the extreme, Edith and George not only embarrass their kids, but are soon told by them essentially to take a hike.

Now banished together, these two time-pressed, responsible adults suddenly find themselves with a free day in the midst of a beautiful setting and the hours they subsequently share change their lives as they play out a unique college tour all their own.

Equal parts charming and funny, "Middleton" is about letting go and coming together the story of two people who, through a remarkable, unexpected connection, are able to glimpse the potential that true romance can offer. As Edith and George eventually realize in ways both hilarious and heartbreaking, their adventure proves to be the greatest half-day of their lives.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Marc Dahlstrom known as line producer
  • Joe Drago known as co-producer
  • Andy Garcia known as producer
  • Glenn German known as producer
  • Sig Libowitz known as producer
  • Sonya Lunsford known as executive producer
  • Sonya Lunsford known as line producer
  • Lori Mathison known as associate producer
  • Ellen S. Wander known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Andy Garcia known as George Hartman
  • Vera Farmiga known as Edith Martin
  • Taissa Farmiga known as Audrey Martin
  • Spencer Lofranco known as Conrad Hartman
  • Nicholas Braun known as Justin
  • Tom Skerritt known as Dr. Roland Emerson
  • Peter Riegert known as Boneyard Sims
  • Mirjana Jokovic known as Professor Riley
  • Stephen Borrello IV known as Travis (as Stephen Borrello)
  • Daniella Garcia-Lorido known as Daphne
  • Saxton Johnson known as Late for Class
  • Sean Cook known as Up All Night
  • Loretta Underwood known as Prospective Student
  • Kenny Parks Jr. known as Music Major
  • Briana Henry known as Emma
  • Joey Greer known as Gerald
  • Victoria Gatts known as Coed Tour Leader (as Victoria Mae Gatts)
  • Tony Doupe known as Irate Man
  • Kent Kimball known as Waiter
  • Nike Imoru known as Receptionist
  • Alex Donnolo known as Football Helmet
  • Nich Witham known as Frazzled Student
  • D.R. Anderson known as Snack Cart Vendor (uncredited)
  • Paul Chirico known as Acting Student (uncredited)
  • Daniel Knight known as Professor (uncredited)
  • James Pendleton known as Student (uncredited)
  • Brian Robertson known as Faculty (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Amy Bruscoe known as makeup artist
  • Trista Jordan known as makeup department head
  • Nate L. Martin known as key hair stylist
  • K.G. Ramsey known as department head hair stylist




Production Companies:

  • CineSon Entertainment
  • Look at the Moon Productions
  • North by Northwest Entertainment

Other Companies:

  • IndieClear  script clearance
  • Pivotal Post  Avid HD Editing Equipment Provided By


  • Anchor Bay Films (2013) (USA) (all media)
  • Chrysalis Films (2012) (France) (all media)
  • Paradise/MGN (2012) (Russia) (all media)



Other Stuff

Visual Effects by:
  • Travis Berry known as visual effects artist
  • Jason Mckee known as visual effects artist
  • Jason Mckee known as visual effects supervisor

MPAA: Rated R for drug use and brief sexuality



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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Posted on February 4, 2014 by Harry in Movies | Tags: , .


  1. Motibenya
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    I usually shun writing reviews here or anywhere else, but this film isreally well written and acted. I am surprised with the 6.8 score, for Ibelieve it should be at least of 8.5.Firstly, the combination of VeraFermiga acting as the mother of taissa, who is, I believe her youngestsister in real life is smart and interesting, and there is this naturalchemistry between the two. Andy Garcia, manages to pull off, in myopinion, one of his best performances on screen. I also loved thatcampus was a very dominant participant in the film, long shots, the useof natural light, and campus life in general helped in believing that,such a love story could actually occur in just a few hours of roamingthe campus lawn. If you are trying to decide whether to watch this filmor not, then go watch it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope this tipsthe balance for you in its favor.

  2. kristi711 from Boston
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    I saw this film at the Woodstock Film Festival and attended the Q&Athat followed with the writers, director, Vera Farmiga and Andy Garciaas well as some of the supporting actors. The film was shot in 20 dayswhich was quite surprising b/c it flowed as though well rehearsed. Theentire audience genuinely responded to the wit and humor that prevailedthroughout the film, and the more poignant moments added a balance thatgrounded the story. It was obvious when the actors and filmmakers wereon stage post preview that there was a wonderful camaraderie thattranslated well to the screen. Both Andy Garcia's daughter and VeraFarmiga's little sister had roles in the movie and made their ownmarks. I completely enjoyed the movie and hope that it makes it to thelarger market so that more people can enjoy this fabulous dose of bothhumor and heart.

  3. output-based-money from Carlsbad, California
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    The mother daughter resemblance is in a way haunting because thedaughter is so compelling, yet so young. I found myself spellbound byher eyes and her whole facial expression and body language to establisha mother- daughter tension and young impatient ambition as interestingas the romance between two fifty year-old's married to someone otherthan present company. Andy Garcia is perfectly cast and appealing tofollow as he and this opinionated broad clash and fall in love withtheir opposite type. This a a movie about life portrayed as extremelyattractive yet farcical. It is pure entertainment that wins over anaudience within minutes. It dares to confront the real and possiblydull or difficult with the fun, funny, and fanciful and a real goodslap in the face which echoes I needed that. Why give it a 10? Becauseit never missed a beat.

  4. Lisa Carpenter ( from United States
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    I had the pleasure of participating in the screening of this movie atthe AARP Life@50+ Expo, one of the selections in the Movies forGrownups lineup. What a splendid film AT MIDDLETON is — a fast favoriteof this picky movie lover.

    I've yet to see a better, more realistic depiction of the fears parentsface as kids leave the nest and we're left wondering not only if weadequately prepared our children for the real world but if WE areprepared for the reality of our long-term marriage once the kids areout of the house. The interaction of the actors — mother and daughter,father and son, strangers meeting and feeling something they neverexpected — is amusing at times, heartbreaking at others, real and truethroughout.

    I find no flaws with AT MIDDLETON. The writing, acting, chemistrybetween the actors, music and even the setting were truly delightful. Idon't typically watch movies more than once. I've no doubt, though,that I'll be watching AT MIDDLETON again… and again.

  5. dragokin
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    Trailer for At Middleton is somewhat misleading. This really is aromantic comedy, but the most interesting, if not the most important,moments have been omitted. On the other hand, when you watch the movie,you'll understand how difficult it's been to explain its essence in acouple of minutes of a trailer.

    At Middleton shows what seems to be forgotten in contemporarymovie-making: Actors performing the art of acting in front of a camera.There is an incredible chemistry between Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga,culminating in the scene where they participate in a class led byMirjana Jokovic.

    This is a small movie that has a lot of pleasant surprises…

  6. Fahad Iqbal from Bradford
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    I was not sure if I am going to watch this movie but from the start ofthe movie, it was like, it made me to watch till the last minute. Thismovie has a very strong touch of pure Love and emotions. Beautifullyacted, great place to shoot, strong script, well defined characterswith a very strong feeling. Movie also taught us how to love yourpartner and how to take care of their love and feeling. Marryingsomeone is not the only thing to carry out your relationship but givingtime, care, love, attention, purity, respect, trust, understanding mustbe there, otherwise, they will find someone else giving the samecharacteristics and you might loose what you gained. If you watch thismovie, please learn something. 10/10

  7. steven-leibson from United States
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    This is an unusually smart romantic comedy. Two parents bring theirkids to Middleton College to check the place out. One kid islaser-focused on studying at this college under a linguistics professorthat she idolizes because of his book. The other kid is driftingthrough life so far on his big toothy smile and good looks. His dad isa successful heart surgeon. Her mom, well she's in retail. Theirinitial meeting starts with a parking lot argument as both arrive atMiddleton College. The two adults react very badly with each other.He's a dork. She's a harpy. They are so repelled by the "otherness" ofeach other that you know very early on that they will fall in love bythe end of the movie.

    This movie is not so much about these two characters falling in love.It's all about the few hours it takes for them to go from strangers toclose friends and the number of comedic adventures they manage to packinto a day back at college for both of them. Heavy on the comedy, lighton the romance. If you think of all the opportunities a college mightoffer as a backdrop for this story arc, well they're all in there. It'sa sweet, comfortable movie—sort of like macaroni and cheese—with somevery smart, funny dialog written for the characters.

    A pleasant way to spend the afternoon, which is what I did thanks tothe San Jose Camera Cinema Club.

  8. canibefierceforaminute
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    I'm seeing a lot of love here for "At Middleton," and I'm baffled. Icould tell from the first five minutes that this was the work of afirst- time director/writer (okay, it's the writers' second credit)because the movie has every single cliché you can have in one movie,actors who are normally good – when they have a good director – doingridiculous and embarrassing things, and remarkably absurd plot holes. Ilove Vera Farmiga, but she's only as good as her director, and this oneinsisted she use a loud, fake laugh that grates on the nerves. She andAndy Garcia spend a day running around a college campus that apparentlyhas no locked doors (except for the observatory) or campus security. Atone point they get stoned with two students and act like how someonewho's never been stoned thinks stoned people act. And don't get mestarted on the gravelly-voiced campus radio DJ. On the plus side, themovie looks nice but that's about the only thing I can recommend. Waitfor this to come on Lifetime, because that's where it belongs.

  9. Amari-Sali from
    04 Feb 2014, 6:00 am

    Being someone fond of Vera Farmiga's work on Bates Motel and being afan sister Taissa on American Horror Story and The Bling Ring, I wasalso drawn to the film because Vera's little sister Taissa is in this.So, despite a trailer that didn't look all that appealing, I decided tosee this movie. Below, we find out if that ended up being a good idea.

    To begin, the Farmiga sisters play mother and daughter, which iscomical to me. Realize though, there is an 18+ year age difference andit strangely works well. Vera plays Edith who is a liberal, almostbohemian, and yet holds some of the neurotic nature of Norma Bates,which I guess maybe her Vera's signature? Taissa, on the other hand,has a slightly intense character, named Audrey, which has some ofEdith's traits, but possibly also her unseen father. Alongside them areGeorge (played by Andy Garcia) and his son Conrad (played by SpencerLofranco). Both characters play opposite to their similarly agedcounterparts with George being straitlaced, conservative and a bitfearful of life, while Conrad is far more laid back and charming thanTaissa's Audrey. In a way, Conrad seems like he could be Edith's sonand Audrey seems like she should be George's daughter.

    That dynamic isn't played up in the movie, but the whole idea ofopposites attract is. However, rather than it be a story about twofamilies on a college tour which has the kids fall in love, it is theparents. Edith and George seems to be in unhappy relationships withtheir spouses, add on their kids leaving, and you realize that perhapsthe one thing keeping them in their marriage is leaving and perhapsthey are realizing that with the kid gone, they are stuck with thisperson who may no longer love them or who they may no longer love. But,it doesn't get that deep until about mid-film. Before that, Edith'scharacter is an embarrassment, but not in a too over the top fashion,and George is just a bore. As things go on though, Edith and Georgepretty much steal the movie with them leaving their kids behind andhaving their own tour of Middleton. This leads to confessions, romanceand the kids being left to their own devices which more so puts them inthe shadows of Edith and George's story than allowing them to holdtheir own.

    Now, one thing I must say is that this film is pleasantly silly. Toexplain my perception of pleasantly silly, take note of how EllenDegeneres does comedy. It isn't offensive, but can be a tad bit meanspirited. This mostly comes from George and Edith, but others take partoccasionally as well. Another thing worth noting is that the first 45minutes of the movie are pretty much the best part of the film. Itfeels like it had a smooth progression from a silly little film togetting to deeper matters that Edith and George were having whichexplained why their characters were the way they were.

    But, while the film did well in handling George and Edith, it droppedthe ball on Conrad and Audrey. The first half of the movie, prettymuch, is dedicated to the parents and then the kids begin to get astronger focus in the second half. The issue is, in comparison to theirparents, only Conrad is really likable. Taissa, on the other hand, getsa little too over dramatic, and admittedly Vera has one scene in whichshe seems to need to be reign in a little bit as well, but Taissa'sAudrey has a bad mix of snarkiness, Edith's Type A personality traits,but lacks the charm which keeps her from becoming an annoyance. So, ifanything, it maybe more so the character than Taissa's acting, but I'msort of iffy on giving her a pass. Also, after the first half, Georgeand Edith begin to falter, character-wise, as you realize that herflirting and him following her around, is developing into something.Now, if they were both single that would be fine, but with them bothmentioning spouses, it leads you to believe that the tour became, forthem, an escape from the issues and responsibilities of adulthood.Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I felt a bit disappointedsince they had a bond because of their kids and marital troubles, so Ididn't understand why they needed to fall for one another. It reallymade it seem, like in a lot of films, that men and women can't just befriends, but must explore and try other possibilities, even if briefly.

    Overall: Rental or TV

    Truth be told, no one should expect an award for their performance inthe movie, but at the same time it isn't like this film feels likesomething to keep your name out there or will become something anyoneinvolved will be mocked for. It is just an average movie that wants toentertain you with a decent story. Vera, I feel, with her flair fordramatics and the silliness of her character, leads us through thismovie and does so well. Andy plays a good opposite to her and really,if you take the kids out of the movie and take away one scene of them,Edith and George smoking weed together, you got a really good filmabout parents dealing with their kids growing up. But, with Tasissa'sand Spencer's character getting more screen time, which seems weaklywritten in comparison, it does bring the film down a bit to the pointwhere you sort of wish after the 50 minute mark they cut everything upuntil the fun for Edith and George has to end for they have to go backto their children and their lives. Still, overall it is worth watchingdespite my criticisms.

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