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Arctic Blast (2010)

  • Rate: 3.6/10 total 1,392 votes 
  • Genre: Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Release Date: 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 92 min
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Arctic Blast (2010)


Arctic Blast 2010tt1523267.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Arctic Blast (2010)
  • Rate: 3.6/10 total 1,392 votes 
  • Genre: Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Release Date: 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Filming Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  • Budget: AUD 5,000,000(estimated)
  • Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
  • Stars: Michael Shanks, Alexandra Davies and Saskia Hampele
  • Original Music By: Mario Sévigny   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Solar Eclipse

Writing Credits By:

  • Jason Bourque (written by)

Known Trivia

    Goofs: Factual errors: When Zoe's blood sugar drops dangerously low, Jack gives her insulin to reverse it. In reality, in that situation she would need glucose; being given insulin would kill her.

    Plot: When a solar eclipse sends a colossal blast of super chilled air towards the earth, it then sets off a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in ice and begin a new Ice Age. |  »

    Story: When a solar eclipse sends a colossal blast of super chilled air towards the earth, it then sets off a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in ice and begin a new Ice Age.

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Josée Bernard known as co-executive producer
    • Tom Berry known as executive producer
    • Gina Black known as producer
    • Pierre David known as executive producer
    • Antony I. Ginnane known as executive producer
    • John Hipwell known as co-executive producer
    • Ann Lyons known as executive producer
    • Stefan Wodoslawsky known as producer
    • Gordon Yang known as co-executive producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Michael Shanks known as Jack Tate
    • Alexandra Davies known as Emma Tate
    • Saskia Hampele known as Zoe
    • Indiana Evans known as Naomi Tate
    • Robert Mammone known as Charlie Barker
    • Bruce Davison known as Winslaw
    • Judith Baribeau known as Tammy
    • Nick Falk known as Brent Durant (as Nicholas Falk)
    • Alan Andrews known as Harold Stuart
    • Helen Edwards known as Margaret Stuart
    • Abbey Rose Leed known as Young Woman – Sarah (as Abbey-Rose Leed)
    • Jakalyn Gatward known as Franny
    • Bodane Hatton known as Jarrod
    • Jane Longhurst known as Lawyer – Susan
    • Nathan Spencer known as Technician #1
    • Cinthia Burke known as Elizabeth
    • Andrew Casey known as Alex
    • Sara Cooper known as Meteorologist
    • John Andrews known as Supervisor
    • Anne McCaffery known as Samantha
    • Michael Earnshaw known as Launch Supervisor
    • Stan Gottschalk known as The General (as Stanley Gottschalk)
    • Gerard Webb known as Beach Comber #1
    • Matt Burton known as Fisherman #1 (as Mat Burton)
    • Rogan Brown known as Fisherman #2
    • Isabel Hoysted known as Marlene
    • Megan Bignell known as Local and Bundled Reporter (as Meg Bignell)
    • Chris Wright known as Beach House Boy (as Christopher Wright)
    • Mel King known as Beach House Mother
    • Guy Hooper known as Pharmacist
    • Vlasta Vrana known as Narrator (voice)
    • Daniel Simpson known as Winslaw's Employee (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Liz Goulding known as hair stylist/makeup artist
    • Elizabeth Goulding-Ellis known as hair assistant
    • Elizabeth Goulding-Ellis known as makeup assistant
    • Marie-Josée Lopez known as key makeup artist
    • Kayla Manasseri known as key hair stylist
    • Angie Reid known as special makeup effects artist

    Art Department:

    • Shane Boucher known as art department coordinator: Canada
    • Simon Clayton known as set dresser: Australia
    • Pascal Delorme known as set dresser: Canada
    • Jimmy Naylor known as art department attachment: Australia
    • Jimmy Naylor known as art department trainee
    • Veronica Roberts known as art department coordinator: Australia
    • Matthew Otis Roelofs known as art department team: Canada
    • Angus Smith known as set dresser: Australia
    • Nicholas Spohn known as art department attachment: Australia
    • Nicholas Spohn known as art department trainee
    • Dean Sullivan known as property master: Australia
    • Tim Walton known as property master: Canada




    Production Companies:

    • F G Film Productions
    • Premiere Bobine
    • Screen Tasmania


    • Just Bridge Entertainment (2011) (Netherlands) (DVD)
    • Just Bridge Entertainment (2011) (Netherlands) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
    • Kam & Ronson Enterprise Co (2011) (Hong Kong) (DVD)
    • Sunfilm Entertainment (2011) (Germany) (DVD)
    • Syfy Universal (2010) (Belgium) (TV) (limited)
    • Syfy Universal (2010) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)
    • Videorama (2011) (Greece) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Alchemy 24 (visual effects)
    • Artifex Animation Studios
    • Modus Fx (visual effects)

    Visual Effects by:

    • Maris Abolins known as compositor: Alchemy 24
    • Marcus Alqueres known as lead animator
    • Adeline Aubame known as lead technical director: Artifex Animation Studios
    • Mostafa Badran known as lead layout technical director: Modus FX
    • Emmanuel Bazin known as concept artist: Artifex Animation Studios
    • Catherine Belanger-Gagnon known as visual effects coordinator
    • Michel Bidart known as animator: Modus FX
    • Patrick Bissonnette known as visual effects line producer
    • Bruno Blain known as animator: Modus FX
    • Marc Bourbonnais known as visual effects producer: Modus FX
    • Sébastien Chartier known as compositor
    • Pascal Depocas known as digital compositor: Artifex Animation Studios
    • Marc-Antoine Desjardins known as look development artist
    • Jean-François Ferland known as visual effects supervisor: Alchemy24
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    • Yoann Gagnon known as animator: Artifex Animation Studios
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    • Emanuelle Gill known as modeler and texture artist: Artifex Animation Studios
    • Marc Hall known as lead compositor: Artifex Animation Studios
    • Luc Julien known as lead compositor: Modus FX
    • Alban Kasikci known as digital compositor: Modus FX
    • Jeremy Lambolez known as animator: Modus FX
    • Philippe Langlois known as matte painting artist: Modus FX
    • Francis Larouche known as production assistant: Modus FX
    • Martin Larrivée known as digital compositor: Modus FX
    • Florent Lebrun known as matte painting artist: Modus FX
    • Sylvain Lorgeou known as lead concept designer: Modus FX
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    • Vincent Toussaint known as technical support: Modus FX
    • Jean-Philippe Traoré known as digital compositor: Modus FX
    • Alexandre Tremblay known as compositor
    • Sarah Trepanier known as production assistant: Modus FX
    • Marc A. Vezina known as visual effects coordinator: Artifex Animation Studios
    • Yanick Wilisky known as visual effects executive producer: Modus FX
    • David Yabu known as animator: Modus FX
    • Vatalijus Zhukas known as visual effects producer: Cyberpunk FX

    Release Date:

    • USA 2010
    • Australia 4 August 2010 (Sydney) (Canadian Film Festival)
    • Belgium 20 November 2010 (TV premiere) (limited)
    • Netherlands 20 November 2010 (TV premiere) (limited)
    • Japan 16 February 2011 (DVD premiere)
    • Netherlands 7 March 2011 (DVD premiere)
    • Sweden 9 March 2011 (DVD premiere)



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. jim-penny from Australia
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      First of all, let me start by saying that 1 star is more generous thanI'd like to be, however I'll award that one star for the comedy oferrors.

      Who did the research for this movie? Honestly – giving insulin to aperson with low blood sugar (a dangerous thing for somebody to learnfrom a movie) and that complete nonsense about the mesosphere falling.I doubt if it was a school kid because they are generally more educatedthan this. It scored an F minus on the science.

      The Australian accents were either fake or overdone. The direction wasabysmal. What an embarrassment for the local emergency services to beinvolved in this movie.

      The acting was high-school grade for the most part. They obviously hada couple of professional actors.

      The special effects looked like something out of the old Batman TVseries or Power Rangers.

      To think that I paid money for this. It's honestly challenging theposition of Santa Claus conquers the Martians as worst movie yet.

      When it gets to the stage where you're laughing at how amateurish amovie is, it's just not worth it.

    2. gallloping from Canada
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      I was extremely disappointed with this movie. Basic common denominatorswere forgotten when making this film. ie. A vehicle will not start at -100 especially if you live in a country where gasoline isn't treated toendure freezing temperatures. Also you could not brush the ice off awindshield…. You would be scraping a very long time; when it's coldyou would see your breath; these are some basic but important realitiesthat were totally overlooked in this film. I'm guessing the makers ofthis movie have never actually experienced living in a cold climate andunderstanding the reality of it. This movie was much too unrealisticand anyone thinking about watching it think again.

    3. csheehandoe from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      Easily one of the worst movies of all time. I'm understating it. Thisis the kind of bad that causes you to pause the movie so you can callyour friends and tell them you are watching the worst movie in theworld! Which is, of course, the very reason I loved it. I couldn't shutit off. The script is shameless, "releasing magnesium payload fromhigh-altitude balloons…" This movie had me the whole way. Youcouldn't make this movie up. A killer cloud of ice, people freezing todeath all over the place. A small fire that keeps the whole house fromfreezing and killing everybody in it. The fearless refusal to confrontthe obvious contradictions in the story; such as, the ability to gooutside when necessary to get medicine and the ability to outrun thekiller cloud by foot, when appropriate. This is a movie for the ages.Its a topical film that is all around brilliant in its ability to makeyou watch because you can't believe your eyes. You know its gettingworse and you can't wait. If you love bad movies you need to see thismovie immediately. Right now, today. Arctic Blast is easily one of theworst movies of all time. No question about it. Run out and see ittoday.

    4. Jason Oldakowski from Australia
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      My "Summary" pretty much explains it all and my 6 star review is verygenerous. I only watched this movie because it was yet-to-be-reviewedon IMDb and because I have a… thing for Indiana Evans (Matilda fromHome and Away). It's very similar to The Day After Tomorrow and sadlyit's destined to drown in the shadows of Tomorrow When the War Began.Nevertheless it was nice to see a straight-to-DVD Aussie disaster moviethat wasn't a total disaster.

      The ozone layer lets us down and suddenly an icy gust manifests itselfjust south of Tasmania. It soon becomes a global concern when Tazziesturn up looking like a T-1000 drenched in liquid nitrogen. If onlythey'd listened to the guy who tried to warn them… blah blah… andhis daughter is so hot… blah blah… and his boss is that rubbersenator dude from X-men and he's not being very helpful… blah blah.

      The acting is very "Home and Away on a Good Day", but I get the feelingthat all the actors did the best they could with the wooden script.Sometimes it's hard to tell if they're Aussie's pretending to beAmerican's or vice versa, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.There's a little splash of Kiwi and even Big Ben gets a wee bit nippyat one stage.

      The more you like Aussie films, disaster films, mindless entertainmentand/or Indiana Evans, the more you'll like this film. In a nutshell,the acting is okay, the concept is okay, the effects are okay and forall we know it could be the most prophetic movie ever made. If we allinstantly freeze to death, I'll give it an extra star or 2. Needless tosay that I strongly recommend it to Meteorologists from Hobart orSydney.

    5. Orukxu from Singapore
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      In short, the film has good acting, reasonably good drama, but basesitself on such bad science that it completely loses its credibility.

      This film uses a very standard disaster movie recipe, replete with thescientist warning the people in power of the danger, mysterious deathsthat have to be investigated, then thousands of people dying in acatastrophe, the people in power acknowledging the scientist was right,the scientist saving the world, and even the all importantscientist-marriage-is- in-trouble-but-saved-by-the-disaster cliché. Iteven has a green eco-warning about pollution.

      Scientifically, the movie is incredibly flawed, and this distractsgreatly from enjoying it. The main premise, that the ozone layer keepsthe cold air in the Mesosphere, is not the only major flaw. Many of thespecial effects of flash freezing at -100F, a deadly ice fog thatappears to be slow enough to outrun on foot and fast enough to catch aspeeding car at 100kph simultaneously, weather balloons launched fromQueensland making it to 500 miles south of Tassie in 20 minutes byusing a 'South Polar Jetstream' (which would have to be doing 7,700 kphto accomplish this), and even include a medical misrepresentation ofthe symptoms of hyperglycemia in a diabetic person. Other technicalproblems include the main character hacking a military satellite toobtain weather data, and being an all around genius with an unlikelyquantity of giftings in meteorology, computers, and mechanicaldisciplines (but of course hopeless at relationships).

      *Spoiler* – one scene that was particularly terrible was the maincharacter rushing off to get insulin for the diabetic character, JUSTAS the computer was finishing the simulation necessary to save theentire world, leaving a 16 year old to figure out what to do. Who woulddo that? And of course once she does figure it out, the dieselgenerators go out, thereby again requiring the protagonist to return tocomplete the upload. Seriously? It's the most dramatic scene in themovie, and is just as flawed as the main premise.

      Dramatically, the acting is actually very good, and the storytellingplot line moves at a good pace – it's never boring or too fast tofollow. There's good character development and the accent mixes arebelievable and explained. The locales are generally believable and wellconstructed.

      Overall, if you can suspend your intellect for a while, it's a prettyentertaining movie and worth watching. But if you are into hard sciencefiction, or are bothered by scientific inaccuracy (in order to createplot devices), then you might consider choosing something else. I givethe movie 3 stars purely on acting and drama, with the remaindermissing due to the aforementioned technical problems.

    6. Paul Haakonsen from Denmark
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      "Arctic Blast" started out with lots of potential, though you knewright from the very beginning that there wasn't talk about a majorblockbuster movie here. But still, the plot seemed promising and theCGI effects weren't too shabby.

      But of course it was all flushed down the drain, when the producersstarted having these arctic rifts open up in the atmosphere in multiplelocations around the globe. Had they kept it to the one near Tazmania,as the first one was there, the movie had been all that much better.Surely if a weather phenomena like that hits Australia, the rest of theworld would know about it. But suddenly there were arctic rifts overLondon, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and no one seemed to know aboutthis in advance. You'd think there would be alarms going off atmeteorological stations and such. But no…

      Actually, the plot of the story was solid enough and truly hadpotential. It was just killed off by too much ambition and the need tocause too much havoc and destruction.

      You would think that fog at -90 degrees Fahrenheit would be able tofreeze the surface water solid, when it apparently can freeze a hugeship and people instantly. Throughout the movie there were a fewmistakes and bloopers here and there. But nothing in the caliber thatit really made the movie laughable.

      Of course, you should take "Arctic Blast" for what it is, a fairly lowbudget natural disaster movie. And it is an ambitious one at that too.And the end result wasn't too bad. But of course, there was thetraditional sugar-coated happy ending. Come on! Firing missiles intothe rift makes it all alright? Alrighty then…

      There are better disaster movies available on the market. But "ArcticBlast" is worth a watch if you got nothing better to do and if you likenatural disaster movies. Just prepare yourself for a movie that wantsto do big stuff but doesn't really manage to keep hold of the ambition.

    7. lanimae61 from Australia
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      Normally you can salvage something nice to say about a movie even if itjust something to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Well, it IS arainy Saturday afternoon and I would have preferred to nail my feet tothe floor than watch another second of this ZZZ grade movie. MichaelShanks likes a bit of SciFi but he must have done this one for free.It's a no budget, badly written, badly directed load of rubbish.Science aside, the characters were a thin as the story was bad. Theaccents were just appalling. The genuine accents stuck out a mile. Forthe record, the news broadcast that first heralded the cold frontmentions the cold front is moving fast=t and has hit the southern coastof Tasmania and will arrive in the Capital of that state (Hobart) in 2hours so it is odd they didn't look at a map. Hobart is almost ON thesouth coast of Tasmania. You can drive from one end of the island tothe other in a 3 hours. A fast moving front would do the distance fromthe tip to Hobart in 5 minutes. And when telling his family and friendsto shield themselves from from something that snap froze an entire shipin seconds, that a few blankets and a coat in the Evac centre will befine. The plane crash in Hobart was utterly ridiculous. It's also oddthat the mere touch of the edge of the cloud froze the surfer but whendashing from the car to the research station the hero and his daughterare OK when it envelopes them just as they reach the door of thebuilding. To summarise, solar eclipse-hole in ozone-freeezing air- noone heeds warning, lots of people die there! As usual no one listens toJack and as usual the American authorities don't listen to the expertand do their own thing. But wait, as they decide to try and send upweather balloons more rifts open all over the world and wouldn't youknow it, it's the Major cities in the world being struck. It sure islucky it opened near Australia's smallest Capital city. Phew, we reallydodged that one. Oh no what will the hero do? Oh god I can't bear to goon. It's just too horrible. It's a shame the producers didn't freezethemselves rather than subject us to this load of tosh.

      PLEASE don't waste your time.

    8. Bill Shroyer from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      If you were irritated by the fact that Jack & Rose's path through theTitanic couldn't possibly have happened as they went through rooms thatdidn't even connect and doors that weren't even there and parts of theship that were on entirely opposite sides without having to crossthrough the middle, then you won't like this movie.

      It's definitely a made-for-TV type of movie and it's definitely modeledafter "The Day after Tomorrow" (almost character-for-character). Thescience is rather atrocious, also, but if you yourself -are-scientifically illiterate or if you're just used to scientificilliteracy in cinema and therefore unphased by it, then you might likethis flick. I was surprised to see SG1's Michael Shanks in what seemedto all appearances to be third-rate billing, but he was in it and heplayed as well as he ever does.

      I'd recommend this if you're really kinda' reaching for something towatch, and you're not feeling too picky and SyFy made-for-TV quality isacceptable to you (I don't think it's a SyFy flick, but it's the samegeneral quality). If you're into serious flicks, or if you don't careto see another "Day After Tomorrow", steer clear.

    9. Manila Sampson
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      Yes, it has many errors but if you are getting bored nothing elseentertaining to do, then you may indulge in this movie. The specialeffects, the acting is mediocre but then it is not as bad as it isreviewed. People who want to watch it don't expect a 2012 or a dayafter tomorrow but just get the message it is trying to say "Protectthe Ozone layer". The story line is the old one from the sack, a hero,troubled marriage, child in danger, saves the day when the entire worldis unable to bring up a good idea. The effects are very simple.Dialogues are very unoriginal. In fact the characters are very much therepeated ones. But it wont be a complete disaster to watch it. if youhave 90 minutes to spare and nothing at all do, then you might as wellwatch it. I watched it, took the environment message the movie tries togive and move forward.

    10. aaron ferguson from United Kingdom
      30 Mar 2012, 1:34 am

      Half way through this film i hoped that the "Arctic Blast" wouldconsume me and put me out of my misery! I watched this movie foramusement entertainment value only! it truly was appalling! the effectsand the cast were indeed the worst i have ever seen, I would rate thisas a J-K rather than a B movie!!!! I especially loved it around 36minutes in when the cold front attacks the beach and the leadcharacters! there is a "fogs eye" view which is sceeearrreeeyyy!!! OKits not but again this film just makes me laugh, laugh, laugh! I wouldhighly recommend it to groups staying in for a slumber party as itwould at least encourage you to get drunk to cope!

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