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A Viking Saga (2008)

  • Rate: 2.9/10 total 289 votes 
  • Genre: Adventure | Drama | History
  • Runtime: 82 min
  • Filming Location: Helsingør, Sjælland, Denmark
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A Viking Saga (2008)


A Viking Saga 2008tt0834967.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: A Viking Saga (2008)
  • Rate: 2.9/10 total 289 votes 
  • Genre: Adventure | Drama | History
  • Runtime: 82 min
  • Filming Location: Helsingør, Sjælland, Denmark
  • Budget: $1,250,000(estimated)
  • Director: Michael Mouyal
  • Stars: Ken Vedsegaard, Peter Gantzler and Erik Holmey
  • Original Music By: Mark Allen   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby SR
  • Plot Keyword: Viking | Battlefield | Violence | Axe Fight | Axe

Writing Credits By:

  • Michael Mouyal (writer) &
  • Dennis Goldberg (writer)

Known Trivia

    Goofs: Continuity: When Oleg is an adult, he encounters Dir, the man whose thumb he cut off as a boy. When they shake hands, Dir is clearly shown missing the thumb on his right hand (at 58:44). Dir is later shown having both thumbs (at 59:31 and 61:23).

    Plot: Drama set in the viking age, Helgi witnesses the destruction of his village and narrowly escapes to his uncle Rurik who raises him like his son. Many years later he meets the people responsible for his parents death and someone he never expected to see again.  »

    Story: Drama set in the viking age, Helgi witnesses the destruction of his village and narrowly escapes to his uncle Rurik who raises him like his son. Many years later he meets the people responsible for his parents death and someone he never expected to see again.


    Synopsis: The sole survivor of a Viking raid on his village, young Helgi is taken in by his uncle Rurik (Erik Holmey), a traveling merchant. Years later, a trading mission takes Helgi (Ken Vedsegaard) to the kingdom ruled by the same raiders, where he meets the men who killed his family. As he plots revenge against the dangerous warriors, Helgi is amazed to encounter someone he thought he would never see again in this exciting Danish action film.


    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Ole Boetius known as executive producer
    • Alex Cohen known as consulting producer
    • Paulo Echebarria known as executive producer
    • Ole Nygaard Lerche known as executive producer
    • Michael Mouyal known as executive producer
    • Michael Mouyal known as line producer
    • Michael Mouyal known as producer
    • Michael Mouyal known as supervising producer
    • Pierre Mouyal known as executive producer
    • Charles Strong known as executive producer
    • Sven-Ole Thorsen known as executive producer
    • Uffe Ziemelis known as executive producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Ken Vedsegaard known as Oleg
    • Peter Gantzler known as Askold
    • Erik Holmey known as Rurik
    • Hans Henrik Clemensen known as Timothy
    • Kenneth Carmohn known as Svein
    • Jesper Pedersen known as Leif
    • Kim Sønderholm known as Dir
    • Julie R. Ølgaard known as Lena (as Julie Ølgaard)
    • Neel Rønholt known as Dagmar
    • Jan Linnebjerg known as Koll
    • Alexandre Willaume known as Oyvind (as Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen)
    • Lars Bjarke known as Ulf
    • Klaus Hyr Hansen known as Björn
    • Samuel P. Strong known as Istan
    • Simon Braager known as Young Oleg
    • Ida Marie Christensen known as Young Lena
    • Clara Maria Bahamondes known as Young Dagmar
    • Daniel Mouyal known as Young Oyvind
    • Tanja Aertebjerg known as Inga
    • Toke Lars Bjarke known as Child Bjorn
    • Sebastian Rosdahl known as Child Ulf
    • Soeren Braager known as Old Man (as Soren Braager)
    • Ulrik Thomsen known as Viking Warrior
    • Leif Johansen known as Viking
    • Tim Birkebæk known as Messenger 1
    • Fredrik Larsson known as Messenger 2
    • Thorbjorn Solver Lange known as Messenger 3
    • Pierre Mouyal known as Messenger 4
    • Michael Mouyal known as Messenger 5
    • Eva Stroebel Brejner known as Woman Archer
    • Nina Tolnov known as Viking Rider 1
    • Mie Mose Nielsen known as Viking Rider 2
    • Ebbe S. Rosenkilde known as Viking
    • Michael Bang Jeppesen known as Viking
    • Allan Nielsen known as Viking
    • Søren Poppel
    • Mark Stefan Zytphen-Adeler known as Ulf's Son
    • Brian Laursen known as Viking
    • Ole Nygaard Lesche Olesen
    • Thomas Buchberg
    • Magnus Heldager
    • Helene Heldager
    • Eigil Heldager
    • Rosa Tolnov Clausen
    • Mikkel Hollmann
    • Magnus Hjort Rossen
    • Irene Rossen
    • Nanna Rossen
    • Thomas Jorgensen
    • Annisette Ravn Jørgensen (as Annisette Ravn Joergensen)
    • Otto L. Jacobsen
    • John Dalgaard
    • Silja Amalie Bjerregaard known as Træl
    • Tine Bojanna Bjerregaard known as Træl
    • Sidney Engelsen
    • Mike Selder Carlsen
    • Don Wagner
    • Jesper Delovenbo
    • Soeren Valdus Skjold Bjoernlys
    • Sebastian Olsen
    • Henrik Wille known as Viking Warior
    • Steffen Petersen
    • Suzanne Bjarkholm
    • Phillip Areskoug
    • David Darville
    • John Larson
    • Jeppe Herskind
    • Henrik Clauser
    • Stine Danielsen
    • Pia Danielsen
    • Tine Pohl
    • Carmilla Delovenbo
    • Nanna Delovenbo
    • Stephanie Cremer
    • Lisa Cremer
    • Kamille S. Rohrberg
    • Charlotte Schmock Rohrberg
    • Ester Danielsen Kass
    • Mirjam Dilami
    • Elvilda Helena Siff Bjoernlys
    • Linnea Bjoernlys
    • Julius Schmock Rohrberg
    • Max Emil Schmock Rohrberg
    • Pernille Achena Bjoernlys
    • Anita Olsen
    • Gabriela Olsen
    • Henrik Clausen
    • Malene Wilhelmsen
    • Signeteri Olsen
    • Arni Olsen
    • Niels F. Nederc
    • Bjarne Savino
    • Marco Savino
    • Christian Hansen
    • Peter Van Holme Christensen
    • Allan Pedersen
    • Finn Falkhanson
    • Jan Bang Madsen
    • Anne Laustsen known as Træl
    • Adam Behr known as Oyvind (voice) (uncredited)
    • Oleg Montgomery Herbert Jensen known as Viking (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Maja Rytter Hansen known as makeup artist (as Maja Wendel Rytter Hansen)
    • Pernille S. Jakobsen known as makeup artist
    • Lone Kirkegaard known as makeup supervisor (as Lone Kierkegaard)
    • Lisa Rosdahl known as makeup artist

    Art Department:

    • Ingvar Larsson known as props construction




    Production Companies:

    • Supersonic Entertainment

    Other Companies:

    • Numb Robot  Color Grading & Post Production Facilities
    • Reeltracks  sound post-production


    • Supersonic Entertainment (2008) (Denmark) (theatrical)
    • Koch Media (2008) (worldwide) (DVD)
    • Synkronized (2008) (worldwide) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Visual Effects by:
    • Sean Falcon known as digital effects artist: Numb Robot
    • Alex Ferrari known as colorist
    • Alex Ferrari known as post production & visual FX supervisor

    Release Date:

    • USA 13 April 2008 (First Take Film Festival)
    • USA 26 April 2008 (Barebones International Film Festival)
    • Denmark 5 November 2008 (DVD premiere)
    • Canada 1 December 2008 (DVD premiere)
    • USA 1 December 2008 (DVD premiere)



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. madsherman from Denmark
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      The music is bad, the acting is below par, I can't tell the dubbedvoice of the main character from his internal dialogue and thestoryboarding is horrible. Not to mention the special effects and propsand costumes. The very LEAST the director could do was to remove thebar-code sticker from the supply-store bought axe Helgi throws at thetree.

      You'd think that the director has never seen a film in his life letalone studied any cinematic or storytelling techniques in order toprepare for creating this one.

      I give this film one star, because it is simply the worst film I haverever seen. I judge my films from what I have seen so far and I don'treally let budgets interfere with my opinion. Because you have lessmoney to make a film, you should focus on what is actually possible todo WITHIN the budget.

    2. Edie Stock from New Zealand
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      Okay, so it's low budget and yes, there's going to be limits to whatyou can do if you haven't got the cash but here's a good example of afilm that needed to reign in it's scope and give over it's meagerbudget to a script writer who could perhaps deliver a character basedstory instead of this over extended film.

      The story is a stock one of a hero who as a child witnesses theirvillage being slaughtered, they grow up and you can guess the rest.It'll be familiar in fact to anyone who's seen Hrafninn flýgur (WhenThe Raven Flies, 1984) but with more badly acted childhood scenes thanyour nearest school nativity play. In fact most casual viewers aregoing to be put off the film in the first twenty minutes because of thepoor acting from the children in it – all except one child extrathough, who during a camp fire story can be seen yawning and fidgetingas much as the audience probably is.

      Then you have some really, really bad sound dubbing. Some dialoguesounds like it was re-done with a tape recorder in a church hall,complete with echo and background hiss, then dubbed back over.

      So it's a low budget film and the maker's have rather cleverly usedviking re-enactors in scenes such as the establishing shots of Kiev andthe final climactic battle at the end. Unfortunately the costumes ofthe re-enactors, with all the proper kit they've got, actually shows uphow basic the principal character's costumes are.

      Then there's the cutting in of the film's principal actors into thepreviously recorded re-enactors battle scenes. They used to make post-World War II fighter ace films by cutting shots of the actors in acockpit in with real footage of an actual dogfight. That's a trickthey've tried to do here with a re-enactment battle but it's so obviousthanks to the different lighting, camera style, grade of film andbackground scenery that it's almost comical. You can see the maincharacters alone in a frame slashing at nothing because they were nowhere near the actual re-enactment battle in the first place!

      So all in all it's not a great movie, even for an independent lowbudget one. Put it this way, if you've seen Severed Ways: The NorseDiscovery of America (2007) and managed to get to the end of it you'llprobably make it to the end of this film. Just don't expect a greatviking experience.

    3. rain_x_tiger from Philippines
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      This movie isn't the way it's poster shows, and I assure you that ifyou don't consider my comment as a friendly warning then you'll feelvery sorry after or even before finishing this movie.

      Those who have written good comments about this movie doesn't knowabout the real sense of what is called a movie at all.

      Despite of it's cheapness, actors are so pathetic specially thechildren – They have successfully put this movie in entire mess fromthe very beginning. It has a very bad choreography, bad make-up, thebrave uncle got a funny mustache that doesn't appear to be true. If youcan't make it look real then why bother to have one? It was plainlybetter without it.

      This an ultimate insult to the audience.

    4. guruFM from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      Now this is good independent cinema considering it was extremely lowbudget and shot in only 2 weeks!!! wow!.

      I went to the First Take Film Fest and watched several films. But thisone stood out from the crowd.

      A VIKING movie done by an independent producer and from my researchthis fellow wrote directed and produced this by himself with his ownmoney.

      It was well put together, acting and direction were good, and musicscore simply AMAZING and on par with any major "hollywood" score.

      And it was edited in an abstract but intriguing way so you had to payattention or possibly get a little lost. very sneaky idea and it madeit more mysterious.

      And there was a superb viking battle very well done with some specialeffects only done by major studios. The audio ( which in Indy filmstend to be mediocre at best,) was perfect.

      Overall very good.

      for an self produced Indy film: EXCELLENT.

      watch out Hollywood the"low budget" vikings are coming.!!!

    5. citrusf2008 from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      I enjoyed this little indie film.

      from reading the boards opinions vary greatly, but thats the subjectivething about film/art.

      I enjoyed the story, and the subplots. The actors contributed well tothe storyline although I would have liked to see a bit more close upsbut thats besides the point.

      I enjoyed the editing techniques which toggle between present and past.

      its amazing that viking villages still exists. I really enjoyed theauthenticity of those longhouses , viking boats and splendid vikingbattle combined with a vikingish montage. very artistic.

      its obviously a low budget ( less than 5 million dollars) but its stilla nice little indie movie regardless of some of the less thancommendable remarks made here.

      I think Im taking a trip to visit scandinavia next summer to visit thisplace.

      F.Citrush Jr.

    6. maj-solo from Sweden
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      First of all the information war on IMDb, how can this movie get highergrade than pulp fiction?!? Get sane people!!! So that's about that youhave to stop the inflation in scores.

      This movie is a what it says it is a "vikinga saga". The usualingredients Love & Revenge.

      The movie itself is effects wise not great. What I did like though wasthe pacing and that the movie did not spend a lot of time trying toexplain things to the "dumb" audience, but trusted ourempathy/intelligence. And so I found myself with the feeling that I was"reading the best parts of a book".

      Then I also felt they've been looking at other major Hollywood picturesand stolen some tiny pieces of them like the movies Alexander, MemoirsOf a Geisha, and so on. If they would have dropped that and justtrusted themselves the filming itself would have been even better.

      The movie is amateur-ish but the pacing and storytelling is so good,clean of rubbish, that I simply decided to turn off the critique whenit comes to filming and effects and coordinated stunts and fight scenesand just totally focus on the story. I clearly felt it was higher than5 in score but it had a dip in the middle, a short one, and then pickedup again. At most I felt it deserved a 6. So where does my finalverdict end up ….. hmmmm ….. avoid inflation in score …. 5.1 …no …. yes …. no …. 5.1 … yes 5.1 it is .

      Thank you for your time. Pretty good story.

    7. fhilO65 from Karup, Denmark
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      I saw this movie theatrically in Karup bio. it left a lastingimpression.

      I think some of the negative reviews must come from people who tookthis movie far too seriously.

      it was filmed in 2 weeks only, from reading about this project. theproducer performed nothing short of a miracle. a film takes months todo. So lets give them that credit.

      What we have here is good, old-fashioned film-making style–the actorsknew it–the director knew it–so lighten up, and enjoy this excitingadventure.

      I'm sure that Gantzler and Vedsegaard realized that they were not goingto win Oscars for this movie–but sometimes even the best actors liketo do things that are fun !. Mr. Vedsegaard must have had a ball,wearing an outlandish wig, as they wore in the classic movie "the longship".

      Movie buffs will see many familiar faces in this one, although–in anumber of cases–they may not be so apparent at first. Terrificcharacter actor, Erik Holmey , and beautiful belly dancers –.

      Anyway–for history scholars and lovers of authenticity–enjoy. thismovie is for us who like pure entertainment, "an exciting voyage !

    8. lorettaH304 from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 11:53 pm

      My ancestors being of Scandinavian descent we selected to watch thismovie at Bare Bones festival.

      We were expecting some gore and barbaric scenes however my husband andI were wonderfully surprised to discover not only a unique andinteresting story but a movie fit for the entire family.

      Yes there were some fierce battles and fights but it was made in asomewhat non-gory, very "un- Hollywood" styled way so that even ourgrand children would feel comfortable watching.

      The director who was even there in person took time before and afterthe movie to answer any questions.

      L. Henson,

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