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17 Again (2009)

  • Rate: 6.4/10 total 54,808 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Romance
  • Release Date: 17 April 2009 (USA)
  • Runtime: 102 min
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17 Again (2009)


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  • IMDb page: 17 Again (2009)
  • Rate: 6.4/10 total 54,808 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Romance
  • Release Date: 17 April 2009 (USA)
  • Runtime: 102 min
  • Filming Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Budget: $20,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $64,149,837(USA)(2 August 2009)
  • Director: Burr Steers
  • Stars: Zac Efron, Matthew Perry and Leslie Mann
  • Original Music By: Rolfe Kent   
  • Soundtrack: Danger Zone
  • Sound Mix: SDDS | Dolby Digital | DTS
  • Plot Keyword: High School | Janitor | School | Basketball | Bridge

Writing Credits By:

  • Jason Filardi (written by)

Known Trivia

  • Toward the end of filming Zac Efron had appendicitis. It started out as a stomach ache but he had it checked out that night after filming and he had surgery that same night.
  • Shipped to theaters under the code name “Rewind”.
  • Thomas Lennon advised Zac Efron that his appendicitis was in fact bad wind, and advised him to hang upside down to cure it.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Maggie, is two years older than Zac Efron.
  • Zac Efron called Matthew Perry for help on his lines and mimicking some of his movements to give a more authentic performance.
  • When Ned Gold goes to meet the principal for the second time, he is dressed up flamboyantly and he called it “peacocking”. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Pick Up Artists.
  • When Scarlett looks at the old picture of Mike in yearbook, you can briefly see Scarlett’s picture in the yearbook before it scrolls up to Mike’s. If you watch closely, you can see that Scarlett’s maiden name is Porter.

Goofs: Continuity: When Mike/Mark is shooting free-throws before the second big game there are seven balls on the rack including one on the top tier, after he talks to the coach there are only five with none on the rack and there hasn't been time or the sound of another shot.

Plot: About a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life. Full summary »  »

Story: At 17 Mike O'Donnell is on top of the world: he's the star of his high school basketball team, is a shoo-in for a college scholarship, and is dating his soul-mate, Scarlet. But at what's supposed to be his big game where a college scout is checking him out, Scarlet reveals that she's pregnant. Mike decides to leave the game and asks Scarlet to marry him, which she does. During their marriage, Mike can only whine about the life he lost because he married her, so she throws him out. When he also loses his job, he returns to the only place he's happy at, his old high school. While looking at his high school photo, a janitor asks him if he wishes he could be 17 again and he says yes. One night while driving he sees the janitor on a bridge ready to jump, and goes after him. When he returns to his friend Ned's house, where he has been staying, he sees that he is 17 again. He decides to take this opportunity to get the life he lost.Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com  


Synopsis: Popular high school senior Mike O’Donnell (Zac Efron) seemingly has it all. He is a star athlete headed straight for a college scholarship when he decides to give it up to settle down with his high school girlfriend Scarlet is pregnant.Twenty years later, an adult Mike (played by Matthew Perry) finds his life is not exactly what he expected. He is separated from his wife, Scarlett (Leslie Mann) and living with his wealthy software genius nerd and best friend Ned Freedman (Thomas Lennon), his career at a pharmaceutical company is at a stand still, and his relationships with his teenage children are nonexistent. After getting passed up for yet another promotion at work, he returns to his high school to reminisce over his basketball awards and the life he could have had. While he is reliving his glory days, he is approached by a janitor and shares with him how things were so much better when he was 17.As Mike is driving home from the high school, he sees the mysterious janitor standing on the ledge preparing to jump into the Los Angeles River. Mike rushes out of his car to rescue him, but when he gets there, the janitor has vanished. What Mike doesn’t realize is that he is about to fall into the river and turn into his 17 year old self.Young Mike (Zac Efron) returns to Ned’s house, where he has the difficult task of convincing Ned that he is in fact Mike. At a loss of what to do, Ned pretends to be Mike’s father and they register Mike back in high school to finish the life he never had the chance to live.High school presents a lot of new challenges for Mike, such as dressing cool, keeping up with the latest gadgets and making new friends. But nothing compares to being in high school with his own children. He discovers that his daughter, Maggie (Michelle Trachtenberg), is not nearly as innocent as he thought she was and his son, Alex (Sterling Knight), is the brunt of the star athlete’s jokes.But Mike’s most difficult realization is that he hasn’t been a very good father or husband. Mike befriends Alex and tries to instill him with enough confidence to join the basketball team. He gets close to Maggie’s obnoxious boyfriend and does everything in his power to break them up. Most importantly, he visits an unsuspecting Scarlet and rediscovers all the things that initially made him fall in love with her. You don’t know what you have until you lose it.Through his experiences, Mike realizes that he had chosen the perfect life he just never appreciated it. Now, he must figure out a way to transform back into his older self and win back his wife and kids. *Info from comingsoon.net*


In 1989, Michael O’Donnell was the star of the high-school basketball team, with a college scout in the bleachers ready to watch his championship game and a scholarship guaranteed for him if he played well. Just as the game is about to start, he sees his girlfriend Scarlett by the bleachers. He blows her a kiss, then goes to her when she looks very troubled. She tries to pretend everything is fine, but finally she tells him she’s pregnant. The game starts, but he can’t think of anything but Scarlett, and when he sees her leaving, he tosses the ball away and walks away from the game and the scholarship to marry her.

Twenty years later, Mike’s life is a mess. Scarlett has separated from him, forcing him to move in with his high-school best friend Ned Gold, now a geeky millionaire software developer, and his kids Maggie and Alex are distant and want nothing to do with him. At his job, his boss passes him up for a promotion in favor of a woman the boss likes who’s far less competent, and Mike explodes at the boss and is fired. He stops by his old high school on the way home, sees his 1989 team photo in the showcase, and reminisces about the life he threw away. Then he encounters a mysterious janitor who asks him if he really wishes he was a teenager back in high school again, and he does. On the way home, he sees the "janitor" apparently ready to jump from a bridge and he tries to stop him, but the janitor suddenly disappears and Mike falls in the river himself, where he’s magically transformed back to age17.

After he convinces Ned who he really is, Mike decides he’s been given the chance to live his life over again "but to do it right" — to win the basketball scholarship and go to college. With Ned posing as his father, he re-enrolls in high school under the name "Mark Gold," living with Ned in his mansion full of high-tech toys. But as he starts to fit in to school life, he realizes his daughter is dating the sadistic basketball captain Stan, who only wants sex from her, and that Stan is also bullying and tormenting his son. Gradually, "Mark" realizes that the real reason he’s been given another chance in life is to help his children and try to win back Scarlett’s love. He befriends Alex and discovers that his son has real talent in basketball and can hit 3-point shots effortlessly. He works with Alex to sharpen the rest of his game so he can win a place on the team and the girl of his dreams. As Alex and Mark practice shooting baskets together every day at Alex’s house, Scarlett is amazed how much her son’s new friend looks like her ex-husband looked in 1989.

Mark starts helping Scarlett landscape her back yard, because she hopes to start a landscaping business. He gains a new appreciation for her talents, but he frequently comes close to her or touches her in ways she considers inappropriate between an adult woman and a teenaged boy. He also comforts Maggie when Stan dumps her for refusing to "put out." He tells her that someday she’ll find a guy who treasures her the way she deserves, but he’s horrified when he realizes Maggie is starting to think that guy is HIM. He tells her he can’t get involved with her because he’s already in love with someone else, someone secret.

The basketball team wins a come-from-behind game, with Mark doing a lot, but Alex makes the winning 3-point shot. Meanwhile, Ned has been smitten with Jane, the high school principal, since the first day he went to her office to enroll his "son," but his geeky attempts to impress her have done nothing but disgust her. Finally, in return for buying laptops for all the students in the school, she agrees to go to dinner with him on the same night that Mark has announced a party at his house to celebrate winning the game. Mark tells only certain people about the party, but kids text it everywhere and the whole school shows up.

Ned’s romantic dinner with Jane is going nowhere until he finally admits that he’s always been a loser with women. He’s really just a geek, obsessed with The Lord of the Rings. She slowly smiles, and starts talking to him in Elvish — one of the languages in The Lord of the Rings — and he realizes that she’s also a Lord of the Rings fanatic. After a seductive conversation in Elvish, Ned and Jane go back to his house for romance, but they find Mark’s party completely out of control with hundreds of kids everywhere. Scarlett is also there, looking for Alex, and Mark’s feelings for her are so strong that he can’t control himself and he tries to kiss her in front of all the kids. Scarlett is appalled and slaps him, then runs away with Mark following her, shouting that he’s her husband and the father of her children. Maggie and her friends all see this and are disgusted, especially Maggie, because Mark had told her he was in love with someone secret, and now she sees him trying to kiss her own mother.

The next morning, cleaning up the chaos after the party, Ned reminds Mark that the hearing for Mike O’Donnell’s final divorce decree with Scarlett is in 20 minutes, and they rush to the courtroom. Ned pretends to be Mike’s lawyer, and they’re being thrown out when Mark says he’s there to read a letter that Mike has written to his wife. Scarlett agrees to hear the letter, and Mark reads it with emotional power in his voice that astonishes her, plus details about their courtship that only her husband could have known. Mark finishes by saying that, since he sees that she doesn’t want him in her life anymore, he’s content to let her go because he loves her so much. After Mark finishes and is forced to leave the courtroom, Scarlett picks up the "letter" and discovers it’s just a piece of paper with directions to the courthouse on it. Mark wasn’t reading a letter at all but somehow knew all the things he had told her. She asks for the divorce decree to be postponed.

Mark tries to forget about Scarlett and concentrates on basketball, because winning the scholarship and going to college seem to be the only thing he has left for him. On the day of the championship game, where Mark and Alex are playing and Maggie is cheerleading, Scarlett is looking at her high-school yearbook and realizes that Mark doesn’t just look similar to her husband at 17, he looks EXACTLY the same. Then Maggie reminds Scarlett she’s supposed to drive her to the game, and Scarlett stays to watch.

As the game is about to start, Mark sees Scarlett in the bleachers. He blows her a kiss, using a gesture identical to the one Mike had used in 1989, when he was playing in the same championship game and saw her standing by the bleachers. Scarlett finally realizes that Mark really IS her husband, somehow turned 17 again. She realizes all the reasons she loved him then and still loves him, but she knows she can’t possibly make her life together with a 17 year-old boy. Also, she realizes that knowing she’s there in the bleachers watching him could put him in the same situation as before, and she can’t risk making him lose his college scholarship again. She leaves, going down the same corridor she used when she left the game in 1989.

Mark sees Scarlett leaving, forgets about the game and walks away, just as he did in 1989. He hands the ball to Alex, saying this time it’s his turn, and runs down the corridor after Scarlett. We see the mysterious janitor smiling in the stands, and by the time Mark catches up to Scarlett, he’s the adult Mike O’Donnell again. Mike tells Scarlett he’s made a mess of his marriage because he spent the last 20 years resentful at her for losing him his chance to go to college, but now he realizes his family is the only thing that matters to him, and he asks for another chance.

A few days later, Mike goes to Ned’s house to get his stuff and return his key. He finds Ned in bed with Jane, both of them wearing Elf ears. Mike thanks Ned for all he’s done, and Ned gives Mike a parting gift, a whistle for his new job, because Jane has made Mike the new coach of the high school basketball team.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Jason Barrett known as executive producer
  • Toby Emmerich known as executive producer
  • Jennifer Gibgot known as producer
  • Keith Goldberg known as executive producer
  • Mark Kaufman known as executive producer
  • Adam Shankman known as producer
  • Dara Weintraub known as co-producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Zac Efron known as Mike O'Donnell
  • Leslie Mann known as Scarlet
  • Thomas Lennon known as Ned Gold
  • Matthew Perry known as Mike O'Donnell (Adult)
  • Tyler Steelman known as Ned Gold (Teen)
  • Allison Miller known as Scarlet (Teen)
  • Sterling Knight known as Alex
  • Michelle Trachtenberg known as Maggie
  • Adam Gregory known as Dom
  • Hunter Parrish known as Stan
  • Mario Cassem known as Samir
  • Kat Graham known as Jamie (as Katerina Graham)
  • Tiya Sircar known as Samantha
  • Melissa Ordway known as Lauren
  • Melora Hardin known as Principal Jane Masterson
  • Brian Doyle-Murray known as Janitor
  • Josie Loren known as Nicole
  • Jim Gaffigan known as Coach Murphy
  • Randy Gordon known as Photographer
  • Collette Wolfe known as Wendy
  • Tommy Dewey known as Roger
  • Linda Miller known as Female Janitor
  • Lorna Scott known as Secretary
  • Kodi Kitchen known as Hostess
  • Ellis Williams known as Bailiff (as Ellis E. Williams)
  • Diana Maria Riva known as Judge
  • Jeff Snyder known as Waiter
  • Antonio Lewis Todd known as Referee (1989)
  • Angee Hughes known as Waitress
  • Ed Ackerman known as School Cop
  • Will Schaub known as Referee
  • Loren Lester known as Mike's Lawyer
  • Alexander George known as Kid in Hallway (as Alexander Goschin)
  • Nicole Sullivan known as Naomi
  • Margaret Cho known as Mrs. Dell
  • Larry Poindexter known as Dean
  • Bubba Lewis known as Dorky Kid (Ned's Party)
  • Chris Valenti known as Syracuse Scout (1989)
  • G. Lane Hillman known as Kevin (1989)
  • Hope Riley known as Girl (Wyatt)
  • Jeanine Jackson known as Scarlet's Lawyer
  • Gregory Sporleder known as Ohio Scout
  • Keith Oney known as Guy in Crowd
  • Leonard Wu known as Kid (Office)
  • Liana Blackburn known as Cheerleader (1989)
  • Lindsay Taylor known as Cheerleader (1989)
  • Danielle E. Hawkins known as Cheerleader (1989)
  • Shelby Rabara known as Cheerleader (1989)
  • Katrina Norman known as Cheerleader (1989)
  • Tiana Brown known as Cheerleader (1989)
  • Rhapsody known as Cheerleader (1989) (as Rhapsody Violetti)
  • Taisha Monique Clark known as Cheerleader (1989)
  • Vanessa Lee Chester known as Cheerleader (as Vanessa Chester)
  • Amber Estrada known as Cheerleader
  • Chanel Malvar known as Cheerleader (as Chanel 'Coco' Malvar)
  • Galen Hooks known as Cheerleader
  • Tyne Stecklein known as Cheerleader
  • Kiara Nicole Ely known as Cheerleader (as Kiara Ely)
  • Mihran Kirakosian known as Cheerleader
  • Dres Reid known as Cheerleader
  • Terrance Harrison known as Mascot
  • Rachele Brooke Smith known as Hammer Dancer
  • Christopher Scott known as Hammer Dancer
  • Eric McCoy known as Hammer Dancer
  • Raymond Chacon known as Jazz
  • Megan Galiber known as Girl #2
  • Renee Krieg known as ROTC Leader
  • Jordan Schatz known as Mr. Adams
  • Jaclyn Matfus known as Party Girl
  • Justin C. Todd known as Football Player
  • Daniel Bateman known as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Michael Bretten known as Partying Student in Pool (uncredited)
  • Joshua Carver known as Hayden Basketball Player #3 (uncredited)
  • Jason Castle known as Party Guy (uncredited)
  • David Cohen known as Parent of Basket Player (uncredited)
  • Hugh Douglas known as Angry Kid at Party (uncredited)
  • Albert Blake Fernandez known as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Jesse Heiman known as Mascot (uncredited)
  • Brandon G. Holley known as Party Guy (uncredited)
  • Benjamin David Howard known as Basketball Player #42 (uncredited)
  • Micah Jonas known as Basketball Teammate (1989) (uncredited)
  • Erica LaRose known as Teen girl (uncredited)
  • Rashaud Love known as Hammer Dancer (uncredited)
  • Darin Maddox known as Stan's Posse (uncredited)
  • Paul McGee known as Basketball Teammate '85 Team (uncredited)
  • Leo Montiel known as Football Jock (uncredited)
  • Lucas Mroczkowski known as Bowling Alley Party Guy (uncredited)
  • Alan Mueting known as School Administrator (uncredited)
  • Jonathan W.D. Newkerk known as Student Making Fun of Mike (uncredited)
  • Kate Ociepka known as Student in Classroom (uncredited)
  • Martin Pierron known as Punk Student (uncredited)
  • Leonard Jonathan Ruebe known as High School Student (uncredited)
  • Sagine known as Party Girl (uncredited)
  • Justin Sandler known as Goth Bully (uncredited)
  • Jacob Saylor known as Basketball Player (uncredited)
  • Laura Siegel known as High School Student (uncredited)
  • David M. Tran known as Party Guy (uncredited)
  • Jobeth Wagner known as Punk Student (uncredited)
  • Maria Zambrana known as Basketball Game Patron (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Cheryl Eckert known as hair stylist
  • Kim M. Ferry known as hair stylist
  • Kimberly Greene known as makeup department head
  • Amy Harmon known as makeup artist
  • Heather Koontz known as makeup artist
  • Marie Larkin known as key hair stylist
  • Amy Lederman known as makeup artist
  • Edward Morrison known as hair stylist
  • Rita Troy known as additional hair stylist
  • Erin Wooldridge known as key makeup artist
  • Melissa A. Yonkey known as hair department head

Art Department:

  • Alan Alvarado known as propmaker
  • Jeff Barnett known as assistant property master
  • Tom Benardello known as paint foreman
  • Michael R. Blaich known as paint supervisor
  • Chris Brewster known as set dresser
  • Allen Brostowicz known as additional set dresser
  • Lorrie Campbell known as set designer
  • Randy L. Childs known as propmaker gangboss
  • Skip Crank known as props
  • Monica Fedrick known as graphic designer
  • Neil Garland known as propmaker gangboss
  • Edward A. Giron known as labor foreman
  • Greg Gootsan known as assistant property master
  • Darryl Henley known as storyboard artist
  • Karen Higgins known as construction coordinator
  • Mats Holmberg known as propmaker
  • Gary Isbell known as leadman
  • Steven Kissick known as general foreman
  • Jennifer Moller known as art department coordinator
  • Charlie Nicholson known as on-set dresser (as Charles E. Nicholson)
  • Roger Prater known as stand-by greens foreman
  • Jenny Quam known as art department assistant
  • Kim Richey known as assistant property master
  • Shane Sankey known as construction production assistant
  • Ronald F. Savini Jr. known as plaster foreman (as Ron Savini)
  • Fred Seibly known as signwriter
  • Michelle Spears known as property master
  • Casey Stoll known as painter
  • Robert Stover known as buyer
  • Brian Tipton known as shop foreman
  • Brett Tyler known as painter
  • Steven Valenzuela known as toolman
  • Jason Vanover known as master greensman
  • Liz Wilson known as additional set dresser
  • Doug Anderson known as on-set plasterer (uncredited)




Production Companies:

  • New Line Cinema (presents)
  • Offspring Entertainment

Other Companies:

  • EarCandy  sound post-production
  • 424  sound re-recording
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes
  • Chef Robért Catering  catering
  • Conway Recording Studios  score mixed at (as Conway Studios)
  • Decca Records  soundtrack
  • Direct Tools & Fasteners  expendables
  • EFilm  digital intermediate
  • Electronic Arts (EA)  thanks (as EA Sports)
  • Entertainment Clearances  rights and clearances
  • Good Grip  grip equipment
  • J.L. Fisher  camera dollies
  • Lucasfilm  thanks
  • Movie Movers  cast trailers
  • New Line Records  soundtrack
  • Paskal Lighting  lighting
  • Post Creations  foley recorded at
  • Prologue Films  main and end titles
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  • Skywalker Sound  music recorded at
  • Skywalker Symphony Orchestra  music performed by
  • Soundtrack  ADR facility


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Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Riot (visual effects)
  • Community of Science and Arts Visual Effects (additional visual effects)
  • CIS Hollywood (additional visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • Jennifer Avery known as visual effects coordinator
  • Alison Middaugh Barger known as digital effects artist: R!ot (as Alison Middaugh)
  • Andy Barrios known as sequence supervisor
  • David Beedon known as digital effects artist
  • Kelly Bumbarger known as digital effects supervisor: Riot
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  • Thomas Mathai known as data manager (uncredited)
  • Shuichi Suzuki known as cg modeler (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • Australia 11 March 2009 (Sydney) (premiere)
  • UK 26 March 2009 (London) (premiere)
  • Australia 9 April 2009
  • Ireland 10 April 2009
  • UK 10 April 2009
  • USA 14 April 2009 (Hollywood, California) (premiere)
  • New Zealand 16 April 2009
  • Singapore 16 April 2009
  • Canada 17 April 2009
  • Iceland 17 April 2009
  • Philippines 17 April 2009
  • South Africa 17 April 2009
  • Sweden 17 April 2009
  • USA 17 April 2009
  • France 22 April 2009
  • Netherlands 23 April 2009
  • Denmark 24 April 2009
  • Estonia 24 April 2009
  • Panama 24 April 2009
  • Croatia 30 April 2009
  • Hong Kong 30 April 2009
  • Peru 30 April 2009
  • Slovenia 30 April 2009
  • Spain 30 April 2009
  • Taiwan 30 April 2009
  • Lithuania 1 May 2009
  • Romania 1 May 2009
  • Argentina 5 May 2009 (Buenos Aires) (premiere)
  • Belgium 6 May 2009
  • Switzerland 6 May 2009 (French speaking region)
  • Argentina 7 May 2009
  • Czech Republic 7 May 2009
  • Greece 7 May 2009
  • Slovakia 7 May 2009
  • Latvia 8 May 2009
  • Poland 8 May 2009
  • Vietnam 12 May 2009
  • Egypt 13 May 2009
  • Germany 14 May 2009
  • Switzerland 14 May 2009 (German speaking region)
  • Austria 15 May 2009
  • Italy 15 May 2009
  • Japan 16 May 2009
  • Hungary 28 May 2009
  • Russia 28 May 2009
  • Bulgaria 29 May 2009
  • Kazakhstan 29 May 2009
  • Malaysia 4 June 2009
  • Ukraine 4 June 2009
  • Finland 5 June 2009
  • Dominican Republic 11 June 2009
  • Thailand 11 June 2009
  • United Arab Emirates 11 June 2009
  • Mexico 19 June 2009
  • Norway 19 June 2009
  • Turkey 19 June 2009
  • Kuwait 2 July 2009
  • Brazil 10 July 2009
  • Portugal 6 August 2009

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual material and teen partying



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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  1. Kristine (kristinedrama14@msn.com) from Chicago, Illinois
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    As we've seen many movies like this before: Big, 13 Going on 30, andFreaky Friday, we always love to see the retelling of the old classicstory of the switching age. Since the story has been used so much, adirector can only do so much to just do the best they can with, BurrSteers pulls 17 Again out with great laughs and good fun. I'm going toget this out, I am one of the rare girls that just doesn't get thewhole Zac Efron heart throb thing, I agree that he's cute, but withmainly High School Musical only being his claim to fame other thanHairspray, he is adorable, but can he act? Surprisingly… he can. Ican't believe I'm saying this, he was actually a good strong lead roleand a perfect fit, he has charisma, he's funny, charming and makes thisstory worth your time and money.

    In 1989, Michael O'Donnell was a star athlete with a full collegescholarship imminent. He seemingly had it all, when, right before thechampionship game, his girlfriend Scarlett informed him she waspregnant. In that moment, he made the decision to throw everything awayand proposed to her. Twenty years later, Mike's life isn't exactly whathe expected it to be. Scarlett wants a divorce from him, forcing him tomove in with his geeky millionaire best friend Ned, his job is goingnowhere, and his kids Maggie and Alex want nothing to do with him.While paying a visit to Hayden High School to reminisce about the lifehe threw away, he encounters a strange beardy janitor, who I stillswear is Bob Haskins. On the way home, is magically transformed backinto his 17-year old self. With Ned posing as his father, he re-enrollsin high school, believing he has been given the chance to have his lifeover again, "but to do it right". However, he then discovers that hisdaughter is dating the basketball captain Stan, who is bullying hisson. He realizes that his real mission is to help his children as wellas finding out that maybe his decision wasn't the worst he ever made inhis life.

    We go a little Back to the Future-esquire when we get on the creepylevel of Michelle Trachtenberg having a crush on Zac Efron who is herfather, just that she can't recognize him, it's understanding, butstill makes you squirm, but the director and actors pulled the sceneoff pretty well with getting out of that yucky situation. There is onecontinuity error: if Mike and his girl got pregnant at the age of 17…20 years later, yet both their kids are still in high school, theoldest child would only be a maximum of 18. A plot hole: seriously,besides the wife, no one at all recognizes Mike? But I'm over thinkingthe movie too much at this point, it's just a fun movie with decentperformances, I just need to let go of silly mistakes. So I wouldrecommend this movie if you get the chance to see it, but I'd say moreof a matinée vs. a full price ticket, it has some good laughs and was agreat update of the "What if you could go back?" story.


  2. ZoeScrace from United Kingdom
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    I went to see this with film with my teenage daughter and really wasn'texpecting to enjoy it. I settled down in my seat for the duration andthe first few scenes showing Efron as a high school basketball playerhad me groaning inwardly as I assumed that this was going to be anotherpredictable high school/age swap film of the type that has been done somany times before – and really isn't the sort of film I would choose tosee anyway. Not a promising start. However, I was pleasantly surprisedby 17 Again. It was witty and well acted and made me laugh out loud -not something I often do even when I appreciate the humour in a film.

    This film's appeal is also strengthened by the acting of the supportingcharacters as well as the main ones – Thomas Lennon's character wasparticularly well delivered. I found no fault with Zac Efron's actingin this and I enjoyed his performance in Hairspray but it would beinteresting to see him in a serious grown up dramatic role.

  3. francesca orr from manchester, chorlton
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    I've just returned from the cinema after watching this film and I haveto say, my friends and I laughed like a bunch of hyenas (probably tothe annoyance of anyone behind us) all the way through it. The story ofcourse is nothing original, but you knew that going in, and yes, thereare some seemingly ridiculous or stereotypical character setups, againacknowledged beforehand, but the direction and the acting, more thanmakes up for this. Most of the actors, especially Efron, who proveshe's definitely not just a wanna-be pretty boy and actually stores awaysome talent, play their parts well. Matthew Perry seemed slightlymisplaced, even if he was the reason I went to see the film in thefirst place. Not to mention the director being Burr Steers who directedone of my favourite films. I could kind of tell how in the wrong handsthis movie could have been embarrassingly bad, but Steers manages tobalance the right amount of comedy with drama and turn it intosomething really worth seeing. Efron blew me away. I have to say, Ididn't see it coming, and I never thought I'd say such a sentence, butthis boy can do better than TV Disney movies. I'm kind of glad he hasturned down re-make, Footloose, not only because it's a 're-make offootloose'.

    On the negative side of things the writing lacked in terms of Mark'srelationship with his daughter. The daughter didn't really seem to havea personality, now I'm not totally sure if this is down toTrachtenbergs terrible acting (one of very little who deliver poorperformances actually) or poor character development but something waswrong there.

    I don't really rate the cinematography, but I don't think it'ssomething to be taken quite seriously in teen films. It's all about thecharacters and the comedy – but what was up with that image of Zacright before 'Mark' falls into the water? Some interesting choices ofmusic. One of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Quite movingand Mark is a much more 3 dimensional, well developed character thanmost PG-13 rated movies you see. I genuinely cared about him, where as,even in Mean Girls, (which is particularly hilarious and legendary asfar as contemporary teen films go) I didn't care too much for any ofthe characters. It's probably because this film went that little bitfurther than most and took itself seriously, if only for parts of themovie. It makes a big difference.

    So, yeah, '17 Again', fairly well written, hilarious, well andsometimes greatly acted and awesome direction for the most part, and agenuinely good, enjoyable and moving film. Take a look and you'llprobably be surprised… but don't go in hoping for anything Oscarworthy. I get the impression there is only so much a director can dowith a film like '17 Again' and he did it alright.

    Trustworthy director and impressive lead, I'd say. Can make all thedifference.

    p.s. I'd also watch out for that Sterling Knight actor – he plays Marksawkward son. He gave a genuinely good performance also.

  4. Sunshine S from Australia
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    Firstly, I'm a teenager, and I can guess what you're thinking (becauseI'm psychic), okay i'm not psychic, but you're thinking i went to gosee it because of the ZAC EFRON craze.

    Ha ha. I went to go see it because of Matthew Perry. I've loved himsince F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and I think he's awesome.

    Honestly, (sorry Zac), but I went into the cinema with low hopes simplybecause Zac Efron was in it. I hated High School Musical (I use tobabysit, and the little girls I babysat loved the first and secondone… oh dear!). Thank Goodness, I actually realised that, above andbeyond all the hype on his 'Disney Charm', he can actually act. (Asseen in 17 Again).

    I think Matthew Perry was great in it, as was Michelle Trachtenberg(Gossip Girl), and Leslie Mann.

    I still think that Zac Efron has quite a bit to do to totally diminishhis Disney effect, but after 17 again, my personal opinions havechanged about him.

    I suggest you go see it, whatever age. Humour, interest, and just anall-round enjoyable flick.

  5. AliAkbar01 from Canada
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    I'm not a big fan of Zac Efron but this film was actually good. Its wasentertaining it was sweet and it was very funny. It's a littleconfusing figuring out who was who when he went back to being 17 again.There are a few funny parts and a few sad parts. I caught myselfrolling my eyes at the silly high school girls, they are quitepathetic. The story was entertaining and original, along with thecharacters ( except the high school girl) But however i felt a feelingof Deja Vu , yes i'm talking about 13 going to 30 it wasn't the sametype of story but the concept is the same. I would have liked to seemore of Matthew Perry though. But frankly i wasn't expecting that much.I was pleasantly surprised and would definitively recommend this veryfunny movie. It's entertaining and worth watching.

  6. Jasleen Matharu from United Kingdom
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    17 Again was nothing I expected. The trigger that made me actually goand watch it in the Cinema was the fact that the jokes shown on thetrailers were hilarious. The film was better.

    I was laughing so much, that I missed in between dialogue by some ofthe characters and it was the perfect film to help you unwind afterdoing a days worth of work or revision.

    When the opening scene started, I was so worried that the whole filmwas going to turn out as some kind of adaptation of high school musicaland there'd be a song every 15 minutes. But it wasn't the case.

    This Movie really proved that Efron is not an Amateur who just dancesand sings a lot. It proved he is a skilled Actor and his acting broughtback memories of Chandler in Friends. In some places, he seemed so muchlike Matthew Perry which is difficult to pull off for most Amateuractors.

    The only reason I didn't give this movie a 10 out of 10 is because somepeople I watched this movie with believed it had an 'abrupt ending' butI thought you can't have too much of a good thing.

  7. penncare from Southern California
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    The storyline was very well done and enjoyable. I was pleasantlysurprised at this movie. Keep an open mind and you will enjoy themovie.

    Zac Efron did a really decent acting job. I honestly thought it wouldbe High School Musical-like but it turned out to be a nice movie towatch. If he keeps up the good work and takes it to the next level, hecan really be an A level quality star. Zac is no Matthew Macfadden yetbut there is potential.

    There are two recasts I would have done. Matthew Perry wasn't fullyright for this role. He has a comedic bent but it wasn't used at all inthis movie – hence a total waste and was a mismatch from a characterperspective. I think John Stamos would have been better. Also MichelleTrachtenberg playing the teenager was a bit much. Trachtenberg is asolid actress but for a teenager, a different actress would have beenbetter.

    It is a very nice movie and I usually rate a movie on whether it'sworth paying full price, matinée, video store, Netflix or don't bother.The movie was worth paying full price.

  8. lopcar1993 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    Every teen generation needs a good body swap/turn the clock back typeof story and 17 again is one of those stories, Mike O'Donnell had itall. He was the star of his high schools basket ball team. He hadScarlet the most beautiful girl in the school as his girlfriend. Rightbefore the game that could make him into a star, Scarlet tells Mikeshe's pregnant, Mike makes a drastic and life altering decision andruns out of the game to be with her giving up his chances of becoming abasket ball star, now 20 years later Mike's regretting it all andwishes he could do it all over again, and by some miraculous way hedoes.

    17 again is a cool and stylish what if movie, it brings to light thequestion of what if you could change your life, if you could live itall over again.What would you do different? That's the question thismovie propose and tells with a grand lush style that resonates with theteen population and even with the adults too, 17 again is not just someteen movie, it's a movie that even adults between the ages of 30-50would enjoy it, my dad sure did. But this film has it's flaws and somevery minor bad dialogue from Zack Efron but nothing that would hamperthis films style or production, but in my honest opinion this film wasvery good, this movie is not Oscar worthy but it's definitely worth theprice of admission.

  9. IamInnocent2 from United States
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    So I saw an advanced screening. I didn't expect much, but it wasactually pretty good! It might be a plot line that has been seen a lot,but this one is actually entertaining. People have compared it to "13going to 30" but trust me, this one is much better. It has comedy anddrama, my sister teared up in one part. Thomas Lennon is pretty funny,Leslie Man always the scene stealer and of course Zac Efron. HE CANACT. If you didn't think he was hot before wait until you watch themovie and acts like a real person, not a goody goody fake teenager from"High School Musical" though he was the best performer in that movie(I'm not hating on High School Musical I found it entertaining.) Irecommend "17 Again" for adults and mature children.

  10. tavm from Baton Rouge, La.
    30 Mar 2012, 7:09 am

    This is another movie I watched with my friend who works at a movietheatre. With elements of Big and 13 Going on 30, not to mention It's aWonderful Life and Back to the Future, 17 Again is a pretty enjoyablemeshing of those movies considering the cast which has Zac Efron,Michelle Trachtenberg, Leslie Mann, Margaret Cho, Thomas Lennon, andMelora Hardin. I also recognized Matthew Perry and Nicole Sullivan. Idid not realize until the cast credits that the bearded janitor at thehigh school was Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill's brother. Now, parts of theplot and characterizations were a little uneven but despite that therewere plenty of scenes that were hilarious especially those betweenLennon and Hardin. With them, I also saw a little "Big Bang Theory"vibe. Oh, and there's a little touching pro-abstinence speech here aswell (though it still is acknowledged that not all teens will feel thatway). All in all, despite some adult humor, 17 Again was an enjoyablecomedy that should be enjoyable enough for parents and offspring alike.Oh, and one more thing: I thought the Vanilla Ice reference in the 1989sequence didn't fit since I remember him not even emerging until thefollowing year…

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