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7 Khoon Maaf (2011)

  • Rate: 6.5/10 total 1,827 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 18 February 2011 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:137 min
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7 Khoon Maaf (2011)


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  • IMDb page: 7 Khoon Maaf (2011)
  • Rate: 6.5/10 total 1,827 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 18 February 2011 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:137 min
  • Filming Location: India
  • Budget: $4,770,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $6,187,845(Worldwide)(22 February 2011)
  • Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Stars: Priyanka Chopra, Neil Nitin Mukesh and John Abraham
  • Original Music By: Vishal Bhardwaj   
  • Soundtrack: Bekaraan
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Murder | Marriage | Musician | Panther | Serial Killer

Writing Credits By:

  • Ruskin Bond (short story)
  • Matthew Robbins (screenplay) and
  • Vishal Bhardwaj (screenplay)
  • Gulzar  lyrics
  • Ajinkya Iyer  lyrics

Known Trivia

    Plot: Susanna's quest for love leads to a series of marriages, each ending in the mysterious death of her latest husband. Full summary »  »

    Story: After the passing of his Pondicherry-born mentor, Susanna, Mumbai-based Dr. Arun Kumar Singh narrates his story to his wife, Nalini. With photographs from an old album that he has never shared with anyone, he informs her as to how Susanna caught him stealing; got him to quit his job & enrolled in a Panchgani school, as well as arranged for further education in St. Petersburg. While Susanna herself searched for true love and her marriages with six deceased men – including the abusive Major Edwin Rodrigies; drug-addicted and womanizer guitarist-singer Jamshed Singh Rathore; impotent and abusive Mohammad Wasiullah Khan; bigamist/spy Nicolai Vronski; Inspector Keemat Lal; and Dr. Modhusodon Tarafdar – men who influenced her life, broke her heart – and met with sudden and mysterious deaths.Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)  


    Synopsis: The film tells the story of a beautiful Anglo-Indian woman Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes (Priyanka Chopra) who goes on to kill all her husbands.[8] Susanna tries to find love but six of her seven husbands have a fatal flaw so she kills them. These killings and her yearning for love is explained by the fact that she had lost her mother at very young age. The story is narrated by a young forensic doctor Arun (Vivaan Shah) to his wife (Konkona Sen Sharma). Arun has observed Susanna since his childhood and has nurtured a secret crush on her. The boy owes his whole life to Susanna as she funded his education and made him what he is today. He starts off by declaring to his wife that Susanna has committed suicide leaving him a note congratulating him for his marriage. The doctor is now in charge of confirming whether the body found is Susanna’s. Unable to overcome the grief of her death he lets out his feelings to his wife who listens to him patiently.Susanna’s first husband Edwin Rodrigues (Neil Nitin Mukesh), an Army Major, whose fatal flaw is that he is overbearing, jealous and possessive. He is crippled and unable to digest the fact that a beautiful women such as Susanna would actually be faithful to him and would be able to love him. There comes a point when he even starts to doubt his ability to father a child and takes out his anger on his wife. Though she bears the mental torture he subjects her to day after day she could not forgive him for blinding her faithful horse keeper in a fight. He is disposed off, during a panther hunting trip with the help of her faithful maid, her butler and a blind horse keeper . Susanna’s second husband Jimmy Stetson (John Abraham) is a singer whose flaw is pride. The marriage starts off well but Jimmy being an aspiring singer starts gaining fame and misusing his new found fame. He starts stealing songs and spending time with other women and becomes dependent on drugs. Susanna wants to be lucky in love the second time and tries her level best to get him out of his addiction but in vain as he gets hooked on to his addiction again secretly. At last she gives up on him and disposes him off through a Heroin overdose. The police find foot prints near his body which indicate that someone with six toes has committed the murder.Susanna’s third husband Wasiullah Khan (Irrfan Khan) is a soft and thoughtful poet by day, a sado-masochist by night. Susanna tries to cover the bruises he gives at night with make-up. Her faithful servant cannot bear to see her depressed and beaten up and advise her to get rid of him which she eventually agrees to. He is buried in a snowy grave in Kashmir. Her fourth husband, Nicolai Vronsky (Aleksandr Dyachenko) is a Russian Spy leading a double life. When Susanna finds out that he has another wife who has borne him kids, her anger knows no bounds. He meets his end courtesy Susanna’s pet snakes. Susanna transits into partial madness and no longer needs to ponder before disposing off anyone she disapproves. Her fifth husband Keemat Lal (Annu Kapoor) is a police inspector, who has shielded his ‘Madame’ from prosecution in two murders(He lures her into marriage). With a voracious appetite for sex, his need for Viagra proves to be his undoing as one fateful night, she makes him overdose on his Viagra by mixing it in his drink. Dr. Modhusudhon Tarafdar (Naseeruddin Shah) a Bengali doctor saves her of a suicidal attack she had due to loneliness and guilt and puts her on a mushroom only diet. While she does not wish to marry he convinces her into marriage saying that she will be the sole inheritor of his property. He tries to kill Susanna a few years after their marriage in order to inherit her money as he is actually a bankrupt. He tries to poison her with soup, however the butler drinks it by accident and dies instead. In a state of shock, she shoots Modhuda during a session of Russian roulette.Susanna lights her house on fire out out of severe depression years later. Her faithful maid with six toes comes to save her instead dies in flame. In the forensic lab Arun finds out that the body is not susanna’s yet declares her dead in his reports. He goes in search of Susanna and finds her where she tells him she finally is getting married the next day to someone who accepts her knowing all of her sins. The seventh husband is finally one who is full of love, and already ‘dead’. Her seventh husband is Jesus as she becomes a nun at the end. Susanna finally found the love she kept seeking all through her life and this man would never hurt her. Arun and his wife go back home after he tells her Susanna is dead forever.


    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Vikas Bahl known as creative producer
    • Rekha Bhardwaj known as co-producer
    • Vishal Bhardwaj known as producer
    • Manish Hariprasad known as associate producer
    • Siddharth Roy Kapur known as co-producer
    • Deven Khote known as co-producer
    • Sanjeev Kumar known as line producer
    • Vikas Mehta known as line producer
    • Zarina Mehta known as co-producer
    • Ajay Rai known as executive producer
    • Punam Sawhney known as supervising producer
    • Ronnie Screwvala known as producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Priyanka Chopra known as Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes
    • Neil Nitin Mukesh known as Major Edwin Rodriques
    • John Abraham known as Jimmy 'Jim' Stetson / Jamshed Singh Rathore
    • Irrfan known as Wasiullah Khan
    • Aleksandr Dyachenko known as Nicolai Vronsky
    • Annu Kapoor known as Inspector Keemat Lal
    • Naseeruddin Shah known as Dr. Modhusudhon 'Modhu Da' Tarafdar
    • Vivaan Shah known as Arun Kumar
    • Usha Uthup known as Maggie – Maid
    • Konkona Sen Sharma known as Nandini Kumar
    • Ruskin Bond known as Guest appearance
    • Harish Khanna known as Ghalib
    • Shashi Malviya known as Goonga



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Martin Astles known as makeup effects sculptor
    • Martin Astles known as special makeup effects artist
    • Danielle Lyn Saunders known as makeup department head
    • Todd Tucker known as special makeup effects artist
    • Noreen Wilkie known as special makeup effects artist (special makeup effects artist)

    Art Department:

    • Shraddha Johri known as assistant art director
    • Abhishek Pandey known as assistant art director




    Production Companies:

    • UTV Spotboy
    • V.B. Pictures

    Other Companies:

    • Jar Entertainment  production services


    • Mind Blowing Films (2011) (Australia) (theatrical)
    • Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd. (2011) (Malaysia) (theatrical)
    • Mind Blowing Films (2011) (New Zealand) (theatrical)
    • UTV Communications (2011) (USA) (theatrical)
    • UTV Communications (UK) Ltd. (2011) (UK) (theatrical)
    • UTV Motion Pictures (2011) (worldwide) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Drac Studios
    • Illusion Industries (special makeup effects)

    Visual Effects by:

    • Yatin Bhave known as digital compositor
    • Neil Cunningham known as creative director
    • Pankaj Kalbende known as digital compositing supervisor
    • Siddhartha S. Mondal known as digital compositor
    • Dheeraj Nakra known as lighting artist
    • Hanuman Patel known as digital compositor
    • Rajiv Raghunathan known as digital intermediate production head
    • Ashutosh Sharma known as visual effects coordinator
    • Gaurvendra Singh known as digital compositor
    • Meghna Thakar known as visual effects production assistant
    • Viral Thakkar known as lead computer graphics
    • Govardhan Vigharan known as visual effects supervisor

    Release Date:

    • Germany February 2011 (Berlin International Film Festival)
    • Kuwait 17 February 2011
    • Malaysia 17 February 2011
    • New Zealand 17 February 2011
    • India 18 February 2011
    • Netherlands 18 February 2011
    • UK 18 February 2011
    • USA 18 February 2011
    • Ireland 25 February 2011
    • Finland 15 September 2011 (Helsinki International Film Festival)
    • Sweden 11 November 2011 (Stockholm International Film Festival)



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. AliAkbar01 from Canada
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      Saat Khoon Maaf is a complex movie; Bhardwaj's latest is the bestcomedy noir i have seen in years. Priyanka Chopra shines as Sussana,the actress has accomplished to put herself in a high level of actingby portraying this elaborate, bizarre but yet fascinating woman. One ofthe other advantages to play in a Bhardwaj movie is that he knows howto choose his actor's and to be able to give them each an ultimatum forthem to push their acting skills to the limits is the work of abrilliant filmmaker. Chopra's role is sure the most talked about, butthe husband in the movie has major influence on the story as well. Imentioned earlier that the husband had this ultimatum to reachperfection and it's achieved, every male actor in this movie should getan award. Naseerudin Shah is marvellous despite the fact that hisalliance with Chopra is very odd, they manage to pull of an impressiveact through the movie. Cocky, John Abraham has delivered theperformance of his career by playing this boastful and surprisingperson. Usha Uttup is the result of Bhardwaj's vibrant and tremendousimagination, she plays the greatest supporting role ever. Thesoundtrack of the movie is the most original we've heard in a longtime, even if the Darling song is inspired by a Russian song, itdoesn't lose the credibility and the freshness of the music. Gulzar'slyrics are innovative and inspired; Bekharan is brilliantly written andradiantly sang by Bhardwaj. Overall according to me Saat Khoon Maaf hasthe best casting ensemble of the year and will hopefully sweep theawards season giving Chopra another chance to bag another NationalAward.

    2. Karun Kumar from India
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      Just came back after seeing the first day first show of the movie andboy was I lucky !!!

      At this moment, just 2 incidents I can recall. First was theunforgettable expression on Priyanka Chopra's face when the filmstarted; and the second was when the end credits rolled and I wassitting in my seat thinking "This is marvelous and intelligentfilmmaking at its best !!"

      Blow out the bugles for the greatest director India has been blessedwith – Vishal Bhardwaj Sir.

      I have just one sentence to speak "When I watched Kaminey in 2009, Inever thought Vishal Sir could reach that standard; but after seeing 7Khoon Maaf; I'm just like oh my God !! what is this ?? Not only didVishal Sir reach those expectations, he has surpassed them andaccording to me has matured tremendously; it can be seen throughout themovie;

      whether it is the very minute and intricate details in the movie whichone must pay full attention to in order to understand the movie;

      or it is the mesmerizing songs with beautiful music

      or it is the superbly choreographed songs (The songs which deserve aspecial mention are "Oh Mama" , "Darling" n the last song "Yeshu" whichhas great symbolic significance).

      The dialogues are witty; the characterisations are excellent and humorhas been nicely interwoven into the screenplay. The script is flawlessand the very fine nuances associated with each character (specificcharacter traits) has been depicted perfectly.

      It is a very good adaptation of a short story by Ruskin Bond and thebest part is we even get to see Ruskin Sir in the movie.

      Now coming on to the performances !! Priyanka Chopra is getting allawards of best actress next year for sure. She has matured tremendouslyin her acting skills. Just seeing her in scenes with Naseerudin Shah inwhich she just about is as good as Naseer Sir is speaks volumes aboutthe actress.

      Among the male leads, I found the acting of Annu Kapoor and NaseerudinShah to be exceptional. In supporting actors, Usha Uthup deservesspecial mention; she is a surprise discovery by Vishal Sir as was AmoleGupte in Kaminey.

      The music, needless to say, like every Vishal Bhardwaj movie isspellbinding. The editing is very tight and the cinematography is alsogood.

      Last but not the least, I would really like to applaud Vishal Bhardwajsir for taking courage to swim against the tide and in the processmaking a movie which shatters the stereotypical image of a traditionalIndian woman. There are a very few directors out there who really canmake such daring attempts.

      P.S. – In the end I would like to mention that this film will not finduniversal acceptance among all Indians because it is a little off-beat.

      I am also feeling that Vishal Bhardwaj Sir is not getting the muchdeserved recognition he deserves because in 2009, 3 Idiots took all theawards ;

      Let's hope this year Vishal Sir gets awards for this movie becausefrankly speaking, the amount of effort he has put in this movie can beseen in each and every single frame.

      Waiting eagerly for Vishal Bhardwaj Sir's next movie !!

    3. Plum Penguin from India
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      Firstly, I would like to applaud Vishal Bhardwaj for pulling off thiscaper. Adapting books into movies is hard enough but to adapt suchliterary dark comedy into Indian cinema is even harder. He has madeeveryone in this film act, and not just deliver their lines as seen inmost Hindi movies these days.

      I don't think the Indian audiences have seen something like thisbefore. How many dark comedies are made here anyways? Coupled withconcepts that most people would not relate to.

      Priyanka Chopra has shown her acting prowess before. But in this movieshe has really pushed herself. I think there are movies that show aperson's acting talent and this movie really explores Priyanka's actingskills and does her justice. I think only she could have carried a rolesuch as this. I would not like to pick apart her work, but the onlything in her acting that bothered me – was as she aged, even though themakeup did a great job of depicting her age, her mannerisms, speechshowed no changed. She could get up easily even when she played a mucholder woman. But besides that Priyanka's work is definitely a 10/10.

      Vivaan Shah who is a central character in the movie is fresh faced andfun to watch on screen. I really like the scene in which he laughsnervously at a funeral.

      All the actors who played Susanna's husbands did a great job. The onethat surprised me the most was Neil Nitin Mukesh. He outdid not onlyhis contemporaries but also some of the senior actors in the movie.John Abraham has also played his role of a cocaine addicted,hedonistic, musician of a husband to his best. In an industry were mostyoung established actors would consider such roles as career suicide,these two actors (John & Neil) have ventured out of their comfort zonesto play such complex roles. So special kudos to them.

      The other actors (Naseeruddin Shah, Annu Kapoor, Irfan Khan, AleksandrDyachenko) have all played their part well, some have more smallerparts than the others. Some of their exits not entirely justified bythe plot. Among them one of the most challenging roles maybe thepoet/pervert husband played by Irfan Khan, but then again few actorscan do justice to a role like Irfan does.

      I don't see this movie being a blockbuster but definitely a movie thatwill be talked about for a while. It may not bring in the big bucks butits definitely brought out the talent in this cast. The cinematographyis superb especially the scenes captured in Kashmir, the ones throughthe carved wooden frames bringing in the right feel and atmosphere tothe movie.

      I think this movie will be for Vishal Bhardwaj what The Village was toM Night Shyamalan. Not everybody will get it but those who do will mostcertainly enjoy it!

    4. Shashiishere from India
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      Who says its difficult to find a good script these days!Direct thosepeople to Vishal Bhardwaj who again shows us as he has done many timesbefore that you just have to know where to look!

      Agreed you know most of the story on the papers and TV, but is thereanything else that could draw you attention to one of the most artisticyet satisfying movies of the year.

      All the 6 husbands and the mysterious 7th one are played impressivelyand effectively by all the actors that you genuinely feel thedifference in the characters. Everyone makes a lasting impressionprobably depicting various nuances of the male psyche and end up in thecoffin just for doing so!

      Having said that its far from a feminist movie, the director doesn'treally want to elicit sympathy for Suzanna nor does he make a pointthat all the killings are justified.Therein lies the shrewd wickednessof the director who also manages to insert real life events of the past2 decades into the script which are discreet yet unmissable.

      Yes the narration is linear and simplistic, doesn't hold back anysurprises, but after you sit down to watch the movie draws you incompletely and gets satirical, black and comical at times as the storysmoothly sails along.

      Music and background score add to the artistry and Priyanka Choprabreaks new ground playing the difficult role of Suzzana with a daringelan.

      Watch it for her and for the filmmakers who are taking Bollywood to anew level.

    5. ana curus from Hong Kong
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      Vishal Bhardwaj does it again. The maverick filmmaker who has some ofthe most acclaimed movies to his name has once again woven magic withhis latest blockbuster Saat Khoon Maaf. This time round the directorshifts from his favourite Shakespeare (Omkara and Maqbool were based onOthello and Macbeth respectively) to India's veteran story tellerRuskin Bond. Based on a seven-page story called 'Susana's SevenHusbands' Saat Khoon Maaf presents Priyanka Chopra in a never beforecharacter.

      Susanna (Priyanka Chopra) is a depressed woman. All she wants is love.But all she ends up with is weirdness, wickedness and bestiality in theform of her sundry husbands. Naturally then, there is only one optionleft for her to end her bitter ordeal. The very first shot, whichexplodes with a grimacing Priyanka pulling the trigger, the directordraws you into this tale of passion and crime. All the death play takesplace in semi-darkness: an almost outward pouring of an evil soul.

      Vishal sticks to his style in almost all the frames. The entire filmunfolds in shadows and silhoutes and sets the tone of the film. If youaren't looking for good old entertainment here, you are going to lovethis gripping story of crime and punishment which lays bare theinnermost recesses of a tortured soul. Vishal never once slips and letsgo of his hold on this intense study of grief and grime.

      Priyanka may be a murderer, but is she evil? Like all good andrealistic crime and passion plays, this one too showcases theprotagonist as a woman with a purpose. She may have used poisonoussnakes and mushrooms and loaded guns to do away with her husbands, butyou don't really blame her.

      Because Susanna carries the pain of every woman wronged: either by atwo-timing husband, a wife-beating husband, a junkie husband, amurderous husband, a dictatorial husband, a sadistic husband, a husbandwho treats his wife as a sex object. And she simply does what she doesto end her own anguish.

      Priyanka Chopra gives a stellar performance. She essays the troubledSusanna with élan and almost manages to gain sympathy from the viewerseach time she kills one of her husbands. You just can't help but feelbad for her. Amongst her husbands, it is Neil Nitin Mukesh who excelsas the brutes. The music score (Gulzar and Vishal) is riveting too andboasts of the mesmerizing Darrrling number, amongst other tunefulsongs.

      A big thumbs up to Priyanka Chopra for taking the risk to portray sucha dark character who is almost unapologetic about killing her husbands.The film has to be one of the biggest gamble that Priyanka played whichhas surely paid off!

    6. Peter Young from Australia
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      The negative reviews this movie was given upon release did notdiscourage me from watching it, and I'm very happy for that, because Ireally enjoyed it. Okay, 7 Khoon Maaf is not the best movie of theyear, nor is it Vishal Bhardwaj's best, but it is just good enough tomake for an interesting watch. I was fascinated by the concept of ablack widow who kills all the many of her husbands. The fact that itwas directed by Bhardwaj, one of the finest directors in the Indianfilm industry made it more promising for me. This is the story ofSusanna Anna-Marie Johannes and her constant search for happiness. Sheis beautiful, attractive, and she badly wants to be a wife to the idealhusband, but alas, in each of her husbands she finds major flaws whichmake them quite impossible to live with. The first is possessive,crippled, insecure and jealous; the second is a singer whose growingfame makes him start cheating on her and using drugs; the third is asadomasochist; the fourth is a Russian spy who turns out to be leadinga double life, having another family abroad; the fourth is a policeinspector who Susanna reluctantly marries because he knows her secrets;and the sixth is a doctor who saves her life at first, but later triesto kill her in order to inherit her property. Well, six husbands thereare and one may wonder who the seventh husband is… well, this is asecret that will be uncovered when you see the film.

      With every husband, Susanna tried hard to handle the situation andbelieved she could change something, but when she realised she couldnot, she chose the easiest option of killing them. Each time, she wasassisted by her faithful servants who loved her unconditionally. 7Khoon Maaf is one very ironic and entertaining story which is very wellexecuted. Bhardwaj's direction is excellent, and the film is dark andhumorous. The cinematography is fantastic and the music also fits thefilm's mood to the max. I did not find the pace problematic at all, andaccording to me the movie flowed well. Of course, everything in thefilm depends on the character of Susanna, and it is a great, nuancedrole which is written and presented very well. I badly tried not tosympathise with Susanna's character, but I failed. It's simply becausedespite everything, she is not presented as a villain but more as avictim. Of course nothing can justify what she did, but the thing isthat she herself is actually portrayed as a caring, dedicated personwho is just not ready to live in pain and wants to be happy.Additionally, each one of her husbands is a negative character and asemi-monster of sorts, more or less, so it was easy to dislike them.Not even once did I feel for any of them. More than anything, however,it is the film's darkly comic tone which makes the audience takeeverything easily and never worry too much.

      Priyanka Chopra plays the film's main protagonist, and this modernfemme-fatale is probably the best role of her career. Chopra reallytries her best, but while she does well enough within the parameters ofthe film and is quite effective throughout, one thing is sure: she isnot the best choice for the part and one can easily imagine this roleplayed with much more conviction by a more competent actress. In allfairness to her, at times she is so good that she manages to outdoherself, but in most parts you just want more, or actually less. Choprais a very sexy young lady, but something is missing there, and maybeit's just because she is not a mature enough actress and does not knowwhen she has to push the right button. She does not really register thecomplexity of Susanna and her mysterious nature. It's a role thatrequires an actress who has the correct mix of beauty, sensuality andtalent. Someone like Rekha in her younger days would have been aperfect choice for this part, because she had the ability to create adeeply troubled and at the same time cryptic and enigmatic persona.Having said that, it is Chopra's film and the guys are there only tosupport her. All of them do very well, but those who impressed me themost are Annu Kapoor as her fifth husband, and Vivaan Shah, who is thefilm's narrator. I recommend you to watch 7 Khoon Maaf, it's animpressive picture and an altogether worthy effort.

    7. Vishal Mashelkar from Mumbai, India
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      Its a great movie for mature audience!!!Vishal bharadwaj has done somuch study into all the different stories,that every murder seemsacceptable!!!Most of the audience, did'nt even get who the 7th khoonwas!!And thats the best part,the answer is quiet easy,but yet itcompels u to think who was it,at the end?She newer got love from herfirst 6 husbands,but the 7th was the last option she could turnto!!!Wait till the end to find the answer yourself!!Great direction andawesome cinematography!!!Something Different in Bollywood!!Keep it upVishal Bharadwaj,looking forward for more such intense movies!!!Go forit!!!

    8. prashant singh from India
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      First things first. 7 Khoon Maaf is an intensely dark film whichunfolds in shadows and silhouettes. So, if you aren't mistakenlylooking for entertainment here, you are going to love this half-litcanvas of crime and punishment which lays bare the innermost recessesof a tortured soul. Vishal never once slips and lets go of his hold onthis intense study of grief and grime. From the very first shot, whichexplodes with a grimacing Priyanka pulling the trigger onGod-knows-who, the director inexorably draws you into this welter ofpassion and crime. All the death play takes place in semi-darkness: analmost outward pouring of an evil soul.

      And this brings us to the second stirring note of 7 Khoon Maaf. Thefilm is based on a seven-page story by Ruskin Bond. Vishal not onlyfleshes out the characters and adds immense details to the plot and thenarration, he also balances the moral fulcrum at an interesting point.Priyanka may be a murderer, but is she evil? Never. Like all good andrealistic crime and passion plays, this one too showcases theprotagonist as a woman with a purpose. She may have used poisonoussnakes and mushrooms and loaded guns to do away with her husbands, butyou don't really blame her. Because somewhere through her dark anddevious journey, Susanna carries the pain of every woman wronged:either by a two-timing husband, a wife-beating husband, a junkiehusband, a murderous husband, a dictatorial husband, a sadistichusband, a husband who treats his wife as a sex object. The poor soulhas no option but to end her anguish, any which way.

      In terms of performances, 7 Khoon Maaf would undoubtedly end up as amilestone in Priyanka Chopra's career graph. The actor displaysexquisite command over a complex character that is definitely a firstin Indian cinema. She renders a subtle and restrained portrayal of alonely and wronged woman who wanted love and only love from life.Amongst her husbands, it is Neil and Irrfan who excel as the brutes,even though it is hard to find fault with any of the characters in aVishal Bhardwaj film. The music score (Gulzar and Vishal) is rivetingtoo and boasts of the mesmerizing Darrrling number, amongst othertuneful songs. A word about the length: a bit of editing and tighteningwould make the experience more compelling.

      Serious, sensitive and stirring, 7 Khoon Maaf is a whole new cinematicexperience. Watch how Indian cinema is metamorphosing into somethingmore substantial and glocal.

    9. Small Wonder from United States
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      4 stars because it was different. Difference does not mean good,especially in this case.

      I am not too sure what the director and editor were trying to do. Atthe end, I really regretted wasting my time on this. I actually justlooked at the ratings in the IMDb before I went to see this. The ratingseems to be artificial, much like all 'Mithun Da' movies on IMDb. Ijust hope that people are not being paid to write the 'supremelyfavorable' reviews.

      The movie is really badly made. None of the characters was developed tounderstand why they were doing what they were doing. Priyanka's actingis probably the second worst part of the movie after the disconnectedplot. Climax is awful. I have not read the book it is supposed to bebased on but after watching the movie, I have no hopes I would everwant to read it.

      I think anybody who wants to make a good movie needs to know what hewants the output to be which sadly is not the case with this one.

      Avoid. Thumbs down.

    10. s vashisht
      29 Mar 2012, 6:45 pm

      The movie Zooms from 1984 era to current day, from sepia to Eastmancolor to the current times, the viewers are spell bounded and with pindrop silence, waiting for the fate of Susanna's husband.

      Like Sin City and other movies in related dark noir genre, 7KM willdefinitely stand out from all other contemporary Bollywood offerings.Kudos to Vishal Bharadwaj for marvelous cinematography and the equallyapt music score which have kept the flow intact. Roles are alsoexecuted in perfection with great acting by all the Husbands,. FromNeil Nitin Mukesh as general with a Dark side, John with a 80's hippiecum Rock star avatar, Irrfan in his usual best with eyes speaking morethan his words, Aleksandr (Russian TV actor) with accented Hindistatements ( "MAIN TUMSE AMAR PREM KARTA HOON" usage in three differentsituations and moods shows the writer's situational understanding ),Anu Kapoor with all his 32 teeth intact and generously displayed,Naseer as Bangali Doctor (very less screen space) have all shown thatthe roles were thoroughly crafted for them. Usha Utthup and Vivaan Shah(Naseer's Son) were surprise packages and the later acted wellthroughout the movie (Though his makeup for the age of 40 plus was notvery impressive). Now the Actor deserving a Standing ovation, after 12different roles ( In Wats your Raashi), Priyanka has proved that sheindeed is one of the most matured actors present in current bollywoodera. Her character is shown with multifaceted shades, one moment youfeel pit for her and the next you will hate her for what she just did.From bubbly 20 plus, enchantress at 30s, composite at 40, desperate at50 and finally in salvation, she have swayed across the roles as aseasoned actress. Watch 7KM if you need to see and enjoy movies with asubstance and the rating "A" given in the movie really means it.

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